Mar. 17th, 2010 11:24 pm
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I tossed a frisbee around today.

That made me happy.

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Today I saw some people playing frisbee on the grass.

I want to play frisbee.
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I am at one of these points when I have plenty plentyyyyy to write about, but neither the time nor the energy to record any of it in detail.

Suffice it to say that the last two days have been very eventful.

Items obtained within the past two days include a pair of Skullcrappy Skullcandy headphones, an obnoxious Berkeley ADMITTED button, a large U.C. Berkeley poster, a nice set of Sennheiser headphones apparently designed for someone with a very large head, some earrings, some clothes, a large stack of piano accompaniment music (alternately for erhu/piano and erhu/cello/piano), the beginnings of a cold, and a limp like a ninety-year old hag.

I KID YOU NOT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SORE I AM. Honestly! If you haven't exercised aerobically for at least a year and decide to go play frisbee, don't run for it. At least, speaking from a runner's standpoint, don't run without stretching at least a little beforehand. Yes, it's just a frisbee. Yes, you're not running very far. But it is equivalent to doing many, many, many sprint repeats out of the blue and if I were still in Track and training, this is something I would never ever do without the proper stretches/warmup (certainly not on the first day) besides which I'm not even a sprinter I do distance!

In a word: fail.

[ profile] backseatdream laughed at me all through Valley Fair and to her house. And when we were done and leaving and I thought the ridicule was finally over, my disobedient calves led my face straight into a wall and she laughed so hard she choked.

Breakfast with [ profile] smushedness & Tiffy today wasn't much better.


I console myself with memories of my very first Morning After. That is, the day after the first day of the first time I ever joined the Track team. Oh, I remember it so very well. I woke up and I felt fine! I felt just swell. So I hopped out of bed...

...and my legs crumpled like raw spaghetti. And I. could. not. get. up. I wobbled around like a drunk woman. School was torturous. I mean, at least right now I can still pretend to walk like a person not in excruciating amounts of pain by enduring additional excruciating amounts of pain. Sophomore year - ha!

Oh, right. Waking up early the next morning with not enough sleep and then proceeding to sit in a cramped little chair for four hours straight writing essays... also doesn't help. Damn APs.

On to a less depressing topic! Well, I suppose this is still fairly depressing. I got sick of cleaning ladies putting my stuff every bloody where (my bookshelves have organization, woman. organization. if you can't be bothered to follow it at least don't randomly stick books in the middle of it and DESTROY it, I'd be perfectly happy to shelve my books myself kthxbye) so I went on complete overdrive mode and hauled clean every last bit of my room. All those neat tidy stacks of clothing hiding out in the corners, all those piles of paper that just kept growing higher and higher and higher... I tore them all down and sorted everything out, recycling a mountain in the process. Basically, I ripped my room apart, put it together again (the right way), went so far as to vacuum it myself, and on Tuesday stopped the cleaning ladies in their tracks and told them they were never allowed inside again.

THEY CAME IN ANYWAY. Not that they did much harm this time around since it was squeaky-clean and hadn't had the opportunity to messy up just yet, but that just annoys me. So much. D: I have a hunch they did not understand my English properly. Next time I'm putting a giant sign on my door in Spanish, bolting it from the inside, and jumping out my window to get to my car. NEVER PRESUME TO TOUCH MY STUFF AGAIN HISPANIC BASTARDS.

Yes, I realize I sound a little paranoid. I feel a bit OCD at the moment.

My dear mother, on the other hand, is overjoyed at my 'transformation' and won't stop remarking upon it, which... would normally irritate me, but as I am too worked up about the issue at large to snap at her I just give her kinda sorta vague grunt answers and she thinks I'm the best child ever now.

Life is so ironic.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention. Yesterday [ profile] smushedness brought Rusty the Papillon over to meet Rice the Dodohead American Eskimo, and we discovered that even other dogs apparently believe Rice is female.

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That makes two games of frisbee (well only one "game" really) in one week! I'm starting to remember why I loved this so much in middle school.

Nobody was around today. Everybody was either at the DUI (driving under the influence) trial or All-state.

So, about this DUI trial?

... this is why I will never become a lawyer. Ever.

It was so bloody boring. I was bored out of my mind! Legal proceedings are so... ugh. I was so bored that halfway through I developed severe eye allergies and had to go to the office for some eyedrops. See what boredom can do to you?!

Boitz is at All-state with the rest of them, so orchestra degenerated into bonding time. Fifth period bonded through Yogurtland and sixth period bonded through frisbee. DUI kids bonded through traumatic boredom. Basically, today's school wasn't really 'school'. Not that it ever is, nowadays.

I'm happy. Life is good. Running around after a flying disc released a bunch of endorphins in my head and I'm just swinging off them right now. I hate Fridays and it's Friday and somehow I don't care. Then again, I love thirteen and it's Friday the thirteenth so maybe that explains it all. My pants sport dirt stains from diving and those make me inexplicably happy. I've hardly practised at all the past week and it's not bothering me (although maybe I'll get a dose of reality soon enough) for some strange unexplainable reason. I'm sorry about all the emo posts I've been making the past two weeks. Maybe my mood changes with the weather. That would explain a lot. But no, I think there were many other factors involved as well.

Unfortunately, it is Friday today and I do, in the end, have to go to class. Bummer.

edit: So as I was driving home from piano I passed Harker (Bucknall campus) and all the little children running around in their green uniforms and it just seems so enclosed, such a private school thing to do, uniforms, and it made me think about Kindergarten and how I never realized stuff like that back then. I was just thinking about my Kindergarten class and I vaguely remember there was a kid named Jack who was labeled Jack the Bully for whatever reason - maybe he thought it was cool, maybe he did bully people around a little bit, but seriously, how much bullying really goes on in Kindergarten, we don't even rightly understand what the word means - and at the end of the year when we were signing yearbooks me or maybe it was somebody else, I really don't remember anymore, said to him in that Kindergarten, flippant way, "I'm not going to sign your yearbook, you're a bully!" I don't remember what he looks like, I don't remember his last name, I don't remember who spoke or what happened, not really, maybe all this is a faux-memory - I just remember that for a split second, his face fell. And I didn't think much of it back then and nor did anyone else (probably Jack included) but really, he was no bully. He just wanted me to sign his yearbook, like anyone else. We were all just kids, for heaven's sake. And it's been a decade and I'm sure nobody remembers or cares about something that happened so long ago, and goodness knows I've never even thought about it until now, but I did and it just makes me a little bit sad inside, that a decade ago a little boy's face fell and he never got a signature in his yearbook for something silly like that. Don't get me wrong, I was just driving along and I'm happy, feeling content with my lot in life, but idly this occurs to me as I watch the little Harker children running around and - I felt completely at peace with myself but somewhere, somewhere it made me just a little bit sad. I don't even know. Do I make sense?


Feb. 11th, 2009 03:16 pm
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QUOTH: Have you dreamed of a perfect date on Valentine's Day? Find one now on Sparkey!

well guess what facebook I don't need you because I have a date with - guess who - with PRINCETON ON V-DAY. beat that!

Yes, Princeton interview coming up verily soon. eeep!

In other news, I had this sudden urge to play frisbee today so I rounded up some underclassmen and rampaged the field for a little bit during 6th period.

That flying white disc is as good as I remember. It is a disc! And it flies! It is like a boomerang that does not curve. It is like a bird without wings. Oh, how I miss those eighth grade days.

and in conclusion: once a frisbee nut, always a frisbee nut

I also decided that the cello as an instrument was awesome enough to warrant a livejournal icon, so here you have it. It's a little faint, but cello icons are surprisingly hard to find. oO;;
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Just had my Dartmouth interview.

As expected, am now hopelessly in love with Dartmouth and very much want to go there instead of all the other schools. (I think I need a name for this. The Shifting Love Syndrome? At this rate my top college will be the one that interviews me last.)

Although, upon retrospect, when I judge by interviewers alone Dartmouth and Duke have so far pwnt Harvard and MIT in terms of friendliness & general charisma. I had very enjoyable conversations with them. MIT I remember as average, though I have to factor in the fact that it was my very first interview which probably coloured my perceptions of it; Harvard was. just. obnoxious. Sorry, not the Korean lady (although her breast-feeding her kid while interviewing was, I think, somewhat unprofessional), but that pre-interview sheet? And her questions; they were all geared towards achievements and the like. She even asked me, "What precisely would you like me to emphasize in my report?" So institutionalized. SATs all over again. Blah.

As a person who judges places very much on people, I think this is relevant. The only drawback is that Dartmouth is in Hanover (middle of nowhere!) and I am very much in love with Boston/Cambridge, but when it comes to purely people vs. place, I always find people win out. Still, this will probably hinge on more research. And the fact that my grades are way off the scattergram, but hey, screw scattergrams.

So, my interviewer was a man named Scott Safadi. He had sunglasses hanging off his shirt and a frizzy hairdo.

SAFADI: Oh yes, I think it's great to keep your choices open! In fact, I switched majors within a quarter of entering the school.
ME: What did you start with?
SAFADI: Genetics.
ME: What did you switch to?
SAFADI: Moral philosophy!

hahahhaa what a funny guy. Philosophy people are always fun. My group of friends in Cambridge had a criss-cross between Philosophy and Politics/International Relations (and of course Creative Writing) and we were always having funny random criss-cross debates like, for example, whether or not to be patriotic to your nation. (Which came down to another large debate about the definition of nation and an even larger debate about the definition of patriotism and the end realization that everybody agreed on the same concepts abstractly and disagreed only in semantics.)

So we had more talks, some involving philosophy, and I think the thing about this guy that really hit home was that he shared my life philosophy! i.e. have fun BE HAPPY yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

Duke's interviewer gave off the same vibe as well. Not quite as explicitly (she didn't spend her major figuring that out, after all), but def. moreso than Harv/MIT. How do I put it? They seemed like happier people, on average. Of course, Keropi's MIT parents also seem like very happy people, which proves that you shouldn't make value judgments on such a small sampling size, but who knows.

Here's a kicker.

ME: I'm a huge frisbee fan.
SAFADI: Oh yeah! Dartmouth frisbee is awesome. You've heard what they've been up to lately?
ME: Up to...?
SAFADI: So, in Dartmouth there's this big, green bus.
ME: OK...
SAFADI: Known as the Big Green Bus.
ME: haha. very funny.
SAFADI: That runs entirely on vegetable oil.
ME: ooooh.
SAFADI: And went touring the country (on vegetable oil) and teaching people how to be more green.
ME: that is so cool! but what does this have to do with frisbee?
SAFADI: This bus was created by the frisbee team!

So apparently it is called nothing more than the Big Green Bus and I don't know if frisbee people are still involved in it now but they definitely started it and I just think that's kind of hilarious.

Is frisbee the best reason with which to choose a school? No. But it is, on my list, a big fat plus.

Now I just need to do some further research and sober myself up so I can look at Dartmouth objectively.

In other news, Pton did not receive my letter of rec for some reason and I have yet to drive to post office tmr for speedy resend. D: Ah well.

edit: Dammit I haven't had any coffee for far too long. That one latte I drank during my interview is making me all twitchy and... coffee-ed. gah.
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I have no idea what I dreamt last night, but I am certain it involved a frisbee.

In other news, my dad gave me some technological tips yesterday that were most amusing. For example, my Azureus share ratio is now 70.319! Admittedly this doesn't do much except make my little red/yellow button happily green all the time (the actual ratio's stored in the trackers, see), but it's still kind of fun to play with.

Also, here is half a page I typed into a word document and then abandoned for something else:

blatherings )

In other other news, I finished Quality of Mercy. It was so good. It was everything the seventh book should have been and wasn't, and will always, I think, stay the real ending, the right ending in my head.

Thank you, Maya.
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Blargh, procrastination. I don’t want to do work. I don’t feel like being a dutiful person. >>

So. gathering.

Frisbee )

But hell, that was sure fun.

I think I’ve been deprived of a social life ever since the Winter Formal at Paly. ><
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Time: Saturday 3/25/06, from 1:30 PM ~ whenever, so long as you leave before Sunday.
Place: SHS//my humble abode

[note: People coming to my house should come at 1, because it takes ~30 mins to walk to the school. with Rice, of course. :D]

People coming

Marty [most likely not]
Robbie [probably, so long as it doesn't clash with swim practice]

Not going for sure

Me: No duh.

Elizabeth: arriving early, accompanying me to cello, leaving whenever. unclarified as of yet. bringing her games and... probably piano music to practice. ^^;

Melody: arriving at 1 at my house, not leaving until 10. bringing her own turtle self and her fellow turtle self AKA BETSY OUR WONDERFUL STUFFED HANDMADE TURTLE :D :D :D

Carolyn: arriving at 1 at my house, not leaving until the last person leaves, effectually not leaving until after 10. bringing PS2, DDR mat, games.

Delmar: arriving at 1 at my house, leaving latest at 6 or so. bringing mat (?), and ALL OF HIS DDR GAMES YES ALL, we say, or Melody the turtle will be sure to disember you.

Alex [Zano]: coming, that's for sure. when? where? no idea. I'd hazard a guess he'll stay here as long as 'liza's still here.

Kevin: most likely joining us at my house at 1, bringing nothing. also able to go to SHS at 1:30, if we so wished, because his car retains a wonderful Global Positioning System. we, however, are people who like to talk and chat and yammer as we walk. draw your own conclusions. NOTE: Kev, if you're staying long, bring allergy stuff, because we have 4 cats...

Joseph: arriving at SHS at 1:30 to join us, leaving by 3:30.

Yup. If any of you are wondering why there's so much DDR, go ask Kero or Mel. ^^; Also, NO VIDEOGAMES. My dear father did not forbid them, per se, but the bringing of videogames will likely prevent or hinder my going to future gatherings, so pray, abstain. ^^; However, he seems to approve of DDR, so... yes. make what you will of that.

NOTE: if you mind getting soaked, bring an umbrella. It might rain. The weather report says otherwise, but yesterday it again claimed something different, and I'm inclined not to trust it at all. if it rains too much, screw frisbee and we can play DDR. :D :D and Joe, if you get there and it's obviously raining too hard and there are no people about, come to my house instead! Do not dally at SHS wondering where all the people may be.

[Although, judging from the way the weather's been lately, it's like to rain hard suddenly, then grow sunny, then rain, then sun, then sprinkle, then wind, then hail, then thunder... etc etc. Which is why. an umbrella might be a good idea.]
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7th period today was so frustrating I wanted to cry. But then, I did something about it, so I'm happy now. ^^

See, there were these guys (2-3 of them) playing frisbee outside the window. With a good frisbee. Maybe not Keilty-good, but at the very least as good as a school frisbee and better than the crappy stuff I've been seeing around. And they were actually GOOD at fribee. Not quite Keilty- or Culbertson-good, but Steven Tran-good, maybe. VERY unlike the guys in my stuuupid PE class.

We were taking the Bio test, except me and 4 other nerds took it yesterday already (optional: study or take it now), and they banished us to the back of the room to work quietly. Except there was nothing to work on. So basically, I was sitting there bored to death while people GOOD at it were playing with a frisbee right outside the window and I wasn't allowed out of the classroom and I would've given anything to get clearance to go out and play that whole period, except, you know, it's impossible, and basically I would've sat in 7th the full hour doing nothing and not being able to concentrate on doodling or reading or sleeping BECAUSE of the guys outside and I won't be able to join them AND by the time 7th was out, they'd probably be gone. It is incredibly VEXING to be sitting there and not be able to do anything. I was duly annoyed.

So then, after about 10-20 minutes, I decided that instead of wallowing in despair and going into a my-life-sucks-dammit mode, esp. after 7th was out, I WOULD do something about it. Since, when I thought about it, I COULD. So I asked Cochrum permission to go to the bathroom, and left, and talked to the frisbee people, and asked them if they'd be there aft 7th, and they said maybe! why, are you good at frisbee? nehh, decent. better than most girls 'coz girls "seem to suck at frisbee in general" (quoth Chi) yea, we'll probably be here for a little bit. 'kay, cool. cya~

After that I was happy! And I could actually read without getting distracted. Aftschool I checked again and they were playing cards, because when the bell rang a mob of students came out and they hit someone! =='' but they told me to join ASC (sports club, a.k.a. frisbee club). So I did. Not strictly; I gave this ASC manager dude my phone number, and they said they'll get back to me on it. Which makes me very happy. Uh, chatted slightly to them (guy: you can play with my sister! she's like, the only other girl that ever goes. me: yeah, girls don't seem to play frisbee, for some reason. connie: because most of them are fat! durr) xD Is her name Connie? I dun actually know. I think it is. Short haired athletic-y girl that hangs out around the music room a lot? Of course, only Tiff has any chance of knowing what her name is, and she probably won't read this, so I'm wasting my time.

Mm. Popped into the music room on impulse for no real reason at all, I guess I was half-checking the practice rooms, and they were all full so I left and made my dad pick me up because I didn't want to walk today. Made friends with more people at the loading zone whose names I've forgotten already. No matter. I didn't know the frisbee people's names either...

... and that concludes my scribblings of the day.

Edit: Hm. I thought it was tomorrow, but I suppose you included Friday itself in your 6-days-til-bday-post? At least, I guess it's today since Deb pointed out that it said so on the LJ bday reminders. So.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOUIS!!!!! [a.k.a. [profile] maeglin_arandur]

Better early than late. ^^

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Sigh~ Ultimate today at school was, as Louis might put it, the suck. Frisbee rant >< )

Well, Eliza did point out that the good people were all off doing sports and the lazy people were left to P.E. (oO What of me?! Well, I guess frisbee is the only sport I've ever liked and there's no frisbee team...) but still. When I find myself lapping the more athletic-looking guys in my class (lapping the "walkers" or "bookworms" or obvious lazy-bums isn't such a surprise), it kind of makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. The overall athletic ability just... seems a notch lower. Because I sure haven't gotten much faster than I used to be...

Yes, okay, that's enough ranting for now. My piano piece is memorized better, but seeing as I only started memorization yesterday, I doubt it's up to key with what my teacher is expecting. I should go practice for... 5 more min. And then go off to class. Yeeeeeah...


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