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uses spray bottles for Balsamic Vinegar instead of the normal bottles. Like hairspray!

I had a dream last night. The big bad wolf gave me a tetris game, final level, and it wasn't just tetris - it was furniture. But the blocks appeared first as tetris and then turned into furniture. And then I played again and it was no longer furniture, it was words and sentences. Like a crossword. But halfway through I realized I was doing it wrong, because I had like a 48-square long tetris piece, and I suddenly realized that the original tetris piece was not one letter per square, it had one word or words per square. And then I said, "Oh no! I am doing it wrong!" to the person beside me, but when I went back I realized that I had already condensed it to be words per square, although I hadn't condensed it quite right... I had divided some compound word into two squares, and it was one square in the original. Twice I woke up and saw Kevin and the first time I didn't really understand who he was, and the third time I woke up and told him my dream.

Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel are amazing. I tried to take pictures, and then gave up. The pictures looked like all the pictures I had ever seen of Michelangelo's art, of which I've seen plenty. They were nothing special. We were in a place that could only be done justice by the naked eye.

In other news, I'm halfway through 1Q84. I'm on a utopia/dystopia binge, after my mini-Jane Austen fest of Emma and Pride and Prejudice. So far I've finished 1984, Brave New World, and only started this one out of vague interest in its connections to 1984, but now I can't put it down! Who would've thought I'd read so much more than I do at home, now that I'm in a country that speaks no English?

(I picked up on the 1Q84 pun - Senkyuu(Q)hachijuuyon instead of senkyuuhakuhachijuuyon - and it makes me sad that so many readers in this world will miss out on the untranslatable.)
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that we were playing a bizarre game.

You had to go from island to island and on each island were things, such as sandals and wood and a knife, and you had to try and "survive" and be taken to the next island. There was no final objective. And sometimes the islands were mere desks and playstructures (ladders, don't touch the "water" lava-monster-esque) and it was just a game in a game, and sometimes we were really flailing around and about to drown in the sea.

Then we came by car to a large tree, huge, it would take a hundred people, maybe, holding hands, to hug it all the way round. Only it went up into the sky halfway and was chopped off by lightning or just chopped off, by people I mean. And everybody was a little angry and a little upset, and talking about how it used to be, and how we used to play in the tree except they chopped it down, and what was going to happen to the squirrels now that used to nest in the tree, and suddenly I had this strangest feeling (remembered?) that I had had this dream before, maybe not the "dream" but the "tree," knew what the tree was like when it was whole and hale. Except now that I'm awake I'm not so sure that I have. Dream-memories.

Then I opened my eyes, and I was at home. And I was suddenly taken over by a feeling of utter loss


and I forgot the rest of the dream by now so here's the half post

(For reference, though, when I opened my eyes I was at home in America and I was feeling lost and confused like I'd forgotten something (say goodbye), how was I back so quickly, something of the sort. And then I woke up for the second time and realized my roommate kicked me awake several hours earlier and I had moved up to the loft to sleep and had now sweat awake from the heat, so I moved back down. The end!)
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Aw man.

I was having that awesome dream about rocking out on guitar to that super duper ridiculous outer space version of Rockband (which I've only ever dreamt about once before) when my stupid alarm clock woke me up!

And I was sure I hit dismiss and not snooze but 5 minutes later as I was trying to fall back into the dream it woke me up again.


edit: also the reason I haven't updated much is

1. I'm busy

2. I've become addicted to watching jdramas (Debra would approve!!)


3. it seems pointless to update in Japanese

mostly the first two haha. life in japan is too much fun! some people may be interested to learn that I attended a church (while remaining utterly atheist). church kids are hecka nice though, even if I don't agree with half of what they say...
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I always remember my dreams when I sleep too late...


Some sort of bizarre stuff in the beginning involving girls and public showers/toilets and a large walled in open shower (/toilets??) area which later turned into a dance-floor like place (hardwood floor) where numerous people were socializing. I can’t even make sense of it… though at one point in this dream there were these stairs, you know, the typical stairs in a building that go down a half flight, and then zigzag the other way for the next half flight

(kinda looks like this in a bird’s eye view except they’re like old/crappy fire escape stairs behind a door, you know, the type they have in hotels:


...and somehow as I was running down them I slipped and vaulted down through that hole between the stairs, and I fell one flight and thought I might crash land, but then I kept falling down another flight and thought I was going to die, but then I landed perfectly and kept running!!

I was so thrilled. In the dream I thought, Hell yeah!

ANYWAY the bits I remember start after a scene shift, somewhere inside a parking lot. I have a dagger, and there is the sense of imminent danger. I'm stealthily working my way through the cars, slicing off their rear view mirrors quickly and efficiently, keeping alert with my back pressed to the cars and only darting across open space when no one’s looking (like a ninja!).

The drivers of those cars now cannot leave without losing both their hands. Whoever they are, once they get into the driver’s seat of the sliced cars their hands are sliced too (??? dream logic). Some howl with pain as they leave.

I congratulate myself: don’t let a single one get out alive.

Somewhere my mother says, “No!” She is supposed to be on my side, but she is too softhearted and wants to let some of the enemies go… and now I am effectively screwed. She has told people about the cars and now they are circumventing this by not going into the cars at all.

By now I'm on the other side of the lot, where there’s an old metal trailer of some sort, and that’s about when the cops arrive. They attempt to capture me alive. There are two of them on top of the trailer, looking down through a large square space, and I am inside the trailer. I dodge and roll their attacks (I think they may've tried to use a net??), and when they withdraw briefly from view, I pull out a gun/laser that can shoot through walls and shoot up the ceiling of the trailer where I estimate them to be.

I shoot some more just to be sure, then leap out of the trailer and take off running.

Behind me they’re having some sort of hollered conversation or maybe blaring a message through loudspeakers to me, something along the lines of “Where can she/you run to?” ... I’m running along a street that looks suspiciously like Saratoga Avenue.

They seem to be thinking I don’t have very much anywhere to go (Saratoga Avenue is very straight), and then someone points out I could dart down one of the side streets and take local, in which case they’d have a hell of a time catching me, and someone else responds that they’ll still catch me in time, not sounding very worried.

My pursuers either haven’t begun pursuing me or they are on foot and much slower than me, which is a welcome relief, but that is not to say they wouldn't catch up eventually. I veer down a side street (man, this is reminiscent of a game of tag) which turns out to be a bridge overlooking a large river. I figure that'd be a brilliant way to throw them off my trail, so instead of taking any of the branching Saratoga local streets (which can’t exist on a bridge, but never mind that) I jump off and plummet two stories down into the water.

I sink a lot; when I first come up with air I realize that I’m not under the bridge yet (they can see me!) and I flap and flail, fighting the flotation, and finally manage to dive deep and swim in deep long strokes to get there. When I surface the bridge is right against my head; there are places where it’s just shallow enough for me to get my mouth up for a breath of air, but otherwise the bottom pretty much grazes the water.

I keep following the bottom of the bridge, which turns right (lol is that structurally possible) after a couple hundred feet. My pursuers weren’t diverted as I had hoped, somebody was either not easily fooled or they had seen me in the water – someone jumped in after me. I heard the splash, but they never actually turned up. Probably because I forgot about them (hahaha).

The rest is blurry. At some point I came across a large ship that belonged to my father (because it was my father who was chasing me now .__o) and was in a quandary because (I think) I was at the end of the bridge. Basically I was stuck.

…but then another large ship came by whom I gladly went away with (following them underwater and eventually going aboard the ship itself). AND THUS GOT AWAY SUCCESSFULLY, HOHOHO.

I bumped into my father and his people much much later on some little reef thing (god knows what it was) when I was with my ship’s people, but I woke up soon after that and it was never resolved.
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SOOO last night I dreamt that the mom of the kid I used to tutor piano in (he quit) called me and said he needed some help. So I went over and lo and behold he hadn't quit after all, he had gotten quite a sight better actually, but he didn't like the songs he had and his mom was hoping I had some pieces his level that he might be interested in.

Well I didn't have any pop that was beginner level, and then I remembered he loved Pirates so I figured I could just arrange an easy version for him! So I was sitting in front of the piano figuring that out as the kid looked on curiously...

...when I woke up and figured, why not?

SO HERE IS a super easy version of pirates for beginners, although for the love of god I don't know who would actually play this when, well, the uber cool version is so much cooler. o____o !!



Sep. 10th, 2009 08:45 am
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No dream tonight.

Two or three days ago I had a dream that I still remember vividly...

dreamsies )
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Does it feel like I'm posting a lot? Yeah, that's 'coz I am.

So I had this dream last night that Boitz chased me down to voice my greatest fear, which was incompetence. Seriously! We had orchestra rehearsal somewhere (on my street?) and I don't remember much except that Fishy was there and I almost missed this one passage and had a mini-fright (even though I didn't miss it) and later he was standing outside my window. My window. I was sitting at my computer (much like I am now) and I heard him chatting with Mrs. Verson and saw a flash of his hair (because I guess he's shorter than my window ledge o_____O) and was like shit get outta here! And then he called me halfway to my door like "Wait we need to have a little chat" and I was like "UM MR BOITZ WHY HELLO I'M GETTING MY MOM NOW DON'T YOU WORRY" and he made that little exasperated noise he does ahahahh. And then my mom was pretty much useless and he had a talk with me anyway.

This probably stemmed from the fact that I have a cello lesson in another two hours and neglected to practise last night before I went to bed. Guilttripping follows me all the way into my dreams! Who knew.*

After that I had another dream that was rather bizarre involving me trying to keep some important piece of information (on a paper that's been folded and refolded many times) from a scary old lady and her son. It involved lots of running up and down stairs on long stadium-like places (so the steps weren't single file, see, they spanned at least a wall and served also as tiered benches) and using mobs of people to hide and make a getaway and at some point, Asian boys rolling around pretending to be ninjas (?) on the floor who are good at hiding things (at least some of them; I tried to hand the paper off to one group and it came flying back at me all in a panic and I had to hand it off to to another group who knew what they were doing and flashed me winning smiles as I raced on by).

Yeah. It was a weird dream. The stadium-like steps/tiered seating was definitely influenced by open-air performance grounds in Europe, except the first time it spanned a single large wall and was like... a Buddhist shrine. Don't ask me, I have no idea what the hell my subconscious is getting at. The second time the place was effing huge, and I went up real far (I was with a group of people... kinda sorta? We all bolted from the Buddhist shrine and returned to here, where it was "safe") and climbed in to sit in a relatively empty location and Jeff and Shirlene sat down next to me and I think I saw Evan making his way here in the distance. And lots of people were still missing and we watched as they raced back in 2s and 3s, like ants.

So enough with dreams; off to shower and practise so that my dream doesn't come true during lesson today. T___T;;

*Then again, there was that time I dreamed my piano teacher was chasing me around the house beating me with her sweater... _ _;;

I had...

Jun. 22nd, 2009 06:17 am
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odd dreams last night.

But all in all I am back from New York and content with my lot in life~
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of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No.2 last night.

Life is good. :)


Mar. 15th, 2009 04:22 pm
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I saw Watchmen with the middle school gang today.

That is, everyone but Debra. Like last week. D: Deb why do you live so far away I haven't seen you in forever~~~~

Anyway, I thought it was average. A little too long. I could see how it could have been a great graphic novel series (haven't actually read it) but converting everything to movie style didn't always work... for example, it's really easy to overact dramatic lines that look fine on a page, and make the atmosphere cheesy instead of profound. As an adaptation I thought they did a good job, overall (I could see echoes of graphic-novelism in the way the camera cut & the angles and stuff), but as a standalone movie nothing brilliant.

I want to sleep without bad dreams. D: Last night I dreamt that I was with my mom and somehow or the other she kept getting into shit - literally, shit, dung, poop, the brown stuff, diarrhea? And whatever we did constantly led to us getting tangled in the brown stuff (example: we were trying to jump down from some part of a not-really-airplane to get to the passenger area and for some reason where we came down was where a row of public toilets were and I climbed on/around them when I lowered myself down and would have come out fairly clean except my mom half-fell behind me and... yeah), it was absolutely disgusting. When I woke up in the middle of the night I could almost still taste it in my mouth and wanted to vomit.

Had slightly less disgusting but still discomfiting dreams after that; don't remember them but I think it involved my rl friends being bitchy; didn't get any decent non-stress dreams until about an hour or two before I woke up.

At least I have my teddy bear as a reality anchor. =/
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finished Honey and Clover season 2!

despite all the season 1 > season 2 reviews, I really liked it. o_____o mebbe just me? I think you just shouldn't try to look for more of the same, they each have their good points and bad points. and it was like an extended conclusion, yes.

In other news, I am starting another (much smaller) bet against myself! i.e. piano productivity until the end of January.

Terms: One hour of piano each day from now 'til the 31st, at least 40 mins of which being continuous.

Stakes: If I win, I will take a month off my Nong Shim abstinence! OR I will avail myself to one day off in February. I haven't decided yet.

If I lose... I better not lose something as easy as this or I'll kill myself. srsly.

YES AS YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED THIS IS BECAUSE I MISS MY NEOGURI. GREATLY. SO MUCH THAT IT PLAGUES MY DREAMS! In fact the other day I had a vague craving for it before I went to bed and IT APPEARED, DELICIOUS AND APPETIZING in my dreams and then, and then, IN MY DREAM before my eyes I GAVE IT TO MY SISTER because IN MY FREAKING DREAM I suddenly remembered that I couldn't have any Neoguri, which I apparently forgot (in my dream) while I was cooking it.


Maybe I should order some Cham Pong when I go to Palace with Keropi. BUT ONE BOWL IS SO BIG HOW WILL I HAVE ROOM FOR BBQ IF I EAT CHAM PONG.................................

(the dots symbolize my distress)

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I have no idea what I dreamt last night, but I am certain it involved a frisbee.

In other news, my dad gave me some technological tips yesterday that were most amusing. For example, my Azureus share ratio is now 70.319! Admittedly this doesn't do much except make my little red/yellow button happily green all the time (the actual ratio's stored in the trackers, see), but it's still kind of fun to play with.

Also, here is half a page I typed into a word document and then abandoned for something else:

blatherings )

In other other news, I finished Quality of Mercy. It was so good. It was everything the seventh book should have been and wasn't, and will always, I think, stay the real ending, the right ending in my head.

Thank you, Maya.


Jun. 19th, 2008 10:26 am
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Dear Livejournal,

I have two different grandmas.

A dream grandma, and a real grandma.

They wear the same exterior, but they are completely different people.

It is slightly disturbing.

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Dear Livejournal,

Today we - had a fairly successful concert, except the part where our conductor forgot his music backstage (whoops) and where the stage crew (darn those techies) gave the cello soloist a TINY platform and a GIGANTIC chair that left - you guessed it - no space for her and her cello! Oh my.

There was also this bit where some clarinet (?) made a farting noise in the middle of this very slow, very beautiful melody. Must've run out of air or something. :x

Aside from that, it went quite well. Played Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74 ("Pathetique"). You'd think it's somewhat beyond our level, given the limited amt of practices, but we actually pulled it off. Yay!

Last night I had a very boring dream about me telling my mom about something that happened earlier, exactly the way I might have told it to her in real life, and her listening to it exactly the way she may have done in real life, and - it really resembled an uninteresting tidbit of real life, if you ask me. No idea why.

The night before I had some interesting dreams. One involved Del dying (don't ask, I think he committed suicide but I don't remember o___O) and another involved... running. Not from anything, just running. Like Cross Country. There was also something about a school and a swimming pool (inconvenient objects blocking the path to our destination, which was - a lake somewhere. I think.) and some of my friends from school. I forget.

I dreamt the night before that, too, but I'm sure I have absolutely no idea what.

In other news, my sister and I have devised a plot with which to dispose of our old creaky bedframe. It involves dragging the thing out onto our driveway and advertising the sale of a free bedframe (minus the old and creaky part) on craigslist. We shall prevail!


PS. I am visiting my endearingly old, dog-loving college counselor on Wednesday. What I'm wondering is - was she quite so senile back when she helped my brother and my sister?

PPS. I'm not complaining here. I mean, passing over the senility and all, she's great! ... besides, she owns a LABRADOR RETRIEVER. ♥♥

PPPS. Did I mention that I am not going to get my yearbook back, ever, because a certain someone forgot to give it back to me at the graduation party on Friday and is taking it to Taiwan with him and, and, I haven't even read the current entries in it yet. ;_____;
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It's like living in two realities.

There's the real world, which is straight and square and everything makes perfect sense and works in perfectly logical sequences and event follows event chronologically and everything, everything makes so much sense, abiding the rules we've known since we were little.

Then there's the dream world. Twisted and shaken and flipped upside-down like Alice's adventures through the looking glass; a world where a single person can be two or three at the same time, where you can stand while the scene melts away around you, where you slip from event to event in no particular order and the oddest things happen and you defy gravity and sometimes you're yourself and sometimes you're someone else, and logic falls away like sand through a sieve.

Yet they are still connected. The dream world represents a maze of your subconscious: you float through it on a whirlwind and touch on this and touch on that, and it echoes what you've been dwelling on most, banishes what you've been dwelling on least, then twists and turns it all until it balloons out into an unrecognizable shape...

But how much harder is it to wake up when your dreams, no matter how illogical, no matter what randomness and lack of reason and constant shifting, become better than reality?

How do you force yourself up in the mornings when you lie in bed, eyes half-closed, having just shut the alarm clock off reflexively, without really waking up? All the while knowing that after you choose to get up, five minutes, ten minutes, an hour, your dream will be thoroughly forgotten or pushed to the back of your mind, not to be remembered until a word or a phrase lets you briefly revisit in your conscious that which belonged to your subconscious, and you have a fleeting memory of something that was and never will be again, because dreams morph where reality does not...
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I had the strangest dream before steph called to wake me up.

So I was on this small boat thing... only it was sort of like a cable car or tram with overhead lines, in that there was a taut rope stretching across the ocean a ways before the top of my boat, and there was a cable coming out of my boat that had that little thing on top with grooves, sort of like this:

(shaddup I was trying to draw w/touchpad)

Anyway, I was a guy (I think; my dream wasn't that specific), and it was sort of like the Disney movies - (mind you, I totally don't remember where I was going or why, but I had some task or some quest of some sort...) so anyway I was standing on my boat and my boat was cruising along with the wind. down that rope. then abruptly I screeched to a stop and I looked up and there were some knots in the rope (this is very thick, rough type of rope) and I had sailed past most of them, but the groove was trying to get around one and it was slipping, slipping... and then it popped out. Or I think the rope frayed, and frayed, and all of a sudden snapped. In any case my boat suddenly started veering and turning in weird directions because I wasn't cruising down that rope anymore, and I was, in effect, royally screwed.

Right, so apparently the big taut ropes were coming out of big ships, and there happened to be this other one, so I pulled my boat closer to it somehow, only I guess my boat was still attached to the broken first rope, because somehow to keep aligned and sliding straight I had to pull the first rope in the air alongside the rope from the other ship (the first rope still holds taut if I pull it, you see, because the other end's still connected to a ship), and as long as I did that I could keep cruising down the ocean straight as an arrow, I swear, Disney hero style (you know, like Mulan can just jump off a building and cruise along that line holding up lanterns for the lantern festival). Only thing was, the rope WAS broken, so I had to keep pulling on it to get it to work, which pulled the ship it was in closer to me...

All this took place in the span of less than a minute, by the way. It was like... an action scene. You know all those random impossible stunts Jack Sparrow pulls in pirates. Like that.

Then I'd just stepped onto dock and was walking jauntily to do whatever quest I was supposed to do (totally don't remember) when steph called.

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So I had this really random dream that I was at Deb's house again.

And Louis's love notes were about vegetarianism.

And we were going to dig a hole in her backyard.

...way to not make sense, Adela.

hummmm I really need to clean my room.

okay okay so we're going to shoot Hamlet today. Shoot as in with a videocamera, not a gun. Graveyard scene.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I play the role of gravedigger #1! and gravedigger #2! and Horatio. and a priest.

Gravediggers 1 and 2 are going to be random Asian people. You know, with those round pointy Asian hat things and all. And they'll yell at Cantonese to each other. Or Taiwanese. Or Korean. Or a mixture of whatever dialects I know, depending on how many lines they have (because I only know about 3 sentences from each >>;), and get subtitled! When they stop yelling at each other and another character enters, it shall turn into Japanese-ized English.

(i.e. Japanese-ized English would equal = japanisuaizudo ingurisu)

The King (James) is an Irishman. The Queen (Fish) is British. Hamlet (Christina) is emo, and Southern. Laertes (Sacha) is Puerto Rican. Horatio has a jedi cloak and lightsaber and will talk in normal, formalized-ish jedi-English. (He would talk like Yoda except we have to follow Shakespeare's text to the word.) I am out of ideas for my priest as to costumes and accents, but hopefully we'll cook up something.

Oh I also have a real Japanese katana and several fake Chinese swords handy, in case we need to use those.

Yeahhhhhhhhhh we are awesome. :3

edit: ahahahaha there's a random card sitting in my mess of a desk. it has random snowmen. brandishing other snowmen's head at each other in preparation for a snowball fight. drawn in a really cute, stick-figurey way and labelled "snowman bullies."

I dunno. It just makes me laugh. xD

edit2: more stuff on movie filming today! )

edit3: I can't believe I am now 2 chapters behind on Drop Dead Gorgeous. And, knowing this, still do not have time to go catch up to it. >>;

Well it gives me something to look forward to when I have the free time. :)
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I had a dream.

And it was so vivid, so real, I didn't know I was dreaming. I immersed myself in it until I believed it, and in it I was so happy. I was just with a group of friends, and we weren't doing anything really, just chilling, talking, hanging out, playing on laptops, I think we'd just discovered something new and we were all really excited to try it out, I don't know, whatever. But I was HAPPY. I felt so full of contentment I could burst.

...Then my inner clock hit and I sat bolt upright and checked my alarm clock and it was exactly 8 AM, so I fell back into bed and tried to sleep again (school starts laaaaate on Thursdays), and after that couple seconds before I knew exactly what was going on, it just hit me. That I was in my bed, that it was 8 AM and I had school, that I was dreaming and none of it, none of it was true.

Such a surge of disappointment. And bitterness.

It's like, if you've ever done something you really, really regretted, then you dreamt that it never happened or that you were forgiven or somehow it just turned out right, and you're so happy! And then you wake up and it comes crashing down around you. That feeling.

Only this time it wasn't about anything in particular. It was just me. In a fantasy world. And content, so content, so happy, loving every bit of it, and then waking up and finding out it never was.

I hate school.


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