May. 25th, 2014 11:52 pm
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old cty cd on in the car for whatever reason

and OMG i forgot all these good songs existed!!!


...who was the one who tried to hurt me with goodbye you think i'd crumble
you think i'd lay down and die OH NO NOT IIIIIIIIIII

sunt eu un...



Aug. 14th, 2009 09:03 am
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For some reason I haven't really felt like posting lately. Maybe it's coz we got a Wii.

two days )
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So I'm going through old entries and I kind of want to slap my younger self upside the head. My gosh! I was so conceited and obnoxious and elitist and sure that I was right; how did you guys ever manage to put up with me?

This, for example. Holy shit Adela can you get any more gleeful and self-congratulatory. God, what a snob. hahahahaha.

(also, whoa, Melody used to be in orchestra!! o_____o and Alex! and Grace! I totally forgot)

awwwwwww this is still here. so I was cute sometimes~


hay remember my massive CTY post from eons ago? and #2? and #3? Boy I was wordy back then.

Eliza: Isn't it a totally awesome post? Actually, it's only the first week. :P So you should check back later to see Adela's totally awesome writing skills in action again! ^-^
Me: My sentiments exactly.

WOW arrogant much? And not even a ;D to indicate that I was half-serious because... I was SERIOUS! HAHAHAHHH fail.

At this point I believe the frisbee had been lost.

Aw heck, you guys, I hardly remember what the frisbee was like anymore. I wish we hadn't lost it. =/ I remember it was neon-yellowish and the balance was slightly off, and now I've been trained to prefer the standard Ultimate white, but remembering makes me sad, hey.

I think at one point I was the only person left alive on my team. o.o;; Lots of dodging, rolling, hiding behind people who were down, and throwing. =D I actually managed to survive for a few minutes. *proud*


Delmar: *rereads* Oh, now i remember the advantage to tight jeans... >>
Louis: Mm? Explain...
Me: Hehehehe...

First of all, I used to say hehehe? At what point did I switch to heeheehee? And at what point did I switch back? Or was heeheehee just back in middle school... @@

Second, what was the advantage to tight jeans. I cannot for the life of me remember now. ._______.

Debra: they were soo not cheap! now see me, i just bought $12 and under. you guys bought like $15 and up.
Debra: or was it $18 and up? i dunno...
Louis: Noobs. $18? What for the 650$ Spyder jackets? ^^

...haha some aspects of Louis hasn't changed since we met him (super expensive clothing anyone? XD).

(Namely Eliza, Deb, Tiff, Allison, many muffinmen since Christian was there... then Alex, blue-shirt guy, black-shirt kid, fast fat kid, indian guy, and a number of other people I recognize but don’t know the names of)

Man, I don't remember the half of these people anymore. Fickle memories.

Without thinking, they told her that we were all 14. (Upon which Debra protested, “I’m 13!”)

HAHA we're so young. So young!

...she decided, “We must find someone interesting to talk to!” And then, funnily enough, Dylan pops up out of nowhere and goes “Hi, I’m Dylan. How do you do?”

Oh, Dylan. ALL SO YOUNG OMFG. This is particularly strange to read because I was just chatting with him about Princeton yesterday...

All right moving on from CTY now...

6. Amy will never make a good politician.

...haha. I think that's one thing I'm still right about. XD

LOL I don't even remember what Hatikvah sounded like

wowww I am a dork

You know I forgot I used to post on Track/XC this much. It ate up a lot more of my life than I realized... :O

Food, campfire, smores, wandered with Yang and Emily, and then with Wooho (the Korean kid; doesn't his name look like Woohoo?) and some freshmen guys, and then settled by campfire because. COLD.

HAHAH that's right I didn't know Wooho back then!

thethirdChang: the one that was supposed to have a bridge but didn't have a bridge because they ran short on $
kaloryth: ....
kaloryth: the one with the poles of doom?
kaloryth: and the mooning?


odamn. Adela, you are an idiot. A really, really, really big idiot. I don't even know if you know what you're talking about (do you even know what you're talking about?), but I have imperfect recall so w/e.

srsly though. -______-

In my defense, those were some of my busiest times? I do remember that my days in Cross Country and Track and Field amounted to some of the busiest (and most exhausting) days I've had in my life. Not even junior year could compare (it's just not the same when it's a sport)...

... <33333

pumyAON: ..................
pumyAON: QUIT SC?!!?!?!?


dcdcnews: whyyy are you guys taaalkkkinnggg about ap chem!
le pomme d amour: chem is sexy
dcdcnews: what a disgusting conversation


x swirly whirl x: and the judges are like >:D
x swirly whirl x: and the designers are like D:<

Nice description Mai. XP

I should put the rest of our chatlogs online sometime. But it takes so long! oh me oh my...

Yes so I think I am done for now because it is late and I want to sleep. And I've foregone cello practise and piano practise and am not only screwed for lesson tomorrow but also for auditions. And the sad part is I don't really care.


... ...

Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:54 am
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I just noticed that my address post and not-friends-only post (bumped up to the top of my journal) are dated March 2009. Which means I have to change them soon if I want to keep them up there.

And, goddamn. It's 2009, isn't it? I've always known we were the class of '09, but it was always just that; a title, a slogan, something that signified the end of something else. I guess I just never expected to reach it.


Damn time passes fast.

(This is our year, baby. It had better be the best year of my life.)

In other news, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I got myself a new livejournal layout! I don't remember how long I've had the Katamari one, but it was at least two years old. I mean, I got that one back when I first HEARD about Katamari and we played it at that one gathering.

...scratch that three years old. The gathering was Dec 2005.

Off to sleep before I wake up at 3 and become kevinonbreak!
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Here are the 16-facts meme that I did respectively several days ago and two months ago.

Here is a very similar meme that I did three years ago. QUOTH:

20-facts meme )

edit: errrr people soliciting me, don't... bother until after christmas. if then. >< yeah.

why is it always this way :(

edit2: oh right almost forgot.

good thing of the day - 1st official day of break!


edit3: this is kind of ridiculous.

if this is what break's going to be like, I think I'd rather go back to school.

edit4: I'm doing this edit thing a lot, huh?

I just felt like I had to comment.

the utter lack of common courtesy some people have is astonishing. honestly.

10 minutes til tomorrow!

edit5: it's 10 minutes past tomorrow now! oh MY!!!

yeah now I'm just editing for the sake of editing.
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All this revisiting of the past has made me miss some things terribly, one of which being Eliza.

I haven't had a best friend for three years. I have a lot of general friends at my school, a number of pretty good friends, a lot of good friends, and one or two very close friends.

Closest ones, maybe Connie Shang and Wooho Park? I am not certain. But either way, it is not the same. Which makes sense, because back then we had no life except academics and... friends. Nothing else! What a narrow world view. But zomg all that internet stuff. oO;; Haven't thought about the Yahoo Messenger-ing for a looooooooooong time.

THANKS DEB THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT. _o_ And how are you going to use that for JHU anyways. 'Community'?

grrrrrrrr off to piano.

edit: boy I used to be such a Japanophile, now that I think about it.

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epic gmail (mostly one-sided conversation), abridged version 

as follows )

I'm sorry. I ♥ you guys. ahahahaha.

Now that I've gone wayyyyy past when I was planning to sleep... I'm off to sleep. >>;

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(note: Is Eunha 7? That's what I thought but I'm not sure...)

ADELA: Hi Eunha!
EUNHA: ... *lifts arm* armpit!

ADELA: Awww your hamsters are so cute! What're their names?
EUNHA: They don't have names.
ADELA: ... you don't name your pets?
EUNHA: Nope. I can't tell them apart. :D

EUNHA: I wish my fish would die.
ADELA: ... that's not very nice.
EUNHA: Yeah... I sometimes think I don't take very good care of my pets.

ADELA: So does your fish have a name?
EUNHA: It has a dumb name.
ADELA: What is it?
EUNHA: Rufus!
ADELA: Why'd you name it that?
EUNHA: Because... it's a dumb fish! :D

EUNHA: I want a pet dolphin.
ADELA: But where would you keep it?
EUNHA: Ummmmmmmm...
ADELA: ...?
EUNHA: In the jacuzzi! ♥

LOL<3 She is SO CUTE. So. Cute. ahahahahahhaaha. I'm going to like. Go a little early to all my cello lessons just so I can play with her. ^^

(Oh and, sorry to all the Rufuses of the world. xD Guess you're just dumb.)

In other news, I got a very exciting application for the CLAMP fandom newsletter today! It went thus:

Name/Handle... )

So that concludes my account of the awesome events of the day. Three cheers and a cookie for me. ♥

edit: In extra news, the article title "Kim Jong Ill or Kim Jong Well?" makes me laugh so hard.
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yay sleepover )

mmm have to pack and stuff and go to camp and check in before 2. -.- sigh.


Aug. 8th, 2008 01:59 pm
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It took my mom 3 days to notice I pierced my ears. Not bad. I was expecting it to take much, much longer than that.

In other news, today I signed on ~lunchtime, thinking to perhaps drag someone out to lunch with me (I have had this uncanny craving for Pho since the morning), and before the screen's even resolved itself (I'm on AIM express) there's a message from [livejournal.com profile] maeglin_arandur! As follows:

n: hiyo
n: sleepover tonight!
n: can you make it?


quoth [livejournal.com profile] kyouten:

"If it were anybody else I'd be insulted that they forgot to invite me, but because it's them I know they didn't actually forget to invite me [because I know they plan so badly]..."


people are funny.

in other news, nobody wanted to go to Pho so I met up with some people where they were and ate crepe instead. It was very good, but I still crave Pho. So now I'm making Neoguri, but no doubt after I eat that I will still crave Pho. :(

Also, I greatly greatly miss the coffee shops in Cambridge. I've been spoiled. Our homemade lattes just don't cut it now. And don't even mention Starbucks. DDDDDDD:

I WANT MY COFFEE. T___________________T

edit: I was wrong. I have eaten my Neoguri and do not crave Pho any longer, though I am stuffed full of unhealthy spices and am heading towards rapid dehydration. go me.
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OK, so I made that statement far too soon. ==;; more alumni! )

So that's 20+ people. Influx, much? XD

Interesting tidbits: Apparently in JHU they held this contest to see who could stay longest in the library before finals (because people spend hours in there). So a huge gang of the students got their sleeping bags and a bunch of food and went CAMPING. In the LIBRARY. Some people made it to forty hours. XD

Also, their journalism room is a shack. With only three computers. How ghetto.

Miss Jessie Young's roommate has either eating disorder or OCD, and eats every twenty minutes (in small bite-size chunks), and scrambles eggs by heating them in yogurt cans inside a microwave. o__O Strange. And Jessie wakes up in the middle of the night to hear crunching noises. Isn't that freaky? Like hu-gu-puo, that tiger aunt story Chinese parents tell their children. I mean, it's just her roommate eating an apple or something, at 3 AM, but still.

Julia's had many encounters with hobos. They talk to her on the bus.

Clara says NY highways are like Taiwan highways. Not walled in, lots of plants on the side. Funny. No plants in the city, but on the highways? Of course.

In SoCal they call pearl milk tea "boba" instead of pearl milk tea. If you say "pearl milk tea" they have no idea what you mean. In the east... well, there's no pearl milk tea at all. XD

Mmmm also apparently water sucks in SoCal. Tap water, that is. Even through those little handheld water pump/filter things. And they don't have drinking fountains, so unless you constantly spend money on water bottles, you get to drink gross water. That depresses me. :(


It's cold today. Why's it so cold? T___T

Our English project went well, for all the BSing. I'll link to youtube vid after I upload the latest version.
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Risa Naka, Beastly Queen of Managers, came back to visit today. She's having a grand time over at Cornell lording over their orchestra conductor, and brings us bits of positive news and interesting gossip. She's majoring in pre-vet (I think) to become a veterinarian, but of course that's only her excuse to conduct more secret experiments on the animals. Or play around with their carcasses. Incidentally, a nifty trick from Risa's chemistry professor: mix some hydrogen peroxide with some acetone (nail polish yah?), let it dry, and then touch it and it'll explode. Useful information for future reference.

Derek Mr. Buff-Bassist also came around. He and Risa are enrolled in nearly polar opposite schools. Forgot where, but he pretty much goes to a party school, somewhere nice and warm, where no one cares if they fail their tests and go chill by the swimming pool to forget about grades. If they did that over in Cornell they'd probably freeze solid. :X

Tall kid named Reed (spelling?) from class of '05 also dropped by. No idea who he is or how he's affiliated with the SHS music program, but he told interesting stories about the wreckage of various bits of campus during his time here. Wreckage not as in natural wreckage, but as in people driving carts at high speeds into wall and denting said wall forever type of wreckage. Lots of fun.

Vienna Teng's sister also came by our poetry class. I had no idea she took poetry. She certainly wasn't in IIIs. Must've been a II my freshman year.

Japanese Trio Shenho, Ning, and Julia were around in the parking lot, and the funny thing was, I only registered Shenho as being an alumni. I somehow thought Ning and Julia were still around and just accompanying him around campus. At least, for the first 30 seconds or so. Then I realized that Ning was an alumni too, but it was a bit late to greet her then. And it wasn't until they left that I realized Julia's also already graduated. Jeez. Information sure takes a long time to sink into my thick skull. But that's happened with Mr. I Like To Explode Waterbottles Ninad plenty of times, so I suppose it's not too much of a surprise. Shows who look their age, though. Julia always looks so little. XD

Right, past the alumni...

English project at Hoffman Hibbett's house. (Isn't that name so fun to say? Hibbett. Hibbett. Hibbett Hibbett Hibbett. Like ribbit.) Plenty of fun, we laughed our heads off, spent well over two hours and shot about 6 minutes of film total, out of which probably less than 3 minutes are usable, and plan to continue tomorrow. He has the cutest dog, Hunter, who's huge but a complete wuss at heart and runs away if you approach him too quickly. That dog has a humping fetish. Rather like Rice's once-in-a-long-while I-HUMP-UR-LEG fetish, except he's so much bigger than Rice that he doesn't have to hump the leg. Seriously. He was humping Karen at one point, I mean humping Karen, not Karen's leg, and Karen was like "AHHHHHHH GET OFF GET OFF GET OFF" and we were all laughing so hard our stomachs hurt and couldn't go help her.

I really like this thing of Having Nothing Scheduled After School, you know? No Japanese class, no orchestra, no piano or cello or guzheng, so much time!

'course, I then waste a lot of it reading George R. R. Martin's short stories. k I wouldn't call that wasting. But computer games and Yahoo!Graffiti and typing up livejournal entries, definitely. Better get to work now. XD

On an interesting aside, did you know that all through the Cold War, the code to unlock our nuclear missiles was "00000000" because Strategic Air Command thought complicated combinations were for candy-asses? We didn't get proper codes 'til 1977. :3


Aug. 19th, 2007 10:42 pm
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First off, thanks to everyone who went to the concert, apparently it went v. well even though I was under the impression that I messed up a lot (that always happens though), and I was v. v. glad to see you guys. In particular [livejournal.com profile] huglomper, [livejournal.com profile] thetunaist, and [livejournal.com profile] fwoofie, whom I haven't seen all summer. I love you guys, kay. ♥♥♥ I love the others too, mind, but I've seen [livejournal.com profile] kyouten around all summer (trickster ftw~) and [livejournal.com profile] maeglin_arandur briefly um. sometime. but I remember I did! ahahahaha.

Sorry I couldn't go to dinner with you guys, what happened was, on Friday/Saturday people from all over came bombarding me with:

LOFFELY FRIENDS: Gathering! DINNER! gogogogo~
ORCH FRIENDS: SHS retreat on Sunday! Come play games, you know you love us.
TEACHERS: LOLZ laserquest cellos vs. violins! (cello teacher vs. violin teacher? :O)
SISTER: psst. hey. let's celebrate mom's birthday on Sunday, since I'll be home.

So I er, tried my best to go to all of them. XD; Saw you people for a while (yay~ /loffe loffes on you), then bounced over to orchestra for a while, where a lot of people were mock-angry at me for various reasons but where I also saw many people I hadn't seen all summer (Felicia Tang yay standpartner love~), and then off to laserquest. There was some slight confusion before we left.

W.PARK: I'll give you a ride, sure!
ME: All right. *wanders off*
MR.KIM: Wooho, you need a ride?
W.PARK: Uh, sure, I'll go with you.
ME: *returns* Where's Wooho?
MR.KIM: Where's Wooho?
W.PARK: *has mysteriously vanished*
ME: I need to ride with him!
MR.KIM: He needs to ride with us!
MR.KIM/ME: *shoots strange looks at each other*

So I went to teacher's house w/Mr. Kim (we decided to abandon Wooho), and ten minutes later he shows up at the door and everyone goes @.@

Right, so, about laserquest.

WE FLATTENED THE VIOLINS. WON 2 OUT OF 3, and by a HUGE margin the last game. Further proof! cellos > violins. pwnz0rz~

I like team games better than free-for-all games. We didn't get the hang of strategy until the third game really, but 6 or 7 of us prowled a base together and basically drove out any violins that ventured in, and you basically stay in a certain area and are just in charge of your area, unless someone nearby needs reinforcements, and it works really well. And is less tiring. :)

They had food. And frappuccino. The really sweet type that taste really good but will make you sick if you drink too much. Which probably contributed to my hyperness.

tmr = celebration of mom's birthday. Let's see if I can actually get up at 5 AM after all of this...

edit: right, [livejournal.com profile] kyouten, you can give me the money whenever you want to. Next guitar lesson, maybe. :)
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ahahaha I forgot to post this up last night before I went to bed x___X

AIM storage w00t. deb wrote a story AND joe did too! )

too lazy to go through and single out the stories, so if you want to read them you have to read everything. xD;; they're pretty random. It's really funny. When it's Del and Lulu, the stories are perverted as hell, and when it's Deb and Joe, they're random as hell. :D

Let's plan a gathering! Who's free... lessay... Wednesday?

btw Louis do you have a car you could drive people around with? because that would be helpful I think.

Zomg I have a car now! supposedly. My grandma bought a nice new one so obviously I get the crappy old one, but hey it's a car. Except that I can't drive people around, obv. and I don't think you want me to drive you because you'll die of a heart attack if not of a car crash, so yes. ^^

I need to make a checklist of everything I have to do over break. Otherwise I'm not going to do any of it. x______x

:] ♥♥ y'all~

2. Sasuke's back! He looks HORRIBLE and has REALLY REALLY bad taste in clothing, but he's back!! And now I'm mostly caught up w/Naruto, like only a volume behind, I'll wait for some more volumes to come out before reading again. xD
3. I beat the computer at SC lawlz~ still need to get Venuti's CDkey. :o


Dec. 30th, 2006 04:47 pm
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the past 2 days! )

hokay just spent half an hour writing all that down... time to get back to homework. x.x;;;; Today was boring. Basically spent entire day working, 'cept for the hour of cello lesson. yup. And writing this. wheeee. go me~ ^^V

1911 edit: Oh, on a side note. Last night I had a very strange dream in a strange building that had two stories and a gym on the lower story but then later the upper story too (hey, 'sa dream, what can I say?) and Deb and Tiff and Eliza were all there and... stuff happened. that I don't remember. I just remember I was wandering with Deb on the upper story near the end of the dream and we looked down out these gigantic window walls and Eliza was down there and she saw us and then we went down but I guess she went up and then we were searching for Tiffany but all of a sudden I turned around and she was behind me and whacked me and then the second story was a gym and there were lots of people doing random stuff that I also don't remember but I do remember that I saw Luna too. Not from 5th grade, an... older Luna. Looked different. High school version, yes? It was very strange. There were random CTY people too, and people from camps who greeted me, only I'm not even sure if they're real camp people that I know (some of them) or if they're just random people my brain made up that were "supposedly" from camp. Yeah and we wandered more and stuff happened and I woke up. Should've written this in the morning... I would remember a lot more... but well, yeah.
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So there was a gathering today! Like, an actual one, not just seeing 2-3 friends or so. Though, I did visit Paly on Tuesday with [livejournal.com profile] kyouten, in light of [livejournal.com profile] aznfoodisgood's birthday. [livejournal.com profile] thetunaist went along too, though I didn't know he was coming originally. [livejournal.com profile] cuteremy was supposed to have been there, but we were dorks and overstayed a station on the train and were late getting there and thus. Missed her departure. >>;;

So we walked down to [livejournal.com profile] ac247's house and was greeted by [livejournal.com profile] dcdcnews! And presently Marty didst arrive and was v. surprised to find a giant stuffed tiger in a doggie jacket, a mooing puppet cow, an ipod holder, a penguin, and a big scrawly card waiting for him. Because Keropi and Melnut obviously went overboard with their shopping.

Ji fed us pretzels. He has a v. funny vibrating thing in his house upon which you sit and supposedly trains you to ride a... horse? But looks more like you're improving your sexual abilities. People played a lot of videogames which was rather dull, I saw Adrian for the second time ever (more like first time, since I don't recall ever seeing him face to face during Paly WF), and... yeah. Saw Zano briefly, then dinner downtown, Caltrain home etc etc all that boring crap.

Anyway! Back to today's gathering!!!!

fweeeeeeeee? )
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Amusing events of the morning )

One word survey )

Ohoh and guys! My dad finished the translating part and I've QCed 800 or so lines so I'll finish the 600 today and it should be done by tmr. :D Although my later QCing got a bit sloppy; I saw a lot of things I could improve on when we watched with my sister yesterday...

Yeah the movie gets kind of vulgar/violent in a few places (like y'know very Chinese toilet humor that kinda makes you go "ehhh it's almost too disgusting to be funny") but oh the SPOOFS, the jokes, the IRONY, the HILARITY of it all; there's totally enough other funny stuff to make up for it~

I think Kev/Louis would like it. THE NINJAS. THE NINJA SPOOFS. *dies laughing* omgwtf and Mission Impossible.... ahahahahahaha XD

Just FYI, Crazy Stone is about an emerald. It's all about the emerald. That's all you need to know. XD

1637 edit: DONEDONE~! WE ARE DONE! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!



Most awesome movie EVAR. :D
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OKOK so we have this really really funny movie from China (mmk I haven't technically seen it yet but my parents usually have good judgement and it's a HUGE hit in China so... yeah) called '瘋狂的石頭' (i.e. "Crazy Stone") and basically you guys are totally going to come watch this with me sometime this week before I leave for camp. :D

Um. Not immediately, because the movie's in Sichuan dialect and it's got Chinese subs and me/dad (mostly dad) are currently translating to English subs (for the sake of my brother >>) and it's about 60% done? But not yet.

So! When are you guys free this week? (and um, take rides into account when you say "free" XD;)

The movie's about an hour and a half (although supposedly you can watch it over a gajillion times and catch something new every time) and obv people can stay for longer than that if they want so long as you leave me about 3-4 hour free time in the day to instrument and other stuff.

And uh, I've also got mass cello classes about every other day starting today, but they're all at 8:30 PM so that shouldn't be a problem.

In other news, [livejournal.com profile] kuroikisei! When are you up for PotC? It's still playing in AMC 14, we can go tomorrow if you want... 11:55, 3:30, 6:50, or 10:20. I can make all of them because I haven't got cello, so... whatever suits you. =X (And I can call later to "officially" invite so we can convince your mom.)

Yus, think that's all for now...
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So for the past week or so, I've been having these terribly mentally exhausting dreams and usually in the morning (when I half wake up and flop around on the bed trying to fall asleep again) I find I was crying in my sleep and I remember the dreams perfectly and everything (everything, like, the dream the crying the sleep the world and LIFE, everything) somehow makes perfect sense in completely senseless way and then I fall asleep again and wake up and become normal again and can't remember the dream except that I had them and that everything made SO MUCH SENSE and that I LOST IT and nothing makes sense anymore. T__T

可不可以讓我再,讓我再一次回到那個夢裡去(夢裡去),找自己... (找自己~)

Needless to say, this is severely screwing with my sleeping habits because it is not restful at ALL and has resulted in me getting really really sleepy at 8-9 PM on a Friday night and being really sleepy at 11 in the morning and totally not excited about the roller coasters (but then a few rides + whoa fluffified sugar! (i.e. cotton candy) kinda cured that).

Ohohoh so!!! We went to Great America yesterday. :DDDD

... Deb never showed. I cry. HOW WILL I EVER GET YOUR WOMBAT TO YOU?! T__T she said she didn't have a ticket (there were only 4 free tickets) and we were like AHHHH we could've paid for you! but she sounded really tired and she just got back from camp and all so eh. w/e. *sad*

So then! THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE. Obviously, it's summer and a weekend AND oh right this just happened to be the designated day for ALL the free tickets yes? So the people, they came in HORDES. Overwhelming waves of them!

We only went on Topgun once. And we never got to Invertigo or Drop Zone! *woe* BUTBUTBUT Melody and I went on the high skyflier thing. The one that has a giant arch and they sling you up really really really high and let go and you SWIIIIING back and forth like a pendulum. It cost money but omgwtf totally worth it. I got to pull the thing that let us go!

Guy: So, which one of you wants to pull the string?
Me: me!
Me: ......
Mel: It's ALL YOUR FAULT. If we die it's all your fault. Got it? I want it very clear that everything is HER fault. One hundred percent!!!

Ehehehe. ^^

Fwee roller coaster rides aren't as fun/scary as they used to be. :( And I wasn't scared of the pendulum thing until we were slung all the way up to the top. And then I looked down and went "...shit." ==;;

Voice from faaar down: Beta 3 2 1, go!
Me: ...I'm pulling this thing now.
Mel: ...okay.
Both: ......
Me: *yank*

after the initial plummet and the cord catches you, though, it's INCREDIBLY fun. A bit like delirium except 10 times better because you aren't squashed into a seat or clamped down or anything you're just FLYING. And it obv goes a lot higher, too.

We managed to drag Keropi onto Vortex and Topgun and Delirium and the boat thing that swings around upside-down. So she's gone from "AHHHH I HATE ROLLER COASTERS *hide*" to "Ehhh they're kind of bleh but I'll go on it..." and hopefully if she goes on some more she'll eventually be able to enjoy them! :D

We did Keropi-happy things too, like hair wrappings. Eliza/Kero both got a black/darkblue/lightblue scheme and Melody got an obnoxiously pink one XD and I got darkblue/green/yellow. It ate up lots of time because there was only one lady and one stand and she did EVERYONE one by one. And they missed the shipping or something so they had terrible color choices. T__T No white, which looks good with pretty much everything, and great quantities of pink but no red. wah~

Right. We also had this giant waterfight thing somewhere in Boomerang Bay on the water playstructure. Keropi somehow started a fight with this random guy who turned upon us viciously! >< We all got completely soaked through~

(Oh oh and you know all these fake Aussie signs they post there that I never ever noticed before? I RECOGNIZE THEM NOW!!! And they're not accurate, either. muahaha. *feels knowledgeable*)

mmmm got home 10-11 or so and dropped dead. :)

... why don't people ever chronicle these things anymore? *feels lonely, esp now that [livejournal.com profile] cougarfang hast come here and doesn't update much anymore* =X


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