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I am at one of these points when I have plenty plentyyyyy to write about, but neither the time nor the energy to record any of it in detail.

Suffice it to say that the last two days have been very eventful.

Items obtained within the past two days include a pair of Skullcrappy Skullcandy headphones, an obnoxious Berkeley ADMITTED button, a large U.C. Berkeley poster, a nice set of Sennheiser headphones apparently designed for someone with a very large head, some earrings, some clothes, a large stack of piano accompaniment music (alternately for erhu/piano and erhu/cello/piano), the beginnings of a cold, and a limp like a ninety-year old hag.

I KID YOU NOT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SORE I AM. Honestly! If you haven't exercised aerobically for at least a year and decide to go play frisbee, don't run for it. At least, speaking from a runner's standpoint, don't run without stretching at least a little beforehand. Yes, it's just a frisbee. Yes, you're not running very far. But it is equivalent to doing many, many, many sprint repeats out of the blue and if I were still in Track and training, this is something I would never ever do without the proper stretches/warmup (certainly not on the first day) besides which I'm not even a sprinter I do distance!

In a word: fail.

[ profile] backseatdream laughed at me all through Valley Fair and to her house. And when we were done and leaving and I thought the ridicule was finally over, my disobedient calves led my face straight into a wall and she laughed so hard she choked.

Breakfast with [ profile] smushedness & Tiffy today wasn't much better.


I console myself with memories of my very first Morning After. That is, the day after the first day of the first time I ever joined the Track team. Oh, I remember it so very well. I woke up and I felt fine! I felt just swell. So I hopped out of bed...

...and my legs crumpled like raw spaghetti. And I. could. not. get. up. I wobbled around like a drunk woman. School was torturous. I mean, at least right now I can still pretend to walk like a person not in excruciating amounts of pain by enduring additional excruciating amounts of pain. Sophomore year - ha!

Oh, right. Waking up early the next morning with not enough sleep and then proceeding to sit in a cramped little chair for four hours straight writing essays... also doesn't help. Damn APs.

On to a less depressing topic! Well, I suppose this is still fairly depressing. I got sick of cleaning ladies putting my stuff every bloody where (my bookshelves have organization, woman. organization. if you can't be bothered to follow it at least don't randomly stick books in the middle of it and DESTROY it, I'd be perfectly happy to shelve my books myself kthxbye) so I went on complete overdrive mode and hauled clean every last bit of my room. All those neat tidy stacks of clothing hiding out in the corners, all those piles of paper that just kept growing higher and higher and higher... I tore them all down and sorted everything out, recycling a mountain in the process. Basically, I ripped my room apart, put it together again (the right way), went so far as to vacuum it myself, and on Tuesday stopped the cleaning ladies in their tracks and told them they were never allowed inside again.

THEY CAME IN ANYWAY. Not that they did much harm this time around since it was squeaky-clean and hadn't had the opportunity to messy up just yet, but that just annoys me. So much. D: I have a hunch they did not understand my English properly. Next time I'm putting a giant sign on my door in Spanish, bolting it from the inside, and jumping out my window to get to my car. NEVER PRESUME TO TOUCH MY STUFF AGAIN HISPANIC BASTARDS.

Yes, I realize I sound a little paranoid. I feel a bit OCD at the moment.

My dear mother, on the other hand, is overjoyed at my 'transformation' and won't stop remarking upon it, which... would normally irritate me, but as I am too worked up about the issue at large to snap at her I just give her kinda sorta vague grunt answers and she thinks I'm the best child ever now.

Life is so ironic.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention. Yesterday [ profile] smushedness brought Rusty the Papillon over to meet Rice the Dodohead American Eskimo, and we discovered that even other dogs apparently believe Rice is female.

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windy today. v. chilly. I think I caught a cold. >< /forgot her sweatpants

SHS v. MVHS close match! Didn't sweep as easily as the past few meets. Dunno who won. Oh well.

Froze. Cheered lungs out, despite day of silence, ran, died (mile 10s slower ><), ran more, cheered more, saw [ profile] maeglin_arandur, saw a kid that looked like Howen but wasn't Howen, saw Theodore Peng aka Teddy and finally remembered why he looked familiar (I was SURE not CTY and everyone kept saying CTY and @___@ but no really I saw him @ track meet like last year...), um. Slept on turf that sheds fake grass even worse than ours, got home really late, am now sick. Or getting sick.

/crams cold-prevention medicines that never work

maybe they'll work today?
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one more day! one more day until spring break! I can do this~~~~

We ran a platinum today. It's like a golden only instead of turning on Cox you turn on Prospect so it's an extra 2-3 miles longer. :o I... had expected it to be worse, but I actually found that I prefer 8 out-of-school miles to 5-6 timed (w/all sorts of weird speed variation) miles on the track. so I guess XC > track. whatever. not doing either next year. xD;;

I'm going to feel so lazy and out of shape next year. TT I need to find more people I can play frisbee with.

ohoh speaking of that, yesterday, being the idiot that I am, I... actually forgot school started an hour late. After not forgetting for well. All of first semester, up to now... yeah stupidity. but I was early and caught up on stuff and randomly got people (Westley and Gabriella? Jeez I'm not even sure if her name is Gabriella. x___X I suck at names) to play frisbee with me. :D So life was good~

...why is frisbee not a recognized word? ><;; it's underlined in red. wtf.

2. I got 100% on my chem test! for the first time ever! Well only on the multiple choice (she didn't tell us short answer grades), but still. ^^ that made my day.
3. Wooho forgot about playing at the Founder's Luncheon thing and started freaking out. that cracked me up so hard. xD
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I had... a dream... that I was at a dance with Debra. And we formed a little dance circle with two other people whom I kinda knew but not really, no one specific I can say out of the dream. Oh and the DJ was actually good.

And we were threading up to the front because we were way in the back... and we were right next to the music which was too loud and had to move... and uh.

I woke up to my first alarm clock!!! boooooooo.

Fell asleep again, slipped into a different dream. That, anticlimatically, I can't remember. I'll write it down if I remember it later.

0714 edit: OHOHOH I know.

I dreamed of practising piano.

ahahahaaaaaa lame no? I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

0720 edit: OHHHHH and Ms. Sutton okayed the random bit I added into my poem and cleared the poem (HAHAHA that's so impossible I'm not even going to say anything)!

Dreams of things I wish had happened already?

Ah, it'd be nice if it HAD happened.

oh and something I forgot to post up yesterday coz the internet was down.

6:23 MILE PR!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAY HAVEN'T PRED ANYTHING IN LONG LONG TIME ^________^ And by like 20 seconds too!!! I really had to thank that Homestead girl; she kept trying to surge past me/like shove me off the track or something oO;; and I was like hey! fine I'll keep your pace NERRRRRRRR (except the end coz she sprints faster) but anyway I think she thought I was crazy or something because I talked to her a bit on the track and they all seem to be like RAWR ENEMY SCHOOL w/no comradely feelings and yeah. (She totally ignored me, but whatever. :D)
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Stolen from Michelle:

The Everything Test

There are many different types of tests on the internet today. Personality tests, purity tests, stereotype tests, political tests. But now, there is one test to rule them all.

Traditionally, online tests would ask certain questions about your musical tastes or clothing for a stereotype, your experiences for a purity test, or deep questions for a personality test.We're turning that upside down - all the questions affect all the results, and we've got some innovative results too! Enjoy :-)

You are more logical than emotional, more concerned about self than concerned about others, more atheist than religious, more loner than dependent, more lazy than workaholic, more traditional than rebel, more artistic mind than engineering mind, more idealist than cynical, more leader than follower, and more extroverted than introverted.

As for specific personality traits, you are artistic (72%), intellectual (67%), romantic (57%).

Young Professional82%
Punk Rock60%
Life Experience

Your political views would best be described as Liberal, whom you agree with around 41% of the time.
Your attitude toward life best associates you with Upper Class. You make more than 0% of those who have taken this test, and 99% less than the U.S. average.

If your life was a movie, it would be rated G.
By the way, your hottness rank is 71%, hotter than 96% of other test takers.

brought to you by thatsurveysite

my only complaint: they didn't include Asia in ANY WAY when they were asking the travel questions!!! -____- Otherwise I'd have travelled lots more. I've been all over the provinces of China...

oh well after this year I'll have been to NY and Europe too. :D

In other news, first dual meet of the year today. Coach forced me to triple, because I'm not running K-bell, BECAUSE OF CMEA~~~~ T__T not fun at all.

but it was kind of amusing, when Nicolle and some others from that group started calling all of us non-K-bell-unfortunate-tripling-people beasts. They were all Hey you beastly peoples xD Byron/Justin ripoff anyone? just a BIT.

reminds me of the time Boitz called Verson a saucy looking beastie. XD


Mar. 5th, 2007 06:35 pm
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ahaha Brad's such a terrible captain. xD

So coach isn't here today, and he gave Brad the workout (15 hill repeats @ Montalvo following 30-60-90s pattern), and he's all yeah. that's the workout. do it if you want to. So half the team ditched/did random long runs, the other portion actually went and did the workout, and when Ashley and I got there the girls were all running and the guys were standing there doing nothing (CAPTAIN included) arguing about what to do because Katrine might tell on them. So we joined and the whole time they were just sitting there, on the curb. And they'd sporadically join and run a little ways and be like well I ran PART of the workout kay, you can't deny I DID run hills xD it was v. amusing. We've decided all to avoid coach as much as possible on Thursday when he gets back, as a favor to them. >>;;

So while we were doing that, Lisa Olga and Christina come running past, Lisa drops her bottle w/us, and they keep going on to Montalvo! (We drink all her water obv.) Then they come back when we're pretty much done, with ORANGES. many many oranges. Apparently there's an orange tree somewhere up in Montalvo and they picked a bunch. They were actually edible too. And good. Esp. the small ones. They gave the guys some, and of course orange dodgeball immediately ensues, and this one dude's front yard now has a whole bunch of orange peels hidden in the bushes, but it was all good. :D Then Christina says she has more oranges at her house! And the guys want to go, not for oranges but for water, but they thought her name was Lauren (well her full name's Christina Lauro) so we were like hah nope you fail. And then Brad displayed amazing/slightly disturbing skillz in naming all five of us remaining perfectly and spelling all our names right. Even Olga's ridiculous random Russian last name. oO

anyway we still didn't let them come w/us coz Christina didn't want to, and so we ran to her house where lo and behold she has about 10 orange trees all FULL of oranges. So we feasted. :D And went back. And walked to avoid orange-stomach-cramps. And it was past 6 so I'm not going to orchestra because I'll be locked out until break... I'll go later and slip in during break. --;;

(ohoh and guess what's the first thing I do when I get home. Drink ORANGE JUICE. harharharhar~)

1839 edit: oO;; Calc grade is updated. I have 125% now, because apparently I have 158% on the test, which is impossible, and if you look at the computer's reasoning...

48/55 -> 87.2727272727273/100 - 87.2727/55 -> 158.677636363636/100

oO um. okay. but if she doesn't change anything, I'm not saying a word. ^^;
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I've got this red, mild-looking blister on my right foot that doesn't really hurt unless I poke it or RUN AND CONTINUOUSLY RUB IT AGAINST THE INSIDE OF MY SHOE.

T________T I don't want to run tomorrow ahhhhh~

In other news, today we discovered one downside to having a 7th period - we get different weather!! So sometimes they run in nice weather and by the time we get out the nice weather has disappeared. :o And the opposite of that statement is NOT true, because when they get bad weather sometimes the coach gets softhearted and changes the workout to make it easier on us, so we get the easier workout regardless of weather. (Of course, this doesn't always apply because SOMETIMES like now *koffkoff* the coach is all competitve and eager to prove that we're more hardcore than sprints, and then as long as sprints are out there we probably are too~)

Also, we never get to do the hard workouts with the rest of the team, which means we can only wait til the meet to find out how we're doing comparatively, which is not a pleasant thought.

Although, running in ice cold wind and rain, while it sucks after a while because you FREEZE, it's also good because after you freeze a while you go numb and then it doesn't matter so much anymore, and it keeps you moving in an effort to prevent freezing. :D Like, the more you run, the better off (warmer) you are! While when it's hot out, the more you run, the hotter you get and the worse off you are! See the difference in motivation~

yeah Ashley's totally owning me now. I skipped out on all the practices over break. xD; And there's the blister, but mostly, she's just been training harder than I have! heee.


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So last night I got home ~8:40 from class, didn't practice anything didn't do hw didn't study for calc test, but then was all /lazy and felt like procrastinating. So I brushed up and went to sleep instead! At NINE.

So this morning I wake up at 5. TOTALLY rested. w/enough time to eat, take a quick shower, finish Japanese homework, study for calc, and practise a bit of cello. And bike to school early.

AND THE CALC TEST WAS SO EASY~~~~ maybe it wasn't the test, maybe it was just getting enough sleep but all the things suddenly just CLICKED and it all made sense logically and everything could be reasoned out with the exception of a few more complicated formulas that you're better off memorizing, but then like I totally didn't know how to find the tangent slope of this polar coordinate equation (I actually think I missed the entire lecture for CAHSEE that day), and I was drawing the polar equation and scribbling randomly to try and figure something out, and all of a sudden I had this click of BRILLIANCE and saw this random way to do it with rcosθ and rsinθ that worked in a shortcut-y fashion. And later it turns out that was exactly how it's supposed to be done. ^^V

I hope this will bring up the C and D from the past two quizzes. >>;; but even if it doesn't, any mistakes are CARELESS errors, they're not 'cause I'm totally hopelessly lost like the last two quizzes. So I feel on top of things again. :DDD

history was pretty boring. as was lunch and Japanese. although incidentally our school's salad isn't bad at all. It's actually somewhat worth the money.

In Chem we made slabs of putty. xD From Elmer's glue, water, Borax, and food coloring. that was lots of fun.

And it turns out the entire track team is too sore still from that weightroom workout two days ago (which Ashley and I totally skipped) so they didn't do hills today. So instead we did the ancient weightroom thing today! which was rather dreadful. x___X 120 pushups, 9x planks, 3x a billion other things, half of which we skipped, and a whole bunch of LUNGES AND JUMPS. T____T I don't know about you people, but I rarely do that much plyos stuff in my life. Also, don't like explosives. Ahahahahaha all the jump stuff made me really appreciate the old Badminton team, which had to do frog jumps around the entire campus at like 5 in the morning, JV and Varsity alike. Now our Badminton's realllyyy lax. okok so they got off with two laps today. that was the ENTIRE workout. -_____- because the teacher had a bet or something. if he could throw the tennis ball over the bleachers, they had to run 30 minutes. Except he missed.


but yeah. xD Aside from that, I'm not sore YET. It's just the anticipation. :o I mean if the entire team was sore enough after two days to forego hills, they must be pretty sore.

one more day to breaktime~ ^^V
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7:01 mile!

T-T slowwwed. & 2 seconds off from breaking 7. boooooooo.

&Ashley's 2 seconds behind me. :o She'll beat me soon. oh well.

In other news, various orchestra rehearsals for 5 days a week, this and next week! BOOOOOOOOOO.

I sense my life growing busyy again. D:

ah, 多麼想念無憂無慮的 freshman year 啊~
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ouchhh hahahaa so out of shape. --;; I haven't run since the end of XC season. unless you count chasing my dog. which really doesn't count.

ehhhh feel so HEAVY. and SLOW. I hope by the end of the season I'll be somewhat lighter-feeling again. coz this is painful.

Eddie ditched us! It's just me Ashley and Daniel now. oh and Ashley's actually been training, so she's my pace now. She'll probably be faster than me soon. xD; at least I can still keep up. I will be SAD the day I can no longer catch up to Ashley Chou.

The distance team is still roughly the same size, but got v. imbalanced. Lots of girls, v. little guys. Like a 2:1 ratio? Wasn't like that last year...

yeahhh anyway I found a solution to the printer problem. I'll keep several dollars with me at all times and spend 25c at the library whenever I need to print out worksheets and stuff! *brilliance*

Chinese New Year coming up day before Tiff's birthday. :o time for hongbaos~!
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Wheehee I wake so early.

Nothing to dooooo...

I figured out why I can manage to skip breakfast out of LAZINESS. It's because, really, I know that there is no substantial food in the house nor anything that I can cook in time to eat and finish before I have to leave, so I'm not really skipping breakfast, I'm just skipping the effort of looking for breakfast.


Random funny from Monday )

1841 edit: Dude. Allergies. Killing me. ><;; It's kicking into summer all right...

1854 edit: mayday celebration is tomorrow. TOMORROW. eeeek.

mwaiiii~ I have learned Shakespearean bows! I shall freak you people out with them sometime.


Apr. 20th, 2006 06:33 pm
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I wore all white to school today. coz I found a pair of shiny white pants, and I happened to be wearing a white shirt, so I was like zomg! *finds white jacket* ... and everything was pure white. rather blinding, to say the least. I had fun. All day long people would come up to me...

Person: oO;; whoa Adela, you look so... WHITE... today.
Me: ... heyy! Don't be so racist!
Person: @.@ Aaaah I didn't mean it that way~ *dies*
Me: I knowwww. *sneeerk*

Track meet vs. the Spartans. We got slaughtered. The majority of us, anyway. The ones we won would be like... 2 Falcons at the front barely, a group of Spartans just behind, and then another group of Falcons behind THEM. It was divided very cleanly. No mixing. _ _;; But Ken and certain other fast people didn't run...

I met a lot of random MVHS people. Talked a lot with this random girl named Sarah, who's v. crazy and hyper. Also random Asian freshman named Teddy who's been to CTY. And a number of other people that I'd recognize again, but I suck at names. I don't even know if I LEARNED their names.

All MVHS people have two pairs of shoes. One old, the other shiny and new and spikey. ==;; Most of us only have one crappy old pair that we wear for everything.

Their shoes were shinyyy. Glaring colors. Bright green, purple, yellow, red, orange... this one girl wore blinding pink Pumas.

I ran the first 400m I've ever done in my life! Because we didn't have anyone to do it and Mr. Jordan FORCED me to. The two of us were pathetic, standing at the start line going, "Wait, where're they going?" (sprinters start out ahead because they stay in one lane). But he let me off the 2 mile, so it was a good tradeoff.

Sarah cheers VERY loudly. I joined her randomly sometimes, coz occasionally we were so outnumbered there were v. few Falcons to cheer for. She yelled for a girl named Tania during the 2 mile. I wonder if it's the same Tania... Louis, do you have Tania's sn?

Blahaha they have such nice uniforms. So sleek. And jackets too. I wish OUR uniforms weren't so ugly...
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Aha. ahahahaaaa~ *hopelessdeathlaugh* Ms. Sutton decided that since May Day is a Monday w/short periods, she'll move the May Day celebrations to April 28. Next Friday. We're not getting our groups 'til this Friday, either.

So we have a week to get together our Renaissance costume (to wear the whole day), selfmake a basket (well these are somewhat completed at least), and get together with our groups to design yet another basket, a huge one this time, that has v. elegant and specific requirements, and inside it we must prepare a FEAST. Yes, appetizer, soup, salad, main course, dessert, drink, and they all have to be foods that existed in the Renaissance-- we also have to design a v. detailed and intricate menu, and think up of quirky food titles, as well as prepare a choral reading of this menu, and memorize Shakespearean greetings and bows and finish our Shakespeare creative (which involves much Romeo/Juliet quotings in calligraphy and other art skills) and. on top of that. Reviiiise the incident paper to hell, make a detailed outline on BG and aftermath information, read Cyrano, read The Good Earth, do Vocab...

*dies* this is all just English, too.

Ms. Sutton: This will be *SO* much fun!!! I'll announce groups on Friday.
Class: *looks at her* v.v
Ms. Sutton: Oh come on, don't complain about being busy, this is one of the funnest projects you'll ever do!
All: *looks at each other with faces hopelessly stuck somewhere in between laughing and crying*

Yeah, it does sound somewhat fun, but... _ _;;

In other news, CMEA appears to be Fri AND Sat, and cello lesson Sat and... holy crap. Concert on Sunday. >< pressuuure. At least SJYS auditions are fixed to next Saturday. And a fewwww more track meets and we're free...

_ _;;

Apr. 18th, 2006 04:26 pm
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Aiyaaaa really. Ashley meant well, but she really didn't get it. _ _;;

We ran to the cemetery! And Lisa and Charity and Jeff lagged behind so we waited for them, and I was wandering around inside the cemetery because well. come on! There are paths. It's made for you to walk on! And I was reading all the inscriptions and idly ambling through the graves and balancing on the curb by the paths, and Ashley was just like Nuuuu Adela you shouldn't be there. =.= I vaguely contemplated lying down in the shade becausebecause. Trees + grass + gentle breeze = perfect spot! Completely inviting. Only Ashley would've freaked more. It's not like I'd lie down in the shade of a tombstone. Well, I would, but I have at least some respect for the dead. >>;; It's just a TREE. And if it happens to be amongst graves, so what?

But knowing her, she would've seriously freaked out... so I didn't! I just kind of sat. And I was in a nontalking mood because I wasn't... particularly sugarhigh/hyperish off blood sugar or anything. It's rather enjoyable just sitting in the shade and enjoying nature sometimes.

Turns out the three of them didn't even bother running. They walked. And they told us to follow, they'll get a head start and keep walking.

Ashley kept thinking something was wrong with me. _ _;; And I couldn't explain to her that nothing was. Occasionally everyone does get into solo nonchattery moods, no? But she obv didn't believe me. And she pried nonstop ("friends? family? school? harker? what iiiis it?!") and well. I told her already it was nothing, so what could I say? But hearing that I was like *poiktwingeELIZAAwince* so I was like "hm yeah, all of them!" but srsly. I wasn't actually thinking about ANYTHING at all...

And then I decided to ditch Lisa and Charity and not follow coz they'd just go on a random trek that takes an exceedingly long time and not really run. I figured I could explore. It brought back memories from elementary school when I would go biking randomly around the neighborhood, just for the heck of it... I mean, as long as I was in the Golden Triangle I'd eventually find my way back. And I learned like ALL the streets around my neighborhood...

I was somewhat hoping Ashley would follow Lisa and Charity, but I left it up to her, and she followed me. _ _;; Can't run too fast then, y'see. So I didn't *really* explore-- basically just headed back in a loop with some extra unnecessary turns in the way.

I believe she's still convinced something is wrong, but hey. What else can I say? Ahahahaha I told her to draw her own conclusions and I'm betting you anything she drew totally incorrect ones. XD Well, this isn't the first time someone's misunderstood me and I was too lazy to explain... I mean, I know my motives, so it doesn't really matter if no one else gets me, does it? ^^

Ahahaaah but on reflection, anyone who reads this LJ knows ALL. *amuuuused*

Well, let the people who read it read, and the people who don't don't. Theiiiir choice. :)

1650 edit: ... This icon is rather drastic. It is somewhat ill-fitted to this post, but.. this is an icon I'll probably NEVER use, so w/e.


Apr. 17th, 2006 05:23 pm
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School was decent. I am majorly screwwwwed in a lot of different stuff, but life will go on.

Classes were excessively dull. Ariel pestered me. I missed the Tri-M thing. Unintentionally stole Ariel's pencil to Geometry and brought it back to CalcBC to get chided more. >> That class is taking their APs tmr, I hear. earlyyy~ Perhaps the gossip is incorrect.

Zano, Anastasia says hi. and she says you should go to the relay on Friday (or this weekend, I forgot exactly)...

Bumped into Jeff Lee aftschool and recieved the funniest grin + wave that cracked me up. And then bumped into a bunch of clamoring noisy people looking for Jeff Lee. huh.

Hard workout today was v. enjoyable. It was Brad-o-centric, as in, designed completely for Brad's benefit and we just do it with him. 10 strides + 800m repeats! Only, I didn't have to do all 8 of them. First-season girls were assigned #s 2, 4, 6, and 8. So mostly I slept on the turf. Was very relaxing. Passing people is fun.

He supposedly got cookies aftwards, but I was too lazy to walk across campus for them.

You know what?! When your pant leg's ALREADY ripped to a tatter, they'll no longer catch in the gears and hinder bike progress! Yay!


Apr. 6th, 2006 08:25 pm
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Ahaha. all of today I was like: RAIN! Come! STORM! Cancel the meet! PLEASE!!!!

.... it was the sunniest day of the entire week. ^^;

I hate tripling, but it wasn't as bad as I anticipated. I was bored and didn't feel like racing seriously, so I shadowed Charity. quite literally. I caught up to her, and then... I stayed with her, coz I didn't feel competitive at all, and I figured why not? since our little racing treks usu don't end up with more than a few seconds difference in the end... and we just tire ourselves making little sprints trying to pass each other. and she gave me this look, that said plainly wtf you're NOT going to pass me? but I didn't. :)

Whee sooooo I attempted to match her EXACTLY, steps and rhythm and all, and we actually were... breathing the same near the end there, which was v. cool. And I didn't do that much worse than normal. /shrug.

and then! she didn't run 800. :( but I shadowed her for 2 mile too! things seem to go faster when I do this. ^^ before the last lap she asked me if I was tired and I wasn't, and she said she was pooped and I can go on if I want, so I did, and the entire last lap I. accelerated. and didn't STOP accelerating until I crossed. it was rather odd.

Aftwards Lisa made a o___O;; face like "whoa Adela you finished uhm... REALLY strong..." and her face made me laugh.

One more day. I live through this day, I FREE. for a whole week. YES~

When I returned today I saw Louis' post, and I wondered, Is he talking about me? Ohnoes had I done something without realizing it? so I signed on but aiyah! he is not on. So then I ask Andy if he knows, and nope he doesn't. And then I was like HEY this is so ironic, does THIS count as talking behind his back without consulting him? and then I thought about it and realized that with people you know, it's nearly impossible not to talk about them sometimes with someone else when they aren't around, so I decided screw this Louis probably just didn't have a good day. ehehe! anyway if you read this sorry if I did anything that vexed you. ^^

And! for the people who were wondering about the Acrobats show seating thing, she said all of the tickets will be grouped generally near each other, and there is a LOT of family going so we can just rearrange amongst ourselves afterwards with all the families and all. yes? :)

And uhm. Double checking current status: Mai - 10, Kero - 1, Del - 3, Deb - 3? these are ones currently bought... miss anyone? and guys. if you want tickets that are same row or front/back row or basically NEAR US in seating, BUY your tickets and contact my mom at (408)-205-2965 before they run out of close seating ones. Esp Joe, Louis, Mel, Patricia, Alex, you people who SAY you probably will go, well it's a good idea to get it before you get seated somewhere waaaay off in the middle of nowhere. So yeah.
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Well, the race wasn't so bad. Bib #253... Iunno, got something under 40 mins anyway. Averaged a less-than-10-minute-mile pace yay me! :D

Unfortunately, I forgot about daylight savings and was nearly late. This resulted in me not having enough time to drop by Katie's house and drop my sweats, so I had to leave them in like. the middle of NOWHERE. (on a bench in the middle of downtown Saratoga) T.T and afterwards I ought've gone back immediately, but, fool that I am, I did not. I'd feel kind of bad if I ditched Lisa... and the others... yeah she insisted on finding Charity Ashley and Sarah first. yeah I'm stupid.

So, it wasn't there when I got back. And oooh crap my cellphone was in the pocket, inside yes, wrapped up in a t-shirt but inside nonetheless. how depressing! I just got it, too~ but I called the race manager guy and he promised to check with all the clean up captains for me.

He was funny. he told me how he lost his cellphone yesterday and he kept calling it and no one picked up and he got it back today and and volunteer people: "... oh it kept ringing, but we thought we probably shouldn't pick up..." and he: "... wtf you're SUPPOSED to pick up..." but it's true, if you found a phone and you are an honest person who does not plot to steal it, if it kept ringing most people would leave it alone. =.= the irony.

/shrug I had my name on the t-shirt that was inside the sweatshirt pocket. So unless someone stole everything for earnest, I will hopefully get it back.

I feel like I should be feeling more guilty. or... SOMETHING. but... I've lived without a cellphone for so long, I almost feel indifferent... >>;; ehehe.
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I hereby decree that, definitely, biking home ~7 pm with sprays of rainwater obstructing your vision and wetting your homework > biking home past 8 pm, rain or not.

I could see. As long as I brush the water off and blink a lot, I can see the way home. It's not like last time, when the darkness was uneeeending... and drivers saw me! No cars threatened to run me over. I am happy.

Bounced around and acted unusually jumpy and happy and cheerful at the meet. recieved a lot of o.O faces in return.

It didn't rain hard enough to cancel. It didn't rain at all, in fact, until the two mile, when it suddenly started pouring. And of course, I chose to sign up for half mile and two mile instead of half mile and mile.

It was fun. Just me on JV and Megan on Varsity. Odd not running with a giant mob of people.

All the guys lapped me. I beat the other JV girl by about a lap. It was hard to see at the end. =X

Wheee should shower. think I'll eat first. 'least I'm not dripping. just wet. :)
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How depressing. I've managed not to stay up past 12 for like... a long time now. 'cept that day we all stayed up to help Debra construct her bio poem.

Blargh. Dual meet today (or is it yesterday now?) vs. Wilcox. Learned several things:

1. Meets take a long time
2. You lose virtually all depth perception if you go out at night past ~7:30, esp. if there are no streetlights around
3. The neighborhood I bike home in has absolutely NO streelights whatsoever

Hum. Also,

4. Car headlights provide light, truly enough, but they'll blind you for ~3 secs before they let you see anything

Ah, you learn something new every day.

Details. how I did, how it was, yada yada )

Wow it's raining now. glad it wasn't when I biked home. I conclude that I greatly dislike biking home in the dark.

In other news, progress reports today. I ripped mine up in anger because the Geom. teacher wrote "Inattentive in class" in the comments which rather pissed me off. She had a point, but I was feeling pissy in general (which can most likely be ascribed to hormones), and... yeah.

2 Bs, it says, though Aeries has only 1. Precalculus. >< Didn't do so well on the past two tests, and tests are a laaaarge part of grade. >< I resolve to do better next one. Anyway, I figure screw the report since Aeries has been down and the teachers haven't entered much and it's hella inaccurate right now anyway. But I do have a lot of borderline A-s. Most, in fact (of the relevant academic classes). I should work a bit on them... x.o Aiiiii~
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First things first... Delmar asked me if I wanted to do anything next Saturday, and I thought about it, and I had a BRILLIANT idea.

k guys, if, IF I really am free next Saturday (note: NEXT Saturday, not the coming Saturday), and no last minute concert/recital/class/dance performance pops up, WHO IS UP FOR A FREELANCE GAME OF FRISBEE?!?!

Anytime past 1PM; SHS fields, if it's taken we can go to the upper field, if that's taken, dammit, go to the quad then, no one will be there, meet there or go to my house and I can walk you there... whatever. figure out the details later.

Point is. if I'm free, WHO WANTS TO GO? I miss seeing you people. AND [profile] kuroikisei somehow sent Melody home the other day and... er. rubbed it in my face. >>; Kuroi's like that.

Ahem. I'll ask around later tonight, for the benefit of you uncool people who do not possess/check your livejournals, but yes. now that that's taken care of... my day was, eh...

Idle bio talk... then A FREAKY FREAKY THING )

In other news, Francisco PISSED ME OFF today. He's normally a nice man, crappy teacher, but hell, even THAT's beginning to deteriorate and it's just pathetic.

Two things: VENTING )

2126 edit: Feck, I am EXTREMELY pissed off now. It is just SO unspeakably deplorable to get my period NOW, of all times. and I mean, NOW. even yesterday would've been better. Just. SCREWIT. this ensures that during the meet tomorrow is when I'll be having the *MOST* severe menstrual cramps of the effin' MONTH, and that is just. .... KILLER.

rar. my best advice for you people now is to STAY OUT OF MY WAY. Because whatever empty wishes and sympathy you have for me, it doesn't change ANYTHING, and it only emphasizes that it can't change anything. and I'm in a crappy enough mood right now that I won't bother to be polite, I'll THROW your words violently back at you so they sting you in the backlash. *glare*


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