May. 28th, 2012 12:13 am
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watched a good movie today. it had a bunch of old people in it. i forgot what it was called unfortunately. i googled "movie old people" but it didn't help. :/ edit: it's the best exotic marigold hotel

one of my friends is killing a cockroach!

another one has an angry bf

another one is pigging out (probably) in taiwan

pinecone once said to me that it would be kind of amusing to have a tv screen that was just broken into a bunch of different squares, showing what each member of the chatgroup was doing at that moment in time. if i recall, his words were something like,

"yeah! and then you can be all freaked out, and look into the tv, and be like, 'oh, louis is being a douche. all must be right with the world.' and go back to sleep"


i kinda feel like that now

i very very sincerely hope that the cockroach is dead within the next 4 days, before i get there.

i notice that a side effect of boy being gone is i post on lj a lot more, because i can't just go crying to him. once more, my life is being recorded! bwahahahahaha

sleep time

(sorry louis! we didn't mean it!!)
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I want Korean food. And karaoke. GOODNESS I didn't realize how much I've been missing Asian company until someone suggested Korean food and karaoke. In that moment I had a momentary (WHOO REDUNDANCY) revelation. Which is that when people are like "hey Adela come to this pub with us OH WAIT you're too young" or "hey Adela come to this party and drink yourself silly with us" my reaction is more like "ehhh" and when people are like "hey Adela come eat Korean food and then go noraebang with us!" I am like "YEAHHHHH".

In conclusion, I am not an alcoholic but a pig who likes to sing. Maybe this is because that's all we did when we were in Japan.

Honestly, if you have to drink alcohol before you can have a good time (sometimes without remembering it) there's something wrong IMO. I understand how alcohol can heighten the enjoyment of meat and the enjoyment of karaoke and maybe even the enjoyment of dancing, but I don't understand events that are centered around drinking just for the sake of drinking. Is getting lots of people to act stupid so that you can laugh at them while saying stupid things yourself and at the same time killing brain cells and multiple livers really that fun?

Then again, what I like to do involves stuffing your body full of fatty meat that's probably going to melt and turn into blubber and give you high cholestrol etc etc so I guess that's really no place from which to judge. Each to their own, mateys! Yarr!

(Also, Pirates 4 was terrible. Ugh.)


Mar. 15th, 2009 04:22 pm
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I saw Watchmen with the middle school gang today.

That is, everyone but Debra. Like last week. D: Deb why do you live so far away I haven't seen you in forever~~~~

Anyway, I thought it was average. A little too long. I could see how it could have been a great graphic novel series (haven't actually read it) but converting everything to movie style didn't always work... for example, it's really easy to overact dramatic lines that look fine on a page, and make the atmosphere cheesy instead of profound. As an adaptation I thought they did a good job, overall (I could see echoes of graphic-novelism in the way the camera cut & the angles and stuff), but as a standalone movie nothing brilliant.

I want to sleep without bad dreams. D: Last night I dreamt that I was with my mom and somehow or the other she kept getting into shit - literally, shit, dung, poop, the brown stuff, diarrhea? And whatever we did constantly led to us getting tangled in the brown stuff (example: we were trying to jump down from some part of a not-really-airplane to get to the passenger area and for some reason where we came down was where a row of public toilets were and I climbed on/around them when I lowered myself down and would have come out fairly clean except my mom half-fell behind me and... yeah), it was absolutely disgusting. When I woke up in the middle of the night I could almost still taste it in my mouth and wanted to vomit.

Had slightly less disgusting but still discomfiting dreams after that; don't remember them but I think it involved my rl friends being bitchy; didn't get any decent non-stress dreams until about an hour or two before I woke up.

At least I have my teddy bear as a reality anchor. =/
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I have a new favorite villain. Nobody else even comes remotely close.

god he's good


Nov. 23rd, 2008 09:40 am
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I must say, Bond wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be.

It's just... different. The new Bond's more human as opposed to a secret agent. But it was amusing nonetheless.

We did miss the epic epic line that ought to have been in every 007 movie ever made:

The name's Bond. James Bond.

I suppose on the grounds of that alone, it is reasonable to see why people would be dissatisfied. But I liked it.

(Chris Cornell > Alicia Keys &whoever it was. Jack White?)
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Today I tried repeatedly to get my brother to visit Mr Boitz because I wanted him to see how the orchestra was now, but he declined! He had other business to take care of.


Except not, you know, because I found this out inadvertently while calling to see whether he was coming. Which resulted in a lot of shouting through a telephone. And an major adjustment of plans for fear I would burn the house down.


In my bitterness, I drove recklessly home with the thought of fetching my bio book so that I could rip it to shreds. After realizing that it was school property and I would be fined, my rational angel told me to take it with me to school instead. Maybe work on my outlines.


So, of course, I brought the bio book back to school with me. And worked on my outlines.

There was, however, one other complication. As I prepared to leave, I summoned the dog (to put him in my dad's room, see, so he doesn't get into any food), started to shut the door... and found myself looking into a pair of woebegone puppydog eyes with the most pitiful white lashes you've ever seen.

I ended up taking Rice to school with me. He was duly fawned over by many girls, and mistaken to be a female by many girls and boys alike.


In other news, Mr Boitz gave me a look today. Not a bad look, not a glare or anything, just a sort of a grimace across the room (I was watching sixth period) as if to say ...ugh. You hear that?

I wanted very badly to laugh, but dared not to.


Apr. 22nd, 2008 04:54 pm
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ohhhhhhhh The Forbidden Kingdom is out.

Jackie Chan + Jet Li.

Anyone want to go watch with me? :3

edit: well I guess since this is morphing steadily chatgroup, modify that to: Any chatgroup people/affiliates want to come watch with me? :D;;
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There’s a hole in the world like a great black pit
And it’s filled with people who are full of shit
And the vermin of the world inhabit it

mmmmm so I turned 17 two days ago, got two cakes, 50 dollars’ worth of Starbucks, and the ability to legally watch R-rated movies. :) So of course we went to watch Sweeney Todd, which was morbid and bloody but sort of funny, all at the same time.

ACTORS: It’s priest! Have a little priest! *brandishes meat pies*
ADELA: …ew.
ACTORS: Here's the politician, so oily it's served with a doily.
ADELA: ahahahahahaha!

TODD: *fiddling with his ancient chair*
CHAIR: has footrest! has pedal! has a bunch of new additions!
CAROLYN (to Melody): What is he doing?
MELODY (to Adela): What is he doing?
ADELA (to Lilith): What is he doing???
LILITH: Um, making it into a barber chair?
ADELA (to Melody): He’s making it into a barber chair!
MELODY: A barber chair!
CAROLYN: A barber chair!

Several scenes later…

TODD: *slits someone’s throat while shaving them* NYAHAHAHA! *steps on chair pedal*
CHAIR: *tilts backwards and tips the corpse into a dungeon*
TIFFANY: … you guys have a weird sense of humor.

And everyone stalks each other, I swear. The Judge stalked the Barber and his Wife before he got rid of the Barber and raped his wife and took his Daughter in to raise as his own… then he stalked the Daughter, in his own house. The Pretty Boy stalked the Daughter, Mrs. Lovett stalks the Barber, the Wife who becomes a Freaky Beggar Woman stalks everyone, and the Barber spies on his various victims through his windows.

Right, so aside from that, my sister made me a cheesecake. :D herself! And I got… strange presents from my mom. Amongst other things. It was pretty good.
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Today was pretty fun.

Japanese final, then orchestra concert, then watched Harry Potter 5 (at last) with parents.

Jap final - it's over, forget about it. After going through all that poring-over-every-single-question-that-you-can-remember-right-after-test crap with multiple exams as well as SATs, I decided I'll be happier off reverting to fifth grade mentality, which is basically "study, take it, then forget about everything as soon as you hand the paper in and don't remember it again until you get it passed back." :D

Orch concert - eh. The managers aren't what they once were, lacking Risa Naka. Seat changes not as efficient, Walter was running around having no idea what was going on with the ushers, and there was some miscommunication to the cellos for Navarra; Boitz got royally pissed off and yelled at us backstage.

The music part of it was decent.

The hang out afterwards part of it didn't exist, because, (gasp omgwtf) THERE WAS NO FOOD. No reception! Woe~

Also, it's a Wednesday night. Not the best day to stay out late partying.

Overall conclusion?

It's cold out. Jesus.

Harry Potter - I ♥ Luna. I ♥♥ Snape. boo to Dumbledore. what? to swishing black mist and swishing white mist. A cookie to Bellatrix Lestrange, whatevers for Harry and his gang, and oi come on to whoever changed the script.

Seriously. If you're going to change bits of it, at least make it consistent. If you're going to take out the locking up of broomsticks, why would they fly to London on thestrals? Use BROOMS, dur. Not to mention half the group can't see the thestrals and you never mentioned how they got on. And they've the same problem of leaving too much unexplained so that people who've never read the book have no idea what's going on. Like my mom, for example.

Not an excellent movie, though I must admit, "I'm sorry, professor, but I must not tell lies" was pretty great.

Voldy... went into Harry... then got driven out... then turned into sand and vanished... whole thing was sort of weird. And I don't get the whole issue about the prophecy. What's the big deal? But that originates from the book, not the movie, so it is forgiven.

In other news, I figured out why procrastination is love.

I stop when I should be doing work to do fun things, such as watching movies with my parents. Thus for the sake of pleasure I delay work, which brings me more suffering and more work in the future. Which is bad, right? But then, what happens if I do my work? If I don't ever delay, and only work, and do more work, and do more work, surprise! I will never run out of work to do (if I want to do work). Thus I am stuck in eternal duty where there is no pleasure and will never be any pleasure and life is boring.

Obviously, parents' argument to that is that you should finish all the work early, and then leave time for pleasure, whatever, AFTER work is done. That's great. The thing is, what really happens? Because fun activities don't always run to your schedule, you know.

So finish your work early. Result: boredom. (Most of the time. Obviously, if you finish everything, when fun things come along you can go to them without hindering work, but for the sake of that, so much boredom.)

And in boredom, what happens is, you seek pleasure, so knowing me I'll end up addicted to some pointless computer game that really adds not-that-much to my life, and beyond the first couple of times playing it, brings not pleasure but addiction. Which isn't the same thing at all (as Sutton so kindly pointed out to us).

EITHER that, of course, or...

You seek more work with which to busy yourself.

And fall back into the cycle of eternal duty.

OKOK so duty is important. But not that important. So if there's a chance along for fun, seize it! Dur.

My logic will be my downfall.
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holy shit

Lust, Caution is intense.

Not just the sex, I mean, the whole movie is freaking intense. The espionage, the things left unsaid, layers and layers of meaning behind words, the atmosphere, jeezus. Even when they're rolling on the bed, on the left of the screen there's a small corner of something jutting out, out of focus, v. small, all the screen's taken up by the people and the bed, and there's a split second when he glances up, completely unintentional, just sweeps his eyes across the shelf, the desk, whatever it is, and it flows into focus and out again and it's his pistol. Just a second, nothing more. If you're not paying attention you won't even see it. But little things, subtle things. The atmosphere is suffocating.

V. different from the short story. If I had to put it into words, I would say the story was cold and the movie was hot. The story was a skeleton, an outline of something that happened and passed that leaves you with a slight chill, pondering it. The movie gets you involved, gets you living the character's life, draws you in like a whirlpool.

It's so depressing. Why's everything I watch so depressing. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~

The Mist

Nov. 24th, 2007 12:07 am
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The Mist wasn't too scary. Scary enough, but the religious fanatic was more annoying than scary, the blood and fighting (a lot of it) was more gruesome than scary, and it actually wasn't too bad. Some parts did make me twitch a lot and hide, but not the bone-deep disturbing type of scariness that gives you nightmares at night. It's DEPRESSING though. Very much so.

Afterwards-- late, nothing's open (oh how I wish this were Taiwan) except Verde. So we went to Verde. 'cept halfway we changed our mind and went to Q-cup. Which was closed (we're brilliant). So we ended up going to Jake's! And had a spicy bucket of wings. o____O;; I can feel it in my stomach now.

Um. Stuff happened. I remembered to buy my dad milk! At 11:30 pm! /prouds self

Oh piano lesson was good todayyyyyy.

Yeah. I think that's it.


Oct. 22nd, 2007 03:39 pm
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er, I got an email invitation from my school to 2008 Grad Night. which is, incidentally, reserved only for the class of 2008, no guests allowed, and seriously. what grade does my school think I'm in? >>;

In other news, apparently Alumni Girl got ear cartilage and nose piercings, and Alumni Friend Kid Who Really Should Have Just Graduated Last Year is v. shocked.

Tutorial, played boardless freestyle scrabble with J-room Geeks. Pretty fun.

Afterschool, Korean Dorkboy and I recruited a bunch of people for CPYO, and preened because we were proud of ourselves. He's being a pessimist on life in general though, for no good reason that I know of. Alumni Friend Kid thinks he knows, but Dorkboy thinks that whatever Alumni Friend Kid thinks is wrong. And heyy, Alumni Friend Kid abbreviated spells afk, like Away From Keyboard. hahaha!

Fob Boy had a really girly looking tank top which turned out not to be a tank top but a wifebeater, and it's way too big on him and he looks... well, dorky. Maybe I should call him dorkboy instead. XD no offense intended :3

The poets have formed an Emo Poet Cult. We all come dressed in black and whisper derogatory emo sonnet things at each other. k maybe not sonnet things, but we all did come dressed in black.

Also, Sophomore HW Buddy won't go into the J-room. because it's full of "weird people" and she doesn't like associating with "weird people." Five minutes after that she called me weird. Why does she associate with me?

I asked her how I was weird. She told me I just was.

She doesn't even have justification. sheesh.

oh look, my little cousins are here. hey, grandma's here, too. hunh. ah, so apparently we're babysitting til 5. So much for plans of getting homework done. They are v. cute, though. They keep getting bigger every time I see them. Before I know it they'll be as tall as me! Off I go.

edit: gosh, energetic little devils, aren't they. ♥ I feel so old.

edit2: No Jap class! again! I hope they don't cancel the class...

also, on reflection, I don't mean dork as in stupid. I mean it as in... dai... like... 呆呆的... yeah... XD well at least for Korean Dorkboy. coz the tank top was just o____O;

edit3: oh my freaking god Jay Chou's newest movie is so good. Don't be fooled by the beginning, it gets so much better and aldjkfals;djfa;lsfja omgwtf brilliant. And the teenage character suits him, much more than some formal prince.

dude. I love this movie. I want to watch it again.
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First off--

Last of the Mohicans is so sad. SO SAD. T____T I almost cried, it was so sad. but I LOVE THAT MOVIE. I want to watch it again, all at once this time! And again. And again. WAHHHHHH~

Othello pales in comparison. Though, random funny, when Othello came out everyone went: "!!! Morphius!" and I don't know about other people, but I certainly had trouble concentrating on him as Othello from that point on. It was the same with Lord of the Rings actually, Elrond came out and my whole family went: "Mr. Anderson!" But that's a different story.

Stepped outside APUSH, and guess whose very loud, crazy, sort of weird voice twas right out the door? Branden Nguyen, of course. :] He talks- quite loudly. He's a funny sort of person. He has this thing about talking to people where he focuses ALL his attention on you if he's talking to you, and if there's a group of people he shifts focus from person to person, but rarely ever talks to everyone in general.

Well, alumni keep showing up. I'm guessing we'll see them around for another week, maybe two, then they'll be gone for good. At least until December. :)

Branden's birthday is coming up soon apparently. Speaking of which, Vince's is coming up even sooner and so is Yang's. o_____o;; but it seems they have a moviedinner celebration tomorrow! Before he leaves for SD. Yang and I can't go obv. since there's orchestra retreat, which is fine since I don't know him as well as the, wut, seniors (ahaha I still think they're sophomores) do anyway, but just. :3 Ended up spending better part of an hour talking after school instead of doing hw. He's sort of a really funny person to talk to, you know. Very dramatic and... weird. It cracks me up a lot. Do Harker-transfers always turn out like this? XD

In other news, Adela has piano class very shortly and will thus cut this post short to go practice some piano before she leaves. /nodnod

edit: damn. upon reflecting on poetry hw, physics hw, and piano and cello and things- have been wayyyy too lax the past few weeks. and in another week or two other classes are going to start kicking in as well. ._____.;; no time to lose. think I'll put life at large on whole for a few weeks, and see if I can catch up to things.
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Cello bow is back as well. ♥ With the bowgrip good as new.

Wondering if maybe I should've rehaired it as well, but too late now.

To Holland, to Holland, to Holland we go~

1724 edit: from [livejournal.com profile] kyouten

Go here and look through random quotes until you find 10 that you think reflect who you are and what you believe. Repost in your journal and tag 5 friends offer it to anyone who so desires.

quotes? )

So, out of the 6 going to Holland, because [livejournal.com profile] kuroikisei has decided no longer to go, I am now the oldest. .__.;; that'll be interesting. I'm v. accustomed to hanging around lots of people who are older than me, but not lots of people who are younger than me.

We'll see how things go~

The thought of the 10 hour plane ride, for the third and fourth time in so many weeks... gives me a headache. >< sigh.

0020 edit: Ratatouille's a good movie.

So I vowed not to go to bed until I've thoroughly gone through both the Mozart piano and the Beethoven string tonight, because I really, really need to stop slacking off.

Starting to regret slightly, because. An hour. And I've gone through half of one mvt of Mozart. ;;

Though, third mvt is the one I know least well. So it should get faster from here on out.

Haven't read any of the Beethoven yet, because I haven't had my cello with me. (read: conscience screaming: "you should already have 3 weeks on this! 3 weeks! 3 weeks!!")


I'll worry about that later?

0218 edit: yay the Beethoven looks easy.


Jun. 15th, 2007 02:31 pm
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Spiderman... was pretty good. Iono why everyone complained so much about it. mild spoilers alert? )

oh yeah, and on a side note, Debra didn't come because she slept through it! tsk tsk bad sleeping habits XD; you missed the new AMC! And the big, white, empty Vallco which reminds me of an asylum. .____. and food @ Cupertino Village's fake Pho...

mmmmmmm I still think we should throw an Evangelion marathon sometime. I haven't watched Eva in too long.


May. 26th, 2007 02:05 am
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omgcrazy day.

crazy )

Fair # of alumni were there. Anyway. PIRATES. PIRATES PIRATES PIRATES.

pirates! no real spoilers really, but don't click if you're paranoid )

Obv, didn't go to BJs or anything for the sake of Pirates, but it was pretty worth it. Jeff Lee's a funny guy. And Felicia's always awesome to talk to. :) And overall- don't think it was so bad as people said. Sure, it wasn't quite as good, but I wouldn't necessarily rank it lower than movie #2 (aside from the soundtrack bit, augh, that just GROUND on my NERVES ok but it's probably just me). It's fairly epic, still.
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YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY Branch Honors is over!!!

booooooooooooooo I have auditions Monday and I forgot about them til today. TT no chance of moving up nerrrrrrrrrr. unless my stand partner really fails. Then maybe I get to change seats w/him.

If I get moved back, though, I will cry. TT

okayyy so I've decided that whenever I post I'll also list 3 random things that made me happy that day (or that week w/e), because, 生命的真理! Posting about things that really piss you off can re-incense you when you read it, and while in certain circumstances it really helps, in others it just makes things worse, while posts about HAPPY things can re-cheer you up if you randomly reread stuff! Like me!

so list of today:

2. Apparently I don't have to make a playing tape for piano for Holland because my teacher is a master teacher there! So they don't need to evaluate my level. heeeeee.
3. This random girl sitting next to me @ recital today (Allison Lee, I think it was?) goes to MSJ! And knows Debra! And I thought that was just totally cool. :D

0000 edit: hey look it's 0000. it's exactly sunday! xD

anyway, I just have to say...

Pulp Fiction is a really really awesome movie. :)

that's all.
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mmmmnnnn haha my parents won't let me watch the chun jie lian huan wan hui because they watched it already and I was off camping on New Year's Eve. So sad. But I watched a bit of random Chinese entertainment TV w/them. I haven't seen DaBing's retarded face in such a long time, it's almost endearing to watch him and his dorky antics again. And dude, not being able to type Chinese sucks. Typing out pinyin seems weird.

You know I always set myself a whole bunch of goals and stuff for breaks, like while I'm still in school and in work-mode I just go zomg TIME I can do this and this and this and finally catch up with this and this and do all this work and finish all this crap and come break I snap right into break-lazy-mode and FREEDOM. LAZE AROUND DON'T DO ANYTHING HAVE FUN HANG OUT and never do any of the stuff I plan to. At least not til the last minute. xD;;

On Wednesday we watched Brokeback Mountain! Again. We being essentially all the music cluff officers + me --;; coz no one came. But it was fun. And I conclude it's not half as good off bigscreen. And also it's hard to concentrate with a continuous running commentary. It's too difficult to take the movie seriously.

yeah I finally finished the Farseer trilogy yesterday. I have to thank god Amy only got the SECOND book of Tawny Man, so I won't be tempted to start it until she gets the first, because otherwise I dunno what would've happened to my whole break.

FITZ DIDN'T END UP WITH HER. I AM HAPPY. ^_______^ And he didn't really get together with Starling either! I liked her at the beginning but she got annoying. I ended up just liking the fool, mostly. Except he left. But well it ends with them APART APART APART HARHARHARHARHAR screw Molly~ I've been waiting the entire series for it to happen. ^^ Although you saw it coming a mile off by the third book. Everything in this trilogy seems to be coming a mile off. But HE DIDN'T END UP WITH HER and I loved it anyway. :D

mmm totally rambling. This is what happens when I write late entries. I'm too lazy to even bother with connecting my thoughts like I normally do. You know that doctor dude said from 11-1 is really when you ought to be in bed no matter what because there are major hormonal secretions then. Or something of the like. Which might explain this.

I got a haircut yesterday. The barber lady offered to pull out all my white hairs. I told her to leave my hair alone. I was kind of sulky because I have a thin mop of hair instead of a thick head of hair like I had when I was little, and I had just done research and found out that about 90% of shampoo uses this poisonous chemical that isn't that bad, but definitely kills/weakens hair follicles so new hair doesn't grow out, and also found that the shampoo I use uses an exceedingly large quantity of it (how cheap of them) which made me even sulkier, and yes guys maybe it's just internet trash information (god knows there's enough of that), but SLS isn't good for your hair. And from what I've deduced, that much should be true while the possible cancer-causing is false. yeah. I also feel old. I have a lot of white hairs, you know. I could rival Tiffany if I wanted to. It's just her hairs all grow on the side where they're visible and mine are hidden layers down. At least I can't see them or find them myself.

whee I don't know what I'm doing up anyway. I should go to bed.

Today wasn't bad at all, you know. Ever gone to a lesson expecting horror and shame and guilt and gritting teeth and all that and instead having a great lesson? That happened to me today. I think Yulia might have just been being more tolerant because CM's pressing too close and she doesn't have time to get angry. --; She could tell I didn't practice. She was like "You didn't practice much, did you?" (I practiced piano a grand total of once this week.) but she was genuinely happy about the Sonata. Cello recital was cancelled for about the millionth time because people are away during break whom she wants to perform, and that's really not good for my piece because I practice more when there are recitals, but oh well. Teacher was satisfied-ish today. And guzheng teacher is nice, as always. I played with her cat. Dad was horribly late picking me up, but what was funny, ANGELA came. To the lesson after mine. We were like ZOMG *speechless* but then the first thing she reminds me of. JAPANESE HOMEWORK. Sheesh! /clubs her over the head. T___T I didn't even know there was any until she told me. Bringer of bad news!!! but it was kind of interesting because I rarely ever see anyone other than me and laoshr play guzheng unless it's professional people on TV, so I watched a bit of her lesson. That was morning. Oh we got Cinnamon Dolce Latte. Or I did. Dad got a normal Latte. I think I like Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino better. Creme based. :DDDD I like sugar. xD

Another driving lesson thing today. After forever. I don't get backaches now! ^^V Mostly because I've gotten v. good at taking all the shock out of stopping at stop signs. --;; I had such a horrible backache the very first time I drove. It was like "STOP!" me: AHHH! (in my head) *slam* Car: *JERK* Coach: x____@ try to be gentler next time...

multiply the above by 2 hours. yeah.

Our neighbors chopped down the bush that's been above the fence since as long as I can remember. Which would be about 15 years. Which is how long I've lived in this house. Which is probably why it unnerves me when I hear my mom talk about moving out of it. But probably I'll get over it when I go to college. I mean I do want to go to the East Coast. Anyway I can see right into their house now. It's a strange feeling. And empty. So much less green. Actually it's been chopped for a while. Maybe I posted before. But earlier there were lights on and I could see shadows moving. They let all their screens down. I guess they don't want me to see. Well it saves me the trouble of letting my shades down. I like keeping my window open. Lots more light.

Rice has become a 3-legged dog. He popped his knee a while back. He runs really fast on three legs. Almost as fast as normal. He looks retarded though. The vet says he might need surgery if he doesn't let it down in another week or so. :o that sounds really scary.

I miss you chatroom people. We need to have another gathering sometime. At least before people go off to college.

fSFJWRPQIVSDLKJ I've had this stomachache almost the entire night. So before piano today we had about 15 minutes to rush back from cello, grab the piano bag, and go (we were idiots, piano/cello is almost right next to each other, and I forgot the bag. oh and they're both about 15 mins from the house. :o), so with reckless speeding we got there only 8 minutes late, but anyway I grabbed some food coz I realized I forgot to eat lunch (shut up, it's possible to forget these things -_-;) and ate it down way too fast and now I have a bunch of air bubbles in my stomach. I'm pretty sure that's what it is. Or more like in my intestines. And there's a LOT. which really sucks. I assure you, it really really sucks. Actually come to think of it I've had this stomachache since piano. wow that's over 6 hours. 1/4th of a day.

yeah so my foot's fallen asleep. I take that as a signal that the rest of me should probably go to sleep now too. Like I should've done half an hour ago.



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