Jun. 29th, 2009 01:09 am
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You know, I planned on sleeping early today. I really did. LIKE I DO EVERY DAY

Instead, I stayed up late researching more than I ever wanted to know about flying with a cello and cello flight cases, and how to get from Munich to Rome in a way that is safe enough that my mom won't worry and pay extra $$ to accompany me. Oh, and watching youtube videos of violin duets and discussing them with violin friends. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A GEEK.

Did I mention that I vacuumed my room today?

If the me from five years ago saw the me from now, I don't think she would recognize me. Vacuumed! Really?

So the Italy thing isn't really set in stone yet, because Mr Kim is sloppy and didn't bother to deal with any of the logistics or follow up on anything I'm beginning to understand why he likes Wooho so much, they must be kindred souls and now he's off on a business trip! Sloppy sloppy. Doesn't that kind of remind you of our gathering-planning skills? Oh yes. (koffDebrakoff)

But in any case, during all this research, the question that inadvertently rose to the top of my mind was--

Why am I constantly sacrificing Asia for Europe?

All right, I admit, Japan is part of Asia. But it's just... it... Japan just doesn't count, you know? I suppose in some ways you could really just change that to--


T_____________T I miss Taiwan so much~~~~~

Obviously (if it goes through), the choice isn't even a choice. Italy > Taiwan, no matter how you look at it. A festival like that (esp w/Mrs Kim ♥) is a once in a lifetime experience.

But oh, the nightmarkets.

And oh, the 小吃s.

And the bookstores.

And the cheap cheap clothes.

And the noise. And the people. And the alsjdglajshblja jbjad;gjlajdf;askjfs GIVE ME TAIPEI. NOW. T___________________T

Asia Asia Asia. Asia > Europe. /sulks

addendum: After all that thorough research and deliberation, I think I have decided to purchase a case that, in all ways, looks like a coffin.

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lol my 干爸 is hilarious.

apparently when various 老人s tell him 要有修養 (this really an implicit reference to the fact that my 干媽 a.k.a. 張阿姨 my favoritest 阿姨 ever looks and acts much younger than she actually is), he retorts: 修養重要還是保養重要?


LOLWUT. silly witty old 律師.

他真的很愛說話, though. 話匣子一開了就關不起來. in some way really reminds me of 爸爸,actually.

... ...

我現在搞不清楚我到底想用英文想東西還是中文想東西. 剛剛說了太多 *pure* 中文,害我變成 half and half 了. 唉...

不過我太久沒回一個只說中文的 setting 裡倒是真的. 家裡雖說是說,可是不完全. 而且 there's Chinglish, and there's Chinglish. base language 還是有一個,只是有些 words 用另外一個... well hmm. actually I guess 不一定. 天知道.

管那麼多, 說穿了就是太久沒回 Asia 了. 暑假都往歐洲跑. 唉. I miss Asia. T__T

In other news, I was going to post about how tired double-length piano lesson and orchestra today made me, but I now think I will be more productive going to sleep, so I shall do that instead! yay.

(...and I shall dream of Taiwan.)

edit: 為什麼 為什麼 打字的”天“上一橫比下一橫長上一橫應該比較短不是嗎我們都要變成日本人了是不是 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
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Today! easy day. easy classes, general fun.

...somebody I mayhaps should have asked out to lunch but didn't :o lost opportunity? no names disclosed as too many bloody random people from my school read this blog. without telling me, to boot.

anyway I made up for it coz~ ! arashi and wendy came visiting! so me and them and a couple more fobs (Karen & Christy & Christy's friend who didn't actually come; also is that how Christy spells her name) went off to Q-cup &were fobby.

yeah so I am slowly being converted into a fob. First, there's the Chinese thing, which pwns most fobby looking ABCs who can't speak worth sh** (not counting the ones that actually moved from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong etc etc). On top of that:

1. I have a Death Note bag

2. &a really fobby haircut

3. I go out to lunch w/a group of really fobby looking people

4. @ Q-cup//Chinese takeout

5. and we order... in Chinese.

ANDAND. THE WORST ONE: I am starting to talk with a faint fobbish accent. not the retarded one that everyone laughs at, but the one that you can't really place and just sounds randomly... Asian. actually I think it may be faintly Korean.


... ...


I had something else to say.


I forgot.


will update later if I remember.

edit: awww I want my gentle seme <3 )
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Dear Livejournal,

Some morbid things happened this morning. :x I will make a comprehensive morbid post on that later.

In other news, words cannot express my love for The Shoebox Project, which has got to be the best Marauder's fic I've read to date.

Spent some more time with Keropi today. We went and visited [livejournal.com profile] smushedness, something we really hadn't done in a long, long time, and even if we didn't do much except sit around and videogame a little and talk, it was nice just being there. Been too long, I think.

At [livejournal.com profile] smushedness's door...

DOORBELL: ding dong!
RUSTY: arf arf! woof woof HACK CHOKE bark bark rawrrrrrrfff-
(Rusty Vs. Eliza Scuffling Noises ensue)
KEROPI and ADELA: ... ahahaha, some things never change.

mmmmmm. Then we went and scrounged some random Asian food from my house and picked up Silly Korean Boy and shipped off to Cupertino Village to join the fobs.

Srsly, though. I ♥ Cupertino Village. The place really makes me feel at home. I mean, it's generally fobby, yes, but specific to Chinese fobs. And a bit more specific might be Taiwanese, because, look, traditional characters! And look, lots of Taiwanese food! but yes.

I miss Asia. I haven't been back in like, two and a half years. And that seems long to me, because I usually go at least every other year. What's worse is, I probably won't for another 2 years. :( Maybe I'll slip a week in somewhere in between there.

I wish my summers were less occupied with Europe and more with Asia.

In the meantime, I suppose, I will go to Q-cup with my friends and talk about random nothings until midnight and laugh at silly Korean boys who put too much spicy powder in their chicken and cannot understand the concept of Saving Food For a Later Time, and - enjoy being here. Until such time as I can return to Asia again. (earthquake earthquake boo hoo hoo)

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I. love. Taipei.

I am in LOVE. ♥♥♥♥

They opened a new bookstore. Next to Taipei 101. Seven stories, each story at LEAST as big as Targets, 4 of the stories COMPLETELY devoted to books. Books books books. It's comfy, they've got chairs, they've got food downstairs, you could just stay there day and night and never come out.

Ah, Taipei. The clothes are cheap. The books are cheap. The food is cheap. And good. And there are a million littles stores selling food and clothes and trinkets and whatnot... right out the back door.

And you can call a taxi with a wave of a hand. Or, better yet, take the lightrail. Or go on a bus, since they come to the bus station every TWO MINUTES.


'cept, of course, the total lack of internet and a Delmar. But we're visiting yet another great uncle/aunt! And they have a laptop. And. OMFG THEY HAVE A PIANO AAAAAAAH YAY~

Mmf. Er, since I seemed to have missed it,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DENISE!!! (a.k.a. [personal profile] cougarfang)

I have to go back tomorrow. We're leaving at 6:30 and arriving at 6:30 the same day. No time lost whatsoever. :) But. I DON'T WANT TO GO WAAAAAH~

And I'll have HOMEWORK, too, when I go back. A crapload. And instruments. (and jetlag!) And a LIFE, goddammit.

T.T I'll just... forget about that for now...


PS. I got a haircut. I feel weird whenever there's a mirror nearby, but everyone else says it looks good. I'm just not used to having bangs again. I also was reading Inuyasha (we got the newest volumes!!) and happened to realize that I have the exact same hairstyle as Kagome now. And half a million other manga girls. =.= The Japanese really favor layered hair, don't they.

PPS. I also found more CLAMP books. ♥ This is the first place I've found Suki Dakara Suki~ ^^ And another random CLAMP special + latest TRC and holic (book 12 and 7). And. They had Gohou Drug!!! Only book 2, but YAAAH love~ Also stole the 1st book to Fairy Cube and DNAngel book 11 'coz I couldn't resist... well come on, they're two bucks apiece... hehe ^^ We did get other nonmanga books. But, since this is Taiwan, everything's in Chinese, so I'm guessing nonmanga stuffs don't interest you guys. We got two giant bags of them though. Not a lot considering the box gramps sent back from mainland last time, but still. We need another suitcase for them now. ><  


Feb. 18th, 2006 03:03 pm
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Fwee internet cafes~

Yes, I am in Taiwan right now. On the same side of the world as [personal profile] cougarfang. Mom's chatting with an old friend. I got dumped here because she didn't bother to find me a library or a bookstore or a piano because they're harder to find while we're in this hotel.

We visited this great uncle I didn't know I had and I spent a lot of time playing with a little cousin I didn't know I had who's absolutely DARLING and the cutest little thing you ever saw~~ she's 4 years old. XD I wrote a lot in my writing journal. In the plane, in the other plane, in the taxis... it's only the first day. I don't think I'm going to bother transf.ing it onto LJ. Too much work. Unless someone asks me to or something.

Bah. 30 mins of time. It is running out rather quickly.

Hey all, guess what was the 1 thing I forgot to bring? Money. I'm so smart, aren't I...


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