Mar. 26th, 2015 12:08 pm
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is crazy

going to rehearse piano performance outdoors in my sister's backyard today at 2

and checking out the clever eggplant in person tonight, in preparation for a live music appearance early april

i. feel. so. unprepared!

i want to

Jun. 5th, 2014 03:03 am
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play jazz piano

i wish i could be alone with my piano again

even though i got a piano off the streets and even managed to replace all its keytops i feel like i rarely play because i don't like disrupting people and then i am not disciplined/organized enough to specifically find time when the piano is free to play. i just want to play whenever i feel like it, and stop whenever i feel like it. and if it's not free when i want, then i end up not playing

maybe i'm too conscious of other people

i miss the co-ops

and the little room on the top floor of kcp in tokyo with the stand-up in the corner where i first met weena

i made so much progress on rach 2 back then



Sep. 23rd, 2012 01:09 am
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is amazing.


how? how does music fix your back????

i was at an all time low when i got to ranch! didn't sleep well (stupid light), didn't eat for half the morning, emotionally stressed, missed the bus with all the tasa people in it, drove to ranch, felt so tired/nauseous, couldn't eat even a quarter of the noodle soup i ordered...

and then i went to that little shop with that little brown stand-up outside the door and played


i love love love love love the piano

but how? how? it fixed EVERYTHING. and i mean EVERYTHING. i can understand the mood part, but how the hell does a piano fix your nausea AND your lower back pain AND your outlook on life? that's amazing. i'm so grateful. i swear, if i don't get a stand-up in this place by the end of this month, i'm going to cry
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I don't even know why I borrowed this when there's no piano here to practise on.

Guess I just couldn't resist the charm.
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Liszt played so violently that he learned to perform with a spare piano in reserve.
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Fascinating book.

I discovered today that my Chinese professor's primary realm of research is music. Fuck yes professor, I think we are going to become very good friends.

edit: So I was googling this book and found out that its standard price is about $125. Boy, I love being a college student.
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how I have missed you.

Perhaps it's time to pick up my 3-months abandoned quest of Ser Rachmaninoff's second concerto once more.
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croatian rhapsody by maksim has taken over my soul
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I just had a revelation.

I love life so much right now.

And yes, I am a hopeless piano nut to the end.

edit: I would tell you what the actual revelation is, but it sounds exceedingly stupid when put into words.
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SOOO last night I dreamt that the mom of the kid I used to tutor piano in (he quit) called me and said he needed some help. So I went over and lo and behold he hadn't quit after all, he had gotten quite a sight better actually, but he didn't like the songs he had and his mom was hoping I had some pieces his level that he might be interested in.

Well I didn't have any pop that was beginner level, and then I remembered he loved Pirates so I figured I could just arrange an easy version for him! So I was sitting in front of the piano figuring that out as the kid looked on curiously...

...when I woke up and figured, why not?

SO HERE IS a super easy version of pirates for beginners, although for the love of god I don't know who would actually play this when, well, the uber cool version is so much cooler. o____o !!

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of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2 last night.

Life is good. :)

piano <3333

Jun. 2nd, 2009 11:38 pm
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I hate to post twice, and so short each, but [ profile] yokainomiko made me the prettiest piano icon and I had to show it off.

Fitting, as my life has been about nothing but piano for the past two days.

Gosh that's a pretty icon though. I love you Stephy. ♥
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Right, so as not to miss important things like concerts and CMEA etc, I feel obligated to make a recap post (I find I tend to refer back to my livejournal more and more for dates and the like, which is just sad, I should purchase a permanent account, I think I'll cry if livejournal ever disappears).

concerts and ensembles )
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Oh man, oh man, it's the last Jazz Cabaret. ever. I mean even if I ever come back as an alumni it won't be the same because I won't know anybody, my class will be gone, and asdjgka;lfa;ajkjlgjlsak WHY.

Jazz Cab is honestly one of my favorite events year-round. I don't much care for prom or any of the other dances, but missing Jazz Cab just grates on my nerves like nothing else.

Maybe I'll just go for an hour...? but that'll probably make it worse, not better bleargh

edit: wtf [ profile] darksabrelord did you delete your facebook?! less than a day after you post on my wall???? that's rude you know :o

I'm totally willing to take up the offer of food as well (except I only ever really learned 3 official dishes and I've forgotten at least 2 of them so I'll have to brush up on that o_____o;;; I can teach you my secret cookie recipe meanwhile?) but I'm pretty busy this weekend. D: So I hope you're in town for awhile. And I hope you see this post Mr. Facebook Deleter because I would rather not call because I have your number but I think I've called you like. once in my life. yeah.

/end digression

edit2: Ahhhhhh I finally, finally regained my touch on the Bach and now I've lost it on the Rachmaninoff. Or maybe I'm just not in the right mood right now.

When I'm practicing I get this most peculiar sense that all my thoughts and feelings are being absorbed by the piano, soaking in and in until nothing is left but me and the piece I'm working on. It's a bit unnerving.
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if one piece takes 1+ hours and I already feel like I need a decent lengthed break, howtf am I going to get through FIVE pieces. and cello. and trio. and gig.

not to mention it's already 8 pm

(these are sort of my thoughts as I am typing this)

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forgot to mention this earlier, but I finished reading Journey to the West! (yes I know, and I should have been reading it during finals week...)

oh it also accounts for the fact that my emo post a few posts back was entirely in Chinese. when you read Chinese you start thinking in Chinese. >>;;

harvard interview was fail. I FORGOT TO DO THE PRE-INTERVIEW SHEET BECAUSE 1) the interview took impossibly long to schedule and it got lost in the multiple emails and 2) I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT BECAUSE OTHER SCHOOLS DON'T REQUIRE A PRE-INTERVIEW SHEET T_____T /headdesk headdesk headdesk

I'm not going to get into college. boooooooooo.

on a happier note, I finished arranging Forever Young.

...only took four years.


(note: it didn't actually took four years, it took more like... a couple days each out of each year of the four years)

so thanks to 3gatsu and Kevin's longterm obsession over Honey and Clover, I decided to take a look on it, got hooked, and ended up watching all of season one.

~.~ /wants more

yay break
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concert over.

no more rachmaninoff.

... /sad.
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master class today! (++lots of rehearsal)

I thought I played Bartok the worse I've *ever* played and was all /INNERWINCE; rest was all right, Melvin Chen v. animated &reminds me of my own piano teacher and we were on the same frequency so I could understand him v. well and adjust accordingly.

Family said was fine, their words obviously have no frame of reference to trust from, but Connor blurted out in earnest that it was great (not that he's a pianist), so my frame of reference must be faulty too. Maybe diff piano/setting/acoustics have something to do with it. Will watch vid later and figure out exactly who is right.

In other news...

CPYO concert tomorrow!

Eunha is adorable.

'm tired~

off to sleep.
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I FIGURED OUT THE CRAZYFAST PIANO PART IN SOUTHERN CROSS~~~!! With the help of audio editing program (major slow down!) and it's well just the notes, but. I HAVE THE NOTES. THAT'S THE IMPORTANT PART.


Maybe by the time I graduate from high school, I'll have some sort of weak piano melody imitation of Southern Cross done. XD

I find entirely too many ways with which to waste my time >>;

the problem is, I don't consider it time wasted


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