my car...

Jun. 23rd, 2009 09:18 pm
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my ancient, decrepit, beaten-up car...

has arisen from the ranks of the dead.


best day of my life?

nah, I've had better.

but the world is right again. :)

(When I start the engine I keep reaching back for the seatbelt. And then I realize I don't have to reach back for the seatbelt.


Tonight I saw Alex Shiozaki's concert with Nana Shi (pianist) (are they going out?). I thoroughly enjoyed it, but the girl next to me fidgeted a lot, which made me sad because I think she probably didn't enjoy it much at all. I wanted to talk to her about the concert and stuff but it's difficult to talk to people when they don't give any inclination of wanting to chat, you know? I wonder if she realizes how she might alienate people that way...

The audience clapped between every single movement. That made me sad too.

I made excuses to loiter about after the concert because I wanted to talk to Nana Shi, and I have to say, they took a long time before they came out into the lobby. And they were talking to other people a lot, so it was hard for me to cut in! But I slipped my way into the conversation (I'm so stealthy. I should be a ninja) when they were chatting about this really cute duck-shaped back massager (?) and then I got to talk with her. :D

She played piano for 22 years! I was so surprised. I didn't read the program, and just looking at her I thought she couldn't have been older than 21 or 22, but she's... apparently... 27...

I also met another Harvard boy (gosh these Harvard boys are just everywhere, aren't they. I think I'm going to marry one someday*. hey that rhymes) who is, I think, the first person I've ever met in my life who STARTED on viola. He's never played violin! That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

I think I should have stayed longer because I thought of a bunch more questions I wanted to ask after I left, such as how much did Nana practise every day when she was younger and how much does she practise now, and (this one I really wish I'd thought of in time to ask) what did Alex think of the Saratoga orchestra now as compared to how it was before. I also thought afterward that when Alex talked about Paris and New York I should have told him to go visit my brother, but whatever, Adam will survive.

I saw Jeff Lee, too. I was going to say hi to him but he sprinted out of the building immediately after the concert! And I mean sprinted. He was running all out with arms pumping and everything. o____O I wonder what he had to go to.

So maybe today was not the best day of my life but it was a stress-free and happy day at least. It was a hot day, too. I took my dog to see [ profile] backseatdream's dog and he just about died in the heat. Poor pompom fluffball.

It's kind of amusing to see [ profile] backseatdream's dog rolling about making an idiot of himself when he's HUGE and Rice sitting all prissy and acting like a grouchy 80-year-old grandpa when he's TINY and fluffy and ridiculously cute. It just doesn't add up. XD

Off to sleep~

* So I came up with this theory that I am innately attracted to Harvard boys, because out of the three boys that I've liked in the past four years (people like Jeff Lee and Andrew Taw don't count because I feel like most everyone who meets them falls briefly for them at some point), two of which were serious and one of which was semi-serious (I consider the ones I don't remember anymore not serious), all three went and/or are going to Harvard! And take this: I liked all of them before they ever received their college acceptances. Obviously whatever Harvard sees in these boys, I see as well. How enlightening.

(Or maybe to quote xxxHolic translations: how troublesome.)

Addendum: I know Delnut went to Pton kkk. Close enough!! Plus there's also the fact that we broke up...
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(June 16, 2009)

Dear Adela,

Congratulations! Your initial application has been accepted for the Lincoln University - KCP Intensive Japanese Language and Culture Program offered in Tokyo, Japan for this Fall term.

I have attached a registration packet with some additional forms for you to complete. The only exception is the Arrival/Departure Form-- this form does NOT need to be submitted at this time. Please try and complete the forms within the next two weeks. Only after complete receipt of these forms, and payment, will your acceptance be finalized.

(Note: An invoice will be sent by Lincoln University. Payment for the program will be made directly to Lincoln University.)

Please REPLY to this email letting me know you have successfully downloaded our Registration Forms. If you should have any questions, please feel free to email me at or call me direct at 360-441-1800.

Best regards,




May. 24th, 2009 01:06 am
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This. is. so. fun.


I need to stop spending money. TT;;

I kind of want to dress up gothic lolita for the Black and White Ball tmr. but lolita clothes are so bloody expensive...

(no more, no more)



hugs ^^

Ohhh take this. the B&W is being held in Fairmont Regency, just like prom. &how do we know prom was in the Regency Ballroom? we visited. 'coz that's right, SHS is lame enough to hold prom in downtown San Jose (at least it's not LG this time), and GUESS WHERE FANIME IS.


ahhhhhhhh I sound like a Kevin

better go to bed so I can wake up in time tmr~
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ahhhh I love life. ^^

No particular reason, but 'm in a productive mood and feeling enormously content w/, Iunno, everything at large although I can tell that my body is tired and wants to sleep soon.

I'm also listening to large quantities of classical music.

/is becoming a true true geek!

I promise I'll stop w/these inane posts and write something more interesting soon.


Mar. 31st, 2009 09:44 pm
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good things today:

1. No orchestra! (hope everyone had fun at the party)
2. 117% on Bio Final TAKE THAT KUCER
3. Got to talk with [ profile] fwufferz for an hour on the phone <333
4. Going to see [ profile] cougarfang - whom I haven't seen since CTY 2004 - next week!

on 1 - so glad CMEA and all that is over with.

on 2 - winz0rz.

on 3 - [ profile] fwufferz I haven't seen you in so long we have to hang out sometime before we all go off to college!

on 4 - the most ironic thing I find about this is that I really only know [ profile] cougarfang from CTY. and guess which school founded that program?

all in all today would be a good day if my mom hadn't just come barging into my room full of complaints. oh, mother...
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I'm so happy~ ^^ today [ profile] yokainomiko, my little sister #2, everyone's faaavorite Taiwan boy, and my one and only pansexual white freak (for ever and ever and ever ♥) came to school to see me! :) I know, we're a strange bunch aren't we.

So we went out to lunch at Cupertino Village and in the process merged with a whole other horde of people whom I don't know quite as well but good enough to get by, and we had Korean food to satiate my longing for Neoguri. :3

This resulted in me missing most all of 6th! The kids were still in the PAL center when I got back, so I decided forget the rest of 6th and joined AP Chinese instead, which... kind of made me want to cry and reflect upon our AP/honors system. but then, I don't think any of the other language classes are any better, so... let's leave it at that.

Checked in w/Zarco and helped him file some stuff I should've filed during 6th, resulting in my staying ~half an hour after school got out.

As I finally wrapped up everything and strolled out the gate to my car, I espied someone walking a dog.

homg how CUTE! was my first thought when I saw the dog. It was white and fluffy and looked a lot like Rice, must be another American Eskimo, I thought to myself as I looked up, and barely had the time to take in the fact that the leash looked oddly like our leash and the book the girl was reading looked oddly like my book and the girl looked oddly like my sister before I realized that it WAS my sister walking our dog right outside the school gates and I burst out "Amy!" before my brain processed any further.

Life is strange like that sometimes.

Anyway apparently my sister wanted a transcript (scholarship apps). So I accompanied her to the office, where alas! my phone rings!

I escape outside to where I can safely pick up without getting in trouble, and hear my lost love's voice on the line.

"Adela," says Sarah Tang, who once sat right next to me in Econ and now sits across the ENTIRE ROOM in Gov. "When are we studying for the test today?"

"Hmmm, I don't know," I say. "What time's it now?"

See, Sarah lives about a block down from me, but the problem was that I was sitting on a bench just outside the office, at school, i.e. I couldn't exactly go over even if I wanted to.

"Well, tutorial just about ended so it's around 3, I think?" she says.

"Hrm." I watch a girl in a distance making her way down the quad steps. "Your house or mine?"

"I don't know, I'm good either way," she says.

Wait, that girl looks an awful lot like Sarah, I think.

"Sarah, is that you?" I ask aloud.

"What? Where?"

The girl on the steps pauses and looks around.

Definitely her.

"Turn around!" I screech.

She swivels. I wave like a madwoman. She comes running over to my bench.

"You're still at school!" she says. "I thought you'd gone home."

"I thought you'd gone home."

Life is really strange sometimes.

We end up tossing a coin to determine whose house to study at (Sarah's). Then we part ways, as she has to go home and I have to wait for my sister. When I return many people inside the office are fawning over our dog, despite dogs (technically?) not being allowed on campus. harharhar he's just too cute. (or that rule's just too stupid, either way.)

So I give my sister & my dog a ride home. Whereupon I sign online, facebook my Malaysian friend about Skype, check my email, and find out that UChicago has waitlisted me.

Before I have time to digest this information, my Skype phone rings. I pick it up.

"Hi!" says my Malaysian friend, sitting in Malaysia in front of her computer. And then "OMG I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU FOR SUCH A LONG TIME AHHHHH AHHHHH AHHHHHHHH~" (while I respond in kind).

After we both calm down again...

"What time is it over there?" I ask.

"7:14 in the morning," she says.

"Don't you have school?"

"Yeah." She looks at the bottom top corner of her screen. "In approximately 12 minutes." have to understand something here. I don't even USE Skype normally. I don't even know why I was signed on. I only signed on because I facebooked her about it ~two minutes ago and signed on to add her to my buddy list.

Life is really, really strange sometimes.

edit: homg I can't believe I just spent 5+ hours over at Sarah's place. I was never this studious back in sophomore/junior year!

(then again, I don't think I had the time to be this studious sophomore/junior year)

(then again, there was the time we spent eating peanuts. and drinking minestrone. and playing canon in D on the piano. and that last hour or two of VIRUS SLAYING and computer purgifying.)

but we were studying the whole time through nonetheless!

if I get anything less than perfect on the test tomorrow I will kill something.
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random nameless post on boys and my interactions with them to-day

in no particular order

boy #1 makes my mood imperceptibly happier when he talks to me~ ^^ I don't quite realize it myself sometimes but dealing with him always makes me happy not sad or awkward or emo or bitter like other boys in the past because because he's open! he's easy to talk to! I don't even know! open people are so much fun ^^

I am worried about boy #2 :( he got a bit of a talking-to today and I don't know if it was good or bad but I'm afraid he'll turn emo and make his life worse for himself. eeee idiot boy. /cross fingers hope?!

boy #3 doesn't like hugs! I forgot that and remembered it today but it's OK because I haven't seen him for such a long time. seeing people is so nice! I MISS YOU ALL YOU'VE BEEN AWAY SO LONG I'VE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT'S LIKE T____T no wonder I get random emo spouts nowadays

boy #4 is such a good boy he makes me smile (:

I thought I saw boy #5 and then I thought I didn't and then it turns out I did. some people don't change much.

boy #6 did a good job on stage today. actually when I say that I am thinking of two particular boys rather than one so make that boys #6 and 7. for that matter, all of winter percussion did a good job on stage today. <33333

by the way, these are not all boys that I like! (except boy #1) they are random boys~ boys I happened to see and (most of them) talk to today. what were you thinking? huh? huh? I'm not that good at divvying up romantic attention :p

are you one of the boys on this list? maybe. I'm not going to tell you! I think I should come back to this post in 5 years and see if I still remember who each boy was that I was referring to. I probably won't. that's so sad. :(

anyway why did I write this post? well I am in a good mood today partly thanks to boy #1 and partly thanks to seeing people and (right now at least) a large part thanks to the winter percussion concert which I just watched! it made me happy but it made me sad too. I'm going to graduate and I'll never have had the chance to play w/SHS percussion and people who know me know I always say if I join band I want to join as percussion, except I'd never join in the first place because I already have too much to do, but today I watched them play and it looked so fun and I wish I could have been a part of it and that makes me sad.

BUT! the concert itself made me happy. I really liked Mr. Masterson's composition & def. the show, which is in a sense also Mr. Masterson's arrangement. well collab w/other people, but still. I didn't know the competitive shows were self-arranged! that's pretty impressive~~ also I knew I was right about piazolla (asked Zarco). the marimba libertango mystery that's been @ the back of my mind for what - months? - has been solved!

the piece libertango segued into also sounded really familiar (def. string rip - they even had the string part playing in the background) but I couldn't place it. :x ah well.

ahhhhhhhhhhh why didn't I join percussion while I still had the chance (I thought about it last year and then didn't in the end...)

mmmm so I think seeing people today really did make me happy. even though I didn't really notice it until afterwards. I don't know, all the little things build up~~~

and in the end, all you probably got out of this post is that I am a huge dork.

which, you know.

I am!

but you're still reading aren't you ;p
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YAY I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE MY PHOTOSHOP WORK i.e. run it as an administrator.

It still doesn't work if I don't do that, and I have no idea why because this account is the only account on the computer and technically the administrator account, but hey. What works works. I'm not complaining. it's been dead since around the time Earthy sent me that KKL chapter (which I never finished BECAUSE photoshop died) which is, according to gmail, 11/4/07 i.e. more than a year ago.

Time passes so fast nowadays. ._____o;;

On the downside, I have school tomorrow, it's almost nine, and I still have a good two hours of cello ahead of me.


edit: I have school tomorrow, it IS nine, and I still have a good two hours of cello ahead of me.

/instantaneously self-combusts
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Several momentous things happened today.

1. Derek and Daniel were behaving badly in 6th period, so Boitz sent them over to Ms. Obenour! Who tied both of them up with gauze and labeled them with large signs, one reading "Wankster is not a swear word I'm a bad boy" and the other something along the lines of "Bad freshmen boys need to behave" or summit. /forgot



2. I made it to semifinalist in a poetry contest I don't recall submitting to. o_____O

Just kidding, after a bit more fine-print reading and digging around, I realized that it was from an old submission that I made one day out of boredom - which I got a rejection email for ~week later and promptly forgot about.

Guess that wasn't the end of it. Well, another poem publication to add to college apps is always a good thing.

3. I finished Code Geass.

IT MADE ME SO SAD. I WEEP. T___________T

Awesome series, though.

4. I got a letter from my friend in Malaysia! I have not yet read it, because right after Code Geass I felt I was in an absolutely wrong mood for something as, well, as meaningful as this, but tomorrow I shall. And I already know without opening it that it will probably make my day. So ♥♥

All in all a rather momentous day, don't you think?


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