Apr. 4th, 2009 03:18 pm
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mmmmmm these are the best days, so sunny so warm best times for sleeping out on the grass ♥

or the bench outside the music building

I think I am becoming all too fond of that spot

maybe it's coz once I leave California I won't get these chances again for a long, long time?

what was that Earthsea quote...

But each deed you do, each act, binds you to itself and to its consequences, and makes you act again and yet again. Then very seldom do you come upon a space, a time like this, between act and act when you may stop and simply be.

but not even that, because right now my mind's so lazy and so comfortable that I am content to not even think about such things, nothing at all, but just to find a nice spot of sun and stretch out, completely, completely at ease...

off to school now to hijack either the benches or the grass (Congress Springs, alas, is filled with little kiddies playing baseball) because I am an eccentric enough person to drive all the way to school for something as seemingly pointless as a good spot of grass

call it an enjoyment complex

(ma refers to me as one of the 享樂族..)

edit: audition and things! )

edit2: Ah-h-h-h-h so I was rereading Bambi (don't ask me why, it was the first random book I pulled off the shelf) and I got to that chapter of the very poetic conversation between the two leaves... and I thought to myself, "abscission!"

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CTY homeland. yes my life is complete screw those ivies

We are so screwed for CMEA today. :x But somehow when I think back it seems like it's always this way for the CMEA concerts...

[ profile] maeglin_arandur is more obnoxious than he used to be! but he's still got nothing on Manoj so I guess it's OK. don't you dare seduce my little sister I will kill you~ /protective sibling

grahhhhhhh CTY seems like so long ago.

grahhhhhhhhhh everything seems like so long ago.

You know Jeff Lee thought our class had graduated already. More proof that life seems too too long ago!

(Srsly Jeff, you're not that much of an old geezer...)

piano class time o______o;;;
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Dear Livejournal,

I keep hearing from various sources that I am scary during sectionals and the like.

What I'd really like to say to that is, "haha! You think I'm scary? You ain't seen NOTHING, baby, there's this lady called Mrs. Kim out there..."

...but of course, it's unfair to make people judge by something they've never experienced. So I smile and say "Is that so?" and let other people do the consoling behind my back.

It just happened to remind me of that day Risa Naka came back to visit (and the blasphemous young freshmen DID NOT KNOW HER NAME and even asked, "Who's that? Is she in orchestra?" to which I now think I should have replied, "Children... Risa is not in orchestra, she is orchestra.") and as we went on about apps she smiled and nodded and offered her condolences and Ariel, listening in, said something like:

ARIEL: Hah! They think life is tough now!
RISA: I know, I know, but what can I say?
ARIEL: Says the person who worked so hard she got sick.
RISA: Hey now, be nice.

I feel like human nature is so intrinsically contradictory sometimes.

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concert over.

no more rachmaninoff.

... /sad.
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master class today! (++lots of rehearsal)

I thought I played Bartok the worse I've *ever* played and was all /INNERWINCE; rest was all right, Melvin Chen v. animated &reminds me of my own piano teacher and we were on the same frequency so I could understand him v. well and adjust accordingly.

Family said was fine, their words obviously have no frame of reference to trust from, but Connor blurted out in earnest that it was great (not that he's a pianist), so my frame of reference must be faulty too. Maybe diff piano/setting/acoustics have something to do with it. Will watch vid later and figure out exactly who is right.

In other news...

CPYO concert tomorrow!

Eunha is adorable.

'm tired~

off to sleep.


Oct. 17th, 2008 02:46 pm
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How does Boitz do it?

That was just, whut, 20-30 mins sectional and my back is already alkjdglak;sjdfkldja;fljdlgkja; PAIN

How does he stand up on that podium for 70-80 minutes straight... T____T;

Maybe it's just me. Maybe my back is just destined to die. Maybe I've prematurely attained the health level of a grandma. Maybe it's because I'm so tired today - that might be it, I tend to get more pains/aches when I'm tired.


Ahh I forgot to tell them the best way to practise the fugue when they get home. Oh well...

In other news, I feel I am steadily turning into a Korean. I speak bits and pieces of Korean, me and some Koreans are going to start a ramen club and a chocopie club, I went out to lunch with two Koreans (and engaged in Koreanglish talk, small bits of which I could actually understand), and afterschool I gave a Korean person a ride home.

...and tonight there will be orchestra with a mob of Koreans.


edit: I don't want to go to piano or cpyo. m'back will die. I just know it. ... ... /HATES ON FRIDAYS


Sep. 30th, 2008 09:47 pm
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much as I love our cello section, they bother me. a lot.

small reflective thing )

in other news, today I had cello lesson in morning &thus was dropped off at school w/no car! buuut michael gave me a ride back. ♥ and got very stuck in our driveway, ahahah. /amused
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Dear Livejournal,

Today I had the foresight to bring my contacts to school, which helped me enormously as Felicia and I were called upon to read Concerto Grosso, which neither of us had practiced!

...very much. >>;

Boitz really favours the B-seating, for some reason or the other. I call that favouritism. Can there be favouritism in favouring a SEATING, though? Well, it's nominally the PEOPLE that make up the SEATING, isn't it, so I say yes.

I don't think he's fully conscious of it, though. If at all. It wouldn't fit with his ideas of "fairness" and healthy amounts of switching, now, would it? I also, however, think that whoever brings it up will get subconscious anti-brownie points, so I shall refrain from commenting.

Upon arriving home, I spent the next hour meticulously destroying what little sight I had regained by staring fixedly at a computer screen and typing in email addresses.

The things I do for Tri-M.

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Boitz redid the cello seating for whatever reason, and now I'm principal in A.

This should be a good thing, but I am oddly unsettled for some reason.

Why would he do something like that? .____o

Whatever. Reserving judgment for now. :x
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aish baidu cleared up or something. searches bring up a lot of vids, but no more mp3s.

what a pain. D:

I mean, I could still use vixy to convert the vids, but there goes a very large and very easy source of all Chinese music.


In other news, I got second chair which was OK until Walter got a bunch of solos which I could have (on a purely unbiased POV) read and played much better than him, but more importantly, which he did not want to read, and you have no idea how sucky that feels; 's worse than CPYO in some ways, coz everyone's really good and everyone in the first 3-4 stands would LOVE to read the solo and there are seating FIGHTS when Mrs. Kim says: "first come first serve" but no... spite or anything, at least not against the people, because it's just about the standard and maintaining a certain standard of excellence and that is separate from the people.

not saying that SHS is spiteful or hates each other or anything - rather, the standards are just different. and CPYO standards, brought over, 'd be seen as overkill.

... i ♥ cpyo cellos. :)

In any case I spent lunch ranting and raving my devastation to Wooho, who wasn't paying attention because he was reading The Odyssey (and coz he made it to concert master ;p), but he bought me spring rolls with my own money and we raced a bunch of people on the way back (and won! hahaha) and I have spent all of my complaining &frustration &whatever etc in one overly large dose so that is, officially, over! (By which I mean, if I ever mention it again, do me a favor and slap me in the face.)

So that's the selfishness for the day.

In more fun news, I have... made progress in the dare they gave me @Stephanie's! Don't think I am allowed to divulge what it is for awhile, but tis very fun. &appeals to my prankster instincts. :D

(almost makes me excited for school to start again, because then I can put part 2 in action)
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No one writes like Maya. =^^=

In other news, while during auditions I acted upon my father's advice and convinced myself I had already won in order to exude an air of confidence, now that they are over I have completely changed my mindset and am prepared to accept the worst.


No really. I am actually not thinking about it because it is over and too late to change anything and I have come up with a master plan of distraction which involves reading Maya and WORKED. Until four separate people through various medums (AIM, IRL etc) came up to me at the same time to ask and/or spazz about auditions.

Uncertainty is man's worst enemy. :O

Time to read that big bloody Bio book. I think perhaps I will go hide out in the Saratoga Library so things (GAIA AHEM) will not distract me.


Aug. 23rd, 2008 10:43 pm
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school is starting in less than 36 hours!

...what a distasteful thought.

the past two days have been decently fun. had lunch with Frank and a couple other guys at J&J on Friday. very amused by Frank and his brother's racist jokes:

what's a group of white people running down a hill?


what's a group of black people running down a hill?


what's a group of Mexican people running down a hill?


ahahahhahahah. ran around campus laughing at link leaders for a little bit (honestly, do YOUR schools' link crews do anything? it's so pointless.) and went home.

CPYO reunion party was... moderately fun. it would have been much more fun if I joined the people in the water instead of the people on land, unfortunately I couldn't because I didn't want to, um, bleed into the water, and that's probably more information than y'all need to know so I'll move on now.

Grace Kim is killer competitive at Mario Party. it's hilarious. :3 She rolls around and pounds the floor and screeches at the top of her lungs and throws her hair around like a dust cloud.

mmm Saratoga informal retreat was all right, all the same games and nowhere near as amusing as freshman year but maybe that's just me, hopefully the freshmen had fun which was the point. Also I missed the first, wut, half of it, which may have contributed. & seeing people was nice. I don't recognize half the people though, coz I missed all the icebreakers. :( oh well.

iiiin other news, all my instrument teachers demand first priority and as a result, I have all of them first priority, which is the same as no priority at all but there is no other way to do it and it is a little -.- in that regard.

I still feel as though summer just started.


Aug. 16th, 2008 08:21 pm
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I'm back!

First thing I have to say is--


Now I need to get first in SSO to make myself feel better. And if I fail at that too (akjsdlkjfl;jdsf;las) I'll just... take the katana in the back of my car and commit seppuku or something. Although the blade is dull, so I'd have to sharpen it to get it to work, which may be a bit of a hassle since I have no idea where you go to sharpen a katana, but I'm sure if I try hard enough I can figure it out eventually. >> Maybe I can use that big blocky metal thing that ahyi used to use to sharpen the kitchen knives?


In other news, I finished Snow Crash and I love it love it love it and in other other news, it's amazing how behind you can get on your LJ flist in a single week and how much stuff just in general piles up so quickly on the intarwebs so I'll go take care of that now! As well as unpacking and stuff.

On second thought, maybe I should sleep because I slept at 4:30 last night (we camped out. WITH OUR MUSIC TEACHERS LOLOL) and woke up at 7, but I am strangely not tired so I will postpone that for now.

edit: wowwwww good job spamming Deb with comments guys I actually confused her with Aja (big name fan in fandom) for awhile because of the comment count and was wondering about her sudden interest in snails and gray whales until I clicked on it and saw who made the actual comments. xD
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ahahahhaaha see how good my work ethic is, out of two lists of things I ought to complete, I barely finish half of ONE of the lists... and feel GOOD about it because it's probably more than what I normally would have done anyway.

That said, some highlights of West Side Story week! In no particular order.

Friday's performance--

OFFICER KRUPKE: You dirty hoodlums! *chase*
PIT MEMBERS: O____O *stares cross-eyed at stick in the pit*

Thursday's performance--

TONY: Oh Maria!
MARIA: Oh Tony!
GUN: Bang!
MARIA: Tony! No! TONY!!!

Friday's performance--

TONY: Oh Maria!
MARIA: Oh Tony!
GUN: Bang!
MARIA: Tony!!! NO!!!
AUDIENCE: *collective intake of breath*

Saturday's second performance--

TONY: Oh Maria!
MARIA: Oh Tony!
Random girl: Ohmygawd!!
Random man: *shocked laughter* Aha! ha! haha! ha-
MARIA: Tony! Tony!
Random man: -ha- haha! ha. ha!
PIT MEMBERS: ... >>;;

Friday intermission--

KEROPI: Chan chan!
ADELA: Keropi!
*mutual love ♥♥*

Saturday intermission (first show)--

TIFFANY: !! jiejie~!
ADELA: !! meimei~!
*mutual adopted siblings love ♥♥*

Friday end of Act I--

MR. BOITZ: *cues us*
STRINGS: *completely miss all of the pizz*
MR. BOITZ'S FACE: I am a dark vortex of doom. I am blacker than a black hole.
MR. BOITZ: I am growling on the inside and IT SHOWS ON MY FACE.
PIT MEMBERS: We cringe in fear. Someone save us!

Saturday pre-show (first show)--

ADELA: Yeah mom, call time's 1:45, it starts at 2, don't worry.
GMAIL: I hold records of all emails, past and present.
ADELA: Hmmmm I'll check, just to make sure...
CLOCK: It is now 1:50.
EMAIL: Call time, 1:15!
ADELA: *chokes and splutters all over keyboard*

Saturday pre-show (2nd show)--

ADELA: Starbucks~! ♥

five minutes later...


more of Saturday pre-show (2nd show)--

JASON: *sitting with his girlfriend*
MR. BOITZ: Why, Jason Huang, a girl's attacking your lap!
JASON: Why yes, Mr. Boitz.
MR. BOITZ: Here, here, let me help.
*Mr. Boitz, a man 2-3x the size of Pamela, who's a willowy-figured small Asian girl, crams himself onto Jason's lap*

ahahahaha. :3 and more!

PAUL/ME/KIMBY/PAULI: We are discussing things of little importance!
MICHELLE: PAUL!!!! *glomps him from behind*
MR. BOITZ: Paul's very huggable, don't you think?
PAUL: .... *slightly pink*
MICHELLE: Paul's very huggable! In fact, he's adorable!
MR. BOITZ: Popular with the ladies, I see.
PAUL: I... uh... *turning redder*
MICHELLE: Of COURSE! Paul, you should get a girlfriend! *spazz dances in a circle around him and prances out*
PAUL: UM. UH. *RED* EHEHEHE. *backs out of the room* BYE GUYS, I'M GOING TO GO NOW. EHEHE. HE. HE.

ahahaha though I think the best would be...

Saturday intermission (2nd show)--

LITTLE COUSIN: You know the guy who plays Riff?
ADELA: Yeah. What about him?
LITTLE COUSIN: Is he a guy or a girl?

LOL. :3

Other fun stuff includes lunch at Jake's in between first Saturday show and second Saturday show, where a table failed at the cup game (especially with those cheap paper cups), and pizookie at BJs later that night. mmmm yeah I think I've officially decided that I find guard members distasteful. Excepting Lilith and Jessie, that is. Or, at the very least, I find them distasteful when together in large groups. Way to be rude and obnoxious and annoying and loud and, best of all, completely unaware of it. >>;

Yeah there were some issues with Kevin coming behind me into the parking lot and honking a lot for no particular reason. And also of them squishing 3 people into one seat and squishing people next to them and overspilling onto other seats and all the while waving about and gesturing and laughing maniacally at things that aren't funny with a rather horrifying disregard of other people's personal space.

On a happy note, had funny conversations with Yang about her college interviews. :3

Oh also Yang's little sister is really really cute. homg. ♥♥ She's adorable. I want to steal her and take her home to be my pet.

Ah that's about it. It's over! And everyone's happy. :D Except Ray-Young, who was in a terrible mood yesterday. God knows what happened to him. Aside from that, most everything's good. 'cept the fact that I barely completed 1/4th of my to-do list. woohoo.
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ahahhahahahahahahaahha I love how both Tiffany and I are totally normal people, well, normally, but then when we get together we become two crazy high ridiculous girls that act like they're on crack even though they're not and laugh their heads off at things that aren't funny and. Iono. lmao.

'sgood though. Laughing is good for you yeah? We're so crazy. XD It's not even pistachio-happy. Hanging around Younghwan is pistachio-happy. Seeing a really cute, reallyyyy soft, really big, and really squishy teddy bear and going LE-SQUISH is pistachio-happy. You know, when the feeling is sort of squeeeeeeee on the inside or fweeeeee or heeeeeeeee or awwwwwwwww or eeeeeeee~!

Hanging around with Tiffany isn't any of those things. It's, on the contrary, more WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA RUN CHASE KICK WHAP THUNK (shrill) YOU'RE SO STUPID! race back for forgotten things sprint like crazy all the while screaming at each other and laughing maniacally 到岔了气...

Only Tiffany. :P We are weird.

Anyway, to sum it up--

Tiffany joined SSO!


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OKOK so, picking up where I left off... I. will type up the stories later. If I find them. Anyway, skipping over that for now.

I'm being kind to your flists. THANK ME. )

mmmmm more later.

I can't believe I haven't gotten past one day. x____X Oh well I suppose I started on Wed night, so it is technically a day...?
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god, that's the last time I'm going to BJs w/them.

we waited an HOUR. and more, maybe. x___X should've gone like the intelligent people off to Verde! but we're stupid. or stubborn. whatever. Bryant and Darren were on the verge of just ditching (and leaving behind stranded people! :o) and Walter fails at organizing. Maybe if they split into small groups in the BEGINNING instead of asking for a spot for like... 25... it would've gone faster.

oh well I learned a new Korean slapping game. And seeing the alumni was pretty cool. I SAW DOROTHY MY WONDERFUL LOVELY ROOMMATE ^______^ and dragged her off to BJs too~ and the bazookie was undeniably delicious. not sure if it was worth the wait though.

feet in pain from wearing concert shoes overlong ahhhhhhhh~
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Soooo... we're playing this piece in school orchestra called the Armed Man. A massed piece.

So then! We're rehearsing and rehearsing, and then we hit a section called ANGRY FLAMES. Angry. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

That section, in its essence, is 15 measures of rest, and then the entire orchestra playing + holding the same whole note for about 20 more measures.

...we're not the angry flames, we're the log beneath the angry flames. And we're not the log that's burning, either, we're the slightly damp piece wayyyyy on the bottom that the flames will never reach... BUT is still necessary to hold up the other pieces of wood so the fire doesn't collapse and can look impressive.

.......... *depressed*

I have this vision of choir/band/whatever concluding their angry flaming with a flourish! then silence. supposedly. And the conductor's eyelid starts twitching as the audience begins to look at one another in confusion, because all the strings are still playing that chord, that stupid chord, because we've all fallen asleep and are playing purely from reflex. >_____>
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Haha, yesterday's concert... brought back so many memories... Joint concert w/Lynbrook and Los Altos, right, and Los Altos... they not only played Concerto Grosso, they also played Bailes para Orquestra AND Brookgreen suite... and. DAMNZZZZ AUSTRALIA MEMORIES~~~ T__T

concert stuff )

In any case, NaNoWriMo! Is taking over, yes. the Fwoom stayed up past 2 last night working on it! Sadly, the Fwoom has only achieved 3.6k words over the course of 2.5 days (the Fwoom started late). The Fwoom is about 7% done, then?

The Fwoom is neglecting homework and a lot of other stuff. >>;; oh well.
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Harker didn't go, but MV did go, BOTH of them, so I saw Charity!!! who was ironically wearing the Falcon's Marshall Clark shirt, but not Louis because he's presumably still sick with the flu. And Paly peoples! such as LILY who is extremely bouncy and hyper, and random Paly guys painted P-A-L-Y upon their shirtless bodies and then stood and spelled PLAY instead of PALY and Lily was like "... *facepalm* don't know them" and! I did horribly because I completely miscalculated and thought there was a lot more field to go after the turn, so I was saving my sprint for like maybe 1/2 field and there was literally only like 1/8th field, and it was a horrible horrible miss and you can't SEE how far there is to go until you round that sharp corner and then it was too late. Could've started sprinting so much earlier and probably could've passed ~6-7 more people or so if I HAD. >___>

No times! but I am #58 again, just like Firebird. exactly the same! ohohohohoho.

Skylight is beginning to lose its appeal. Despite the fun jazziness. because we play it so much. Hence, volunteered for solo improv! Following the improv sheets, of course. >>;; Major fail, but fun. :D

I want to play Concerto Grosso with someone. All the celloes forgot the parts. It is rather sad. Too bad Tiffany DITCHED us for CYS. Otherwise she would join! Like we always did in Aussie. sigh~


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