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Vee are such good chefs <3
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1. I don't sleep enough.

2. I don't eat enough.

This should be glaringly obvious, but half the time I go about fuming and utterly irritable (usually for unreasonable reasons) for ages before I suddenly realize, hey, I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch yet today.

And then I go eat something delicious and all of a sudden whatever was bothering me seems trite and utterly irrelevant, and I am sleepy and love the world.

Oh, the contradictions of the belly.

edit; In case you were wondering, this actually isn't related to the last post. Yesterday was just kind of a ridiculous day, in more ways than one.

edit2; I just had a new revelation! Namely, if I still had some stores of ramen at home, this would never happen because when all the food at home is unappetizing/nonexistent, instead of unconsciously skipping meals, I would make myself some delicious ramen instead! Going out to get food is so much trouble.

Ahhhh 2010 come sooner.


Mar. 30th, 2009 01:15 pm
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I get this strange feeling lately that whatever I eat goes right through my stomach. Like it's not like it's not there, exactly, I eat a meal and I feel it go down and settle to a slight pressure on my lower abdomen, but not like... my belly. You know, where food usually goes? And I'm sitting here wondering if it's skipped my stomach entirely and gone straight to my intestines. o________o;;;

Also this means I never really feel *full*, per se. I'll eat and then I'll not want to eat anymore, but without necessarily feeling full at all. (I think I commented on this before.)

I hope this isn't a side effect of skipping meals. ._______. I - don't think I've skipped that many? This hasn't ever happened before...

edit: dammit, my fingers have gone soft from lack of practice. dammit, dammit, tonight's lesson is going to suck, the Uncanny Merging Effect has its pitfalls too and this is probably one of the worst alsdjgal;jdh;ljal;djgasdf /headdesk headdesk

and fuck you too, Kucer. do you know how much paper your class wastes? do you? do you? you and your bloody powerpoints.
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Oh man, oh man, it's the last Jazz Cabaret. ever. I mean even if I ever come back as an alumni it won't be the same because I won't know anybody, my class will be gone, and asdjgka;lfa;ajkjlgjlsak WHY.

Jazz Cab is honestly one of my favorite events year-round. I don't much care for prom or any of the other dances, but missing Jazz Cab just grates on my nerves like nothing else.

Maybe I'll just go for an hour...? but that'll probably make it worse, not better bleargh

edit: wtf [ profile] darksabrelord did you delete your facebook?! less than a day after you post on my wall???? that's rude you know :o

I'm totally willing to take up the offer of food as well (except I only ever really learned 3 official dishes and I've forgotten at least 2 of them so I'll have to brush up on that o_____o;;; I can teach you my secret cookie recipe meanwhile?) but I'm pretty busy this weekend. D: So I hope you're in town for awhile. And I hope you see this post Mr. Facebook Deleter because I would rather not call because I have your number but I think I've called you like. once in my life. yeah.

/end digression

edit2: Ahhhhhh I finally, finally regained my touch on the Bach and now I've lost it on the Rachmaninoff. Or maybe I'm just not in the right mood right now.

When I'm practicing I get this most peculiar sense that all my thoughts and feelings are being absorbed by the piano, soaking in and in until nothing is left but me and the piece I'm working on. It's a bit unnerving.


Feb. 2nd, 2009 03:31 pm
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Oh God, oh God, someone tell me I haven't caught that same cold/flu/illness that's been going around, I really don't want to get sick kthxbye.

Gum really helps a parched feeling throat. Funny I never thought of that before. Maybe it's because I'm so particular about my gum (has to be spearmint; random brands OK but Starbucks' preferred).

[ profile] backseatdream, you forgot to take City of Bones. :( And might I say that I automatically typed in [ profile] kyouten just now and had to change it and I wish you hadn't changed your sn but oh well.

To both [ profile] backseatdream and [ profile] huglomper - we should have given the fries to Tiffany. She would have super-appreciated it apparently (what a piggie xP) and she kept complaining about it. =.= Dunno if the other kid ever got them.

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yes I think I've had that to my heart's content today.

Originally I was going to Palace BBQ with Keropi! who, alas, became so lovesick at the thought of seeing me again after THREE WHOLE WEEKS that she fell horribly, horribly ill and was thus confined to bed and could not come.

That left me and Mel, who had originally been planning to join us.

Then we found out that Palace lunch > dinner, that is, it is cheaper by SIX WHOLE DOLLARS. We immediately took advantage of the situation, like true Asians, and adjusted our plans accordingly.

Whereupon I drive to the wrong Palace (hey, it's not like I've been there before) and Mel says, "It's OK, I'm here already, I'll wait for you!"

Whereupon I drive to the right Palace and find a sign reading: CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

Mel: Lalalala let's go eat!
Me: Why didn't you tell me earlier that it was CLOSED?!
Mel: Huh? *squint* Whoa, when'd that get there?
Me: /facepalm

We ended up eating BBQ @ the Korean Tofu House (in Cupertino Village) which was also v. good. And then we walked around a little (or a lot) and chatted about things ranging from manga to college to shrimp.

Presently I receive a call from my parents informing me that they are out to lunch. Very well.

On our fifth circuit, I notice a car that looks suspiciously like my parents'.

My parents then call to tell me they are at the Village! lawlz.

My mom drags us off to Valley Fair in order to use our Gap giftcard (with $100+ worth of returned Christmas presents within). We visit Red Mango and relive an episode from two days ago, where Pumaboy has been replaced with my dad and sister #2 has been replaced with le Melody.

Which is to say, three people spent a very very long time hogging the Eero Aarnio Ball Chairs (which I have decided I absolutely must obtain within the next four years of my life) and shamelessly refused to get out.

Eventually (T______T) we were forced to return, whereupon I spent many hours at Melody's house, alternately playing with Max and eating KIMCHI JIGE. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

yay spicy foods are the win.
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finished Honey and Clover season 2!

despite all the season 1 > season 2 reviews, I really liked it. o_____o mebbe just me? I think you just shouldn't try to look for more of the same, they each have their good points and bad points. and it was like an extended conclusion, yes.

In other news, I am starting another (much smaller) bet against myself! i.e. piano productivity until the end of January.

Terms: One hour of piano each day from now 'til the 31st, at least 40 mins of which being continuous.

Stakes: If I win, I will take a month off my Nong Shim abstinence! OR I will avail myself to one day off in February. I haven't decided yet.

If I lose... I better not lose something as easy as this or I'll kill myself. srsly.

YES AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THIS IS BECAUSE I MISS MY NEOGURI. GREATLY. SO MUCH THAT IT PLAGUES MY DREAMS! In fact the other day I had a vague craving for it before I went to bed and IT APPEARED, DELICIOUS AND APPETIZING in my dreams and then, and then, IN MY DREAM before my eyes I GAVE IT TO MY SISTER because IN MY FREAKING DREAM I suddenly remembered that I couldn't have any Neoguri, which I apparently forgot (in my dream) while I was cooking it.


Maybe I should order some Cham Pong when I go to Palace with Keropi. BUT ONE BOWL IS SO BIG HOW WILL I HAVE ROOM FOR BBQ IF I EAT CHAM PONG.................................

(the dots symbolize my distress)



Oct. 19th, 2007 10:37 pm
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so tired...

Yeah, kids, when choosing which meals to skip in a day, don't choose all 3. It doesn't help with, you know, the energy thing. =.= It also sort of dampens your general outlook on life. I suppose your body is too busy calling out for nourishment and gets cranky when it has to deal with other issues first?

I had things I wanted to post about, but I can't formulate them into a coherent train of thought, so I'll postpone them for now.
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Experimental cooking = success!

Dutch Baby Pancakes = yummy

mom = pleased

me = ded

life = good

class @ 10 = lame.
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I dropped my 蛋塔 into the sink ahhhhhhhhh~ into a bowl that contained a puddle of dirty dishwater AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

TT /cries

I didn't even get ONE BITE

1. Auditions are delayed to next week coz the person didn't show up. :)
3. Have iTunes on laptop now! ^^ can play w/dling music and stuff.
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chewed through 3 Orson Card novels and another short story compilation of his in the past day or two. I think I'll stop now before I read more, otherwise I'll start obsessing over them. Hart's Hope... *-*

I like the short story Lost Boy, though. I don't know why. It's a bit morbidly disturbing. And now that Louis mentioned it, it'd be nice if I could find Ender's Game somewhere, too. We might have it. We have a LOT of Card in the house.

I haven't obsessively read for a while. (Not since DRoP. XD) At least not random books like these. Mostly if I read I read the more well known books. Classics, and the like. No one knows Hart's Hope or Pastwatch etc or at least compared to a lot of books their fame is pretty low. None match up to Ender, of course.

In other news! Nothing for lunch, so I experimented making pot stickers and fried rice. The first attempt was a bit disasterous. Waited too long, and there was a mild splash of flying boiling oil which has left a few oil-splash-shaped small painful red marks on my right hand, and I sacrificed two pot stickers to boot. But the second time was fine. :D They were good.

Used too much soy sauce for the fried rice. _ _;; Not my fault! I was planning on using the korean sauce but apparently the tube was mostly empty so I substituted and then too much came out because you know those bottles are designed like that - for too much to come out on accident. And then you run out faster and go back and buy more and they can earn more money.


What is fried rice without eggs? T____T

but I found raw meat and stuff and greenstuffs although WHERE did our garlic powder go in the days I was gone? well so it was decently fried rice looking. And it tasted good, too, although I think I'm the only weirdo who will ever add 肉鬆 to fried rice. Ever. 'sgood, though.

All in all, pretty successful first attempts! Yay! So I can officially make pot stickers now. At least from raw ones. I technically have gone through the whole dough thing and the folding of the pot sticker etc with my grandma but that's good enough for like supermarket stuff. Although in my case it's grandma stuff.

Cannot officially make fried rice yet, because wtf soy sauce drenched + no eggs does not COUNT. I will try again later in the week.

0039 edit: I don't think I'll ever get over this jetlag. Midnight's a good time to walk the dog, though. Lots of stars out.
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Grades are in! and I am so happy with them. No words. No words. YESSSSSSS.

Don't click on the cut if you can't stand gloaty gradestuffs. You have been forwarned.

sheer GLEE )

Eeeee so despite all the occasional Bs and stuff during 6/12wk grading periods, my final freshman semester grades still stand unblemished.


Mmk, that done with, I'll snap out of overachiever-nerd-mode now. XD;; Sorry! ehehehehehehehe...

1324 edit: Whoa we have ice cream in the house? dude, 2 full unopened cartons. How did I not know this?

Mmmm it's summer I should dig out the ice machine and start making 刨冰 again... and dig out the Chinese chessboard and the go board and set up the portable fan... mm yeah it's summer, man...
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I sense no urgent callings whatsoever from my stomach, despite the skipping of two meals.

I s'pose it's finally given up on the futile pleas and has deserted me in a wave of abandoned indignance to go sulk in a dark shadowy corner somewhere. oO;; I shall apologize and feed it in the near future. But not just yet.

First things first... Cello recital pictures are out!!!! Not from the competition, from the student recital a few weeks ago.

Whoa I actually look pretty cool in that picture. What a surprise. In most piano recital vids/photos I look the absolute dork.

And then! Oh beloved computer, I have been away from you for SO LONG (yes, an entire weekend! Aren't I so pathetic?) or at least, I have made use of you as only a TOOL, for research and typing up projects and the complete exploitation of wikipedia (and I NEVER want to have anything to do with Malaysia EVER again), and never mind that computers were orginally created as tools-- they are tools, yes, but to fun and games and recreation! and instant messaging and email and communication and LIVEJOURNAL. yes.

Shush, I know I'm hopelessly addicted. Like you're one to talk.

.... the flist has moved far beyond my reaches. I'll catch up later.

So, brief recap on the weekend... )

Mmmmm finals week. Periods 3 5 7 tomorrow. Geometry, Geography, and Bio. I think I'm going to spend all of today doing per6 English homework (this is the ONLY class that's still giving work now) and studying for per4 PreCalc. >>;; I will die on conics without studying. Tomorrow's finals can go to hell.

Oh look, my stomach seems to have found sulking alone an incessant bore as I've not been paying it any mind. It's slowly coming back out of its fit of temper, becoming once again the mumbling grumbling self. Before long it will drop the pretense entirely and start complaining loudly without any heed.

As such, I am off now. To shower my stomach with apologies and food. :) It is important to pay tribute to your stomach! Unless you want to suffer its tantrums which will very likely cause you much unnecessary pain~

1834 edit: I am amused.

My cousin, needing 4 books for school over the summer (namely, As I Lay Dying, A Farewell to Arms, Canary Row, and Winesburg, Ohio), desperately ransacked all the nearby public libraries one by one... to no avail. Not wanting to waste money unnecessarily, she appeals to our house... and lo and behold! We have them ALL. rofl~~ *pwns the libraries*

My house is a TREASURE trove. I should get to exploring it more during the summer. I've barely even started on the books in the garage...
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Today was funny.

I wasn't hungry at all for dinner; parents knocked while I was showering going "Our hair's turning white waiting for you!" and I told them to eat and so they did and I was just not hungry.

Weird, because I had v. little breakfast (rushed off to Tiff's house on bike and managed to be perfectly on time! and the only person who was so. XD) and v. little lunch (stayed after at Tiff's for a bit and they insisted upon feeding me) and then dance today was v. hardcore, because Natasha and Tiffany were both absent so it was just the three of us, us family (Jenn and Iris are cousins), and it was almost like a private lesson and she worked us v. hard. Also to note, today was incredibly HOT wtf. Guzheng is back onto the Battle with the Typhoon song (remember people I played that for talent show?) which is also a v. animated piece...

And there was the whole tangle with Tiff's videocamera not working with my comp and biking there and back AGAIN for firewire and charger and USB (wheee my no-hand biking skills came in handy for once) and it was a crazy affair.

Yet, I had absolutely no inclination for food until roughly midnight, when I finished editing.


Then I was somewhat hungry, and sought out food still left on the dinner table solely for my sake, ate, ate more, wolfed stuff down, and suddenly all the missing hunger seemed to pile upon me and I was pressed for food and tore apart the pantry like a famished beast.

I agree with my dad. You can eat raw vegetables until your stomach is filled physically full fit to burst and you feel it full and know you're full and yet... still be starving at the same time. (Yeah dad recently got put onto a nearly vegan diet...)

So anyway, spent a good 5 hours this morning making mochi at Tiff's. It was great fun. Mochi machines are the coolest devices ever invented. EVAR. Mochi itself is evil. IT BURNS. And is a downright PAIN to clean up. Aside from that, it was fun.

Mmmm well done editing now and finally done organising the English portfolio and also with all the USB crap (my god USB SOOO SLOW) that I needed to do so dad could convert it into a dvd. But it's all done now.

oO;; I have alarms set for 5 and 6 A.M., as usual. That shall be in... 2 and 3 hours, respectively. Scary. Watch me die tomorrow.

&without further ado, I retire to bed.
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So today was bike to school day! I had no idea.

I did wonder, because Byron passed my house just as I came out and I thought ... ah Grant! Wait never mind! ...hey when has BYRON ever biked to school?

So I raced him to school (frack, our route is ALL uphill what a pain) and won.

Of course, I should've taken caution from yesterday coz after I beat Grant to school (heh the two of us race nearly every morning) incidentally meaning we both got there in ~ 5 minutes =.=;; um good exercise! I had these major abdominal cramps and nearly died, and you think I would know better... but hey, it's Byron. And... yeah.

Well, so it triggered the menstrual cramps and I had to hang onto my locker door for a while before I could stumble into Japanese where I promptly went *head* *desk* +grabbed the bar underneath the desk really really hard so its shape got imprinted onto my palm, but it wore out in a few minutes. It was okay, actually. At least I wasn't, y'know, going from attempted painful walking -> stumbling -> staggering -> can barely stand -> somehow making it to a bathroom past the shockwaves of pain -> curling up in a withered little ball in the handicap stall and waiting for the jarring waves of abdominal seizure to die down while sweating in massive puddles and looking very much like an ashen-faced zombie. (Which is what happened yesterday, btw.)

Yeah, and I didn't have a lunch today! But that girl came over and informed me that I get a free lunch for biking to school. ^^ ISN'T THAT SO AWESOME?!

They had a pretty good lunch too. Pizza, sandwiches, Oreos, Capri-Suns, soda, all for the taking. Some guy took four slices. oO;;

I had plenty of food, so I gave most of my Oreos (and the cookie I got from Erica) to the Tiffany, who had been discreetly Oreo-eyeing with a pleading look of woe on her face. XD Tiff is so funnyyyy... like the way she talks... even about her problems...

"And yeah! Well she looks like this nice lady right? But noooo not really like poke her a bit? SHE'LL BITE YOU. She is scaryyyyy LIKE A MAD DOG AAAAAAAAAH so like she calls all our flute teachers and my teacher was like 'she sounds like a little girl!' and she does she IS like a little girl she has this teeny tiny eee high pitched voice like a little girl only she's NOT because SHE'S SCARY andandand..."

... and so on and so forth. I love her comparisons. XD

Uhm. yesterday was fun. kinda. write about it later. maybe.


Apr. 26th, 2006 04:18 pm
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[so I'm using big text again. but not quite so big as it was.]

This morning I skipped breakfast purely out of laziness. oO;; I actually woke early, too. I have no idea why I've been waking regularly at ~6 every day when I'm consistently going to sleep past midnight. Anyway, I had two hours and I was just like: I have so much time. *sit* *blinkblink* *too lazy to move* *too lazy to change* Oh look, it's the Bio packet on my desk! Let's finish the rest of it and not have work for the rest of the week. *finishes it* *sit* Look Chinese hw! *does that too* .... *sit* *stare out window* ... *stomach growls* I'm hungry. I should eat. ....... *sit*

Didn't dress til about 2 minutes before departure. _ _;;

I actually toasted a bagel for lunch, but being me, forgot to bring it. ^^;

Had no moneyyy, but found 82 cents in various nooks and crannies of my backpack. And Yuwen kindly threw me a quarter so I could get 3 chocolate chip cookies! I didn't eat the third one. I like. gnawed on it. and consumed about half of it during English. and was loath to eat more because then I'd have no more food. but I ate it afterschool.

So... over a time period of 20 hours or so, I had nothing but 3 cookies. XD Cookies are good. I should probably eat something now. For some reason I'm not hungry at all. I feel like I've been totally backwards lately.

Laaaaah I'm happy right now. And I'm like Whoa my bad mood rants are so stupid and silly and immature. *has urge to delete* But I never delete. And in any case, wait 'til I get in a bad mood again. Something will happen and my mood will flip upside-down like a pancake, and I'll be like ... How do I look at life optimistically? How can I normally face life so happily? AUUUUUGH. and I'll read this and be like what the hell. *revokes it all in my mind* And I will rant. or not. and later I will be happy again and look back on my rant and be like .... wow I so stupid. *completely agrees with this paragraph again*

My moods follow such a predictable pattern. _ _;; But I can't change it, either. Ehhhh well. work now.

1847 edit: I don't know why I pryyy... I don't always do it (wtf I don't have time to spaare to be nosy), only when I feel like I need to, but it's like... it doesn't really achieve much, does it? I don't think it ever makes things worse than they already are... well I waste much time and I take much of another person's time, but aside from that... eh but it doesn't make things better, either. Well maybe somewhat? hum.

Ehe whatever I'll just trust gut feelings. I think I just don't quite know why sometimes I instinctively feel like I should... Then again, sometimes telling someone about something and just having someone, anyone, *really* understand you can make a person feel better?

Ahaha I don't know. It's a wonderful form of procrastination though; look it's 7 PM already eek I need to instrumeeeent~

Well Jiji I hope... you feel better... XD Sorry for being such a pest and all and delaying your hwstuff. o_O;; I apologiiiise~


Mar. 12th, 2006 05:29 pm
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I haven't had Neoguri in so long, they've changed the inside packaging. Of the spicy powders and the other seaweed stuff.


Mmmmmmmm~ ^^

2013 edit: W00T cello ??? ??? YAY~~~ can't think of an Eng way to put it >.> well, Kim's right, but she's always right and I knew it, but eh I KNEW rationally but during the lesson I was still. blargh. Like the past two weeks aft coming back from Taiwan my celloness has been shabby. and. well. now that I'm back again, I have no idea how I could have played with such bad sound and managed to ENDURE it. which is, again, Kim's exact words, only during the lesson I knew she had a point but I still. didn't hear it. and yeah. and. well. now that I'm no longer playing mediocrely (srsly what have I been DOING) like. I can play properly. And. .... I dunno how to say it.

MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA this piece is so much fun. Now that I'm like. *REALLY* playing it


Nov. 21st, 2005 09:55 pm
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Behold. The. Glorious. ONIGIRI.

... in yo' FACE, Tiffany!

Pwnt, guys, totally pwnt. AO TEAM BE WINNAAAAR~~


Jul. 9th, 2005 11:49 am
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Watching lots of anime... slacking somewhat with translating because I feel like it. I've done more than FS already, and I wasn't even there for 5 months. Reading "Neverwhere" - a kind of weird book but not bad.

Eaten lots and lots of Neoguri the past two days. One, because it tastes good. Two, it's spicy and thus distracts from my teeth. Three, it's soft and thus easy to chew.

But too much of something doesn't settle too well with my stomach. =X Oh well, can't be helped. My teeth don't hurt much any more, and I'll forget it soon, based on past experience, until the next time they tighten it. >> I don't want to wear this weird contraption to CTY. It feels awkward when I close my mouth and I can't quite smile properly. Ah well, I'll get used to it soon enough. At least I'm not one of those poor underbiters that get headgear. -_-'''

On a completely random note... try to type your name with your elbow! ..."aqdelas changh" Hmmm... not bad. XD I've seen worse.

Adam's trying to play Kimagure Orange Road - Madoka Piano Files - Emotion in the background. I like that song. I also like "Missing." They're great piano pieces. Because I like them, I learned how to play them. If anyone wants to hear them, go here and do a Find for "missing' or "emotion" and it should jump there. Then click download! XD I can play "Emotion" about as well as Madoka, but "Missing," even though it's shorter, is harder. So I'm not quite there yet.


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