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a month at my new phone interpretation job

i have to say

i can understand if you're an immigrant and your english is not good and/or you have an accent because you're from one of the dialect-speaking areas of china or something

but english speakers come on

if you're gonna work an english speaking customer service job, at least speak so that a NATIVE english speaker can understand you?? it's amazing to me that the customer service training doesn't put any emphasis on working on really strong accents


other than that, though, when it's not impossibly hard to understand what people are saying, this job is pretty fun :)


May. 31st, 2009 04:55 pm
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I think the fact that I took the time out to photoshop this instead of practising really proves how far my mentality has fallen.

I don't even have a legit excuse to be ditching rehearsal right now, aside from practise, which I'm obviously not doing, and aside from the fact that I feel like it's a waste of time and don't want to go, which is obviously not a legit excuse.

The irony is - this manga is about piano! No but srsly guys, I don't remember if I raved about this before or not, but I love this series. You're hard put to find ANY manga out there that's about classical music, and this one's brilliant and it's actually written well.

Without further ado, Piano no Mori ch44~! :D (I picked up where onemanga left off.)

*second link down for minor tweaking

(Despite the tag, my editing is pretty halfassed because editing takes sooooooo much tiiiiiiiime and I'm lazy. T____T Also whoever scanned the raws attempted to get rid of gutter shadow in various places and sucked at it. Oh well.)

In other news, as some of you may or may not have noticed, I have destroyed my facebook! I did this last night because I was rather pissed at life, and now that I am less pissed I think I'll keep it that way because facebook isn't healthy anyway.

BUT I had to temporarily revive it for a couple seconds to retrieve some photos...

...because all emo inner turmoil aside, it's senior year, it's the last WEEK of senior year, school is ending foreverrrr and we are going out with a BANG.

Behold, our epic end-of-the-year Obama mural, MADE ENTIRELY OF POST-IT NOTES.


To prove that this is not a hoax, here are some pictures of the process-of! (Sadly, we only remembered to take pictures near the end because in the beginning we were panicking about how ridiculously impossible this project was gonna be.)

I have no words to describe our awesomeness.

edit: addendum - tagwords for google; [piano no mori chapter 44, the piano forest, the perfect world of kai, forest of the piano]

editedit: addendum2 (should I just stop using 'edit' and switch to 'addendum' instead?) - MAYA'S BOOK IS COMING OUT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/rabid fangirl

triple edit: addendum3 - I miss the days of waiting for Drop Dead Gorgeous. :(
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I have a weather ranking system.

sunny bright warm days = win
sunny bright hot days = good
sunny humid warm/hot days = ugh
rainy grey days = win
drizzly grey days = good
stormy days = pwnage
cloudy cold days = hate
cloudy warm days = do those exist?
sunny cold days = hate x1000000
sunny while raining days = triple quadruple quintuple win


My Princeton interviewer was my brother's age. In fact, she's from his graduating class and knew him AND my sister. Was fairly pleasant, esp. seeing as I had been expecting, oh, a 40-year old woman?

She was an Economics major. Influenced by Dwyer, no doubt. At any rate she remembers him and his brainwashing regime (repeat the seven economic principles every morning at the start of class!) quite well.

In other news, since I had nothing better to do, I decided to try my hand at editing (now that I've fixed photoshop and all). So I picked a random series that I liked and had the raw to, one that hadn't been scanlated (at least not the later volumes), and I have to say--


Most of the pages are not too bad. but. BUT. stuff like THIS PAGE.

see THIS. and THIS. and THIS. )

In conclusion, lots and lots of worship for Chara and yadi_chan and Maris and all the other editors that do such a great job and make it look so easy. *____*

Also, it probably wasn't smart to pick a 50-page long chapter to start out with. Should have tried Tsubasa and some of those nice short little 10-pagers.

>>; /sigh
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Chara's obsessive compulsive perfectionism makes me smile. :)

Probably the same way some of my obsessive compulsive translating-isms (i.e. SFX ALSKJFA;LDFJKDLA /dies) make her smile?

OH like that BR chapter with that horridly translated wedding vow. /burns with shame

I finished translating BR37 and 38 today! I felt accomplished.

I didn't practise cello or piano today. Felt unproductive.

Did, however, get dragged to a piano concert w/mom. Got an excuse!

But not much of an excuse for not going to the emergency CPYO rehearsal, since I could've, at least partly.

I spent the time fixing some things on The Loan Story for mom though.

I made 30$!

Go me.

I shall wake up early tmr and practise instruments like a madwoman.

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god I can't go to sleep like this.

so today was unproductive extraordinaire:

--SATs in the morning
--cello lesson (no practise beforehand due to SATs)
--walked dog
--read the final ch to DDG (it's over. /SOB)
--chatted w/family friends who came over
--watched Dr. House w/parents
--fixed all broken links in BWYS's translation page &updated Busou Renkin translations

NOTE: no cello practise or piano practise whatsoever.

now I'm guilttripping so hard I could die. it's not even like overwhelming smothering w/e, just this vague sense of unease that keeps me up, and up, and up, keeps me from going to bed, keeps me awake and unsettled and now that it's five minutes 'til the morrow I've finally fully come into the reluctant realization that unless I go practise cello and practise piano and practise my head off (wtf I have an audition tmr for god's sake) I will not be able to sleep.


procrastinator to the core.

this is going to kill all my earlybird habits too. what a shame.


Sep. 30th, 2008 09:47 pm
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much as I love our cello section, they bother me. a lot.

small reflective thing )

in other news, today I had cello lesson in morning &thus was dropped off at school w/no car! buuut michael gave me a ride back. ♥ and got very stuck in our driveway, ahahah. /amused
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(note: Is Eunha 7? That's what I thought but I'm not sure...)

ADELA: Hi Eunha!
EUNHA: ... *lifts arm* armpit!

ADELA: Awww your hamsters are so cute! What're their names?
EUNHA: They don't have names.
ADELA: ... you don't name your pets?
EUNHA: Nope. I can't tell them apart. :D

EUNHA: I wish my fish would die.
ADELA: ... that's not very nice.
EUNHA: Yeah... I sometimes think I don't take very good care of my pets.

ADELA: So does your fish have a name?
EUNHA: It has a dumb name.
ADELA: What is it?
EUNHA: Rufus!
ADELA: Why'd you name it that?
EUNHA: Because... it's a dumb fish! :D

EUNHA: I want a pet dolphin.
ADELA: But where would you keep it?
EUNHA: Ummmmmmmm...
ADELA: ...?
EUNHA: In the jacuzzi! ♥

LOL<3 She is SO CUTE. So. Cute. ahahahahahhaaha. I'm going to like. Go a little early to all my cello lessons just so I can play with her. ^^

(Oh and, sorry to all the Rufuses of the world. xD Guess you're just dumb.)

In other news, I got a very exciting application for the CLAMP fandom newsletter today! It went thus:

Name/Handle... )

So that concludes my account of the awesome events of the day. Three cheers and a cookie for me. ♥

edit: In extra news, the article title "Kim Jong Ill or Kim Jong Well?" makes me laugh so hard.
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Amusing events of the morning )

One word survey )

Ohoh and guys! My dad finished the translating part and I've QCed 800 or so lines so I'll finish the 600 today and it should be done by tmr. :D Although my later QCing got a bit sloppy; I saw a lot of things I could improve on when we watched with my sister yesterday...

Yeah the movie gets kind of vulgar/violent in a few places (like y'know very Chinese toilet humor that kinda makes you go "ehhh it's almost too disgusting to be funny") but oh the SPOOFS, the jokes, the IRONY, the HILARITY of it all; there's totally enough other funny stuff to make up for it~

I think Kev/Louis would like it. THE NINJAS. THE NINJA SPOOFS. *dies laughing* omgwtf and Mission Impossible.... ahahahahahaha XD

Just FYI, Crazy Stone is about an emerald. It's all about the emerald. That's all you need to know. XD

1637 edit: DONEDONE~! WE ARE DONE! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



Most awesome movie EVAR. :D
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Anyone know what a 影友會 is? Have a vague idea, but not really, and accurate is good, so right now I'm stuck (for the most part).

-> Given more and more YHT by Earthy. >>;

Hm. Incidentally, Not spoiled yay! :D )
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.... oO;; Dude, I've been a LONG time away...

EARTHY AND MOONY BROKE UP?!?! When was this!!! Eeeeee~ *feels so outdated on everything*

Wah so sad. The channel isn't what it was. But then, it's not summer yet....

Still. Northy's long gone, Cori and Seno and everyone has split to the waffle house, which doesn't look to be any better... the old lively channel is gone. :( But again, schooldays still... not quite summer yet...

Elizaaaa Moony says hi. XD

Hm. New series. Completely chaotic and random... a one-night stand with a MIDDLE schooler? and MARRIAGE?! wtf. and they have a baby named Q-tai. Er, I am not particularly fond of this... random... series... but eh, whatever. Not much text to translate, anyway.

Eeee gonna be late off I go~
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Alvin! You shame the cello section so!

Brief music ranting )

In other news... we (me, Lisa, and Charity) went off the road under a fence through a deer path to these trails in the middle of nowhere! Followed them all the way to Lookout, and Lisa heard a waterfall so we went further, and found these rapids. and a broken bridge.

So we climbed our way up on the rocks. And the fallen trees. And the occasional dirt mound. Slipperyyy~ ^^;

Conclusion: Climbing down rocks in the middle of rapids is a lot harder than climbing up.

Haha we barely ran at all. And we were out a lot longer than 30 minutes.

We probably should've just taken the day off. Lots did, on acct of the meet tmr.

I found out Lisa's a halfblood! I kinda knew it unconsciously, but it clicked today when her mom drove by and waved (a totally Asian lady). Durrr that's how she knew my Japanese vocab~

2011: My jersey's too big. They ran out of smalls and mediums. >.> And the shorts are uber short. ALL female running shorts are uber short. Even the ones we normally wear. I'll bet that's why these stupid hispanic guys keep whistling and clapping and hooting when they drive by. Idiots. One guy was like: "You're all beautiful." Uh, what's beautiful? The back of our heads? He drove past in a CAR, for heaven's sake, you can't see much at that speed...

2209: Laa~ am happy~ and accomplished~ done with practice, and all hw due tmr (but I have to do hw due Fri now 'coz I won't have time tmr), but I like it this way, it's the same way back in Harker... there's just that subtle diff in feeling when doing hw that's due immediately and doing stuff in advance. Staying off AIM does me good.

Taking a break from this work since it's not rushed. Started some scribbles a while back, may develop into something... Whee and translating's going okay. Nothing much other than BR. I discovered that I've stayed off IRC so long my nick unregistered. =.= And I lost my AOP position. I'll have to catch Earthy sometime about that.

2218: Really Delmar, could you please not blacken my mood like that, I don't appreciate it... just. worry less. srsly.
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Birthday in 2 days! Whee~

Feb's off to a good start. No Track. well there was, but long distance got pulled off aft warmups for a start-of-the-season lecture (i.e. ask all the stupid newbie questions now) and we 7th period people didn't even HAVE warmups. >>;;

We were in time to hear about sleep. And goals. And we filled out the goal sheet and were dismissed. XP Yah we missed most of it, though I have a feeling he wants me to get better shoes. Yesterday he mentioned that he'd be giving this lecture, and he pointedly looked at my feet and told me to remind him to talk about shoes. =.=;;

'ey, my current pair isn't BAD. It's lived as my sole pair for over 2 years now. A year ago my mom swore they were gonna bust and tried to make me dispose of them and Adam did get me the pair of really uncomfortable Adidas (that I never wear because they're, well, uncomfortable) several months later but hey, it's been a year and they're still holding out~!

Not running shoes, though. They've been wearing thin since 1st semester... and er Track's much worse than P.E. so yeah, will talk to mom.

... that's sad. I will miss my shoes when they die.

Nnh, rehearsals start today 7:30-9:30 and the Track coach has stated that today = recuperation while tmr = work us to death *evil glint* AND. omgwtf I *just* managed to finish all the Chinese work during Bio today, barely turned it in, and got a pile of new work in return. ><;;

Hah. But I've 3 hours before it's 7:30... and I've lots to finish in 3 hours but wow, it's still 3 hours without like a literal ACTIVITY to go to...

That being said, I must go instrument now. Or finish my hw first. Whatever.

Oh yeah, stole this from [profile] littleliarx3:

Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

(uhm. don't expect replies any time soon though. yeah.)


on 2/1/06 12:44 AM, Chara at wrote:

It's that time of the month again. FMA 55... Can I have this in two weeks max?


Aaaaaah /fallover SPLAT *ded*

... haha... ha... 2 weeks max... the exact two weeks I'm busiest... ahaha... haha...

Oh well, translating FMA is mah DUTY. I will keel Chara if she gets some crappy other translator on the case. Guess I'll do it like. on the weekend. or something. ^^;;

(hehe "that time of the month" hehe... he... *gonk* *headdesk*)

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Mumbo jumbo of the day )

No homework? No homework! Yay I did it all! But what is this? Cello lesson? Yes cello lesson! Uh oh!

Ugh I should ask mah teacher for fingerings for Mars and Jupiter. Yessssss yes I should. It'd be helpful for practice tomorrow.

chu_totoro is love! )

Edit: So, I did get fingerings! I asked at the beginning of the lesson. Kim spent the next 45 minutes on it (30 minute lesson?). Until the next student came, and then we took another 3 mins to finish Mars (which is lots shorter) and she was like "... when's your lesson?" (to student) and their lesson was 6:45 and it was 7 already. So she had to let me go. It was a somewhat interesting lesson ).

Edit: We drove back and got the music! Yay us.

Edit: Finished translating FMA 54 AND AGF final chapter. I feel accomplished now. And now that I've completed all the vital stuff I really *NEED* to do on the comp, I'm going to spend tomorrow concentrating on instrumenting, as much as I can manage.


Nov. 23rd, 2005 11:16 am
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Woke up early this morning and finished reading FMA ch53 and translated ch52. Now I feel accomplished. :D

Edit: x.o I walked the dog to the library, to the school, and all the way back. He's dying on his doggie bed now. He hasn't exercised that much in ages.

Edit: It's almost a habit, after each HP book, to discuss with people and criticize to hell and talk and flame and complain, but really they're such good books... *-* I mean, despite all our complaints, we still wait on the edge of our seats for the next book and when it comes we fight over it and totally DEVOUR it...

"'Harry's already Apparated,' Ron told a slightly abashed Seamus, after Professor Flitwick had dried himself off with a wave of his wand and set Seamus lines: 'I am a wizard, not a baboon brandishing a stick.'"

HAHA I love you Rowling~~ XDD *inherently amused*


Nov. 21st, 2005 04:57 pm
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Dune is a good book.

... Sutton took A Christmas Carol away so now I can't read it. :(

Gacked Little Women from Amy's room and rereading out of boredom. Amy March is a BRAT. (Can't find Catch-22, sorry Kevin)

Had lots of free time over the weekend, and got back in touch with the translating world. Promised 2 FMA chs and 1 A19 over Thanksgiving. x.o I'm an idiot. But I didn't get the YSI for A19; I shall neglect to mention it until she nags me. BR slacking, since they're... still... well, a few volumes behind me.

... I can't believe they accepted the crappy fmanga trans for FMA 51 without even ASKING me if I was available. I am insulted.

... I have no life...

I wish school were more challenging...

*feels like an inherent computer obsessor* .... *IS an inherent computer obsessor* ..........

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Once a month, I really, really hate being a girl. ....

We ran 20 mins today. Nadia didn't run. Thus, I was fastest girl. By a long stretch. I think I got second. I'm not sure. I think so.

School talk )

What the hell is up with this translating business? It's been silent for a while, and all of sudden they begin emailing me, and at the same time I have RECRUITERS? I haven't had any of those since summer. Wtf is this?

Edit: Ahahahahahaaaaa I haven't laughed so hard IRL for a long time, esp. since my siblings left. Wow hahahahaa it's times like this that make me really love orchestra... XD No, no practice. Ehm... stuff. The full 2 hours. And overtime. More on it later... maybe. See if I feel like it.

Edit: Haha... ha... holy crud I'm going to regret this SO BAD tomorrow.... haha this is payback for having so much fun tonight... Ah, procrastination is the evil. Byebyez, grades. I'll bring you up some other wayyy... Ahahaha I'm an idiot... I'll never finish this tomorrow morning... no way... ever......

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Damn, they're starting to get on my case. In three consecutive days, I've gotten an email from Selene, Frowndog, and Earthy, respectively.

... I think I'll just ignore them all, and not go on IRC. _ _;; Maybe I'll catch up during Thanksgiving break or Veteran's Day. Whatever. This is what happens when you're the primary translator holding up the group.... >>


Aug. 28th, 2005 07:01 pm
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I finished the superpost. Have yet to revise over and add in missed things, but that can come later. The main job is done and posted.

Now I have to get back to translating. Poor Earthy. But I'm a lazy procrastinater and I don't want to translate. Yet I have jobs hanging from Earthy, Chara, AND Selene. Mm... I think I'll make a list of them and cross them off when I finish. That should prompt me... somewhat. And I also need to figure out what Earthy actually needs. >> I can sort it out right now....

List )

Wheeee. Look at all that. >> FMA is evil. Long chapters. This'll take a while...


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