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CTY homeland. yes my life is complete screw those ivies

We are so screwed for CMEA today. :x But somehow when I think back it seems like it's always this way for the CMEA concerts...

[ profile] maeglin_arandur is more obnoxious than he used to be! but he's still got nothing on Manoj so I guess it's OK. don't you dare seduce my little sister I will kill you~ /protective sibling

grahhhhhhh CTY seems like so long ago.

grahhhhhhhhhh everything seems like so long ago.

You know Jeff Lee thought our class had graduated already. More proof that life seems too too long ago!

(Srsly Jeff, you're not that much of an old geezer...)

piano class time o______o;;;
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1 instead of 12.

my whole day's schedule is off. T____T

edit: what's with all the CTY songs coming on radio? first Gloria Gaynor, now REM... and it's always *just* when I start up the car...
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I took a ~20 min nap in the middle of the day.

oO;; wtf I never take naps. so strange.

I was half asleep, and had these brief dream flashes that were some bizarre mixture of CTY 04 and 05 and v. confusing and made more sense, I think, when I dreamt them.

Mmmmmm we were flipping through old yearbooks today. CTY and Taiwan and Harker included. Ahahahaaaa my brother looks SO dorky and SO young and... hilarious. XD

Keropi, do you have our kindergarten yearbooks? Or 5th grade (I think)... We found the class pictures of you! And Del insists you look exactly, exactly like little Alex Ji. And scarily enough, in those pictures, you do.

_ _;;;

Edit: /amused

The extent of worshipping!!!

so basically I was talking to Brian about my brother and he was like "damn Adam's so cool~"

me: ehehehehe
me: you should see his 8th grade pictures
me: he looks SO dorky~~
evilcatguy: .... cool!
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Had Chinese today. Will start working at library tomorrow.

... I'd like to go to see the concert today, but 1) it costs money, which leads to 2) I'm Asian, and 3) it also happens to help me spite Tiff (ah, childish quarrels...) since she didn't come to OUR concert... and on top of that 4) I need a ride. So... I guess I'm not going. Sad.

Totally, totally forgot there was a Bio test today. Eh 'twas ridiculously easy, though, so it didn't matter. Finished in ~10 minutes and spent the rest of the time doing Eng hw. A very prolific period.

Francisco didn't even COME to orchestra this morning. Spent the period sitting around, and mainly messing around in the practice rooms with Yang and Ariel 'til Tiff and Jenn came and we realized that the period had ended. ...

Stayed in there during tutorial and did Eng hw. Somebody started playing trumpet outside the door. It was very loud.

Edit: While procrastinating, I decided to waste my time trying to make the CTY song on Louis' LJ fit more to the actual meter of the song... Wow. It still totally sucks. And rhyming went to hell. But whatever. )

Edit: Omfg I hate my parents. Couldn't they at least ASK me before they reschedule something? Do they never consider that I might have something to do?

... piano lesson moved to effin' THREE forty-five tomorrow. Ugh. I feel really bad because I can't help Jennifer at the library, andand... AGH.

And I hate the way my dad decides to tell me this. He KNOWS I don't know. But he can't come by and tell me "Your piano lesson got moved." He has to go, "I'll pick you up early tomorrow." "Oh, it's fine, I can walk..." "No, I'm picking you up early." "Why?" "Piano." "What?" "You heard me." "But..." *moves off* "WAIT!" "What?!" "Tomorrow is Thursday!" "I know that." "It's not Friday!" "I know that." "My lesson's on Friday!" "No it's not." "Yes it is." "It got moved to tomorrow, all right?! So get all of your books on my car tonight." "WHAT? Wait when?" "I said tomorrow." "Well when tomorrow?" "3:45." ... etc.

Gawd. It annoys the heck out of me. GRAAH.

Edit: Fack. I can't even practice my instruments because a stupid guest is over and he wants me to wait. "Later, please." Later? What, like two hours from now when I COULD've been going to bed but obviously not anymore?

... sigh. *shuts up* I'm being bitchy.

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The last week...

It was a short week, but there's just as much to say )

Mm.. I’d really like to go over this and add in things that I know I forgot to put in (I made notes), but I’m feeling lazy at the moment. I’ll put up edits later. When is later? I don’t know...

That probably wasn’t a smart thing to do, because people will read over it now and probably never read the edited versions, but whatever. I’ll read the edited version - every word of it - months later when I have time to relive all of this, and that’s good enough for me.

Week 2

Aug. 18th, 2005 08:13 pm
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Wow. I can’t believe I wrote all of this junk down... A full 16 pages, 21 if in size 12 Times New Roman font. I wonder who will actually read through all of this. I’d hazard a guess to say no one will go further than skimming. Ah, I can reread it in detail months from now and reminisce...

Longer than ‘the longest LJ entry *ever*' )

And that concludes my second week at CTY. Feel free to comment... for people like Mel, if you don’t have much to say on the content... literary critique is always valued. For the people who are LJ-deprived, yes, anonymous comments will be allowed.

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Edit: I had to seriously edit over this for Capture the Flag, and I was just going to put it in a new post, but I didn't want to lose all of my comments. So now it's an "edited" old post, but I'll bump up the date as if it were a new post.

I had a random whim to write down more in detail what happened this year in CTY so I don’t forget it... and the more I wrote, the more came to mind, and I ended up with pages upon pages of super-duper-uber-in-depth detailed descriptions. So I did the reasonable thing. I posted it here. =)

The longest LJ entry *ever* )

Switched back and forth between tenses, kept getting sidetracked, too much commentary... but yes, here it is. The first week. The entire 13 pages, in all its glory. Feeling very proud of myself at the moment...


Aug. 14th, 2005 08:37 am
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Wow. My last post exploded.

But I finished it! The first week. All 13 pages (in small font~). *proud*

That took forever to write. _ _;; Two more weeks to go... and yes, I will write them! Despite the fact that I should be doing other things... ah, these are definitely going in my memories.

Anyhow, I actually managed to wake up pretty early today. I should go to bed earlier. If I go to bed at 10:30 maybe I can wake up at 7. And then I'll have lots of time in the mornings when no one else in my family is awake and I can do whatever I want without them bugging me.

Hm. I should go eat breakfast now. Or shower. And then I have my instruments.... x.x


Aug. 10th, 2005 10:15 am
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I was checking out people's myspaces, and somehow stumbled upon Hil's xanga while looking at Will's myspace...? Pictures!! XD We should ask him if we can put them on Eliza's site.

On a side note, myspaces are confusing ;_; Go LJ!!!!


Aug. 9th, 2005 01:09 pm
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I should NOT listen to CTY canon songs. They make me depressed. But I'm testing if my mp3 player is working properly (sometimes it does weird things to the songs) so I have to go through all of them =_=;;

I don't feel like posting on CTY right now, so I'll do that later. (I'll probably end up doing it after the totoro party)

.... -listens to song- .... >> This is depressing. Earthy sent me the few songs he had... Oh, speaking of that, maybe I should get back to translating. I also need to shower. Yes, I know it's the middle of the day. I shower when I want to, I eat when I want to, I work when I want to, I sleep when I want to... I don't give a damn about the time. So please do not annoy me about that. Because people have. And it's annoying.

Ramble )

On a side note, I managed to find sheet music to American Pie, Stairway to Heaven, and Nightswimming. American Pie and Stairway took forever. They're too popular. Lots of sheet music for sale. I had to cut through lots of site routes and google links and even then it took a really long time for me to find a place with all 7 pages. But I did. And it's the piano solo version. And it's good quality. =D So yay! I've been messing around with it on the computer.

Stairway I found at the same site. But it's not very fun to play. Just the general melody and a few chords to go with it. It's for easy-playing. It's so simple I could've written it. =_= Kind of sad. It's still fun to hear the melody coming out of the piano, but it's pretty plain. American Pie is much more interesting.

I just printed Nightswimming out and I'm not so familiar with that song, but it doesn't look bad. I should bring all of these to the totoro party! XD Speaking of that, I'm also debating whether or not to bring my camera there. Since it's pretty much a CTY gathering party, if I take pictures and upload them, they can probably qualify to go on Eliza's site too? That'd be cool. It'd be really cool if everyone uploaded all their pics and sent her the links. But then she would be severely overworked. Hmm.. maybe I can help! =D Well, whatever. I should go shower, practice cello, mess around with the piano, clean my room, translate BR, translate FMA, and perhaps search for more sheet music if I have time. Pretty tight schedule. Better get started on it.


Aug. 7th, 2005 11:55 am
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I dedicate this post to my hall, my RA group... the coolest bunch of sugar cube nerds of the third floor of Desmond!

To Val: To... )

We love Sugar & nerds!
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CTY is over. Again. It makes me sad...

It's over~ )

Ah, I KNOW I haven't said everything I wanted to say, but I've had this window open since like 11am and I'm still not done with it.... so I better just finish it...


Aug. 3rd, 2005 08:48 pm
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CTY's about to end. I'm using a library computer here, which I'm really not supposed to do (I'm supposed to be looking up a word for my word project on the "OED, mother of all dictionaries"), but for some reason I don't really feel like doing that. There's 8 minutes left of class. Come ON. We have one more day of class left. The Greek roots test is over (screw etymologies).

To be honest, I can't believe they're giving us so much class on the last day and taking away the activities. SCREW THEM! Who wants class tomorrow? And our teacher won't let us throw a party. We have to present a word. I'm tempted to request to be last tomorrow, go up there, scream as loud as I can, and run away. But that's just on impulse. It'd never work in real life.

Crap gotta go now.u


Jul. 17th, 2005 08:20 am
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I leave in less than an hour. 9:00. We meet up at 9:50. The only reason I'm leaving so early is because my mother got engaged in a unnaturally long conversation with grandpa yesterday and completely forgot about laundry detergent. Yes, I need laundry detergent there.

I highly disliked this feeling of anxiety, so I decided to throw it out the window. Think analytical, logical thoughts to myself. It helped, but not completely. I left most of the anxiety behind, yet one part of my mind simply keeps nagging on. You will find out you forgot something when you get there! it whispers. Naturally, I will. It would be rare to go on a trip and actually remember every single thing one needs to bring. Perhaps that's why I can't shake off that voice. Because my analytical mind agrees with it.

There's nothing to do. I didn't eat breakfast. I don't want breakfast. My teeth hurt.

...this has successfully killed 10 minutes, but there's still a half an hour left. Perhaps I'll go revisit the old neopets roleplay boards. Stupid, yes. But good for time killing.

And that's all for today~ Won't be coming back for 3 weeks.
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Edit: This somehow turned into a big ramble regarding skirts and CTY. o.o I have no idea how this happened.

Crap. I felt fine during the day, but now I'm sore as hell. >_> And I have a pimple growing in an uncomfortable place. And it's not even remotely close to my face. Let's just say it hurts like hell every time I sit down. So it's not helping. How the heck am I going to get through my lessons tomorrow? Ah, well, *prays* hopefully the pimple will be gone tomorrow? Then again, I'm atheist, so what the heck am I praying to anyways? >>

Mewwww~ Sore~ sore sore sore. I've definitely not exercised enough lately. And then, suddenly, today I take Rice out for a two mile walk, and I went to Valley Fair.... *dies of disbelief* ....and bought skirts.... ....even Tiffany bought 2 skirts... x.x

I never wear skirts. I don't remember ever wearing a skirt other than the required Harker uniform. I've worn dresses when the occasion called for it, but never skirts. ...mew? Well, I doubt I'll wear them often anyways. But they are a lot cooler than pants. As in temperature. Apparently everyone has their own "style" that looks good on them...

[profile] smushedness = Fwoofier moderately short skirts
[profile] fwoofie = Short-short skirts
Me = Knee-length skirts cut for skinny people'
Tiffany = ....none.

I don't know what Tiffany would count as. She got one of the slightly fwoofy skirts that Elizabeth got, and she also got the black skirt that I got. But despite the fact that she could fit extra-small, she bought a medium. I don't get that. I just don't. But maybe it's just me.

Well, I guess it was all in good fun. Everything's for CTY, naturally (I also bought a bathrobe), and to my surprise Adam did not critique it. I was full well expecting him to lecture... well, you can't say he didn't critique it. But he critiqued it in a good way. Not what I expected. --'' Ah, when I got home I also found out that the brown skirt (which has two layers) had this written on its tag. "Shell: 100% silk. Dry-clean only."

If you didn't get that, allow me to explain. THE OUTSIDE of the skirt (two layers) is 100% silk. The inside is some unknown material that they don't mention. >> So I don't even get to feel the silk. And... dry-clean only?! AAAAAHHHHH~~~ *falls into a blackhole* -sigh- I swear, I'll look at the tags next time before I buy them.

Meh... I probably should go to bed. I probably won't have much time to spare on the computer the next few days... we leave on Sunday. I should pack. I finally dragged out a big suitcase, but so far I've only packed underwear, some socks, and... nothing else. Adam took the good frisbee. It was apparently a gift his friend brought back all the way from UCLA and will not be used for play. --'' Whereabouts of THE frisbee is still unclear. Ffffft... to you three... if you find any frisbees at home (no matter how crappy it is), you might want to bring it. Then again, Adam might possibly take me to get some good frisbees, but I'm not sure I'll have the time.

Tomorrow is Friday. Two more instrument classes to go through. If I survive through these, I'm FREE. FREEEEE~~ No more instruments. But the last class ends at 6 pm. That doesn't give me much time. I also have to finish translating Fairy Cube for Earthy. It's Kaori Yuki's latest, apparently. Completely morbid. But the others inform me that Kaori Yuki is always morbid. I wonder if I've read anything else by her. The name sounds familiar. Kaori Yuki... Hm. *does a google search* ........................*falls over* ANGEL SANCTUARY. DUUUUUHHHHHHH~~~

I feel so stupid now.

I liked Angel Sanctuary. Maybe I should ask Earthy to let me keep working on Fairy Cube. >> But I'm busy enough as it is. After Friday is Saturday. On Saturday... Harry Potter book 6 arrives. I'm the first to read it because (obviously) I'm leaving. I had to have a stupid Chinese class on Saturday, which will distract from that... but in any case, Saturday will be very occupied. So most things must be finished Friday. And some time during all that, I have to pack. Or finish packing, at least. --'' Ugh.

But the thought of C.T.Y. really cheers me up. OH I also have to go to the library and return the severely overdue books before they are more overdue. How the heck is this going to fit in my schedule... Well, it'll work out somehow. At least I hope it well.

Time to sleep. Must wake up early tomorrow to start all my tasks.


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