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man. I love my dad, but sometimes I just wish he weren't... home, you know. Because I have to worry about him worrying about me. =.=

So I want to go running, but can't until dad's in bed and watching TV (and/or sleeping) and hopefully won't come out for a while. And who knows when he'll decide to do THAT.

=.= lame.
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My cousins are funny people. They cheer me up. :D

AND IT RAINED. FOR ABOUT TWO MINUTES. I thought I was hallucinating because I ran out five minutes later and it was sun and blue sky and DRY GROUND and no, y'know, sign of rain, but then I asked my mom and my dad and the random people who were here and they confirmed it. RAIN. Well that just went FWOOOOOM and cleared all unhappy thoughts away, y'know. It's RAIN.

That said, now that I've practiced lots and finished classes and done most of the chores, I shall write up sleepover summary!


Mmm that was fun. Time for real work now. Finally got ahold of all the available audition fingerings that Kim gave to various students with lots of phone calls and faxing and xeroxing between parties and YUCK. audition music so hard. T__T and piano will be back soon, and guzheng will not but she left me so much work I should probably start on it, and I need to go now to cook or else I won't have any dinner _ _;; so off I am. fweee~
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Ah, what is this Nohari Johari thing I see going around?

Eeee cello lesson in twenty minutes. x X Must leave in five! AAAH /flails

It rains. The pollen is SMASHED out of the air. YAY!

Let us rejoice in the [temporary] downfall of allergies!
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Ahahahahahaaaa~ yesterday I was just... damp. on the outer layer. now I'm like soaked COMPLETELY, as in, actually dripping, and soaked down to undergarments and eep I probably shouldn't sit on mom's seat I'm going to leave a giant wet spot and she'll get mad at me later.

and dude. that kind of wind? WOOOOOOOW~ I understand forcible winds blowing me backwards DOWN a hill when I try and pedal up, but pushing me backwards UP a hill? WHOA OVERKILL ZOMG. Crazy rainstorm, it is.

But damn, that was awesomely fun. as in the WHEEEEEEEFUCKYAH category. It helped a lot-- school today near drove me INSANE. an hour and a half of enduring Francisco, of droning and drilling and getting harder and harder to breathe, then FREEDOM briefly and a complete failure on my Tiffany-hunt, but then BACK IN. in the math room just as notoriously overheated, and cramped, and listening to difficult PreCalc concepts and getting stuffier and stuffier and trying your hardest to pay attention but the tension the anxiety the lack of AIR just makes you DIZZY. for another FULL 90 minutes, do you know how difficult it is enduring lectures that long? and lunch. then AAAAAAH English the course selection thing in the library, cramp ALL of the English classes into that tiny room, tumults of confusion and disorder and chaos and no not this not that and then SURVEYS. stupid ridiculous pointless surveys that just kill your brain and leave it to rot and smoke in a sewer pipe, surveys that repeat the same things over and over and you just keep trying and trying to fill out correctly the numbers until your mind just goes INSANE. INSANE. and movies in Bio of dust mites and gross microscopic organisms EVERYWHERE, and do you know HOW disgusting it looks when you film a sneeze in slow motion and zoom in and see all the disgusting phlegm and particles and crap FLOATING in the air, and then the man stumbling forward INTO it?

I wanted to go out somewhere and just SCREAM.

Gack. must shower and eradicate all traces of wetness to avoid getting yelled at. Piano at 5. >__> how uncool.

1610 edit: yay all dry now. Sadies tonight. [ profile] littleliarx3 tried to get me to bring Delmar, but they added these whole bunch of new rules regarding proper behavior and made the sheet thing ever more complicated and refuse to sell tickets at the door, so... wtf. screw that.

Tiff and I made up a rain dance during lunch today. and went rather crazy in the process. I wonder if that's what's making it pour so fiercely outside.

and then, on a totally random note, I completely OWNED the cellos today in sight-reading. *gloats shamelessly* x3

edit 06/13/08: hi, this is adela two years and some from this post, coming back to fix up ljtags, and i'd just like to say... wow am i obnoxious. and spazzy. and... freshman-like.


have a good day. >>;
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I hereby decree that, definitely, biking home ~7 pm with sprays of rainwater obstructing your vision and wetting your homework > biking home past 8 pm, rain or not.

I could see. As long as I brush the water off and blink a lot, I can see the way home. It's not like last time, when the darkness was uneeeending... and drivers saw me! No cars threatened to run me over. I am happy.

Bounced around and acted unusually jumpy and happy and cheerful at the meet. recieved a lot of o.O faces in return.

It didn't rain hard enough to cancel. It didn't rain at all, in fact, until the two mile, when it suddenly started pouring. And of course, I chose to sign up for half mile and two mile instead of half mile and mile.

It was fun. Just me on JV and Megan on Varsity. Odd not running with a giant mob of people.

All the guys lapped me. I beat the other JV girl by about a lap. It was hard to see at the end. =X

Wheee should shower. think I'll eat first. 'least I'm not dripping. just wet. :)
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It's raining, it's pouring~ like hell~ outside~

I should know. I walked home in it. =.=

Actually not really. It only looks bad from the inside. It's not that bad when you're actually in it. No SHEETS and TORRENTS of water where water just comes pounding down at you and you're soaked no matter which way you turn; it just rained hard enough to soak through a layer or two, nothing major. :)

That is not to say I'm not slightly vexed; I am. That's the last time I'm listening to my dear MOTHER again.

This morning I was halfway out the driveway with my bike. I was, I swear, and she dragged me in. I would get wet, she said, she'll drive. Never mind the fact that I'm wet anyway and wouldn't get much wetter biking the rest of the way. We drove.

'course, at the end of the day there's no one to pick me up. Dad wouldn't pick up.

The irony. Probably much wetter now than I ever would've been on bike.

Oh well. Walking home in the rain isn't bad. :) Just. I would be a lot happier if I could do it without the stupid heavy backpack weighing me down. And then I have to worry about the books inside. >>

And I need to shower and change out of my clothes because they're a dead giveaway. Can't let 'em know I walked home. 'coz, guess what, I'LL be the one getting lectured if they find out. >> Twisted logic. Either that, or dad'll blame himself and keep following me nattering and apologising until I want to scream at him SHUT UP, it doesn't matter, I don't care, can't you see I'm FINE, let me do my homework. Except if I did I would get lectured for speaking to adults that way.

As for actual school, 'twas okay. Okay. What a boring word.

Lots of people kept poking my hair. I found it funny. Tiff dropped her flute when she saw me. a bit overkill... flutes are expensive. >>; Ariel kept looking at me with this funny look, and kept starting to speak but then not. And Austin passed by and he stared, and then he doubled back and poked his head out from behind the wall like some anime character and stared more to make sure I'm me. And THEN when Ariel heard the word haircut she snapped like OMFG ADELA THAT'S IT I KNEW SOMETHING LOOKED A BIT QUEER ABOUT YOU TODAY... yadayada.

Everyone mentioned it, though. I can't even name them all. Even people like Brandon, and randomer people like Carol. >>;; It got a bit tiresome...

Eh, shower now. I'm glad - no track today. Not like he can make us run in that kind of rain...

1932: Aiyaaa just my luck. >> The A string on my cello broke. I guess 'sbeen a long time since I touched it...

1943: Yay go dad! He fixed it. ^^

2132: Crappu, I'm starting to feel awake again. It's... 5 AM in Taiwan now? Crap crap I don't want to stay up another night...


Dec. 1st, 2005 03:43 pm
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