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Dec. 6th, 2009 10:49 am
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Unit 2 Triple
Standard meal plan

schedule )
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Okay so my schedule division? (by block period)

Tues/Thurs: Econ, Bio, Lang
Wed/Fri: Ceramics, Orch, TA

ahahahhahaha I'm slacking so much this year. but I'm also (for the first time really) managing to keep up with instrument practise, which is a good thing. If I get more efficient at my time-management, I might even be able to squeeze guzheng in there somewhere.

mmm really need to get started on those supplements though. :x bloody college.


Sep. 11th, 2008 04:24 pm
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september 11th.

moment of silence, everyone.

now! )


Aug. 25th, 2008 04:12 pm
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first day of school!

I got virtually no sleep last night. I think it's because I forgot to eat dinner until 11ish, when I started getting the trembly-shakes and the dizzy spells and couldn't focus properly to do anything, and my stomach growled and went: FEED ME. FEED ME NOW.

I already brushed my teeth and everything too. D:

Woke up at 6, showered, practised instruments, went off to school with a vague panicky feeling that grew as I drove and developed into very uncharacteristic full-blown anxiety as I reached the school, as though something is bound to go wrong. I attribute it to the lack of sleep and the fact that the AC on my car is freezing, and when you get cold you tense up, and when you tense up your mood adjusts to match your physical behavior. That's my theory, anyway.


Econ - Class much too large, Dwyer moderately amusing.
Bio - Kucer has some sort of obsession with butterflies. I refuse to believe he folded them all himself. He must have hired youthful little freshmen to do the dirty work for him.
Ceramics - Too large. Chock-full of underclassmen I do not know and upperclassmen I recognize but do not hang out with, seriously considering dropping but we get fed chips and good salsa. So perhaps not.
Orchestra - Is orchestra? HAHAHAH Sara Gambord has a 5" binder I'm so glad to be free of poetry. :)
Psychology - Decent. One gangster kid keeps asking hilarious questions. i.e.,

RIDGE: So, what were your expectations of this class? What did you come here to learn about?
KID: Drugs.
RIDGE: Excuse me?
KID: DRUGS. Like, don't they affect the mind and stuff? I wanna learn how.

RIDGE: God WHAT is that buzzing noise? It's not someone's phone? Is it the AC? I can't stand buzzing noises!
KID (raises hand): Is this what you would call OCD?

RIDGE: All right, class! Name one thing that the word Psychology makes you think of.
KID1: Hypnosis!
KID2: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!
KID3: The Joker!
GANGSTER KID: ... (looks down at paper and back up again) I have like 5.
RIDGE: It's OK, just name one.
GANGSTER KID: ... ... girls.

etc. etc.

Lang - Best class ever. 20ish people, smallest class I have, and Friend pwns the Awesome Scale. Seriously. Completely worth having a 7th period, just for this class.

In other news, I have cello class tonight at 8! Good thing, coz SHS auditions are on Wed. :O

In other other news, [livejournal.com profile] kyouten and [livejournal.com profile] huglomper if you see this, I still have classes on Sat from 4:30-5:30 apparently, so late afternoon not good for me. D: (noonish is fine though.)


Aug. 17th, 2008 08:24 pm
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2. Econ/Govt
3. AP Bio
4. Ceramics
5. Orchestra
6. Psychology
7. AP Lang

Just FYI, I'm planning to drop Psych after a semester (darn those credits). Also this is subject to change because I want to try for 7th period free, but not if I can't get Friend for my Lang teacher (I have him 7th right now).
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official, confirmed schedule!

2. Eng11H - Ritchie
3. APUSH - Anzalone
4. AP Physics - Drennan
5. Poetry II - Sutton
6. Orchestra - Boitz

+ Japanese @ De Anza College
+ Multivariable Calculus on Stanford EPGY (& maybe more)

so I get to sleep in mornings. excellent.


Aug. 8th, 2007 09:01 pm
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I got a guitar!! ♥♥ Off craigslist. Brand new for $35~

Mel got one too, but hers is full sized and is acoustic electric i.e. it's acoustic but can be plugged in to an amp to be v. loud, so it cost $75.

Have contacted Ted about drumming, hopefully will get license on Tuesday, and in general this crazy band idea looks like it might be one that actually works out if we stick to it, as The Heartbreak Kid is totally an official song now because while it doesn't have an album version or anything, it's got complete lyrics and complete melody and all three of us have had it stuck in our heads at various points in time, and I think that qualifies it as a real song.

And, like the lame Asian girls we are, we came up with really lame titles for each other along the lines of Heartbreaker, Trickster, and Executioner (guess who's who :3), and in general, with Mel's continued emo-lyrics churning out, it looks like we'll be a v. emo girlband that heavily rips off Fall Out Boy and are exceedingly bizarre and write terrible songs, but that's okay. ♥

In other news, writing HPDH continuation fanfiction is ridiculously difficult. v___v So many students, so many characters! Even if they're minor. I have to make this huge chart in Microsoft Excel just to keep track of them all. I also have much much much more appreciation for JKR, not that I didn't before.

In other other news, I'll disappear somewhat next week, schedule being something like:

Date   Master Class Cello Lesson Orchestra Concert
8/13 Monday 9:00-10:00am 1:00-2:30pm NA
8/14 Tuesday 9:00-10:00am 1:00-2:00pm NA
8/15 Wednesday 9:00-10:00am 1:00-2:30pm 7:30pm
8/16 Thursday 9:00-10:00am 1:00-2:00pm NA
8/17 Friday 9:00-10:00am 1:00-2:30pm 6:30pm 8:00pm
8/18 Saturday 9:00-10:00am 1:00-2:00pm NA 7:30pm
alkdfjaslkdf LJ needs to stop screwing with my html

+ normal extracurriculars, of course. Along with guitar and drum somewhere in there. And license test. _o_ I shouldn't've signed up for this ensemble thing.

That is, I think, all. Aside from the minor issue that I've decided to scrap math at WV because it clashes with Japanese, and am now instead aiming for AP CS and possibly easy course from Stanford online (Linear Algebra for a whole YEAR! ha.), and will be madly studying Java in the near future. wheeeee.
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hahahahahahahahahahahahaha I feel really hysterical

You know how when things get too crazy you just kind of go insane? yeah.

I seriously thought my life was going to end for a while there.

Scheduling conflicts. Scheduling conflicts. I'd never thought about them, but of course there'd always be some conflicts for some people, and guess what? whatwhatwhat.

I was hit the hardest! Of anyone I know! HA. HA. HA.

Poetry II. Japanese Lang AP. Adv. Orchestra.

That's basically my life right there. At least, what my life centrally revolves around. maybe Japanese not so much, but come on, can't take 5 years of Japanese and let it go to waste

All single-period, no-alternative classes. All in 5th period.

You've got to be kidding me.

The counselor told me I had to drop two~ I almost cried. And then on the way back to third period, I started laughing like a maniac because if I dropped two, I would have only 4 periods left, and the minimum required to even qualify as a student is 5.


Death! Slay! Suicide! Abomination! Self-mutilation! I don't know what I'm saying! HOW ABOUT LET'S JUST GO TO HELL AND BE DONE WITH IT.

Of course, though, there's a solution to everything. mostly. not everything everything, but-- close enough.

So, here was the brilliant solution we finally came up with an hour ago discussing lengthily with the counselor:

Japanese in De Anza College. They offer up to Jap6, and are on a quarter system, so I can probably take Japanese 4-5-6 no problem. AND screw the AP test, y'know. Since, if I don't put that onto my HS transcript, it'll just count for direct college credit. Which is what the AP test attempts to get you out of, remember? right.

Aoki's a horrible teacher anyway, so this might work out better for me. As long as their class isn't Tuesday evenings. If I have another conflict with orchestra I'm going to go kill something. or someone. Like Aaron Garg. WHO DOESN'T HAVE ANY CONFLICTS. /kicks him

Poetry II stays 5th. They've merged it back to one period, and Sutton might be leaving the year after, and... yeah.

Orchestra 6th. Demoted back to intermediate! sigh.

BUT, on the flip side, I have an excellent chance of being principal then. EVEN if Grace Kim and Kevin whatshisname anyway the new freshmen - even if they're better than me, which I'm pretty sure Grace is (she's also my teacher's student =.= sighhhhh), I have a really high chance of Boitz giving it to me just on terms of seniority. I'll be the only junior cello. :D No seniors.

AND, he'll let me stay in Saratoga Strings. As in, I still get the advanced music! And I can independent study it. And he and Sutton will make some sort of deal where he occasionally pulls me out of IIs to practice with them, because I can't NEVER practice with them... >>;

Have yet to talk with Sutton. but it sounds like it might work. De Anza's class schedule also isn't out yet.

No but, this seriously better work. Otherwise I'll go around killing people. I'll make a deathlist. It'll be like:


Shieh-- didn't give me a cookie
Garg-- no scheduling conflicts
Kim-- refused my proposal
Yao-- gay (not)
Lin-- keep me company in hell
Chatgroup-- same reason as above
Tang-- has a happy existence
Park-- too good @ violin
....I can go on and on and on hahaha

...yeah. thus is life. what a horrible scare that gave me. If I seriously dropped two of those classes and took on some other, Iono, bullshit class, my life would have pretty much ended right there. _ _; scaryyyyyyyyyyy.
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Three day weekends are supposed to be restful, aren't they?

Ohoh but this morning I SHOT out of bed with a heart attack at ~8 thinking that I was horribly late for school and then I was like OMG no school! Which was nice. :) Although it kind of killed all sleep after that.

Ahaha so today me and Adam became babysitters!

I was LATE to quartet practice in the morning, not because I wasn't up (I was up at eight!!! T__T) but because I woke mom up IN TIME to get there and she was like "...waiiit, let me get dreeeessed..." (sleepy), and then she takes a really really long time so by the time she's done we were gonna be late, and then she looks at the time and goes, "Oh man, I took too long, now time, now I can't send you because I have to make breakfast for dad because he's giving a lecture today (dad gave a lecture today at our house about godknowswhat) so go wake Adam up or something (Adam was still blissfully sleeping in)" so then I was like "AHHHH ADAM GET UP SAVE ME I'M LATE T___T" and he grumbled and got up and on the way there both of us complained to each other about how mom could've told me to wake him up BEFORE she went to get dressed maybe so I would've been on time, but anyway, pretty horrible. Informal practice without Kim, though, so it wasn't too bad. Fellow HSers don't mind quite as much. Still. *dislikes being late*

Quartet til 12, blahblahblah fastforward to when I get back home.

So dad's finished his lecture, a gajillion Asian family friends, parents whatever are all sitting around the dining table and they're just chattering on and on and on.

And it turns out! Those two little kids who've been to my house before, one's 4.5 and the other's 6.5, are here because day care is closed!

The adults stayed talking around our table until 5-6 PM.

The parents of THOSE particular kids stayed with us til 7-8, then went out to dinner with us until like 9:30.


Little kids are hella funny though. Kids do the weirdest things. It's hilarious. And playing with them is pretty fun. Keeping w/their attention span gets pretty tiring though. Any one thing can't keep their attention for long. And if you don't constantly check on them and comment on what they're doing, they'll lose interest and start poking around your hw and stuff because they're bored. (And if you give them say a photo album or something, it'll keep them busy for the next 15 minutes, but every 10 seconds they'll come poke you to ask about a picture...)

haha just like, when you're trying to figure out some calculus in the middle of it all (and failing) their attachment can get kind of @@. XD;

ahahaha little kids are sweet though. They loved me. I thought that was hilarious. They loved all the stupid tricks I showed them and all the random gizmos I came up with from around the house to entertain them, and I mean some of my tricks were pretty stupid, because there's a limit to the number of new things you can come up with after a couple of hours but they're delighted by the randomest, stupidest things. XD; Kids are so funny~

haha I still have the little boy's favorite pink teddy bear (hehe he's such a girl). It's been sitting on my shelf because I have no idea what to do with it. XD;

At dinner, though, from the combination of continuous homeworking/little kid entertaining, I was about to go crazy and had an urge to bounce around and do crazy things (like the kids were doing) because I was bored and frustrated and impatient and pent-up irritable, but it annoyed my brother, soso! Guess what I found out!

...meditating (or just like closing your eyes and resting) really helps killing impatience and bad temper!

OK maybe that was like common sense but I just had the revelation today and. MWAHAHA. this will be good for future reference.

And now! that Adam's out of the bathroom! showertime.

2247 edit: Oh, isn't that grand. I just found out my schedule for the next 5 days to come. yuck. Will post after shower for benefit of certain people who I know would like to know.

2308 edit: Okay, so. School + XC general goes to 5-6ish, and from there.

tmr: clashing SHS orchestra from 7-9 and benefit concert orchestra from 7:30-9. will figure that out.
Wed: benefit rehearsal from 7:30-9
Thurs: XC meet (I think clarified; we've a meet @ lynbrook), piano 8:30-9:30
Fri: cello quartet/orchestra rehearsal 4:30-9
Sat: cello class 2-3, dress rehearsal + benefit concert 5-9

*dies* so. I guess apologies in advance if I don't keep "in contact" because I doubt I will.

And. To anybody who might need to contact me, for w/e reason. Please don't call during class/rehearsal time? I mean I turn my cellphone off to vibrate etc but you guys all know what a dunderhead I am and I forget v. often and they really HATE you for it esp the orchestras so... yeah. x.x

mmk that's all I think.
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01. AP Calculus BC, Warmuth
02. World History, Davey
03. Japanese 3, Aoki
04. English 10, STAFF
05. Orchestra 3, Boitz
06. Poetry 1, Sutton
07. Chemistry H, Chang
08. Fall Sport/Cross Country
08. Spring Sport/Track and Field

Dunno what's up with the English teacher, but I heard people quit and everything's pretty screwed up right now, as is the science department. Chang's some new teacher. I hope she's okay...

The orchestra retreat yesterday... ehhh I'm kind of worried about the cello section because with Austin Chris Fred and William gone we're really going to suck and the 2 incoming celloes don't look particularly promising and bleh.

I want to meet the new Korean kid though. He's in our year, violinist, been living in Korea for the past few years, and according to my cello teacher he played this one piece so well (really difficult piece with French name that I forgot) that he made her cry. And if you know Kim, that's pretty impressive. And he's supposedly hella better than Jamie and all so I'm pretty curious. Though still, all the section leaders graduated... ==;; aiya.

Ohoh so I actually woke up in time today for XC practice and guess what? Band was practicing on the field! And I was like ZOMG IT'S TIFFANY *waves like a madman* and she gave me this look. And waved back. Oh and I didn't turn in my forms or anything so Mr. Jordan was like "I'm very sorry but you have to sit out because I can't allow people to join in practice until they've been cleared" but I joined anyway. And then it was kind of like...

Jordan: ...you added yourself to this group, didn't you?
Me: =^^=
Jordan: OK, I didn't see you.
Me: =^^=
Jordan: Hey everyone, Adele* doesn't exist! You're all EYEWITNESSES!
Me: =^^=

* all the XC people call me Adele instead of Adela except Ashley/Lisa, for no particular reason

hehe /amuuuuuuused. So then basically he wasn't allowed to let me in practice because "if you got a heart attack or something I can't be responsible because you haven't signed the forms" ("...what are the chances of THAT?" "...shh I have to follow the rules!") and I was like "OK so I'm a random person who's running of my own accord and I happen to be on the track at the same time as the XC team and I happen to do the same exercises with everyone and if I'm not on the team I'm not under your jurisdiction so :OO!!" and he couldn't really do anything about that. XD And I think he wanted me to run anyway.

Lalala in other news Adam's coming home w/Katie TOMORROW! LIEKWOAHZOMG eeeeeeeeeeeee!! *parties*
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Aft this year ends...

Prospective four year plan )

1719: Wow srsly. Now that I look at this, I'm inclined to believe Poetry gives more work than all the APs put together. how depressing.
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Boring school stuff ) SCHEDULE CHANGE!!! SUCCESSFUL!!! XDD

View here! I've successfully rigged my schedule to switch into TrigAnalH next semester which equals Trig//PreCalc.... I wanted to get it 3rd period so I could shove Geometry back to 7th period so it would be easier to play hooky, but that was impossible apparently so this is how it turned out. Not bad.

Ah, nonSHSers can't use the site, huh. Didn't think of that. Well anyways here... not that you guys would care much.

Old scheduleNew schedule
5P.E.World Geography
8 Track and Field

Details )

Piano is on total lax right now, because of the recital. I'll pick up on it after the next class. >< Keropi I'll TRY to work on the piece for you... but I'm really not sure I can get it done in time. Yeh...

Well, I better get to work now. Still got to draw and color my brochure...

Edit: Aaaaah I'm dying owow ow OWW T___T I can't do ANYTHING. I can only curl up here and feel like crap and wait for it to pass aaaaaaah this sucks >< I'm incapable of HOMEWORK, and well instruments there's no way... ugh...

*spasms* *convulses* *dies*


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