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Sometimes you bump into the most unexpected people at the most unexpected times. ._____.

You know what's really annoying? When you're waiting for a left turn across a street with many lanes, and there's a big gap between the next two cars coming (on diff lanes), but the first car is going really, really slow, so by the time it passes you no longer have enough time to turn.

And, of course, behind the second car there's an unending stream of cars that make you wait another 3 minutes.

Ms. Sutton got pissed during rehearsal today and walked off. Most of us were rather glad to get off early. Perhaps if she weren't pissed all the time, half the time for no discernible reason (or, even when there is a legit reason, way overreacting and way exaggerating until everyone feels overwhelmingly that SHE is in the wrong and WE are in the right), she would have had more impact.

It made me think of Mrs. Kim canceling Cello Congress on us, and how the world just ended then. Right there. Poof and it was gone and we just sat there and couldn't believe it. And then I think about everyone crying and promising her we'll do it and do it right if we get a second chance, and how we meant every word of it and how everyone wanted to make things right so bad because we would regret it for the rest of our lives if we didn't. Then I think about Ms. Sutton with her airs and her yelling and her tantrums and her big, blasted ego and I just want to laugh because she does not know how to retain respect. She's like a spoiled kid that never grew up because no one ever bothered to put her in her place, and now she's 60 and it's too late and she's just going to go on living like that, and, what the hell - she makes herself miserable. She just doesn't see it, she can't see it because she is incapable of comprehending in any way that she is wrong. It makes me sad, in a way. Why? Can't she see how much happier she would be if she didn't insist on acting this way? But it's rooted in her nature now. 60 years does that to a person.

When I honestly think about it, the best teachers I've had aren't the ones that yell and chide and reprimand. They are the kind of teacher that, when you're doing badly, don't even say anything. They just maybe give you a look, and you can tell they're disappointed, but then they shake their head and go on doing the best they can with what you've got, and then oh BOY do you feel bad inside. And you go home and you work like crazy so you won't disappoint your teacher the next time, and on those occasional days when the corners of their eyes crinkle in a smile and they give you a rare compliment, gosh, you're so happy you're almost fit to bursting.

I think what Ms. Sutton doesn't understand is that repetition takes the worth out of some things. That's just how it is.
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Dear Livejournal,

I love New York. We saw a river of lights on the way home, and all the skyscrapers glowing against the dark night sky. I'm going to be very sad when I go home to Saratoga. :( I think I am a city girl at heart.

So, in follow up to Cello Congress, the students are apparently putting together a scrapbook for our dear cello maestra, and everyone's contributing to some degree. I can't be there to write a handwritten message. :x But I offered:

    Dear Mrs. Kim,



However, I was rejected. Apparently this isn't a card sort-of thing where everyone just signs in a small space, it was supposed to be a substantial message (oops). So I fixed it to:

    Dear Mrs. Kim,

    If the sun stopped shining and the moon stopped glowing and the stars no longer twinkled
    because the world was about to end, and little kids ran around screaming beneath the grey
    sombre sky (and adults set their jaw with a hardened line, and dogs laid their heads mournfully
    upon their paws, and poets gazed out at the blackened land and dreamed)…

    And the Voice of God broke through the clouds and lifted the grey, breathed green back into
    every blade of grass, brought life sprawling back across the land (so that the people sighed, the
    dogs’ tails began to wag, and the poets smiled)…

    God would be you.

    And we would be the people.

    Thank you for bringing us through Cello Congress to the end.


yay for waxing sentimental. and for cello congress. THREE CHEERS FOR J'ADORE GOGOGO!!!!

In other news, I visited Princeton today. I sawwwww... Delnut. :) And someone else. But I'll- double post about that in a bit because right now I hafta go.

Love, (love love love)
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gosh people choose the worst times to call.

writing workshop was fun. made some new friends. pleasanton's poet laureate, I'm sorry to say, is not too great of a speaker. she has this soothing rolling voice that puts me to sleep straightaway. Sarah says she should write a lullaby and read it aloud to lull people to sleep. :3 but that's unkind of us.

In other news, TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT BABY!!!!


We're going to pwn the hell out of this thing. :)
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A number of good things happened in the past couple of days, one of which being my AWESOME NEW DESK and my room suddenly becoming a lot cleaner because it's gigantic and everything actually fits on it... and it's all wood, but not those flimsy little sheets of constructed wood, nice, thick, real rounded wood and *___* I am in love with it. I actually like working at my desk now, y'know?

Aside from that, of course, lots of other things. But am too busy to record in detail right now. However, will say that Cello Congress went through a hell of a lot of issues the last week. Let's put it this way:


First rehearsal @ WVC
-pretty fun, lasted ~3 hours, a bit over


Second rehearsal @ the Korean church, put into sectionals
Sectionals end, setup for full group rehearsal
Mrs. Kim comes in and gives her commitment speech and cancels the whole thing
-we are all in shock
-Christine has to call her mom because she's out getting food for the group & doesn't know what happened
General misery


CPYO rehearsal 6:30-9:30 as usual
(*meanwhile, SHS is having CMEA, which I was at &so missed all of the below)
Mr. Kim calls a meeting
-Mrs. Kim doesn't know about it beforehand
-every single one of the sixteen arrive with their parents
An hour or two talk between Mrs. Kim and various parents, general misery on all sides
Students send two representatives in to promise to commit and give 120% and, wut, rehearse to 3 am if she wants us to, anything if she gives us a second chance
-first representative starts crying, second takes over
-second representative starts crying, third takes over
-everyone starts crying and it's a general mess
-Mrs. Kim (crying) decides to give us a second chance


Students go watch Jae Young's solo performance w/Mrs. Kim, 8 pm
3rd rehearsal @ WVC, 10 pm
-manager guy kicks us out of WVC
-massive relocation
3rd rehearsal @ the Korean church, 10:30 pm
-pretty good, about 2.5 hours
-Mrs. Kim (somewhat emotionally unstable from lack of sleep) despairs halfway through because some of us are talking (we were trying to count the rests) and walks out, near verge of hysteria/canceling again
-everyone is on perfect behavior for remainder of rehearsal. no one dares to... breathe, for chrissake


Students/parents schedule sectionals (w/o Mrs. Kim), 6 pm
4th rehearsal @ the Korean church, 7 pm
-went fairly well, about 3 hours
-got more music!
-we really need to practice
---and remember to wear contacts/glasses

Yap. There's also poetry (National Poetry Month has started!), we're starting our panel for other English classes tomorrow, speaking of which I really have to go work on the prompt books so I'll leave this as is for now.

edit: oh, happy april fools I s'pose. nearly forgot.

didn't see any good jokes really. everyone's too busy with work and stuffs. though I conned a friend into thinking I had no keys and he had no ride home. only for about 5 seconds lawl.

mmmm sleep.
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SALVATION ARRIVED. IN THE FORM OF. MY MOM. and general misery and mutual repentance and a lot of talking and a lot of resolve and a lot of tears.

I really should have gone. :x but I contributed my share of tears and misery and repentance last night, so I was with them in spirit.

Will do this thing if it kills us. rar.
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god just issued our damnation.

and the best thing is, the people who couldn't come today don't even know about it yet.

edit: in light of this, I am lifting the instant messaging//sites etc boycott, as it will no longer be necessary. Not that I feel any particular urge to visit any of them right now.
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mmmmm the past couple of days? Sort of a jumble.

Went dress shopping with mom on Wednesday. Not, ironically, for prom, but for cello congress, officially known as:

J'adore Cello
16 Cellists, 1 Night

but which everyone calls cello congress anyway. yup.

Incidentally we're performing 4/5, for anyone who wants to come. $20 atm, they're figuring out whether or not there's a student discount, in any case most of you (who aren't overseas or across half the continent somewhere) I can invite separately, so that's that.

I think finding a dress for cello playing is harder than for prom. For one thing, you're playing cello. So it has to be at least floor length, or you wear at your own peril. And then it's got to be elastic enough for you to spread your legs, no qi-pao style things.

In any case, we took care of everything in less than two hours, the only delay being that excellent crepe place at VF's (the one near the pretzel stand).

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm crepes. I'd recommend strawberries and cream or peaches and cream, but NOT nutella, anything (any crepe) with nutella is a bit overbearingly sweet.

So. Apparently the kid I'm tutoring piano with has taken a liking to me but not Jessica, and throws tantrums when she comes but not when I come.

... I am touched. After a fashion. but that's not very nice of him. :O

Everyone in poetry is going crazy. Sutton and I worse than most because Sutton's, well, Sutton (she's crazy to begin with), and I am leading the Mutanabbi panel. But I have found a most excellent remedy to this problem! Let everything in the world amuse you (I was notorious for my twisted sense of humor anyways) and it can no longer hurt you. As long as you don't let amusement extend into hysteria.

SO. The more important point of this post?

I am killing off IM. And facebook. The latter not through deactivation (which never works =.=) but blocked through host file. Also any other sites that distract (excepting winterbells :3) through host file.

LJ is... LJ. I do not have the heart to destroy my LJ. :x

But I do need the extra time, because with cello congress rehearsals coming up and poetry panel organizing/touring coming up, there's no way I will survive without these... protective measures. :O

In other news, last night was prom. Which I did not attend. Though ironically I could have, because the cello congress dress, which they said would come in a week and tried to get us to pay 20$ more for overnight delivery, came overnight anyway. LAWL.

The Viscomte de Bragelonne is grinding to a very slow start. I don't think I'll finish it any time soon. I might not even finish it April. So sad. :(
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Cello Congress photoshoot thing today. Took 3 hours. >>;

It was pretty funny. They had professional makeup artist right (sorta), to make-up ALL of us, including Curtis and Daniel and Thomas etc who hated it, and also Taeho who came late got seized by several Korean moms who said that his hair was terrible and proceeded to... grab at it (no I swear that was what they were doing) and fluff it like you might fluff a dog's head, then attack it with a comb. Supposed to make it look more... rugged. Or something. :3 Complete with herbal essence hair spray. You could smell it all the way over from where I was sitting.

And the moms WOULD NOT STOP LAUGHING. I discovered today that Korean moms are just like Korean teenage girls, they don't change at all. They sit next to each other and gossip in high voices and shriek with laughter at us on the stage, so hard that one of them actually snorted and totally made everyone on stage crack up, and, to top it all, they cannot stop themselves from doing so! No I swear they could not stop. They laughed incessantly, which cracked us up and killed the pictures. >>;

yah lawl it was pretty hilarious.

I can totally see Grace and Christine growing up to be, say, semi-normal moms, then seeing each other at a Korean-mom-gathering and shrieking their head off and spazzing with each other like they're teenagers again while their daughters eye them suspiciously and go "mooooooooom!" in embarrassment.

mmmmm wasted a lot of time sitting around waiting though. Should have brought some work. DID get started on Screwtape Letters, which seems interesting-ish...


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