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Yesterday there was a New Year's party at my house.

I heard the people arriving from inside my room. Car doors, talking, laughter... I could hear my grandma and my little cousins. My aunt, my other aunt, my third aunt. They all have loud, distinguishable voices, mingling in the dining room and floating down the hallway to my ears. I was working on my gov't homework. My grandpa came in once, to see what I was doing. I went out a time or three, to say hi or to get stuff from outside.

But through the hustle and bustle, as everyone set the tables and prepared to eat, I still went back to my room to work in front of my computer. I was unconsciously stretching out the time, waiting for another car door to slam, waiting for the familiar chorus of greetings and pleasantries to swell in the dining room, for the two cousins (or one) to come flying down the hallway and go "Adelaaaa!!" Until that happened it felt as though we couldn't start, as though not everyone was here. I even, when I went out earlier, saw their parents there and wondered what was taking them so long, and it wasn't until my mom yelled at me to come out and eat with everyone that it slowly dawned upon me that they weren't coming. Of course not. They're both in college.

It's a bizarre feeling, that. Like having a rug snatched out from under your feet. Throughout the entire evening it felt as though something was missing, and, of course, something was.

I have two girl cousins, one one year older than me, the other two years older than me. The three of us have always been generally lumped together as *that* generation by the adults, when it came to mini-generations. (My siblings, 5-6 years older than us, are the *elder* generation, and my two younger girl cousins, still in elementary school, are the *younger* generation.) And it's always been the three of us. One flew off to college, this year the other one flew off to college, next year would be my turn and really it didn't bother me that much because I didn't see them on a regular basis anyway. You could say the fact that they left didn't really hit home until yesterday.

It's just odd. And also lonely, of course, not having the right age group around to talk to. The adults are fun, but not quite the same. (My sister might have made up for it some, but she didn't not get home until later.)

Two birds have flown, the third is poised to join them. Time enough we'll all scatter to the wind.

How strange.

Now that I think about it, no wonder three is my lucky number. Not only was I born the third child, on the third day of the month, I was also always third within *my* generation of cousins. Funny I never noticed that before.

Highfive, Ender. Long live Thirds.

... ...

Jan. 2nd, 2009 01:54 am
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I just noticed that my address post and not-friends-only post (bumped up to the top of my journal) are dated March 2009. Which means I have to change them soon if I want to keep them up there.

And, goddamn. It's 2009, isn't it? I've always known we were the class of '09, but it was always just that; a title, a slogan, something that signified the end of something else. I guess I just never expected to reach it.


Damn time passes fast.

(This is our year, baby. It had better be the best year of my life.)

In other news, to celebrate this momentous occasion, I got myself a new livejournal layout! I don't remember how long I've had the Katamari one, but it was at least two years old. I mean, I got that one back when I first HEARD about Katamari and we played it at that one gathering.

...scratch that three years old. The gathering was Dec 2005.

Off to sleep before I wake up at 3 and become kevinonbreak!
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Merry Christmas, everyone! :)
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I'm in a very reclusive mood right now.

What sounds most appealing atm isn't trick-or-treating, or karaoke-ing, or car-spray-painting or whatever millions of other possible things that I could be doing but will not do, neither is it going to piano class then trundling off to CPYO to read the new repertoire which I will do... it's simply getting a good book and a nice mug of hot chocolate and holing up somewhere, preferably somewhere warm and preferably with my dog present, and then probably going to sleep early for the night. Oh maybe throw in neoguri somewhere in there (with egg, I don't feel like spicy spicy today) if I get hungry.

Ahhhhh that sounds so good.

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I had an epiphany today!

I realized that SAD day didn't just mean that the single's awareness people were sad that they were single, but that the initials of Single's Awareness Day = S.A.D. = sad!!! ahahahahhahaaha.

but then wouldn't "SAD day" = "Single's Awareness Day day"? oh well.

A bunch of people wore all black and declared that they were proud of being single. I think they were just bitter. ;p

In any case, happy v-day everyone! or happy sad-day, whichever one you prefer.

happy SAT-scores-coming-out-day. :D

(I did terribly. I improved by 90 points on writing, but dropped by 60 points in reading/math, so I only improved a total of 30 points! woooooooooo. *fail*)
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merry christmas all

love you guys~ :)


Dec. 21st, 2007 04:50 pm
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Over 45, you're a bad influence. Under 15, you live under a rock and have no life.

meme )


Damn. So close to not being a bad influence. XD

In other news, school's out! Presents are, too! I love you allllllllll~

I feel bad when people give me presents that are worth more than theirs though. :( Oh well. Hope they don't mind.

Only a couple days left to get the non-school presents. ><; Been very lax about presents this year. Will do better next year... And you birthday people, I haven't forgotten you (even if it seems like it), I'm just... v. v. belated with your presents yah. xD; I'll get them to you though. I will. Promise!

Gathering 30-31st? Yes? YOU ALL MUST GO. >:O MUUUUUUUST. Must must.

Merry Christmas, all! ♥


Nov. 22nd, 2007 06:31 pm
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happy thanksgiving all!

I gave mr scruffybutt riceball a bath today. It was terrible (for both him and me). Some of the water came out... brownish-black. ewww. Shows how dirty this riceball's been. Our fault, though. Haven't washed him for at least 1+ month.

Now he's mr fluffybutt riceball. :] All white and shiny. I think he's the happier for it. I mean, I would rather be nice and light and fluffy and than stinky and icky and... yellow instead of white. o____O;; The only issue is I got some water in his ears when I was washing (yeah well, if he'd've stopped squirming maybe I wouldn't've) so now I'm guessing he's got an air bubble in his ear or summit, because he keeps cocking his head and then shaking it as though to shake off a fly. Aside from that, all's well.

Parents got home ~hour ago, no longer have the house all to myself. Oh well. :(

In other news, the neighbor's dog invaded our backyard. Apparently there's a hole in the fence. I was going to grab the dog and read the address on the collar and drag him back to my neighbor's house, whosoever's house it may be, but then he darted into a bush and disappeared through the fence. So there must be a hole beneath that bush.

Anyway, judging from where the bush is relative to the fence, that's Grant Fukui's dog. ahhahahahahahhahahhahaa I'm so getting him for this on Monday...
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man. veteran's day weekend. still can't sleep in a single day for the sake of our panel. :(

but I actually do want to do well on this panel. And it's pretty fun. We came up with these hilarious ideas of rainclouds and raincoats and umbrellas and candles that we plan to implement, and our theme (Melancholy :3) is awesome, and it'll all be plenty fun, just- lots of work. XD;

I feel like I'm living and breathing poetry (the class, not actual poetry). Go there in the morning, work on stuff for 2+ hours, come home, (insert random extracurricular activities here), come home again, live on gmail (our primary means of communication), and go workworkwork on panel stuff. I mean there's other stuff interspersed, but it feels like. like: poetry, hw, poetry, dance, poetry, guzheng, poetry, read a book, poetry, eat, poetry, sleep, poetry, etc. And tomorrow's going to be morning for panel, probably couple hours spent doing not-very-important-tasks-that-Sutton-considers-important for the blissful sake of 8 points extra credit every hour, and then go home and work more on poetry stuff.

but I don't know, I'm actually feeling passing civil towards all the work right now. Probably because there's no school tomorrow AND no japanese AND (primarily), I had a good piano lesson (YES! SCORE! YESYESYES!) on Friday and a decent cello lesson on Saturday and a pretty good guzheng lesson today. You have no idea how much these lessons affect my mood. I don't even think they do, sometimes, but they do. .____.;; they really do.
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happy halloween all~

I'm sorry if my bad driving was scary. but at least we made it in one piece, right?

sometime between yesterday and today mr pinecone and I realized we hadn't seen each other IRL for what, about a year and a half. saw him for around 20 minutes today. probably won't again for another year and a half. he looks exactly the same. XD

also, I find it kind of sad that I actually know today is yellow's birthday. brainwash, bit? happy birthday to mr hong, though, I guess.

parents dragged me off to watch house again. this is such a bad habit. and they're encouraging it. still love how obnoxious Hugh Laurie is. ♥

mmm thanks for the book.

and have fun drinking at Stanford (do you people still use LJ?).

yay kitties! :D

edit: oh right, keropi, I'll... give you back the stuff I borrowed... sometime? ;; next time I see you. couldn't exactly give it back to you today... .____.;
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... happy free hug day people~

School today was... amusing, to say the least. Tutorial was v. empty. I pity the poor freshmen. We never had to go through all that Link Crew crap when we were freshmen. I mean, we did, but only the first day, and the people were a lot more informal/cool about it.
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Zomg~ I'm in this totally roily good mood~ today was awesome day. I wish every day could be like today. ^_____^

So, what did y'all do for your mothers today?

I woke up too late this morning because I stayed up late last night immensely enjoying myself in [ profile] empyrean_rp. xDDDD;; They had this random event where all the characters grow some mutation of their choice, so I made Syaoran spew snakes whenever he talked. And then, multiple Kurogane/Fyes grew dog/cat ears (and tails), one went blind, Mokona started talking backwards, Mello got 10 years younger while Bikky grew 5 years older, and Itachi turned into a girl. It was hilarious. Oh, and clone!Syaoran quacked whenever he talked. /nodnod

Anyway, mom was already up. D: BUT luckily for me, she went off to this Mother's Day gathering thing or whatever it was, I don't even know (to advertise for her performing arts thing _o_) so I was saved!

And lots and lots of thanks here to [ profile] kyouten and our conversation the other day about your metaphor story about falling, because it helped inspire this:

The Tale of a Woman )

you inspired my fav three stanzas in the middle, yah? so THANK YOU. My mom loved it. The self-praise kind of made me gag a little bit, but in this context it praises mom, not me, so forget that.

yeah. Anyway I spent the entire morning writing that, then clearing all the crap out of the dining room and from the dining room table and propping it up on a board in the centre of the table and putting flowers next to it. So apparently when I went outside all our flowers were withered or dead or just nonexistent. D: So I wandered about a bit, then suddenly remembered this one year, when I took the pebbles from the rocky place to the left of our front yard and spelled out HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY on the lawn, and my sister overwrought herself with joy for it. XD So I did a minor version of that with HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY on the driveway. It was grey on grey, but still readable... anyway I found a vase of somewhat wilted roses that were already on the counter, so I used those instead.

And then! Stole a rose for Ms. Sutton. And attached to it this tiny little slip of paper that said:

William Shakespeare is the god of the English language
Ms. Judith Lyn Sutton is the goddess that worships the god of the English language
And the CW: Poetry classes...
         We are the negligible little minions that worship Ms. Judith Lyn Sutton.

*smiley face here* cheers, Ms. Sutton. Have an excellent Mother’s Day.

Biked to Sutton's to address envelopes (which was SO MUCH FUN omg since she wasn't checking them individually I could write highly, highly personalized messages and it was awesome :3 oh and she has the most beautiful envelopes ever), and since she was in the inner room I sekritly left it on her desk. lolz more people were there than I thought, actually. I hadn't expected anyone to really be there, but Mara and Felicia were. :X hahaha go music dept people.

Anyway, Sutton was highly pleased. ^^

Spent over an hour addressing envelopes, then biked home, andand. MOM CAME HOME. AND SAW EVERYTHING. XDDDDDDDD I was afraid I would miss her, I spent so much time at Sutton's. But she came back late, which was excellent.

It's times like these that make me secretly happy in all the hidden crevasses of my soul. :)

Dance class then, which I hadn't gone to for about a month due to various reasons. Wasn't half bad, though zomg so inflexible now ahhhhhhh

hahaha so. I haven't practised guzheng the whole week, and then I went to class and was like oops I forgot my book! (it wasn't in my bag) and the teacher was like yeah I've had it here with me the whole week.


hahahaha xD; but she's v. forgiving. Seeing as it was AP week and all? :D;;

More quality time with the mother once home. And some minor RPing. I brought ANBU!Kakashi into play (this means a younger version of Kakashi who doesn't yet know Itachi's killed his whole family), and he's being v. amused at Itachi's femininity.

Then, since in the morning mom was kind of >> aldkfjalf all because I asked if my siblings had called and Adam did but Amy DIDN'T (well it makes sense since Adam's 3 hours ahead of us), I called Amy just to check in case she still hadn't.

She had, it turns out, but we haven't talked in a long time and ended up talking for half an hour before forcibly shutting up because she has to write 16 pages of essay by Tuesday and is never going to get it done. (She's doing pretty well, actually. She cut the number down from 48 pages.)

So the Amy phonecall was basically just now, and I think I've caught up to current hours. Also, I think I've just had one of the best days of my life. ^^

Cheers, everyone. Happy Mother's Day~!


Feb. 14th, 2007 05:39 pm
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happy valentine's day everyone~ ^___^

I TOTALLY meant to prank Tiff with an anonymous rose-gram proposal and freak her out, but I also totally forgot to bring money yesterday with which to buy the rose-gram. xD;; They're expensiiiiive too. it's because they use real roses. They're lame though. It turns out they have only ONE piece of chocolate per rose. The advertisement totally leads you to believe there's more~ oh well.

poor kid delivering had lots of wrong delivery room numbers or something. the first five names he read out weren't even IN our class.

We serenaded the ladies in the admin building!! They were v. pleased. and then we had free time. So I went off to Starbucks w/Megha. &a few others who were going to TapX. Except it was closed so they went to Blue Rock instead.

yeah... caffeine seems not to do anything to me. At least, I was totally not hyper during lunch. I sat in a chair and didn't want to move. Well more like stretching out over two chairs, but yeah I just kinda sat there and watched everyone around me talking and doing stuff and totally didn't want to join in (but not in a bad way, I was kinda just happy sitting there) and occasionally I'd think "gee, I should get up and do something" but I'd just THINK it. And I wouldn't move. So I stayed in the same position for most of lunch. It felt v. strange.

And then in Poetry we had the Valentine's Day seminar. XD Fun-ish, everybody kept chattering and Sutton was v. annoyed, but well. /shrug

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So! It was father's day today. :) What'd you guys do?

My contribution.

Of course, if you zoom in a bit...

XD;; You don't know HOW much of a pain it was sneaking the cookies in to bake without arousing suspicion. Just the batter... my gosh.

Me: Whennnnn is he going to leave the kitchen?
Dad: What?
Me: .... nothing.
Dad: *turns around*
Me: *grabs the flour and sneaks it into my room*
Dad: 不來吃嗎?
Me: Uh... no... *pretends to wash hands while measuring out half a cup of oil*
Dad: Oh. *shrug* *goes back to eating*
Me: *speedrushes the oil back into my room*

_ _;; et cetera.

Wasn't that bad, though. Hah I actually forgot about father's day completely, but my dear brother was on the phone w/dad and got on the line with me...

Adam: Hey sup, 討厭鬼? ahahaha jkjk
Me: ..... hi!
Adam: So how's freshman year?
Me: 還不錯~ *blahblahblah*

A while later...

Adam: Say, isn't today father's day? What're you doing? I bet you forgot.
Me: *TWINGE* er...
Dad: Oh I just remembered... *gestures for phone*
Me: ... *hands phone off and runs away*


The cookies weren't that burnt. They taste good still. XD

I was really really rushed; I just finished transferring them onto plates (wtf Peggy ahyi WOULD not leave the kitchen and kept going "Mmmm something smells good" and nearly gave me a heart attack >> and yeah, contributes to the burntness) when aunt called like "yep we're waiting outside to send you to dance so come out!" Hence, the sign is totally rushed.

Cut the flowers from yard earlier. Before, that vase held many wilting roses. It looked v. depressing.

Ehehehehe yeah.

I am also giving my dad the luxury of his BANDWIDTH (i.e. not d/ling with Azureus) for this one day. =.= So he'll stop trying stupid tricks on my downloads.

On a side note, we finally installed Symantec Antivirus and Ad-Aware PROFESSIONAL (with Ad-watch! yay) onto the PC! So I happily spent much time rooting out a few minor adware/viruses that have been giving me annoying pointless popups the past few days.

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Ashley's still out, so I waited for the sprinters and Eddie and Daniel unceremoniously ditched me. =.= Not waiting tmr.

Many people carrying roses and flowers and such around school today. Various peoples supplied me with chocolate, and eliminated my cramps. :)

Edit: HELL YAH I'm proud of us. We have mad inference skills. We figured out that Eliza was with Zano and managed to start spazzing even BEFORE Zano called Mel to tell us that Eliza is afk at the moment. WE ARE THE UBER SPAZZING TRIO YEAH GO US~

PS. all 3 of us are high off Valentine's Day chocolate. _ _;;

PPS. Eliza, don't be sorry. Srsly. You have like. a problem. of feeling like everything in the world is your fault. Go and have fun. :) (Btw, how're you getting along with your mom now? My mom's been too busy to tell me anything, and I don't think she knows really...)

Edit: Yay. Talking to Deb has made me happy. I feel all warm and fuzzy now. *glows* ^^ It IS nice to keep in touch~

(The two of them were like. Where's Deb been? She's been gone forever. How depressing. We should call her. Hell yeah. We should say thisthisthis thatthat blahblah. Yeah. And tell her blahblahblahblah.

But neither seemed inclined REALLY to, so I did. XD I am glad.)

Edit: Why thank you Delmar for your picture. I love you too. :)


Oct. 31st, 2005 05:23 pm
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Yay! I like today very much. For one, I actually had lunch, and for another, the entire day was all fun and Halloweeny... here, I'll start from the beginning. ^^

Cut for length _ _;; )
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Wow... I last updated when I was 13! Well, I'm 14 now... Oh, yeah, and it's the 14th, too! Get it? Ha. Ha. Ha... what a stupid joke. So it's February 14th... Valentine's Day. In that case...

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!! ^^

Harker had candy grams as a fund raiser for Tsunami Relief and it worked perfectly in sync with Val's Day... They also had a separate fund raiser, and the candy grams were rather small, I must say, but yeah. They raised $4070 total. I contributed 7 dollars. Not for nothing, of course! ;) No, I gave my friends, Ms. Claerbout (or is it Mrs.?), and Thomas each a candy gram. I only got one candy gram in return, though. My friends are all cheapos...

*rereads what I wrote* Val? X.x Must have caught that from Ender's Game. Did I mention that I read it? It's an absolutely fantastic book! Xenocide follows, which was pretty good, but then the rest blew it. Author only kept writing for money. How could you, Card? It's so obvious... the decline... I loved Ender's Game, though. One of the best books I've read. I suppose it's because that was the only book he wrote before he got famous... *sigh* I wish he wrote more about young Ender. Oh well.

I finished building the 3D Puzzle today. Now I have a mini-Cathedral sitting in my room. Pretty nice, actually. It just takes up a lot of room. God knows HOW long it took to build that! Oh, I didn't mention it was break, did I? That's how I have time to work on the Cathedral. Me and my friends have planned out a series of visits to each other's houses as well as sleepovers. It was nearly impossible to coordinate, and Debra made a last minute call a few moments ago to say she has an Orthodontist Appointment!! @.@ Can't take this... We would have really long conference-phone calls (kind of) by flashing everybody, but some of us live in different districts... so our phone bills... >.<

Oh, almost forgot. I was trying to update my Harker webpage today, and found out you can't upload anything if your computer isn't in the Harker network. Isn't that STUPID? I think it is. So the sole purpose of our webpages is to learn Computer Science? And I have a sneaking suspicion that Harker will NOT be generous (big surprise) and let me keep my webspace after I go to Saratoga High. So I started yet another freewebs site. Following my email, it goes under the URL of I don't know why I used abarofsoap for my gmail in the first place. Odd, no? Now I've started using it for other stuff, such as my KoL account. KoL isn't that fun... I don't know why I play it. Boredom drives people to do things... but I shouldn't be bored because... well, let's call it PROCRASTINATION, all right?

Am I rambling? I suppose I am. Who cares. No one will read it. I can say whatever I want because no one will read it. My brother is a farthead. So is my dad. Actually, quoth Annie from SWFLMS, Guys are weird in general. Except Thomas because I like him. Actually, come to think about it, he's weird too. Gloria, you drive me insane because you are SO ANNOYING. Just DO your homework yourself for once. And sorry sensei, but I HATE Japanese essays. I think you gave the top subject to the wrong person. Well, maybe not. :) I got it because I had highest number grade, right?

Hmmm... I can critique people and they'd never know... But they get critiqued anyways. Oh well. Shui-bian (Taiwan's president) is the biggest idiot that ever lived in history. Aside from George Bush, maybe. Morons. His name means flat water. Stupid stupid stupid. What kind of mother would name their kid flat water? Maybe she thought her kid had water for brains. Taiwan independent will kill them all. There'll be a war and they shall LOSE. He's a fool. Retard. Freak. Jerk. Aiyaaaaa.... Bakayarou ne?!!!! Whoops, I just realized... I'm slacking on my translating job. Clubmanga has decided to scanlate certain licensed manga but release them only on IRC. I volunteered to translate Vampire Princess Miyu. Ah, that's right. If you are a regular IRC manga leecher, visit clubmanga's IRC channel!! #clubmanga at either irchighway or mircx. If not, try, although the site keeps going down on me... *advertise advertise* Artfledgling gave me the ENTIRE volume 3 for translation! Can you believe it? Ug... I still have a Japanese Essay to write... again, it's called PROCRASTINATION...

Wow, I sure wrote a lot. Pity no one will ever read it. It was fun to write, though. ^^


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