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Several momentous things happened today.

1. Derek and Daniel were behaving badly in 6th period, so Boitz sent them over to Ms. Obenour! Who tied both of them up with gauze and labeled them with large signs, one reading "Wankster is not a swear word I'm a bad boy" and the other something along the lines of "Bad freshmen boys need to behave" or summit. /forgot



2. I made it to semifinalist in a poetry contest I don't recall submitting to. o_____O

Just kidding, after a bit more fine-print reading and digging around, I realized that it was from an old submission that I made one day out of boredom - which I got a rejection email for ~week later and promptly forgot about.

Guess that wasn't the end of it. Well, another poem publication to add to college apps is always a good thing.

3. I finished Code Geass.

IT MADE ME SO SAD. I WEEP. T___________T

Awesome series, though.

4. I got a letter from my friend in Malaysia! I have not yet read it, because right after Code Geass I felt I was in an absolutely wrong mood for something as, well, as meaningful as this, but tomorrow I shall. And I already know without opening it that it will probably make my day. So ♥♥

All in all a rather momentous day, don't you think?


Aug. 8th, 2008 01:59 pm
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It took my mom 3 days to notice I pierced my ears. Not bad. I was expecting it to take much, much longer than that.

In other news, today I signed on ~lunchtime, thinking to perhaps drag someone out to lunch with me (I have had this uncanny craving for Pho since the morning), and before the screen's even resolved itself (I'm on AIM express) there's a message from [ profile] maeglin_arandur! As follows:

n: hiyo
n: sleepover tonight!
n: can you make it?


quoth [ profile] kyouten:

"If it were anybody else I'd be insulted that they forgot to invite me, but because it's them I know they didn't actually forget to invite me [because I know they plan so badly]..."


people are funny.

in other news, nobody wanted to go to Pho so I met up with some people where they were and ate crepe instead. It was very good, but I still crave Pho. So now I'm making Neoguri, but no doubt after I eat that I will still crave Pho. :(

Also, I greatly greatly miss the coffee shops in Cambridge. I've been spoiled. Our homemade lattes just don't cut it now. And don't even mention Starbucks. DDDDDDD:

I WANT MY COFFEE. T___________________T

edit: I was wrong. I have eaten my Neoguri and do not crave Pho any longer, though I am stuffed full of unhealthy spices and am heading towards rapid dehydration. go me.
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camtrad is overrrrrrrrr :(

unpacked, did laundry, cleaned up room, all that shit

acdc bag strap died:

went out to do several tasks, namely change pounds back to dollars and buy some things (for me and for dad), but USbank failed @ currency exchange and sent me all the way over to valley fair.

while I was there, [ profile] kyouten called.

KYOUTEN: Hey Adela, you're home?
ADELA: Yeah!
KYOUTEN: Let's hang out sometime!
ADELA: Sure!

... some conversation about prospective hanging-out-times and stuff. Then Adela is struck by a thought. Namely, that Valley's pretty close to Mel's house and maybe she can go visit her right now!

ADELA: Speaking of which, where are you right now?
KYOUTEN: Um, in Valley Fair? But I wo-
ADELA: Wait, you're kidding, right? Because I'm in Valley Fair too!
KYOUTEN: ... no shit!

thusly it was that i spent most of the afternoon in valley with [ profile] kyouten. got a new bag to replace acdc:

death note. i am nerd. wheeeee.

also, day before that i went out and got a new notebook from kinokuniya:

isn't it pretty? prettyyyyyyyy.

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I'm back. Exhausted, but back. In sunny California, where there are no pasties and no waffles and no punts or greenish looking rivers to go punting on, but where there ARE great Asian foodstuffs. rar.
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Cambridge going good. I've been in a state of perpetual happiness since the preview of the magazine came out - I saw it, squealed my head off, then sat there and stared at it dreamily, stroking its spine. For the rest of the day, every time someone mentioned the word magazine I made happy little choking noises and/or burst out into song. My friends were very amused.

They were less amused when they woke up today and I was still doing the same thing. But I mean - the REAL magazine is here. Complete with the missing 3 pages at the end! That is even more squee-worthy.

In short, I was in a state which my Psychology teacher may have diagnosed as mania (shut up, it's an actual term, bipolar people have it), characterised by symptoms such as rapid speech, racing thoughts, decreased need for sleep, euphoria, impulsiveness, grandiosity, and increased interest in goal-directed activities.

...yeah. That's amazingly accurate, actually. It's not v. much a bad thing, except that hyper-elation can lead to impaired judgment and taking unnecessary risks. But I've mostly just been singing and dancing around. I suppose doing that in the middle of English streets is a bit dangerous, as their drivers STEP ON THE GAS PEDAL when they see pedestrians in front of them, but aside from that all is well and good.


now for a steampunk quiz! )

So I am a technologically hip explorer. That sounds fun. Though for the second test I was v. v. close to getting Ragamuffin (my adventurous vs. playful stats were quite close) so I may be sort of both.

Let's go STEAMPUNKIN'!!!

edit: oh I forgot to mention, our CW class went punting together and I am officially the best puntress in the class. (puntress. like hunter and huntress except punter and puntress.) and I'm not kidding, the class agrees with me. HA. PUNT PWNT
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shit, I just realized today how much I'm going to miss these people when I go home. wasn't thinking about it before, wasn't thinking about much of anything really except life and living life, which might be good in some respects but then today we were talking and the tide of conversation turned and I thought, really thought, and. damn.


in happier news - the staircase voice! )


Jul. 26th, 2008 09:10 am
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this was something I wrote in the first week, supposedly a first-person adaptation of story 57 except halfway through it totally died and ended without my intending to end it, which would have made me angry and foot-stampy, only I was too exhausted by then to care (oh deadlines). so yes.

I still hold a certain penchant for the... original. The people who read this first don't like the original v. much, but I s'pose each to their own.

unedited - beware )


Jul. 24th, 2008 01:48 pm
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something I wrote up on Word about 1-2 weeks ago but did not post because I did not have INTERNET.

as follows )

... lawl?
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Dear Livejournal,

Malaysian girl and I were exchanging life stories. Parts of them, anyway.

In any case, here is the diagram I drew for her (on a table napkin) while explaining the dynamics of the chatgroup, which, in retrospect, I find rather amusing.

More pictures to come later.

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A random assignment from our CW class.

Disclaimer: This is in no way meant to be politically correct because I suck at politics, and yes, I know bricks are rectangular and not square. Whatever.

Dear Brick,

You look very bricky today. I wonder why that is. Perhaps it is because you are a brick. I’ve always had a penchant for bricks. They’re very… red. And cracked. And shiny. Besides, they’re square. Who doesn’t love a square? Square things fit so perfectly together. All the lines and the corners and the ninety degree angles – no silly curves, like a circle. Gosh, those circles. They’re positively nonconformist. Put a circle with a circle, a circle with a square, a circle with a triangle… no matter what you do, they always find some way to leave a gap. I mean, even oddly shaped polygons like a star, which does not fit properly with another star, can find their match in diamonds. Oh no, not the circle. The only thing a circle fits in is a hole. A sewage entrance, for example.

(I hear in Japan they have begun designing cube-shaped watermelons for precisely this reason, for a watermelon is a circle in three dimensions and more fearsome than the circle alone.)

Back to bricks, though. Many fun things are measured in bricks. Gold is measured in bricks. Cocaine is measured in bricks. Badly designed Canadian furniture is measured in bricks. In fact, the brick is so great, they named a species of moth after it. They named Newark, New Jersey after it, too, only no one cares but the crackheads.

Hey. Did you know, ‘brick’ rhymes with ‘kick’? It also rhymes with ‘sick’ and ‘slick’ and ‘pogo stick.’ I could write a poem with that.

Look, a brick!
… how sick!
That just gives me
Such a kick.
A brick's so slick,
It could be a pogo stick!

I dedicate that to you, Brick.

You know, ‘brick’ is a fun word to say. So is ‘brickwork.’ Come to thik of it, ‘brickyworky’ is even better. It’s just one of those words, like ‘Penelope’ or ‘discombobulate,’ that you can say over and over again until your friends get so irritated they threaten to knock you over the head, and still it doesn’t get old. “Why, that wouldn’t be very nice,” you could say to them. “What a brickyworky thing for you to do!” Y’see, the beauty of ‘brickyworky’ is that it isn’t actually a word, so you can adapt it to be noun, verb, adjective, anything and everything you’d like it to be. It’s almost like being god!

On top of that, bricks have personality. Scottish bricks all look large and grey and a little burnt, piled up in walls to keep out the sheep. German bricks are all identical and perfectly sandpapered down to the last nanometer, miniature swastikas imprinted on the back, while each brick in France is a different size and has its own stylistic flourishes. English bricks procreate at an amazing rate, and have completely dominated the country with their presence since 549 AD. Irish bricks, on the other hand, are made of beer, and can’t hold together long enough to achieve anything of import. (It should be noted here that Chinese bricks are made of blood, and remain some of the sturdiest stuff on the planet.) As for the United States, it decided after the Industrial Revolution that it was too lazy for the likes of bricks and invented fast food chains instead.

Well, Brick, it’s been a long day, and I think I’ve spent enough of it discussing with you the bricklical nature of the brickiness of bricky bricks. Farewell! I hope your brickiness stays with you for ever and ever to the last days of your bricky life. :)

Adela Chang


Jul. 13th, 2008 09:15 am
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people )

In other news, the dance last night was fun but terrible. And by terrible I mean everything about the dance was terrible. I'm beginning to think there will never be a dance anywhere that tops CTY. :( I think I'll go back and be an RA when I grow up.

In other other news, my mom and brother are leaving London today, and I have called them repeatedly yesterday but their phone says they are unavailable. Alas.

Cheers and have fun wherever you are!
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Cambridge is a fun city. England is not such a fun country in that it is summer and there hasn't been a single day without rain. Actually I think I would enjoy that very much if I had an umbrella instead of my rain jacket. Debating whether or not to go buy one. :x

I thought my creative writing teacher was going to be a stuffy old guy and then he took off his tie and was like "hell these choke me to death" and then told us that there were laptops in the creative writing room which we shouldn't use for personal services (while mouthing GO AHEAD, GO AHEAD, I DON'T CARE), and it was then I began to get the first inkling that he was awesome.

More on that later. I only have a couple mins. I'll find free wifi somewhere later and use my own laptop. Like, really.

In the meantime, if anyone feels like sending me letters or postcard-like things or PRESENTS (:D:D:D), send it to:

address )

Cheers bye!


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