Mar. 20th, 2015 02:43 am
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is running round and round in circles

round and round and round and round and round

and round and round and round and round and round


Sep. 27th, 2012 12:22 am
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is sleepy.

good night!<3
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in circles today.

he didn't have a hamster wheel, so he just ran, and ran, and ran. and ran. until finally his little legs were so sore and his itty bitty tail was so kinked he just flopped down on his belly, atop the hot black asphalt, and basked.
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was raining over hamster's head when he woke up today, and it followed him around when he tried to scuttle away from its shadow, and got his fur all wet. also, this meant hamster was constantly in the shade, in the cold, and he was on the verge of achoo-ing and ready to curl into a sad little hamster ball of misery

hamster thought the stupid cloud would never go away! but in an attempt to not get sick, hamster went to the cave of the sages. this is a cave in which many greatly revered hamsters of years yonder once resided, and their aura remains in the rock walls and earth to this day.

hamster chewed on some hamster hay in the cave and stuffed some extra in his cheek to bring home to his cave, where he then burned up most everything (there was a lot of rotting hay in there) and felt better. his fur was also drier. and the cloud stopped raining, although it was still there.

in the evening the earth shook boom boom ka and hamster, with renewed vigor, jumped in a hamster wheel and started running with all his might. the cloud scattered!! while hamster was running, and reformed in a small corner of his cave when hamster finally decided to stop and curled up happily on the dry, clean ground to lick his paws.

hamster says:

squeak squeaksqueak, squik squeak squeak squeak!

(sometimes that cloud won't go away, and you just gotta run the hamster wheel anyway!)
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there lived a hamster in a shell

and outside the shell he could see many other hamsters, some in shells, some not, some's shells translucent, some completely colored in, some with shell bits hanging off of their fur, scuttling around happily all the same

the hamster could talk to all (most) of these other hamsters

the hamster admired some of the other hamsters, particularly those who had no shell, those who seemed able to speak and laugh and say all the right things at all the right time. hamster could never do that. hamster made friends with other hamsters in pink translucent shells, and they rolled around together and jostled each other playfully on the hamster wheels, but never close, never hard, because of the shells in the way

one day, a shell-less hamster that hamster loved very much fell off a ravine and was never seen again

much, much later, years later, hamster shattered his own shell with his tail and ventured out shell-less into the world, sniffing cautiously this way and that

and looking at his shell bits on the ground, he began to cry and cry and cry

because he finally realized that breaking the shell was not a magical key to some fantastic world of freedom and joy and love (although it certainly helped you steer)

he finally realized that that hamster, whom he loved and admired so very much

was just another hamster

doing his best, venturing bravely into the world, getting hurt and thwarted like everyone else (maybe worse, because shell-less ones take the full force of the blow), and simply smiling and joking and tucking his tail in and standing up again, each time

he was just another hamster, doing his best

and now hamster could never learn his story


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