Nov. 3rd, 2012 02:18 am
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made it through the second day. even though it's technically 2 hours into day 3. whateverrr.

gaining a little bit of faith back. i'd forgotten how much of an emotional rollercoaster this thing is. x_____x

2,200 words

Nov. 2nd, 2012 05:13 pm
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losing... faith... rapidly...

if i plow on will magic really happen? will something good magically stream out from under my fingers on day 20? or will it just be shit the whole time?


Nov. 1st, 2012 10:52 am
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1,736 words at the moment

also justin needs to play on the kinect with us <3

edit: ughhh I'm already starting to doubt the wisdom of writing this in first person. what do i do T__T
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At 4 something yesterday, I hit 48,600 words.

I had also finished my NaNovel.



After all that time spent coffee shop scouting, hours upon hours cooped up in libraries and Starbucks with Weina, mad sprints of word marathoning to classical music, I am done.

In celebration, I slept with my pillow facing the other way. Needless to say, I woke up very disoriented today.

So! The craze has ended.

And immediately, I have descended to... a WEBCAM JUNKIE.

No really! Yesterday (after the end of Nano) was like. Sharing Music Day. I found my study buddies (alas, no longer =/) in McDonald's and we spent at least an hour swapping music three ways on three different earphones (which, let me tell you, gets incredibly confusing) and learned quite a lot about each other.

ADELA: ...I have classical, too?
WEENA: Here! Have some of my beautiful, melodic, Celion-Dion esque easy listening pieces!
A + W: ... ...
TIFFANY: Here! Have some old Chinese songs!
WEENA: My melodic pieces...
ADELA: Here! Have some K-pop!
WEENA: Too noisy.
TIFFANY: Here! Have some K-pop!
WEENA: Yay! ♥
ADELA: But that's just as noisy as my K-pop /sob

and so it went.

And then I went home. And ended up chatting on Skype for two hours and - you guessed it - swapping music through Skype speakers. J-pop instead of K-pop! Life of a fob?

In the morning, I woke up, disoriented by the odd configuration of the room (my pillow was on the wrong side), and became even more disoriented when I saw my friend, who was now BLOND.

ADELA: I don't recognize you.
MELODY: I don't recognize myself.
A: ... ...
M: ... ...

And so we stared at each other (or really just at her) through Skype for at least an hour, if not more.

Whereupon I rushed through all my homework on the train and right before class and made it just as the teacher walked in the door. HA.

Oh I was being patronizing in class today and totally got a slap in the face for it.

SENSEI: So anyone know what this yellow flower is called in English?
US STUDENT #1: Nope.
US STUDENT #2: Nope.
US STUDENT #3: Nope.
ADELA: Nope.
SENSEI: Oh, well then. The next kanji is...
ADELA: Psst, it's called rape!
US STUDENT #1: I know.

Totally deserved that. Also, for those of you who are not sure what I'm talking about, Rape is also the name of a flower. A YELLOW FLOWER. THAT GROWS IN FIELDS.

So when I got home today my Malaysian friend (the one in Britain now) - you guessed it again - Skype-d me! IN CLASS.

Oh boy we felt so badass, Skype-ing during the middle of a law lecture. Well, she was the only one really at risk there, since I'm sitting happily in my dorm all the way across the other side of the world, but hey. Share the love.

Also, her professor had an AWESOME BRITISH ACCENT. Understandable, as he was in Britain, but he also repeated the words "grievous bodily harm" at least 30-40 times within the 20 minutes that I listened to him lecture, and it was the only thing I really picked up on. Apparently grievous bodily harm is very important to lawyers.


So now that I have procrastinated making dinner far too long, here is a list of things to do now that I am free of the noveling nightmare!


-use up the rest of my manga cafe coupons
-visit Shibuya!
-go to Harajuku. ON A SUNDAY.
-cut hair (wait for Weena)

-scout bookoffs for Yuu and Kaens
-shabushabu partayyyyyy

yay! I sound like those girls I used to think were really lame for facebook whoring all the time and using backwards smileys.


Incidentally, I saw an FML the other day about some girl's little sister who decided to get revenge on her by switching her bottle of hair dye with a bottle of Nair.

...what a horrible little sister.

O_____O k byeeeeeee

(PS. I'm still a little high from writing 50,000 words in one month. Just, you know. A bit. :D)

edit: Speaking of Skype and lectures, I have an idea for when we get back to school! How about everyone draw straws, and the loser can go to the lecture, keep Skype on, and everyone else study from home. :D

Todayyyy I

Nov. 26th, 2009 12:12 am
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spent my morning running around doing errands and cooped up in a coffee shop

then got to school and cooped up to write some more and nearly died of exhaustion

then found out that I FORGOT ABOUT NEWSPAPER CLUB and FREAKED OUT!!!!!!!

...and spent a lot of class kind of hysterically bantering with an American boy

and being silently hysterical in general

then during break

me and my friend ran around like maniacs shrieking our frustrations to the world

and I accosted random korean boys and tried to learn korean

and then random korean boys (and girls) from my class and I

spent a lot of time teaching other how to write (and speak) phrases such as

let's play!


i love you!

and after class two malaysian boys hijacked me at the piano

and later in the same hour one of them came back

and we played

(with the piano)

and he walked me to the station

and I came home!

but I am still unhappy

because I did not speak very much to the boy I like

and I have to ask myself...

what is the point of playing so outrageously with everyone ELSE?

but then again,

it's fun, duh.



I shall go to school super early

and write my head off with this lovely American girl who stays at a homestay house with THREE CHILDREN (oh my god!)





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1. The more you patch it up, the newer it looks
2. It looks like trash, so if you ever forget it in a public place, no one will ever take it
3. It's thin enough to fit in the pocket of girl skinny jeans!


1. If you forget it out in the sun, it melts a little (STICKY STICKY)
2. No coin pocket
3. It looks like trash

haha :)

In other news, I am so glad to be doing Nano! I met some amazing people at the write-in today, and even if I am 8000 words behind I'm so happy just to have met all those fellow crazy people who each have their own bizarrely creative ideas and are all so smart and funny and interesting... [livejournal.com profile] backseatdream and Yvonne may be interested to learn that I met another fellow Maya fan who's half Chinese and half American, born in Japan, has long black hair and is extremely pretty in that fiery black-widow kind of way. And then there are the two Uni students from England who have the most wonderful accents (XD), the weird boy who's writing a veiled heroic criticism through his antihero sociopath, the fellow Californian who's writing a mystery about a stalked blogger, and that crazy, crazy Indian girl who has 30,000 words already and is writing her entire novel on an iPhone instead of a laptop.


So much the love (or lack thereof) for J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, stealing Starbucks tables, and mysterious lifts on spaceships. Also I have ascertained that Starbucks does not change anywhere around the world. Anywhere.

18k down, 32k to go!

*edit: Make that the crazy Indian girl who's written 40,000 words. I HATE YOU ASRA
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I actually wrote over 1,776 words today! I feel so accomplished. Ignore the fact that I'm still 5,000 words behind...
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This snippet actually goes before snippet #2, because I am too embarrassed to include snippets of my rapidly degrading writing, and also because I do not have that much more writing on hand to snippetize because I am slowly but surely falling behind! I went from 1,000 words behind to 3,000, to 5,000, and now I've caught up a bit and am down to 2,000 words behind, but behind is behind.

The Yamanashi trip was fun though. Our hotel had some nice "hot springs". And grape flavored drinks.

Incidentally, the only reason there is a chicken in my story at all is because someone posted a Nano dare on the forums which had something to do with having a chicken run across the scene without any especial plot significance.

Liam never intended on... )

edit: oh yeah, look at this awesome wordcount widget:

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Nano snippet #2:

He lifted up the rest... )

So I've been using this nifty little tool called WRITE OR DIE which essentially flashes red in two seconds if you stop writing (and if you keep not writing after that, the red, which begins pinkish, turns darker and darker and if you STILL don't write, a foghorn thing starts blowing!).

...anyway I write some of the weirdest things when under pressure.

You know, when you have about 3 seconds you can't choose, you just go with the first image that comes into your mind, eh? And the first image that came into my mind about late-night Shinjuku were those neatly dressed boys with golden jewelry and bleached hair lounging about the streets of Kabuki-cho chatting with each other and politely soliciting customers with their flyers. So now my character is sitting in a Host Club for the first time in his life, and the whole inventing-by-the-fly is getting even worse because all I really know about the inside of Host Clubs is from Ouran, and that really doesn't count.

Also, I did not just steal the idea of peppermint from Maya. I did not, I did not, I did not...

(Admittedly it is for a completely different purpose? ish.)
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Most of my Nano makes my eyes bleed! So I'll just be posting really short bits of the clips that I happen to like, hahaha.


Yay chicken! That bit was actually kind of fun to write. Only because I enjoy making people feel stupid. Harharhar.
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Hi guys.

It's 2009, I'm in Japan, and as something I neglected to do in 2008 (and 2007), this year I am going to try to tackle NaNo seriously!!

It's November, I've got 2000 words down, which is too few because it's a precious WEEKEND WHEN AM I GOING TO GET ANY OTHER TIME TO GET A HEAD START AHHHHHHHHHHH but that is not the point of this post.

I found my NaNo 2006. Again. Now, this is something I haven't posted for 3 years because 2006 was my first year doing NaNo, I was a silly freshman, and I wrote a story chock full of inside jokes and I was afraid that posting it would offend people. TBH it isn't really a story, it's just full of a setup for a story that never got written, hahaha. But now that the chatgroup is, whut, dead and gone, at least I don't even remember half of the jokes we had from 2006 (they keep changing!), I can probably say for certain that this is something I will never finish!

So, here it is. I'm sure we've all grown enough in three years not to get offended over silliness from three years ago? (a.k.a. DON'T KILL MEEEEEEEE~)

Warning: It's pretty terrible. I never went back to edit, so it's stuffed with random skipping and notes incomprehensible to me now and a lot of it makes me cringe in my seat (like... the bits about myself AUGH LET ME DIE NOW) - but some of it still cracks me up. Like the first Tiffany cow entrance. HARHARHAR. So have a laugh, guys!

A long, long time ago... )
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/can't. breathe.

omg I found my NaNo 2006. It's terrible. It's also hilarious (to me at least, I don't know about other people), and I can't stop laughing. I can't believe I wrote all that.

I think maybe I'll spend NaNo 2007 trying to finish it. Not coz I don't want to cheat and only write 40k words, I'll write 50k more if I have to (if I can ><), but well, I'll never finish it otherwise.

and oh god does this make me choke with laughter. It's v. raw still, but it's still in like... the introductory phases. Barely gotten to any story yet. So if I manage to pull together any sort of coherent plot in NaNo 2007, I'll attempt to use February (as is proper) to clean it up and maybe, sometime next year or next next year or whenever I really get around to finishing the thing up, I'll post it up. XD

edit: omg. you guys remember this?

we are such dorks. XD

...also, don't you just love how everything's so sex-and-violence-centric.

"LuLu had a enormous sex drive. Also, he could reproduce by budding. WITH AN ENORMOUS SEX DRIVE."

omg we are so weird. XD


Nov. 22nd, 2006 01:23 pm
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[livejournal.com profile] kyouten, [livejournal.com profile] fwufferz, I presume you both got the Week 4 email?

Wednesday, 7pm-10pm
Books Inc.
301 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA


Thursdays 11:30am-2pm (EXCEPT THIS THANKSGIVING)
Coffee Factory
3787 Stevens Creek Blvd (NE corner of Stevens Creek and Saratoga)
Santa Clara


Coffee Society
21265 Stevens Creek Blvd # 202,
Cupertino, CA


Plus, we're having a bonus write-in this holiday weekend:
Friday, 11/24 2pm-5pm
Orchard Valley Coffee
349 E Campbell Ave
Campbell, CA

/koff. yes, note the BOLD.

Anyway, either of you up for MV today or Coffeehouse Friday? And [livejournal.com profile] too_late_again, [livejournal.com profile] thetunaist, and [livejournal.com profile] maeglin_arandur, if you guys are still going for it...


Nov. 6th, 2006 05:53 pm
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hahaha, 6k?

6k in 6 days. If this keeps up (hahaha like fun it will), I'll have... 30,000/50,000 by the time NaNoWriMo ends.

--;; *FAIL*

ahhhhh must practise cello before Mrs. Kim kills me. T__T


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