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yay sleepover )

mmm have to pack and stuff and go to camp and check in before 2. -.- sigh.


Aug. 8th, 2008 01:59 pm
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It took my mom 3 days to notice I pierced my ears. Not bad. I was expecting it to take much, much longer than that.

In other news, today I signed on ~lunchtime, thinking to perhaps drag someone out to lunch with me (I have had this uncanny craving for Pho since the morning), and before the screen's even resolved itself (I'm on AIM express) there's a message from [ profile] maeglin_arandur! As follows:

n: hiyo
n: sleepover tonight!
n: can you make it?


quoth [ profile] kyouten:

"If it were anybody else I'd be insulted that they forgot to invite me, but because it's them I know they didn't actually forget to invite me [because I know they plan so badly]..."


people are funny.

in other news, nobody wanted to go to Pho so I met up with some people where they were and ate crepe instead. It was very good, but I still crave Pho. So now I'm making Neoguri, but no doubt after I eat that I will still crave Pho. :(

Also, I greatly greatly miss the coffee shops in Cambridge. I've been spoiled. Our homemade lattes just don't cut it now. And don't even mention Starbucks. DDDDDDD:

I WANT MY COFFEE. T___________________T

edit: I was wrong. I have eaten my Neoguri and do not crave Pho any longer, though I am stuffed full of unhealthy spices and am heading towards rapid dehydration. go me.
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An error has been detected with a required application library and the product cannot continue.


edit: speaking of which, I shipped off to Tahoe as soon as I got home so didn't have time for sleepover summary.

quick overview:

stoof )
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My cousins are funny people. They cheer me up. :D

AND IT RAINED. FOR ABOUT TWO MINUTES. I thought I was hallucinating because I ran out five minutes later and it was sun and blue sky and DRY GROUND and no, y'know, sign of rain, but then I asked my mom and my dad and the random people who were here and they confirmed it. RAIN. Well that just went FWOOOOOM and cleared all unhappy thoughts away, y'know. It's RAIN.

That said, now that I've practiced lots and finished classes and done most of the chores, I shall write up sleepover summary!


Mmm that was fun. Time for real work now. Finally got ahold of all the available audition fingerings that Kim gave to various students with lots of phone calls and faxing and xeroxing between parties and YUCK. audition music so hard. T__T and piano will be back soon, and guzheng will not but she left me so much work I should probably start on it, and I need to go now to cook or else I won't have any dinner _ _;; so off I am. fweee~
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Eliza: We just DDRed. What’s there to write about?

.... how come I always seem to find lots and lots to write about? Maybe it’s because too many little things amuse me. That makes me feel kind of stupid, when I think back on my other comprehensive gathering posts, but at the very least I’ll read them (and yes, I do!) so it works out well enough. Hah, I’ll post anyways since I’m the host and I have nothing to do today.

comprehensive sleepover post )

Fwee yeah that’s about it. That was really long. oO;; How do I even manage to WRITE so much? Anyways, no pics because no one brought a camera, and I was too lazy. The end.

Edit: YES!!! YES~!!! I got 61/62 on my kanji final so my finalized Jap grade for sem2 is an A- YES YES YES~~~ I conclude the semester with 2 A+s, 2 As, and 3 A-s yay yay yayy~~ *happy*

Edit: Oh wait I got that wrong... 2 A+s, 3 As, and 2 A-s (orchestra really doesn't count as much of a grade, but w/e)...


Jan. 22nd, 2006 12:57 pm
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So, er, sleepover.

Aft we came back from the ramen place at 7:30 or so, Mel and I DDRed for ~4 hrs straight, brief pause, ~2 hrs, then watched UW1 and talked through the night, with some rather disturbing topics and other normal topics that just happened to keep sliding into the gutter because Eliza has a knack for making unintentional gutter-esque remarks.

Slept at 5, woke at 8, woke everyone else up, DDRed//played around for 2 more hours.

Now, I am ready to die! Unfortunately, I have dance class. oO;; Watch my muscles totally seize up and convulse halfway through....

Will elaborate more later, when I can think straight.

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So. the Dec 29-30 sleepover pictures from Kev’s house. Long overdue, but they’re finally up. (Hey, I had about a hundred of them to upload, ONE BY ONE, and to organize into the below html and commentary...) Ha, you should all thank meee~ ^^

Cut to avoid raping your flists~ )

*bows* Aren’tcha proud?

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Laah some of the order of things might be a bit messed up because my memory’s vague like that, but I wrote down everything I could remember...

Sleepover )

.... and that concludes this post. That took a long time to write. But I wasn’t writing the whole time. Running on and off and reading Eldest in between; I finished it, btw. It’s not bad. AIM also froze for half an hour which really annoyed me and yeah. ...
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Laah we stayed up alllll night~ But. It doesn't strictly count as an all-nighter! Because in the half hour in which I was in that half-asleep-alert state, I think I managed to glean like 10 minutes of real sleep. So there. XD

Bah. in-depth summary later. I'm too tired now. Pictures will also be uploaded later. Eliza, are you going to upload yours?

Whee staying up wasn't so hard as I thought it would be. As in, the next day I wasn't exhausted and ready to fall apart and collapse and die. I can, amazingly enough, mostly stay awake and alert if I try. Of course, after I went home I took a short nap (and yes, a SHORT one not a long one which makes a difference) and then I woke up and I was like @_____@ and staggered around rather blindly to pack things for my cello class and ran into walls several times and in short, if I had let myself anywhere near the bed then I probably would've dozed off in seconds and not woken up for several more hours.

In any case, I washed my face and forced myself to go and now I'm very much awake again, albeit with a lingering dull exhaustion in the back of my mind which signifies that I do need sleep and I think I'll shut up and go sleep now. I can probably make a more complete and coherent post on this sleepover tomorrow...


Dec. 29th, 2005 10:16 am
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wha... Paly's winter formal is on my BIRTHDAY?!?! Now that's just weeeeeeird. ...... ahem. In any case!

Sleepover today! Sleepover today! XDDDD

I bring: PJs, Risk, 3-Iron, Squishy, sleeping bag, presents, Deb's presents, camera, batteries, a present for Kev's house (gawd, that typical Asian meme is SO true so true~), toiletries, and money.

Miss anything? TELL ME.

Mmf I probably get there like 6-7 pm or so. Around Deb's time. Save some dinner for me! o_O please~



Mad persuasion skillz. ^___^

Bah. Okay. I don't think there's anything else of note regarding the sleepover... or wait; one more thing - much as 3-Iron = perfect bedtime movie, I refuse to watch it without Delmar so we watch on 30th! x3333 Haha not that you guys care ATM. You shall understand whyyy I likes it AFTER you watch it. XD It's not like any movie I've seen before. o___O

(If you HAVE seen anything like it before, shoot me. I must be deprived. oO;;)

Gyahahaha~ I have Chinese class in an hour. =__=;; And an eye doctor appt. Woe is me~


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