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You know you have too much time on your hands when you begin to list...

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May. 31st, 2009 04:55 pm
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I think the fact that I took the time out to photoshop this instead of practising really proves how far my mentality has fallen.

I don't even have a legit excuse to be ditching rehearsal right now, aside from practise, which I'm obviously not doing, and aside from the fact that I feel like it's a waste of time and don't want to go, which is obviously not a legit excuse.

The irony is - this manga is about piano! No but srsly guys, I don't remember if I raved about this before or not, but I love this series. You're hard put to find ANY manga out there that's about classical music, and this one's brilliant and it's actually written well.

Without further ado, Piano no Mori ch44~! :D (I picked up where onemanga left off.)

*second link down for minor tweaking

(Despite the tag, my editing is pretty halfassed because editing takes sooooooo much tiiiiiiiime and I'm lazy. T____T Also whoever scanned the raws attempted to get rid of gutter shadow in various places and sucked at it. Oh well.)

In other news, as some of you may or may not have noticed, I have destroyed my facebook! I did this last night because I was rather pissed at life, and now that I am less pissed I think I'll keep it that way because facebook isn't healthy anyway.

BUT I had to temporarily revive it for a couple seconds to retrieve some photos...

...because all emo inner turmoil aside, it's senior year, it's the last WEEK of senior year, school is ending foreverrrr and we are going out with a BANG.

Behold, our epic end-of-the-year Obama mural, MADE ENTIRELY OF POST-IT NOTES.


To prove that this is not a hoax, here are some pictures of the process-of! (Sadly, we only remembered to take pictures near the end because in the beginning we were panicking about how ridiculously impossible this project was gonna be.)

I have no words to describe our awesomeness.

edit: addendum - tagwords for google; [piano no mori chapter 44, the piano forest, the perfect world of kai, forest of the piano]

editedit: addendum2 (should I just stop using 'edit' and switch to 'addendum' instead?) - MAYA'S BOOK IS COMING OUT OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

/rabid fangirl

triple edit: addendum3 - I miss the days of waiting for Drop Dead Gorgeous. :(
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awwwwwwwwwww so cute so cute~~~~ ^^

I didn't think much of Nodame Cantabile when I started reading (meh art) but it's growing on me.

they are so cute

/music nut to the core?
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So, as I've had some free time recently, I discovered Mushishi, a seinen manga by Urushibara Yuki about a mushishi (roughly translates to "mushi master") that travels the countryside searching for mushi (a character that means "insect" in normal Japanese, but here used to represent mysterious supernatural spirit-like creatures that float unseen in the world all around us). The main character, Ginko, "wanders from town to town to find people, young and old, who have been affected by the mushi. He offers explanations, sometimes medication or direct intervention to try to cure the afflicted of their mushi-related problems."

The artwork is quite lovely, particularly some of the color pages (click for close-up):

I find it very rustic. I can't stand big, sparkly-eyed shoujo manga nowadays. It just annoys the heck out of me.

In any case, the scans I was reading online were partially LQ/MQ scanlations, partially Del Rey's English version directly scanned into the computer... and in fact, Del Rey really bothered me.

First, the way they do their sfx. Especially on WATERCOLORED PAGES.

They just layer it on in standard text, regardless of whatever the actual sfx looks like! I mean, even something like this:

Oh yeah, just slap it on there. I find that "sploosh" incredibly offensive. Especially on top of such lovely watercolor (it should be in color, I'm assuming it's in black and white because the person had a black and white scanner - unless Del Rey converted all the color pages to black and white, in which case I have even less respect for them). Besides, "zaba.."? How the hell is that a "sploosh"? It's the softest noise of someone emerging from underwater, which, I admit, there is no good sfx for in English (maybe "splrsh" at most?), but translation notwithstanding, they made no effort whatsoever to match the font or the color. If you're going to standardize the sfx font, then DON'T LAYER IT ON TOP and ruin the image; the author does it because her sfx is hand drawn and a part of the image as a whole, but that. Just. No.

(You see that ザバッ..? See how lovely it is? How different it probably feels from the SPLOOSH?)

Also, they are simply lazy with their typesetting.

Look at that! How much effort does it really take to white out the Japanese ellipses and put in some horizontal English ones? Besides which, English does not use 6 ellipses when it comes before the word; we use three. The 6-ellipses is a primarily Asian language thing. Which is fine. IN JAPANESE. =.= I mean, they even have horizontal ellipses right after "Kai". In the same bubble. Honestly. How much uglier and inconsistent can you get?

All right, I admit. This isn't as bad and it's marginally acceptable for the sake of fitting everything into the bubble. I have to say, though, that is some ugly typesetting in the upper left hand bubble there...

Guh. The top one is still all right, I can see why they might do it that way to keep the centre of balance, but that bottom one? Here's a closeup.

That's so badly centered I could cry. I mean, don't they even consider the fact that it would look so much better, say, like this?

Right, that's wildwords because I don't have their font, and it could probably be done better than I just did, but the point is - I'm not even an editor. I'm a translator. And that took me about twenty seconds to do.

Just. So sloppy.



In other news, happy February, everyone.

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1. Open your library (iTunes, iPod, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

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In other news, I am growing to rather like 3gatsu no Lion, also known as March Comes in As a Lion, BWYS's latest joint project with SCX-scans. It's the most recent work by Umino Chika, the creator of (?) Honey and Clover, and for a wikipedia summary:

The series is set in Tokyo, following the everyday life of a 17-year old shōgi player, Rei (also known as Zero).[1] While describing the series, Umino noted that she based the setting of March Comes in Like a Lion on research she conducted herself, whereas in her earlier and most famous work, Honey and Clover, she had already been familiar with its setting.[2]

The protagonist Rei is a 17-year old professional shōgi player, who lives by himself, not having a real family, and does not go to school and has scarcely any friends. Among his acquaintances is a family, which consists of a young woman, Akari, and two young girls, Momo and Hinata, and who also keep a numerous number of cats.

Covers the general premise, yes. Other sources describe it as "life-ish seinen, with strong monologues and reflections by Rei." It's very philosophical. I didn't like the artwork at all at first, but... it grew on me.

So that ends my little sales pitch of the day. Hopefully if this becomes popular enough some American publisher will pick it up and there'll be legitimate releases in the US.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:05 pm
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It's September! It's September!

Overview summary of the past few days--


cello class!
afternoon relatively uneventful
spent evening ending an old 7th grade love affair and read/reread the entire InuYasha series from beginning to end. YES. ALL OF IT. no actually I skipped about 20 books in the middle because I started getting tired after awhile, but I have officially FINISHED! and gloriously put it behind me. yayyyyyy.


bit groggy from InuYasha
[ profile] huglomper came and we danced! [ profile] backseatdream did not come because - she forgot. AND she lost her phone. lame much?
turns out [ profile] huglomper and I both need 2L bottles for our project. so we hauled our asses off to Lucky's, got three 2L iced teas, then headed off to Tiff's and drank like maniacs. finished off 3L in 30 mins, w/help of drinking games. am now completely sick of iced tea, and if anyone attempts to feed me goldfish with iced tea I will turn around and stuff the whole thing down their gullet.
guzheng class! torture. forgot my contacts &was blind.


morning fairly uneventful
at 12 - [ profile] huglomper calls to say Justin comes at 2
at 2 - [ profile] huglomper calls to say she's not sure when he's coming
at 3:30 - I drop off Rice at groomer's, [ profile] huglomper says they'll be here in 30-40 min and can I go to her house
at 4 - [ profile] huglomper calls to say they are here!
eventually I get there, meet two random ridiculous white kids (friends of Justin) named Darren and Alex, and promptly forget their names.
pmt @ TenRen (cupertino village)
dinner @ Teppan (cupertino village)
fondue @ too full to eat
@ [ profile] huglomper's - piano! card games! interpretive dancing! entertainment!
((edit: if anybody wants to watch darren frolicking with a stool 's LOVELY interpretive dancing, check out [ profile] huglomper's fb vids :3))
split to go home


supposed visit to Harker to hang out w/[ profile] huglomper and [ profile] backseatdream and [ profile] thetunaist and [ profile] ninj4_alex, who's biking over from palo alto? oO;
tried to convince my little sister to come but she has a constitution of iron. also known as her flute teacher. :( she makes me so sad.
other 2 Harker kids boring & wish not to revisit their past
[ profile] ninj4_alex WORST PLANNER EVER. tells us (when we hit Harker) to go to panera, then (when we hit panera) to go to park, then (when we hit park) to go BACK TO PANERA. /facepalm
meet cool person who skateboarded there (Joe?) and person w/laptop (Harold).
random Harker ppl come, ones I haven't seen since 8th grade grad, then leave again.
college talk! also some talk of bad driving and of burning lamps. left early to go to orch.
orchestra! fairly fun, intro stuff made me nostalgic of freshmen year and the class of '06, apparently it made other people nostalgic too because after orch the topic came up a lot while talking w/alumni/boitz. hilarious.

*note: must watch The Dark Knight with Yang.

also a message from Yang to all you CAL people: HAHA suckers you're going to be taking your midterms by the time I start school! :D

she didn't actually say that I said it for her ;p

I wish I could skip apps and go straight to college. Actually I wish I were IN college already. That'd be fun. But I don't know which one I want to be in lawl.
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books I've read of late:

books )

OK! As you can tell, I haven't been reading much real literature as of late. This is because I have been revisiting the world of manga. I find I am much pickier than I used to be, now, and very few series catch my interest. For starters, if the artwork is common or not particularly good, I immediately lose interest. But in any case, here are some I consider decent.

manga )
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quoth miss [ profile] cougarfang: 乾脆去當隻貓咪罷了...
(translation: Might as well go be a cat...)


I dunno though. I've thought about stuff like this. When you're, say, under tremendous stress, or have so much to worry about and you think man, I wish I could go back to so-and-so-time, when life was easy and all I had to worry about was blank and blank...

but when your whole life was about blank and blank, wouldn't your worries about blank and blank, relatively, amount to the same as your worries now? I mean, now you view it as trivial, but that's only because you have worse worries to contrast them to. Before, when they were your whole life, wouldn't they be just about the same? In terms of your mind's level-of-worrying, if you sort of get what I mean.

which really has not so much to do with what she was talking about, of wanting to help friends but not being able to? which could be loosely fit into the category of stress and worrying, I guess, but not quite.

And what I brought up isn't definite either, I mean, because we all know there are times of heavy stress that just are most definitely worse than other times, but then again wouldn't that be more of... the quantity of things to worry about? As opposed to their relative importance in the mind.

...yeah. random thought.

In other news, rereading Dragonball (NOT Dragonball Z kthxbye) makes me laugh.

during wushu competition, Goku vs. random girl--

GIRL: [kickpunchslap!] How do you not know who I am? I'm supposed to be your bride!!
GOKU: [flinchdodgehide] ...bride...?
GIRL: Hmph. Looks like you're finally remembering.
GOKU: ...
GOKU: [waves at people outside of the ring] Oi, Krillin, what's a bride?
EVERYONE: /fallover

GIRL: You idiot, I'm Chichi!
GOKU: Chichi?!
GOKU: That Chichi?
[Image of little Chichi pops up above his head]
CHICHI: Yes, that Chichi!
GOKU: ...marriage...


KIDDIE CHICHI: When we're older, let's get married!
KIDDIE GOKU: Huh? Get what?
KIDDIE CHICHI: Stupid! You heard me!
KIDDIE GOKU: Um, if you're giving me something, sure!

return to current time--

GOKU: Oh my gosh, I did say I would accept marriage!
CHICHI: FINALLY you remember!
GOKU: ......
GOKU'S THOUGHTS: Gee, I thought "married" was some sort of food...
GOKU'S THOUGHTS: Ah, well. Guess I have to keep my word.
GOKU: Let's get married!
ANNOUNCER: Oh? Contestant Goku has gotten married!
CHICHI: /clings happily to Goku's arm

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Jan. 23rd, 2006 04:31 pm
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Hey my library has End of Eva in stock now? Fweee~!!

Sometime later this year I'm totally throwing an Evangelion party where I shall get ahold of ALL of the dvds somehow yes and we can watch the entire series yay!!

Haha, Alyssa Donovan does that every year on a regular basis...

Kuroi bounced over to my house earlier! We didn't do anything. Well, she familiarized herself with the house and we chatted. Which is something, I guess, so screw what I said earlier. She observed the toilet drawings in Adam's room. And the bunches of books in mine. We played with the dog. And then she left!

I wasted way too much time on compgames today. And I have a cello lesson soon. And I haven't practiced at all since Saturday's lesson. Why do I have so little time between lessons anyways...? Mmf, off I go~~~~

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Edit: This somehow turned into a big ramble regarding skirts and CTY. o.o I have no idea how this happened.

Crap. I felt fine during the day, but now I'm sore as hell. >_> And I have a pimple growing in an uncomfortable place. And it's not even remotely close to my face. Let's just say it hurts like hell every time I sit down. So it's not helping. How the heck am I going to get through my lessons tomorrow? Ah, well, *prays* hopefully the pimple will be gone tomorrow? Then again, I'm atheist, so what the heck am I praying to anyways? >>

Mewwww~ Sore~ sore sore sore. I've definitely not exercised enough lately. And then, suddenly, today I take Rice out for a two mile walk, and I went to Valley Fair.... *dies of disbelief* ....and bought skirts.... ....even Tiffany bought 2 skirts... x.x

I never wear skirts. I don't remember ever wearing a skirt other than the required Harker uniform. I've worn dresses when the occasion called for it, but never skirts. ...mew? Well, I doubt I'll wear them often anyways. But they are a lot cooler than pants. As in temperature. Apparently everyone has their own "style" that looks good on them...

[profile] smushedness = Fwoofier moderately short skirts
[profile] fwoofie = Short-short skirts
Me = Knee-length skirts cut for skinny people'
Tiffany = ....none.

I don't know what Tiffany would count as. She got one of the slightly fwoofy skirts that Elizabeth got, and she also got the black skirt that I got. But despite the fact that she could fit extra-small, she bought a medium. I don't get that. I just don't. But maybe it's just me.

Well, I guess it was all in good fun. Everything's for CTY, naturally (I also bought a bathrobe), and to my surprise Adam did not critique it. I was full well expecting him to lecture... well, you can't say he didn't critique it. But he critiqued it in a good way. Not what I expected. --'' Ah, when I got home I also found out that the brown skirt (which has two layers) had this written on its tag. "Shell: 100% silk. Dry-clean only."

If you didn't get that, allow me to explain. THE OUTSIDE of the skirt (two layers) is 100% silk. The inside is some unknown material that they don't mention. >> So I don't even get to feel the silk. And... dry-clean only?! AAAAAHHHHH~~~ *falls into a blackhole* -sigh- I swear, I'll look at the tags next time before I buy them.

Meh... I probably should go to bed. I probably won't have much time to spare on the computer the next few days... we leave on Sunday. I should pack. I finally dragged out a big suitcase, but so far I've only packed underwear, some socks, and... nothing else. Adam took the good frisbee. It was apparently a gift his friend brought back all the way from UCLA and will not be used for play. --'' Whereabouts of THE frisbee is still unclear. Ffffft... to you three... if you find any frisbees at home (no matter how crappy it is), you might want to bring it. Then again, Adam might possibly take me to get some good frisbees, but I'm not sure I'll have the time.

Tomorrow is Friday. Two more instrument classes to go through. If I survive through these, I'm FREE. FREEEEE~~ No more instruments. But the last class ends at 6 pm. That doesn't give me much time. I also have to finish translating Fairy Cube for Earthy. It's Kaori Yuki's latest, apparently. Completely morbid. But the others inform me that Kaori Yuki is always morbid. I wonder if I've read anything else by her. The name sounds familiar. Kaori Yuki... Hm. *does a google search* ........................*falls over* ANGEL SANCTUARY. DUUUUUHHHHHHH~~~

I feel so stupid now.

I liked Angel Sanctuary. Maybe I should ask Earthy to let me keep working on Fairy Cube. >> But I'm busy enough as it is. After Friday is Saturday. On Saturday... Harry Potter book 6 arrives. I'm the first to read it because (obviously) I'm leaving. I had to have a stupid Chinese class on Saturday, which will distract from that... but in any case, Saturday will be very occupied. So most things must be finished Friday. And some time during all that, I have to pack. Or finish packing, at least. --'' Ugh.

But the thought of C.T.Y. really cheers me up. OH I also have to go to the library and return the severely overdue books before they are more overdue. How the heck is this going to fit in my schedule... Well, it'll work out somehow. At least I hope it well.

Time to sleep. Must wake up early tomorrow to start all my tasks.


Jul. 9th, 2005 11:49 am
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Watching lots of anime... slacking somewhat with translating because I feel like it. I've done more than FS already, and I wasn't even there for 5 months. Reading "Neverwhere" - a kind of weird book but not bad.

Eaten lots and lots of Neoguri the past two days. One, because it tastes good. Two, it's spicy and thus distracts from my teeth. Three, it's soft and thus easy to chew.

But too much of something doesn't settle too well with my stomach. =X Oh well, can't be helped. My teeth don't hurt much any more, and I'll forget it soon, based on past experience, until the next time they tighten it. >> I don't want to wear this weird contraption to CTY. It feels awkward when I close my mouth and I can't quite smile properly. Ah well, I'll get used to it soon enough. At least I'm not one of those poor underbiters that get headgear. -_-'''

On a completely random note... try to type your name with your elbow! ..."aqdelas changh" Hmmm... not bad. XD I've seen worse.

Adam's trying to play Kimagure Orange Road - Madoka Piano Files - Emotion in the background. I like that song. I also like "Missing." They're great piano pieces. Because I like them, I learned how to play them. If anyone wants to hear them, go here and do a Find for "missing' or "emotion" and it should jump there. Then click download! XD I can play "Emotion" about as well as Madoka, but "Missing," even though it's shorter, is harder. So I'm not quite there yet.


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