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10. You say "Faito! Faito!" instead of "Fight! Fight!"

9. You always have a packet of tissues on you, no matter what.

8. Your idea of fast food is a gyu-don from Matsuya.

7. You take someone else's umbrella without batting an eye when leaving a convenience store, because someone has already taken yours.

6. You get confused when there isn't a ticket machine in the restaurant and don't know how to pay the bill.

5. You start using other people as backrests on the train.

4. You see a little elementary school boy run past in shorts so short it's like he's not wearing pants, and think, "Aw, how cute!"

3. You tell your friend, "Hold on, I'm hungry, I'm going to make myself some miso soup," without thinking there's anything weird about it.

2. You fall asleep on the train and wake up exactly as it pulls into your station.

1. You see your friend eating an oreo in Philadelphia and mistake it for a riceball.



Q and A

Nov. 20th, 2009 11:47 am
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Q: How many UC Berkeley students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Seventy-six. One to change the lightbulb, fifty to protest the lightbulb’s right not to change, and twenty-five to hold a counter-protest.

Q: How many UCLA students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: One. He just holds the bulb and lets the world revolve around him.

Q: How many UC Davis students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. Davis doesn’t have electricity.

Q: How many UC Irvine students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. Irvine looks better in the dark.

Q: How many UC Riverside students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: None. See UC Irvine.

Q: How many UC San Francisco students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Two. One to change the lightbulb and one to crack under the pressure.

Q: How many UC San Diego students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Two. One to mix the margaritas and one to call the electrician.

Q: How many UC Santa Barbara students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Only one, but he gets six credits for it.

Q: How many UC Santa Cruz students does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Eleven. One to change the lightbulb and ten to share the experience.

that's the stuff, baby. bring out your California spirit!!

just for the record, I didn't come up with any of these on my own. I believe I first heard them from the mouth of a certain Economics teacher...

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behold, the front side of my gov notes

clicky! )

behold, the back side of my gov notes

click-clicky! )

will transcribe text later. for now, can I just say... epic fail?

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Don’t worry guys, my Adventures in Baltimore post will come someday, it will, it will! (I pray I don’t forget everything by the time I write it.)

In any case, over the weekend I went up to Berkeley for some fun, incidentally celebrating part of my sister’s birthday with her. :)

Without further ado!

Here are some useful facts for future high school juniors/seniors to know:

1. Berkeley’s administration is decidedly unhelpful. Not only are they closed on weekends, they are closed on Fridays (to students) as well. Pah!
2. Berkeley has become much tamer than it was two decades ago. How do I know this, being not yet two decades old? THERE ARE STOP SIGNS THAT REMAIN UNMARKED. /shock!

(Most of them, you see, look like this--

and my personal favourite

hahaha! moving on...)

3. In terms of little eateries and restaurants and the like, Berkeley outnumbers Baltimore (at least, the area around JHU) by about 10x. I would even venture so far as to say 20x without, I think, straying too far off the mark.
4. The same applies to bookstores and little funny shops and the like.
5. A lot of these places tend to be more run-down, with a secondhand feel (but often v. cozy with v. good food or v. diverse selection of books or v. many interesting little trinkets etc), which I personally prefer because I've always been more of a hostel person than a hotel person, but others may not.
6. The student cooperatives, while undeniably filled with many party animals and druggies and smokers, also have quite a few perks.

> cheap
> industrial kitchen (yessss)
> food/kitchen access 24/7
> freepiles ♥♥♥
> can draw on walls
> way nicer common spaces than dorms
> meet (debatably) more interesting people
> no pressure to drinking/drugs (as opposed to frats/sororities)
> democratic petitioning

> people who drink/smoke pot
> too much partying (at the large places)
> messy
> ...did I mention messy?
> I did say messy, didn't I?
> Now, I'm sure I mentioned messy somewhere up there...

To be fair, the mess is mostly in the large, 100+ people co-ops. The 50-70 people ones are medium messes, and the small 15-30ish people ones are actually rather neat and tidy.

(I mentioned this to my father, who decided I knew nothing of true messes and promptly chastened me by telling me a story about these college kids, back in the days of Taiwan U, who managed to catch a thief in the middle of the night. How?

The thief picked the lock and got into the room in the dead of night. Everyone was asleep. He took one step (in pitch darkness).



The thief took another step


and realized that the floor was drowning in empty beer bottles. Panicking, he began attempting a not-so-stealthy retreat


as the students in the dorm woke up


and jumped out of their beds to try and catch the thief


the thief tripped and fell, mired in beer bottles


was immediately jumped by two students


and thus caught.

My mother overheard this story at the dinner table, and said to me, "Boys.")

Aaanyway, a few more!

7. There is such a phenomenon at U.C. Berkeley which I term The Saratoga Bubble, i.e. kids from Saratoga hang out with other kids from Saratoga, and, while they do make other friends, never quite step out of the bubble that is Saratoga. This I wouldn't worry much about, as U.C. Berkeley has a rich enough environment that it likely takes more of an effort to remain in the bubble than to step out of it. All depends, I suppose.
8. The Japanese & Thai food at Berkeley is better than the Korean/Chinese/other Asian food.
9. The North Berkeley BART Station is actually more like the West Berkeley BART Station when compared relatively to the (downtown) Berkeley BART station. Just so you know.

And now for some really random insights/observations--

10. Chickens are really dumb. I mean, I always kind of knew that (have you ever heard of a smart chicken?), but seeing their idiocy IRL is really something else. They're almost worse than fish.

11. Berkeley has a frisbee team~

12. Marijuana is surprisingly easy to grow (I guess that's why it's called "weed").

13. Rubiks Cube ("Cubing") Competitions are almost entirely male.

14. Hazelnut ice cream is very very delicious.

15. If you don't know what "flannel seed" is, a pansexual white freak will consider you a freak of nature. Considering the nature of the one making this statement, what does that actually make you?

16. Most Asian children from Saratoga do not know what "flannel seed" is.

17. Flighty boys slowly change the girls around them into flighty girls.

18. Maybe the reason Koreans are so good at Starcraft is because they DON'T create Starcraft classes and DON'T analyze Starcraft with differential equations and just, you know, play. o___o !!!

19. I really don't keep track of my senior class that well.

aaaaaaaaand 20. My Taiwan boy has a girlfriend~ ♥ Stephy have they told you yet? (Don't tell your mom!)

What cuties. ^^

And so I conclude for the day (or more accurately, the weekend). Hasta la vista, baby!


Apr. 4th, 2009 03:18 pm
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mmmmmm these are the best days, so sunny so warm best times for sleeping out on the grass ♥

or the bench outside the music building

I think I am becoming all too fond of that spot

maybe it's coz once I leave California I won't get these chances again for a long, long time?

what was that Earthsea quote...

But each deed you do, each act, binds you to itself and to its consequences, and makes you act again and yet again. Then very seldom do you come upon a space, a time like this, between act and act when you may stop and simply be.

but not even that, because right now my mind's so lazy and so comfortable that I am content to not even think about such things, nothing at all, but just to find a nice spot of sun and stretch out, completely, completely at ease...

off to school now to hijack either the benches or the grass (Congress Springs, alas, is filled with little kiddies playing baseball) because I am an eccentric enough person to drive all the way to school for something as seemingly pointless as a good spot of grass

call it an enjoyment complex

(ma refers to me as one of the 享樂族..)

edit: audition and things! )

edit2: Ah-h-h-h-h so I was rereading Bambi (don't ask me why, it was the first random book I pulled off the shelf) and I got to that chapter of the very poetic conversation between the two leaves... and I thought to myself, "abscission!"

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I'm so happy~ ^^ today [ profile] yokainomiko, my little sister #2, everyone's faaavorite Taiwan boy, and my one and only pansexual white freak (for ever and ever and ever ♥) came to school to see me! :) I know, we're a strange bunch aren't we.

So we went out to lunch at Cupertino Village and in the process merged with a whole other horde of people whom I don't know quite as well but good enough to get by, and we had Korean food to satiate my longing for Neoguri. :3

This resulted in me missing most all of 6th! The kids were still in the PAL center when I got back, so I decided forget the rest of 6th and joined AP Chinese instead, which... kind of made me want to cry and reflect upon our AP/honors system. but then, I don't think any of the other language classes are any better, so... let's leave it at that.

Checked in w/Zarco and helped him file some stuff I should've filed during 6th, resulting in my staying ~half an hour after school got out.

As I finally wrapped up everything and strolled out the gate to my car, I espied someone walking a dog.

homg how CUTE! was my first thought when I saw the dog. It was white and fluffy and looked a lot like Rice, must be another American Eskimo, I thought to myself as I looked up, and barely had the time to take in the fact that the leash looked oddly like our leash and the book the girl was reading looked oddly like my book and the girl looked oddly like my sister before I realized that it WAS my sister walking our dog right outside the school gates and I burst out "Amy!" before my brain processed any further.

Life is strange like that sometimes.

Anyway apparently my sister wanted a transcript (scholarship apps). So I accompanied her to the office, where alas! my phone rings!

I escape outside to where I can safely pick up without getting in trouble, and hear my lost love's voice on the line.

"Adela," says Sarah Tang, who once sat right next to me in Econ and now sits across the ENTIRE ROOM in Gov. "When are we studying for the test today?"

"Hmmm, I don't know," I say. "What time's it now?"

See, Sarah lives about a block down from me, but the problem was that I was sitting on a bench just outside the office, at school, i.e. I couldn't exactly go over even if I wanted to.

"Well, tutorial just about ended so it's around 3, I think?" she says.

"Hrm." I watch a girl in a distance making her way down the quad steps. "Your house or mine?"

"I don't know, I'm good either way," she says.

Wait, that girl looks an awful lot like Sarah, I think.

"Sarah, is that you?" I ask aloud.

"What? Where?"

The girl on the steps pauses and looks around.

Definitely her.

"Turn around!" I screech.

She swivels. I wave like a madwoman. She comes running over to my bench.

"You're still at school!" she says. "I thought you'd gone home."

"I thought you'd gone home."

Life is really strange sometimes.

We end up tossing a coin to determine whose house to study at (Sarah's). Then we part ways, as she has to go home and I have to wait for my sister. When I return many people inside the office are fawning over our dog, despite dogs (technically?) not being allowed on campus. harharhar he's just too cute. (or that rule's just too stupid, either way.)

So I give my sister & my dog a ride home. Whereupon I sign online, facebook my Malaysian friend about Skype, check my email, and find out that UChicago has waitlisted me.

Before I have time to digest this information, my Skype phone rings. I pick it up.

"Hi!" says my Malaysian friend, sitting in Malaysia in front of her computer. And then "OMG I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR SUCH A LONG TIME AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHHHH~" (while I respond in kind).

After we both calm down again...

"What time is it over there?" I ask.

"7:14 in the morning," she says.

"Don't you have school?"

"Yeah." She looks at the bottom top corner of her screen. "In approximately 12 minutes." have to understand something here. I don't even USE Skype normally. I don't even know why I was signed on. I only signed on because I facebooked her about it ~two minutes ago and signed on to add her to my buddy list.

Life is really, really strange sometimes.

edit: homg I can't believe I just spent 5+ hours over at Sarah's place. I was never this studious back in sophomore/junior year!

(then again, I don't think I had the time to be this studious sophomore/junior year)

(then again, there was the time we spent eating peanuts. and drinking minestrone. and playing canon in D on the piano. and that last hour or two of VIRUS SLAYING and computer purgifying.)

but we were studying the whole time through nonetheless!

if I get anything less than perfect on the test tomorrow I will kill something.
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Hetalia is funny.

edit: double lulz


Oct. 26th, 2008 09:15 pm
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So today I woke up and my parents were nowhere to be found. After sleepily showering and scrounging up some scraps for breakfast, I found this note on the board:


... ...

Last week it was just


and I thought that was bad.

真是有一點哭笑不得... 天知道你只在我家看得到這種留言. ((trans: dunno whether to laugh or to cry. god knows you can only see a message like that at my house.)) Simultaneously nerdy, literary, stupid, and hilarious at the same time.

edit: for those who don't speak chinese, the notes are fairly ordinary in meaning. they translate to:

Niu (my nickname; means 'girl')
We are at Zhuangzi class
Back in afternoon
Call cell if you need anything


We are at Buddhism class

What's funny about it is that it's written in old style (Monkey-king style) Chinese. Much like if he'd left a note in Shakespearean English. And he translated 'cell' literally to 'cell' instead of 'cellular' and... /facepalm

Only baba.

edit: Oh, in other news, I read a great fic called The Secret of Slytherin by Kirinin and it is very good. Definitely better overall than Sacrifices, which MAY BE because the author was not pumping out a chapter a day, which I think is only really acceptable if you're doing something like NaNo. The plot overall is very well-knit; the only issue I have is that the characters, while all well-characterized and likable and all, seem to resemble one another too much. Harry and Draco and Severus and Remus... even Ron and Hermione, all of them were excellent but I can't shake off the feeling that they were all fundamentally the same. Same root. I know there was the entire inlaid theme of 'we are all Slytherins sometimes' and 'we are all Gryffindors sometimes too!' and the general 'we are all everything at some point' idea, but it still bothered me. People can be radically different while still holding to similar ideas... for example, I think Maya illustrates diff characters v. well (it always comes back to Maya). Also it was Gryffindor/Slytherin-centric and neglected the other houses somewhat, but that was probably unavoidable as it was Harry-centric.
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Several momentous things happened today.

1. Derek and Daniel were behaving badly in 6th period, so Boitz sent them over to Ms. Obenour! Who tied both of them up with gauze and labeled them with large signs, one reading "Wankster is not a swear word I'm a bad boy" and the other something along the lines of "Bad freshmen boys need to behave" or summit. /forgot



2. I made it to semifinalist in a poetry contest I don't recall submitting to. o_____O

Just kidding, after a bit more fine-print reading and digging around, I realized that it was from an old submission that I made one day out of boredom - which I got a rejection email for ~week later and promptly forgot about.

Guess that wasn't the end of it. Well, another poem publication to add to college apps is always a good thing.

3. I finished Code Geass.

IT MADE ME SO SAD. I WEEP. T___________T

Awesome series, though.

4. I got a letter from my friend in Malaysia! I have not yet read it, because right after Code Geass I felt I was in an absolutely wrong mood for something as, well, as meaningful as this, but tomorrow I shall. And I already know without opening it that it will probably make my day. So ♥♥

All in all a rather momentous day, don't you think?
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lol my 干爸 is hilarious.

apparently when various 老人s tell him 要有修養 (this really an implicit reference to the fact that my 干媽 a.k.a. 張阿姨 my favoritest 阿姨 ever looks and acts much younger than she actually is), he retorts: 修養重要還是保養重要?


LOLWUT. silly witty old 律師.

他真的很愛說話, though. 話匣子一開了就關不起來. in some way really reminds me of 爸爸,actually.

... ...

我現在搞不清楚我到底想用英文想東西還是中文想東西. 剛剛說了太多 *pure* 中文,害我變成 half and half 了. 唉...

不過我太久沒回一個只說中文的 setting 裡倒是真的. 家裡雖說是說,可是不完全. 而且 there's Chinglish, and there's Chinglish. base language 還是有一個,只是有些 words 用另外一個... well hmm. actually I guess 不一定. 天知道.

管那麼多, 說穿了就是太久沒回 Asia 了. 暑假都往歐洲跑. 唉. I miss Asia. T__T

In other news, I was going to post about how tired double-length piano lesson and orchestra today made me, but I now think I will be more productive going to sleep, so I shall do that instead! yay.

(...and I shall dream of Taiwan.)

edit: 為什麼 為什麼 打字的”天“上一橫比下一橫長上一橫應該比較短不是嗎我們都要變成日本人了是不是 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~


Aug. 23rd, 2008 10:43 pm
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school is starting in less than 36 hours!

...what a distasteful thought.

the past two days have been decently fun. had lunch with Frank and a couple other guys at J&J on Friday. very amused by Frank and his brother's racist jokes:

what's a group of white people running down a hill?


what's a group of black people running down a hill?


what's a group of Mexican people running down a hill?


ahahahhahahah. ran around campus laughing at link leaders for a little bit (honestly, do YOUR schools' link crews do anything? it's so pointless.) and went home.

CPYO reunion party was... moderately fun. it would have been much more fun if I joined the people in the water instead of the people on land, unfortunately I couldn't because I didn't want to, um, bleed into the water, and that's probably more information than y'all need to know so I'll move on now.

Grace Kim is killer competitive at Mario Party. it's hilarious. :3 She rolls around and pounds the floor and screeches at the top of her lungs and throws her hair around like a dust cloud.

mmm Saratoga informal retreat was all right, all the same games and nowhere near as amusing as freshman year but maybe that's just me, hopefully the freshmen had fun which was the point. Also I missed the first, wut, half of it, which may have contributed. & seeing people was nice. I don't recognize half the people though, coz I missed all the icebreakers. :( oh well.

iiiin other news, all my instrument teachers demand first priority and as a result, I have all of them first priority, which is the same as no priority at all but there is no other way to do it and it is a little -.- in that regard.

I still feel as though summer just started.
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come on, you know you want to hear about how Adela missed the Caltrain... FOUR TIMES )

It's almost worth having grandchildren just to tell them this story.


Apr. 28th, 2008 06:44 pm
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random chinese joke--




年輕人:「不知道…..但是我有看羅琳(J.K. Rowling)的小說,



LOL. :3

Translation for the non-Chinese--

A middle aged man asks a young man: "Have you ever read JinYong's novels?" *1

Young man: "No, I've only watched the TV shows."

Middle aged man: "Did you know that if you string the first syllable/word *2 of each of his fourteen novels together, they become a couplet - 'Fei xue lian tian she bai lu, xiao shu shen xia yi bi yuan'?" *3

Young man: "No... but I have read J.K. Rowling's novels. If you string the first syllable of her seven novels together, they spell:

'hahahahahahaha!'" *4

wheee I am amused. :3

In other news, crapload of poetry presentations to cram in before the end of April. I really wish I'd been here to help them schedule, I have this very convenient chart/system all worked out, but, alas, I was in San Diego.

I also learned that the sources of my mysterious restricted calls were none other than Ms. Sutton. whoops. should have picked up.

Ah well. Life goes on.

*1 JinYong is a famous Chinese author that writes martial arts novels

*2 In Chinese each word is one syllable, so there is no difference between word/syllable

*3 loose translation: Snow flutters around the skies; [one] shoots the white deer, and, smiling, writes of the chivalrous hero leaning against an azure lovebird. (lovebird = connotation of a couple)

*4 the Chinese translation of Harry Potter, "Ha Li Bo Tah," literally uses the same character "ha" as laughter "ha"
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gosh I'm so moodswingy. happy, then morose, then happy, then morose, etc.

still feeling a bit blah, but diverted much by the amusement of a recent epiphany:

a person who swims = a swimmer
a person who runs = a runner
a person who talks a lot = a talker
a person who whispers a lot = a whisperer
a person who says harrumph a lot = a harrumpher
a person who says fuck a lot = a fucker


a person who says "hark!" a lot
(envision, little stick figure running around going "hark! hark hark!")

must =




edit: So I went and looked up the history of Harker the school, which comes from some woman named Miss Harker. Like Miss Baker. Or Miss Barber. Or Miss I-am-a-loser-and-have-no-job-to-fit-my-last-name-er.

So wtf IS a harker? You're not telling me they really had people in medieval times whose job was to run around yelling at people 'HARK!'?? Because if that's true I'll laugh until my eyebrows fall off.
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ahahahhaaha see how good my work ethic is, out of two lists of things I ought to complete, I barely finish half of ONE of the lists... and feel GOOD about it because it's probably more than what I normally would have done anyway.

That said, some highlights of West Side Story week! In no particular order.

Friday's performance--

OFFICER KRUPKE: You dirty hoodlums! *chase*
PIT MEMBERS: O____O *stares cross-eyed at stick in the pit*

Thursday's performance--

TONY: Oh Maria!
MARIA: Oh Tony!
GUN: Bang!
MARIA: Tony! No! TONY!!!

Friday's performance--

TONY: Oh Maria!
MARIA: Oh Tony!
GUN: Bang!
MARIA: Tony!!! NO!!!
AUDIENCE: *collective intake of breath*

Saturday's second performance--

TONY: Oh Maria!
MARIA: Oh Tony!
Random girl: Ohmygawd!!
Random man: *shocked laughter* Aha! ha! haha! ha-
MARIA: Tony! Tony!
Random man: -ha- haha! ha. ha!
PIT MEMBERS: ... >>;;

Friday intermission--

KEROPI: Chan chan!
ADELA: Keropi!
*mutual love ♥♥*

Saturday intermission (first show)--

TIFFANY: !! jiejie~!
ADELA: !! meimei~!
*mutual adopted siblings love ♥♥*

Friday end of Act I--

MR. BOITZ: *cues us*
STRINGS: *completely miss all of the pizz*
MR. BOITZ'S FACE: I am a dark vortex of doom. I am blacker than a black hole.
MR. BOITZ: I am growling on the inside and IT SHOWS ON MY FACE.
PIT MEMBERS: We cringe in fear. Someone save us!

Saturday pre-show (first show)--

ADELA: Yeah mom, call time's 1:45, it starts at 2, don't worry.
GMAIL: I hold records of all emails, past and present.
ADELA: Hmmmm I'll check, just to make sure...
CLOCK: It is now 1:50.
EMAIL: Call time, 1:15!
ADELA: *chokes and splutters all over keyboard*

Saturday pre-show (2nd show)--

ADELA: Starbucks~! ♥

five minutes later...


more of Saturday pre-show (2nd show)--

JASON: *sitting with his girlfriend*
MR. BOITZ: Why, Jason Huang, a girl's attacking your lap!
JASON: Why yes, Mr. Boitz.
MR. BOITZ: Here, here, let me help.
*Mr. Boitz, a man 2-3x the size of Pamela, who's a willowy-figured small Asian girl, crams himself onto Jason's lap*

ahahahaha. :3 and more!

PAUL/ME/KIMBY/PAULI: We are discussing things of little importance!
MICHELLE: PAUL!!!! *glomps him from behind*
MR. BOITZ: Paul's very huggable, don't you think?
PAUL: .... *slightly pink*
MICHELLE: Paul's very huggable! In fact, he's adorable!
MR. BOITZ: Popular with the ladies, I see.
PAUL: I... uh... *turning redder*
MICHELLE: Of COURSE! Paul, you should get a girlfriend! *spazz dances in a circle around him and prances out*
PAUL: UM. UH. *RED* EHEHEHE. *backs out of the room* BYE GUYS, I'M GOING TO GO NOW. EHEHE. HE. HE.

ahahaha though I think the best would be...

Saturday intermission (2nd show)--

LITTLE COUSIN: You know the guy who plays Riff?
ADELA: Yeah. What about him?
LITTLE COUSIN: Is he a guy or a girl?

LOL. :3

Other fun stuff includes lunch at Jake's in between first Saturday show and second Saturday show, where a table failed at the cup game (especially with those cheap paper cups), and pizookie at BJs later that night. mmmm yeah I think I've officially decided that I find guard members distasteful. Excepting Lilith and Jessie, that is. Or, at the very least, I find them distasteful when together in large groups. Way to be rude and obnoxious and annoying and loud and, best of all, completely unaware of it. >>;

Yeah there were some issues with Kevin coming behind me into the parking lot and honking a lot for no particular reason. And also of them squishing 3 people into one seat and squishing people next to them and overspilling onto other seats and all the while waving about and gesturing and laughing maniacally at things that aren't funny with a rather horrifying disregard of other people's personal space.

On a happy note, had funny conversations with Yang about her college interviews. :3

Oh also Yang's little sister is really really cute. homg. ♥♥ She's adorable. I want to steal her and take her home to be my pet.

Ah that's about it. It's over! And everyone's happy. :D Except Ray-Young, who was in a terrible mood yesterday. God knows what happened to him. Aside from that, most everything's good. 'cept the fact that I barely completed 1/4th of my to-do list. woohoo.
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So mother and I are dutifully preparing lunch in the kitchen, and squabbling to each other about little things ("Look at you, can't you be bothered to sweep the bread crumbs away after breakfast-" "Mom, why did you throw that bread away, it's perfectly edible-" "No it's not, I bought fresher bread this morning-" "That doesn't mean the old one's not edible-"), when I remembered the deal about the Peking Acrobats and dutifully reported to her on the status of my friends.

ADELA: Well, Pumaboy says he can come if we go to the evening show, I haven't asked Pinecone yet but I think his chances are somewhat slimmer...
MOTHER (washing dishes): Oh? Whose boyfriends are these? Debra's? Carolyn's?
ADELA: one's...?
MOTHER: Why, how do you know them then?
MOTHER: Ah. *pause* So, whose boyfriends are they?
ADELA: ...they're both single.
MOTHER: What! How-
ADELA: Mom, are you under the conception that any male friends I have, I know only because they are my friends' significant others?
MOTHER: Yes, of course!

My parental unit is of the most singular mindset. I gave up debating the issue with her after several more minutes. 's obvious no matter how I explain to her, and how she nods and seems to understand, the next time she sees any male I am acquainted with, her subconscious will still assume it is because they are boyfriends of my friends. Because no one has friends of the opposite gender, of course!

I just thought that was kind of hilarious. I mean, it's not like the Chatgroup just started or anything... XP


Sep. 23rd, 2007 06:31 pm
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music nerd pickup lines!

under the cut )

#26, oh #26... I mean, everything it says is so true, but put together it's so wrong... XD

go cellos! :3
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1926 edit: Was feeling sore! Not in the workout sore fashion, but in the haven't-worked-out-for-too-long wtf fashion, because, yes, actually, sitting too much/long makes you sore too. Ever sat in a plane for 15+ hrs? There you go.

Out and ran 5 miles. Am feeling much better now, and missing XC slightly, but would just like to note here to everyone who's still doing XC that Adela NO LONGER HAS TO RUN IN THE HEAT! She can run in the evening when she feels like it. When it's COOL. HAH.


I miss frisbee. =/ And also, tag, even though we're all wayyyy too big now for the playground structure.
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Tomorrow, school begins. a;dsflkjaslfja;f )

Much love, guys. Hope you had fun at karaoke.


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