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happy birthday mel!

I'm sorry I don't have a banner for you. My photoshop won't open for some reason. It opens, then goes "An error has been detected with a required application library and the product cannot continue. Please reinstall this application." :(

All the same, much love ♥♥ and good luck to your madamoiselle cabbage finding a decent life. :3 What DOES happen to ugly princesses stuck in towers...?

0259 edit: ahahahaaahaha it's so late I'm afraid to go to sleep coz I might not be able to wake up. I'm still not feeling too tired. At this rate maybe I can pull an all-nighter off, and then I'll be early to school tomorrow and a zombie, to boot. :D

You know the thing I hate most about staying up isn't actually the lack of sleep. It's the parents coming out at night (and they always do, when they go to the bathroom or something) and going "omgwtf you're up so late!" and then next day going "poor Adela, she has to stay up so late doing homework" etc etc.

You have no idea how much that bugs me. When parents aren't home I actually end up practising instruments a lot more than I do when they're not, because I don't have any trouble doing it in the dead of night. But if they're in bed and asleep I'd just not, or if I do, I'd bring it into the game room, close all the layers of doors between here and there, and hope they don't hear me. Because then they'll be like "oh yeah, I heard you practising last night! so dedicated, don't overwork yourself," etc etc.

That just annoys the hell out of me. Dunno why. It really does. I'd much rather be alone.

Anyway, in other news. Go here when you're feeling down! The music will cheer you up. And the bunny will, too. And the bells. and the little dinging noises. It's so adorable. ^____^ And addicting. ahahahahahahahaha

It also helps keep me awake when I'm about to fall asleep, though. :D

edit: and this is one of the times when I wish I had a mouse instead of a touchpad
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^__________________________________________^ sorry I know it's a bit early but I'm pretty sleepy and have nothing to do til 12 so... yeah ^^;; time bump-up!!!

I'm REALLY sorry I was originally planning to send you a little happy birthday letter except being the idiot that I am I totally didn't realize that the days were passing so fast until... today really... because of the course applications for next year being due and me not having them ahahaha *dork*... yeah anyway a late letter seemed kind of anticlimatic. >>

I don't actually know if you check livejournal anymore. =/ but I hope you do~

I'll make you a banner too, when dad finishes stealing CS and Illustrator for me. :)
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I have. the BEST sister in the world. ^____________________^

THANK YOU 姊姊~~~!!!!!

And my cousins are awesome too! + my aunt. Even though I don't really wear clothing that warm. but zomg their card craaacks me up~ xDD my cousins are funny people.

And thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on facebook~ and to my ahyi, who isn't really *my* ahyi but IS my ahyi in spirit, even if we're not related, for getting me a cake and celebrating and everything. :o And to my grandparents, who gave me a hongbao. (They give hongbaos for everything, Christmas, new years, birthdays, everything everything. XD)

^_______^ much love to all~

'side from my birthday, did any of you CTYers notice that yesterday was the day the music died? :o Don McLean!!
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So. Stuck in dress clothes for the third time in so many days.

Concert SSO part went well. Santa hats were invariably a success. And the TWang!Santa thing was hilarious and completely unforseen. XD 6'2" santa! hah Thomas cracks me up.

Choir, ehh. They bored me. Not that they were bad, per se, but their program was horribly designed. To start with, we had THREE selections. All v. festive and merry and Christmas-y. Mostly. Not the March Militaire, but that was to START the concert.

So choir... had 14. Nearly all of them pretty formal, traditional, rigid pieces. They all sounded pretty similar. Some of them dragged on and on and on for minutes on end.

They sang well, I mean. Just.


In other news, some freshmen have no manners. srsly.

Watched a bit of Dr. House with parents when I went in to get them to sign something (this always happens _ _;;) and am v. amused by it. heeeeee.

In other other news!!!


(um. I think it's today but if I'm wrong I'm sorry and happy birthday anyway on the correct day~ xD;;)
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phew I finished it before 12. I'm not late! yayyyy~

YOU'RE LEGAL NOW. :DDDDDDDD and I'm not! harharharhar.

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...I can't believe you guys didn't invite me. T____T *goes off to cry in a corner now*

0112 edit: In other news! .....

my sister is being sexually harrassed by her dance teacher.

apparently he kissed her twice during class and she's currently really freaked out. (he's about 50, btw)

apparently he used to try to kiss Davina in class too.

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ayah, no one is up on a Saturday morning at 9 AM. T__T

So we ran the Marshall Clark fun run this morning! I had to get up at 7. T__T on a weekend. Anyway, was bib #909 and I don't know my time because I was listening to music when I crossed the finish line. -.- It's somewhere between 30 and 40 mins, but wtf that doesn't tell much coz I knew that BEFORE the race started.

Incidentally, the miles go by a lot faster w/music. Although, now I've a minor headache from too much music. Might just be me. And it only ever occurs with iPod headphones. =/ Not earmuffs/speakers.

Running in the morning > running in the afternoon, IMO. Mostly coz cold > hot. Had a long argument w/certain people over that.

School's starting! boooooo.

Off to shower.

0931 edit: whoa. Step out of the shower, and the house has gone from a silent grave to mass chaos.

first thing I see, Adam and Katie are back from wherever they were (Marina Foods by the smell of it) and Adam's brandishing these chopsticks and chasing her or something (they're just horsing around, but oO;). and then the dog's barking like crazy in dad's room, and you can hear dad hollering at him to shut up, and mom hollering at dad to shut up, and then door slams and you hear grandma's traditional slippers fwopping across our carpet (which is apparently why the dog was barking) and greetings are exchanged somewhere far by the door and then grandma hollers at me that she's taking the Chinese hw and leaving food and stuff and shuffles away again, and all the while the cats have woken up and are yowling for breakfast.


breakfast! :D

1750 edit: I took like... a 2 hour nap... in the middle of the day... this is unheard of!

*all groggy and stuff now*

btw Deb I won't make you a banner because like... yeah. ^^ happy birthday!

2124 edit: TODAY IS HAPPY LAH~ I ♥ family gatherings. Sab/Cait grew so BIG wtf (haha we live a block from them and never see each other). Wombats are cool too. mmmm.

Incidentally, my time was 35:46.3 so that's like... almost 9 minute mile? yay music.
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hey people. It's my half-birthday today! I can officially take the permit test now. I shall steal my cousins' old permit tests and study from them, and because between them they have all the possible tests (yes, the real tests) that can be given me, I shall pass. x3

It's also Andrew's birthday! but I wished him happy birthday a day early because my Date/Time was screwed up and I didn't fix it until late last night! Ohohohoho.

Yesterday was the pool party-ish gathering. It would, y'know, be nice if you inform your invitees that it is a POOL PARTY beforehand so they can bring a SWIMSUIT? And even of the people who did know, [ profile] maeglin_arandur decided to be snotty and not bring one anyway. He was hosed as punishment.

summary )

mmhmm that's about all I have to say for that. Oh, just one more thing:

KEROPI! *beepbeep* Attention Keropi look over here at the bold because it is important.

So, about this weekend? Yes, I'm free on Saturday. Yes, I can go to PGA if you guys want. Yes, my mom can drive me.

...BUT ONLY if Gangzhe (Andrew) and Gangpu (Jason) Hong can come with us. Taiwanese friends of ours, see. They'll pay for themselves, but basically if I go anywhere this weekend they must come with me. Jason's about my age, Andrew's a college student, and yes. That OK or no?

'course, always the off-chance that mom changes plans and they don't come, but don't count on it. anyway, they're fun people. x3
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Yes, I know this is like a week late, but ehhhh I said I'd do it! Ahaha
compensation for bitching at you for bitching's sake, neh? See I had no idea it was your birthday. And then we all know what fun wangsting can be. XD;;

Ahahaha sorry it's all grey and mismatched colors and stuff. Uhm. I merged down all the layers already so I'm too lazy to start over.

ARE YOU HAVING FUN IN JAPAN? YOU FRESHMAN. XDDDDD You'll be a grade beneath me now for the next 3 years!! Until once again things snap back into the circle, and I become a freshman and you a senior. Again.

Keep your faith yah. :)
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Hey everyone it is now officially Tricky's birthday! You know. Tricky's riddles? Those things everyone was obsessed with for a while.... :D

You know Tricky changed the system... instead of emailing him to get on the hall of fame, there's an autoupdate thing now that automatically puts you into a hall of fame and records the time. People abuse it.

Our names are on the STATIC hall of fame the one that shall remain the same forever more YAY US~

(us being me Eliza and Louis, really... >>;)


Apr. 26th, 2006 04:18 pm
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[so I'm using big text again. but not quite so big as it was.]

This morning I skipped breakfast purely out of laziness. oO;; I actually woke early, too. I have no idea why I've been waking regularly at ~6 every day when I'm consistently going to sleep past midnight. Anyway, I had two hours and I was just like: I have so much time. *sit* *blinkblink* *too lazy to move* *too lazy to change* Oh look, it's the Bio packet on my desk! Let's finish the rest of it and not have work for the rest of the week. *finishes it* *sit* Look Chinese hw! *does that too* .... *sit* *stare out window* ... *stomach growls* I'm hungry. I should eat. ....... *sit*

Didn't dress til about 2 minutes before departure. _ _;;

I actually toasted a bagel for lunch, but being me, forgot to bring it. ^^;

Had no moneyyy, but found 82 cents in various nooks and crannies of my backpack. And Yuwen kindly threw me a quarter so I could get 3 chocolate chip cookies! I didn't eat the third one. I like. gnawed on it. and consumed about half of it during English. and was loath to eat more because then I'd have no more food. but I ate it afterschool.

So... over a time period of 20 hours or so, I had nothing but 3 cookies. XD Cookies are good. I should probably eat something now. For some reason I'm not hungry at all. I feel like I've been totally backwards lately.

Laaaaah I'm happy right now. And I'm like Whoa my bad mood rants are so stupid and silly and immature. *has urge to delete* But I never delete. And in any case, wait 'til I get in a bad mood again. Something will happen and my mood will flip upside-down like a pancake, and I'll be like ... How do I look at life optimistically? How can I normally face life so happily? AUUUUUGH. and I'll read this and be like what the hell. *revokes it all in my mind* And I will rant. or not. and later I will be happy again and look back on my rant and be like .... wow I so stupid. *completely agrees with this paragraph again*

My moods follow such a predictable pattern. _ _;; But I can't change it, either. Ehhhh well. work now.

1847 edit: I don't know why I pryyy... I don't always do it (wtf I don't have time to spaare to be nosy), only when I feel like I need to, but it's like... it doesn't really achieve much, does it? I don't think it ever makes things worse than they already are... well I waste much time and I take much of another person's time, but aside from that... eh but it doesn't make things better, either. Well maybe somewhat? hum.

Ehe whatever I'll just trust gut feelings. I think I just don't quite know why sometimes I instinctively feel like I should... Then again, sometimes telling someone about something and just having someone, anyone, *really* understand you can make a person feel better?

Ahaha I don't know. It's a wonderful form of procrastination though; look it's 7 PM already eek I need to instrumeeeent~

Well Jiji I hope... you feel better... XD Sorry for being such a pest and all and delaying your hwstuff. o_O;; I apologiiiise~
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SPOILED? or not? )

Well. 22. Out of what, 100? Or close to 100. ... somewhat, I suppose.

1544 edit: Well. I told you via AIM already, but I suppose...


And yeah. I decided to stop using giant texts for this, a while back, for no particular reason. Might make a banner later... if time...
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Happy Birthday Alex! :)

I have decided, for no particular reason whatsoever, to stop using giant text for birthday wishes. /shrug

If I had time I'd make a banner. if. ^^;;
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oh. my. god. uploading onto the scrapbook, on this CRAPPY browser with this CRAPPY internet with this CRAPPY old mac with everything COMPLETELY screwed over and not where it's supposed to be.... is a complete and total bitch. >> imageshack is almost easier.

... the Calcifer icon is v. sloppy. I should experiment w/colors when I've more free time.

Anyway, happy birthday!!!! Good luck with CM and all. :)
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(a.k.a. [profile] too_late_again)



even if she doesn't have LJ... ^^; [profile] cherrytree_chop maybe?


Feb. 11th, 2006 09:22 am
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Er, additional thanks to my aunt/uncle/little cousins for more clothing and a card.

... .__. All my relatives got me a birthday present this year. This is UNHEARD of...

My lil cousins make me smile. :)
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Why does everyone seem intent on getting me to post... even Paly people... x__X

Somewhat (not really) concise post on the WF/my birthday... )


Feb. 5th, 2006 10:30 am
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o___O;;; Additional thanks to my grand aunt (who's like. younger than my mom)/little aunt (who's just about old enough to be my sister >>;) for getting me a cake... yesterday they found out that it was my birthday Friday and dajiejie (uhm. that's what I call my aunt. yeah. ehehe~) actually wanted to take me out and go play but I had hw. T.T sad.

Also, thanks again to my aunt/uncle on Jenn/Iris' side for getting me lots of... clothing... wow I got like... so many random gifts this year... from people who never usually give me bday gifts... I think maybe it's 'coz my family gossips a lot and since I was going to WF *on* my birthday that it... reminded them that it was my bday?

Er. Will write a WF post hopefully sometime today? I'll forget everything if I delay too long. But fwee hw first~

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Wheee that was a fun bday.

Uhm. I will make a concise post on the WF later, if I feel like it. I know I said I would, but really, not right now...

But, also, my thanks to v. many people:


Elizabeth, for my current paid acct. OMFG sankyuuuuu so much~ ^^

Dad, for getting me a mediocre frisbee and two GOOD frisbees and OMGWTF an iPod Nano YAY I LOVE YOU DAD~

Mom, for getting me a hella expensive (she left the price tag on. dude, $279? oO;;; craaaaazy) really, really furry jacket that’s really furry and soft and warm and yay and I forgive you for dragging me around and making me wait in the car for 40 minutes at Valley Fair...

Melody, for your frisbee and YES guys we *have* to hold a gathering sometime with all of us Harker frisbee people; we should go to the condo and I’ll bring them *all* and we can play frisbee on the beach~! But, I swear, if you guys throw them into the ocean.... >>;

Delmar, for your drawings and a letter and a ducttape rose and a Totoro calendar and a miniature Totoro set thing that’s fwee kawaii yay~

Carolyn, for your drawing, and really, it’s not crappy at all you should have more faith in yourself...

Grandma/grandpa, for $100 birthday money.

Amy, for the helmet that you’re getting but haven’t given to me yet because you’re still way over in Berkeley...

Auntie (Jenn/Iris’ mom), for giving whatever you’re going to give me that you haven’t given me yet but Iris claims you will very soon. XP

and Alex, for... uhm... a Konami YuGiOh! trading card that says “World Suppression”... ^^;

.... I don’t think I’ve ever had a birthday where so many people expended so much money on presents for me... esp. my parents. Srsly. oO;; Dad usually gets me like. a book. and mom nothing. Except the year we adopted Rice ^^ such a cute little doggie~

Anyways, thank you all~! I am 15 now. I feel old. Rather, I don’t feel old, but many people keep remarking on my birthday and telling me I’m old and now I feel old. Fwee~


Feb. 3rd, 2006 12:18 am
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Fweeee it's my birthday.

I am 15. I feel exactly the same as if I were 14. Nothing seems to have changed.


er. I will play with it later. Too tired now.

When I get really tired, I find I snap into a zombie mode. Like I'm in now. I finished my work omgwtf, and I was just sitting there NOT going to bed. in front of the computer. like. I was too lazy to move, and I just kind of stared blankly at the screen and did mindless motions over and over again like refresh the flist, check the chat, look at random AIM profiles and click on myspaces and whatnot and completely POINTLESS actions and IMs and... I did it for like. 15 minutes. (well I was also chatting to Del but still. wtf.) before I suddenly snapped and REALIZED I was doing it. And then I was like: I should go to bed. Except I tell myself that, but I was still too lazy to move and I kept doing it until I was like ARGH I MUST STOP and quit AIM.

Anyone ever felt like that before? Anyone?


PS. I know I get very bitchy and snappish and stuff when I'm tired, and sometimes I'm not aware and sometimes I AM, but that doesn't really stop me because when I'm in that mood I can't... help... it.... yeah. Oh. but for the duration of today, I shall not apologise for any bitchiness because fwee it's my birthday, it's the one of 365 days that I have every RIGHT to be bitchy, and yes. muahahahaaa~ (hehe don't worry I have enough sense not to ruin you guys' days for ya)

.... *feels oddly like... melody...* oO;;


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