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Today seemed to be another alumni day.

stuff :3 )

I predict next week the alumni will really be gone. And then these stirrings of the dust will settle down--until the Christmas concert. But that's a long ways yet. :)

edit: oh, also, in forgotten news, there was a meet at home yesterday! And I actually went to cheer people on, inspired by, you know, our lovesick puma. :3 Sadly, the Spartans weren't there, and thus he wasn't there, and couldn't lend me that whatever-it-was book by the same author that wrote 100 Years of Solitude. Oh well.

I heard we did well. Apparently aside from our first two fastest runners, half the runners went the wrong way, so we dominated 1st 2nd and 3rd for girls (varsity?) which is sort of cheap and hilarious at the same time, but suffice it to say we won Girls Varsity. Cheap or not. It's not like we INTENTIONALLY made them go the wrong way...

They made these cool new bell things that we can shake vigorously and make a lot of noise with, so as to drown out other teams' cheers. Gogo self-cheerleading!

edit2: hey guys, this is a personality test result from my college counselor. So it's a slightly more official personality test. So... how accurate does this sound to you?

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edit3: Also, word of advice to you caffeine lovers, if you didn't eat breakfast late and are actually hungry, or if not "hungry" per se, if your stomach is empty around lunchtime...

don't drink only a frappuccino for lunch, all right? you'll get a stomachache. XD; Even if it's a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino that's ultra delicious.
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So, uh, got the Homestead time. 16:53.2!! For 2.35 miles. That's faster than I've been running ALL SEASON. It's like a 7:11 mile! And the two Crystal times were like avg 8:40 and 8:20 miles, and even Toro was only 7:40... I mean even if you take the hills and length into account, still!

ehehe so if we end the season on this note, I am 12th fastest girl. Out of 35. So not that fast, but if you discount 7 varsity... XD

Aiyaaaa don't want to run Crystal #3 this Tuesday. I am certain not to be able to PR this, and then it will just be an additional pointless at the end of the season. >> Welllll maybe I won't, depending on how my cold progresses... ><;;<;nbsp>
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Cross Country is almost over Cross Country is almost over Cross Country is almost over!!!!!

This makes me happy beyond WORDS.

yes, I know it's good for you and all that and it was fun and the people were cool and stuff BUT.



2-3 hours EXTRA after school every day. Can you even IMAGINE that?!?! I can probably finish all my homework THEN instead of after orchestra crapstuffs! And I won't be dead and tired andand. ♥

ooooh daylight savings soon too. So I won't be late every day and stuff.

yeah my bike died. I'm majorly screwed without it. It serves as transportation anywhere, within reasonable bounds, and uh. Can't even get to school without it. >>;; will try and fix this weekend. mmmm.
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Woohoo rally todayyyy~ Sophomores did pretty good... we OWNED the dodgeball (there was ONE person left, vs. 3 upperclassmen, and he killed all three) and destroyed the freshmen in the weird football thing where both players are tied w/rope and must lunge against each other to put a ball on the "touchdown" thing, although juniors killed us in second match. haha and we were hella spirited than the other classes... our class kept giving standing ovations/cheers yah!

Ooh and Vincent (junior) won the Rubiks Cube contest, but everyone KNOWS Andy (SOPHOMORE W00T) would've won (he didn't know when to start and was still scrambling the cube when the others were doing it >>;;) coz he's hella faster than Vincent. Andy's average is down to, what, 12-13 secs now? I think that tops Toby! How fast was Toby? Alexei might be still faster... I'm not sure... they didn't call him up though.

yeah the seniors died. They won nothing, basically. Saaaaad.

Football game today! We actually have a fighting chance against LG. And it's on our field. WITH OUR NEW LIGHTS. which are the 1337EST THINGS EVER. Apparently the blackout is done so well that it's literally DAYLIGHT on the field, but immediately off the perimeter there is NOTHING. BLACKNESS. no light overspill. yeah and band's doing their full half-time show today. haha I would never go to actually watch the football part. Although it'd be funny if we won.

Eeeeee I am sunburnt from Crystal Springs yesterday. boooo to [ profile] maeglin_arandur, who didn't go. I really don't like that course. And we have to do it AGAIN, in another week or two! T___T but that marks the end of the season, so :)

edit: OK haha Toby is still faster, I checked with Andy today... yeah I forget everything Vincent teaches me haha... so I am still only able to do 2 layers...
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lalala so we got the Toro meet times. I ran 23:44. >>;; that's 2 minutes faster than Crystal. and Crystal is SHORTER. Sure shows how much I tried. (no seriously, mile splits went from ~8:20 to ~7:40) Yeah, Crystal is hillier and deader and uglier and all that, but stillllll.

My eye is kind of weird and mildly swelly. It feels like it's bruised. 'sbeen like that since yesterday. I think maybe I have pink eye! but it doesn't show much.

hahaha so I have a bunch of HC pictures/vids that I'll upload sometime. Our theme this year was Childhood Memories. Seniors got TV/pop culture, juniors got games, we got books, and freshmen got places. yup. And quad days went senior>junior>sophomore>freshmen, as usual. I forgot my camera on junior quad day!! T__T they were pretty good, too. The freshmen had a single dance in which a lot of blondes dressed slutty and couldn't dance, &my mem card ran out so I deleted it. Not worth keeping. =/ Not that we were much better last year, but at least our patheticness was funny...

mmm our breakdancers were pretty 1337. Juniors tried to show us up, but Randy was the only one who actually did anything. And then they had these v. disturbing guys at the end on skates who stripped down to like, spandex. eww. but the drama juniors did a rl reenactment of Clue, which was exceedingly cool. James Knight has found his place. XD
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Crystal Springs! SCVAL... Dunno place, but time is 25:45, so a bit slower than an 8.5 min mile? This makes me sad. I'm a lot slower this season. Mostly because I have no motivation. &Charity's gone, and Lisa + Ashley are slower than me and I typically run with them and... yeah. I don't try. >>;; I was half-dead right after running but it only took me 5 mins to completely recover, which kind of made me go "" *guilt*

Charity beaaat me. T__T She's hella improved this year coz everyone in MV is faster than her so she works a lot to catch up.


Ahem anyway, I saw [ profile] maeglin_arandur! Except. Only like. Once. and then he was somewhere nearby during the cheering for freshmen, and then he disappeared! and I couldn't find him. I saw him during his race, but he was, well, racing. And then the MV team settlement place was kind of intimidating, so I didn't go there. >>; Last few meets when I asked MV people if they knew where Louis was they either completely ignored me or looked at me weird and then forgot to answer me! Not v. friendly. The purple MV people are much friendlier. :D they gave us food.

I also saw [ profile] clayfan03! Green people. And Christine (the Korean one who roomed w/Harleen) from CTY! red people. except there's like a bazillion red people because red's too common. haha yeah. fun.

I don't like the Crystal Springs course though. It's dead and yellow and windy and Death Valley-like, and DUSTY. rrrrrrrr.

2157 edit: So we gave Renegade away today.

wah )
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Harker didn't go, but MV did go, BOTH of them, so I saw Charity!!! who was ironically wearing the Falcon's Marshall Clark shirt, but not Louis because he's presumably still sick with the flu. And Paly peoples! such as LILY who is extremely bouncy and hyper, and random Paly guys painted P-A-L-Y upon their shirtless bodies and then stood and spelled PLAY instead of PALY and Lily was like "... *facepalm* don't know them" and! I did horribly because I completely miscalculated and thought there was a lot more field to go after the turn, so I was saving my sprint for like maybe 1/2 field and there was literally only like 1/8th field, and it was a horrible horrible miss and you can't SEE how far there is to go until you round that sharp corner and then it was too late. Could've started sprinting so much earlier and probably could've passed ~6-7 more people or so if I HAD. >___>

No times! but I am #58 again, just like Firebird. exactly the same! ohohohohoho.

Skylight is beginning to lose its appeal. Despite the fun jazziness. because we play it so much. Hence, volunteered for solo improv! Following the improv sheets, of course. >>;; Major fail, but fun. :D

I want to play Concerto Grosso with someone. All the celloes forgot the parts. It is rather sad. Too bad Tiffany DITCHED us for CYS. Otherwise she would join! Like we always did in Aussie. sigh~
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yuck. netscape annoys me sometimes.



Sep. 14th, 2006 06:41 pm
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yeah, okay, so Mel posted about it, but I totally didn't check LJ mmk.

Louis was there too! His hair has gotten longer. He is easy to distinguish. Esp with the sunglasses.

Kero: Sunglasses!
Mel: ! Louis?
Kero: I don't know, can't tell.
Sunglass person: *twitch* *turnaround*


yay I am so happy. I haven't been so hyper in a long time. This is also the first meet in which I felt more cheerful AFTER the meet than before. because because like I'm on my period, right, and SECOND DAY which really really sucks, and then I'd get random cramping while we were waiting about and then in the actual race the first bit was REALLY REALLY slow T___T oh and they have this horrible track that's worse than Lynbrook's and stirred up a duststorm but anyway, if you keep running and don't just stop after a little bit (in which case you seize up even worse! wheee) it gets better! So then AFTER the race was over I actually felt a lot better (like, I have no cramps now yay). And also. it was over. no durr. which adds to the general happiness.

The sprinklers came on while JV girls (i.e. me!) were running! So we got sprayed through. It was pretty horrible. But the first lap was dry, and personally I prefer getting sprayed than the JV boys (who were after us; i.e. Louis) who got to run through what went from wet field -> SWAMP.

mwahahaha. I am also done with all my homework in advance, for once.

eehee today is a good day. ^^

my voice has died from cheering


Today is a REALLY REALLY good day.

Excited rambly details )

2140 edit: ... ahahahahahaha.

Instead of kitten #2, I caught a possum.

Totally did not cross my mind til NOW to take pictures before letting it out, and! tis too late. oh well.

That was hilarious, though. XDDDD
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so! Yesterday we did skateboard repeats, right, and it was HORRIBLE and ohthepain~ and today we were supposed to go on a recovery run, then weight room.

so guess what me, Ashley, and Jason did!

WE WENT BACK AND DID IT ALL OVER AGAIN. (we're such smartasses)

Only three, mind, because Connie only did 3 and we were just accompanying her (she's a per7 JV; JV did skateboard TODAY) and I guess that's good because yesterday I cheezed out and only did the minimum so this makes for all 9 but. wtf. >>;;

At least nothing really hurts like the beginning of track season last year. hahaha we couldn't even walk. That's a good sign. :D

SO! If one million water molecules evaporate each second, how long does it take a single drop of water to completely evaporate?

1 mole = 6.02 x 10^23 molecules
18 g = 1 mole
? drops = 1 ml (hint: measure it yourself!)

...what is this dimensional analysis thing. >>
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a moment of silence, everyone.! omgwtf day = SO LONG and me = SO DEAD because we did skateboard repeats (it's this horrible, horrible hill that's near the back of the school and is horribly, horribly steep and just goes up and up and up and up until you're about to give out, and then you reach flat ground and think you're done, but you actually have to either turn left or keep going, because GUESS WHAT the flat part is just a bend and the hill keeps going up and up and up for another horrible stretch! HA. HA. HA.)

in other news, we wore togas to school today. for history. haha. and it was picture day and I totally forgot, or I totally wouldn't've changed out of my toga...

rehearsal was fun. Yair yelled at me coz lost/late (ayahhh long story) but wasn't a big deal.

I have Elgar stuck in my head now wtf. it's not even SJYS music.
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for Lily. :)

XC tentative event schedule:

Lynbrook (already passed), Earlybird, Firebird, Saratoga Scrimmage, Central Park, Stanford, SCVAL Center, Monterey Bay, Crystal Springs, Lynbrook #2, SCVAL Finals, CCS Championships, State Finals

:DD which ones are Paly running? I'm not going to all of them but sometimes they're optional~

For that matter, which ones are MV running?

See you both around~~

And is it just me, or does Harker just not run with us at all? Like last year we had no meets against them whatsoever. :( As in, do our paths NEVER cross? Because that is SAD. T__T

In other news, I want to learn to speak Korean. It doesn't seem v. hard, esp with fluent Chinese and semifluent Japanese as backup, and EVERY DAY I am surrounded by Korean FOBS, and I am the only Chinese there, i.e. only nonKoreanspeakingperson aside from Elaine Higashi who I thought was Japanese but is half Jap and half Korean although she can't speak it, and they might be v. friendly and v. funny and v. easy to get along with (zomg I aspire to be more like Susan XD) but that doesn't change the fact that people talk... talk... KOREANGLISH amongst themselves and to me sometimes because I look Korean enough, and I sit there feeling absolutely dead center Chinese.

(lmao I know how you feel now Melody XD)

And since Kim's entire population of students, both Mrs. Kim AND Mr. Kim, are KOREAN, except me and mayyybe a few select others who I never happen to see around because they probably have age difference or level difference or something, and this Koreanness is going to surround me for 3 more years, and... yeah. yeah.

(srsly, every benefit concert, student gathering, whatever, is like this. OH and SJYS is the primarily Korean orchestra, vs. CYS which is v. Chinese, and ECYS which is pretty mixed, sooooooooo...)

I wonder where I can find someone to teach me Korean. Too bad Katie's back at Providence...
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First meet of the season! @ Lynbrook.

vs. the bright yellow people, green people, the people without team colors, and the white people. (I THINK it was Wilcox, Paly, 'tino, and the white ones were Lynbrook? Not sure. Oh, Homestead was in there somewhere... x.o)

We were an hour early; tried to find Joseph, who apparently isn't in the practice of picking up his cellphone, gave up, had no means of contacting Luna and ended up wandering the campus (such a waste of time, but I didn't bring hw with me T__T). My old Chinese school! I WENT TO THAT PLACE EVERY WEEK FOR LIKE. 4 or 5 years. mmhmm.

There and back by bus. Except Brad, who's crazy and is running his way back to campus.

FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. *is waiting for ahyi to finish SOME part of dinner and totally procrastinating homework because, HUNGRY. which amplifies laziness*

I ♥ XC meets. THEY ARE SO SHORT. it's like, the two mile! minus the 800 and the one mile! BOOOO to Track meets.

1813 edit: Whyyyy is EVERYONE doing that survey. T__T I'm going to have a lot of flist catching on to do this weekend...
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it's tomorrow! it's tomorrow!

Team trials today, dunno my score, don't care, Peach Hill seemed a lot shorter though. could be because last time me and Lisa got lost and took huge detour that was god knows how long but then we walked so estimate is probably off who knows.

I had other things to say but I forgot them.
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bzzt bzzt. First day of school! over. yay.

I am sad. I got a pile of math problems + worksheets, world history reading, two Japanese essays, a bunch of poetry work, and the standard pile of teacher/student agreements and goldenrods for parents to sign, all due tomorrow.

T__T I thought we would have some slack the first day! Come on.

I rather like my schedule. It turns out me and Tiff both have 1st period math only I'm in Calc and she's in Alg or Trig or something but anyway it still means we're both in the math quad! Because it's the MATH quad. And then I have period 2 and 3 with her, i.e. the whole morning. ^^

Incidentally, my new nickname in per2 history is now "squirrel." Ask me for the full story.

Period 4 English, funky new teacher called Rector who's pretty cool. Don't know many people in the class except Thomas and some orchestra people. mmmm. (funny thing is, THAT class is all soph. ahaha.)

Lunch, period 5 is orchestra! yay. Kind of empty without the class of '06... srsly, they added a lot of life to the orchestra, but anyway, I don't have any classes with Ashley anymore but apparently Jason's in my 6th and 7th period class so I have someone to go to XC with! yay.

6, poetry, apparently poetry I, II, and III are all in one class which is even worse than Jap 3 and 4 being together, but Sutton's the same as ever. XD

Chem H has a huge book. Not so big as Calc though. Calc has a new textbook that weighs like 15 pounds, and I had Calc first period so I carried it around all the rest of the day. T__T History has a decent sized one, and the other classes we didn't pick the books up yet.

So, XC, again I am stranded a 7th perioder, but this time instead of Daniel and Eddie there's Jason and Eddie and probably more, since it's not *just* long distance people like it was for track, but today the coach waited for us. He told me earlier that we were running a Peach Hill so people would be familiar with it for the trial times, and I told Ashley and then we got there and...

Coach: We're running a nice, easy road run today.
Ashley + me: *under our breath* YES!
Coach: We're running Peach Hill.
Ashley + me: diandiandian... *deflates*

So the varsity course for that (I'm not on varsity but Lisa/Ashley/I run with them anyway) is 3.1 miles in the Montalvo hills which is a mile from the school, and it's HILL HILL HILL lots of hills. T__T nice easy road run my butt. And me/Lisa lagged back (she was injured so she walks when it's downhill, and sometimes uphill too) got horribly lost and came out much further than we were supposed to be, and then Jason who took his sweet time changing (and hence missed the rest of the XC team when we left) caught up with us coz we were wayyyyy behind and we walked a lot of the way back along highway 9.

In other news, lots of alumni (mostly class of '06) hanging around school today. I predict they'll be around for a week or so before they all really finally vanish... bumped into Andrew Taw in the morning when we were getting the history textbook, and after XC when I was doing hw John came driving one of these janitor trucks and Lawrence and Austin were both there... and yeah... stuff... I'm not too fond of the freshmen, but I don't see like any of them in classes or anything, so w/e. mmmm.

shower, then instrument time!
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ayah, no one is up on a Saturday morning at 9 AM. T__T

So we ran the Marshall Clark fun run this morning! I had to get up at 7. T__T on a weekend. Anyway, was bib #909 and I don't know my time because I was listening to music when I crossed the finish line. -.- It's somewhere between 30 and 40 mins, but wtf that doesn't tell much coz I knew that BEFORE the race started.

Incidentally, the miles go by a lot faster w/music. Although, now I've a minor headache from too much music. Might just be me. And it only ever occurs with iPod headphones. =/ Not earmuffs/speakers.

Running in the morning > running in the afternoon, IMO. Mostly coz cold > hot. Had a long argument w/certain people over that.

School's starting! boooooo.

Off to shower.

0931 edit: whoa. Step out of the shower, and the house has gone from a silent grave to mass chaos.

first thing I see, Adam and Katie are back from wherever they were (Marina Foods by the smell of it) and Adam's brandishing these chopsticks and chasing her or something (they're just horsing around, but oO;). and then the dog's barking like crazy in dad's room, and you can hear dad hollering at him to shut up, and mom hollering at dad to shut up, and then door slams and you hear grandma's traditional slippers fwopping across our carpet (which is apparently why the dog was barking) and greetings are exchanged somewhere far by the door and then grandma hollers at me that she's taking the Chinese hw and leaving food and stuff and shuffles away again, and all the while the cats have woken up and are yowling for breakfast.


breakfast! :D

1750 edit: I took like... a 2 hour nap... in the middle of the day... this is unheard of!

*all groggy and stuff now*

btw Deb I won't make you a banner because like... yeah. ^^ happy birthday!

2124 edit: TODAY IS HAPPY LAH~ I ♥ family gatherings. Sab/Cait grew so BIG wtf (haha we live a block from them and never see each other). Wombats are cool too. mmmm.

Incidentally, my time was 35:46.3 so that's like... almost 9 minute mile? yay music.
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01. AP Calculus BC, Warmuth
02. World History, Davey
03. Japanese 3, Aoki
04. English 10, STAFF
05. Orchestra 3, Boitz
06. Poetry 1, Sutton
07. Chemistry H, Chang
08. Fall Sport/Cross Country
08. Spring Sport/Track and Field

Dunno what's up with the English teacher, but I heard people quit and everything's pretty screwed up right now, as is the science department. Chang's some new teacher. I hope she's okay...

The orchestra retreat yesterday... ehhh I'm kind of worried about the cello section because with Austin Chris Fred and William gone we're really going to suck and the 2 incoming celloes don't look particularly promising and bleh.

I want to meet the new Korean kid though. He's in our year, violinist, been living in Korea for the past few years, and according to my cello teacher he played this one piece so well (really difficult piece with French name that I forgot) that he made her cry. And if you know Kim, that's pretty impressive. And he's supposedly hella better than Jamie and all so I'm pretty curious. Though still, all the section leaders graduated... ==;; aiya.

Ohoh so I actually woke up in time today for XC practice and guess what? Band was practicing on the field! And I was like ZOMG IT'S TIFFANY *waves like a madman* and she gave me this look. And waved back. Oh and I didn't turn in my forms or anything so Mr. Jordan was like "I'm very sorry but you have to sit out because I can't allow people to join in practice until they've been cleared" but I joined anyway. And then it was kind of like...

Jordan: added yourself to this group, didn't you?
Me: =^^=
Jordan: OK, I didn't see you.
Me: =^^=
Jordan: Hey everyone, Adele* doesn't exist! You're all EYEWITNESSES!
Me: =^^=

* all the XC people call me Adele instead of Adela except Ashley/Lisa, for no particular reason

hehe /amuuuuuuused. So then basically he wasn't allowed to let me in practice because "if you got a heart attack or something I can't be responsible because you haven't signed the forms" ("...what are the chances of THAT?" "...shh I have to follow the rules!") and I was like "OK so I'm a random person who's running of my own accord and I happen to be on the track at the same time as the XC team and I happen to do the same exercises with everyone and if I'm not on the team I'm not under your jurisdiction so :OO!!" and he couldn't really do anything about that. XD And I think he wanted me to run anyway.

Lalala in other news Adam's coming home w/Katie TOMORROW! LIEKWOAHZOMG eeeeeeeeeeeee!! *parties*


Jun. 17th, 2006 10:17 am
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There were pitifully few people there, considering the amt joining next year. but it's usually like that anyway, so they say. No one wants to wake up.

Number of people also off on vacation. Like Katrine. Rohan just didn't show. Katie and Brad were there though; they led it.

I'd rather wake up earlier and have earlier practices, personally. >>;; At 9 the sun's out and everything. I agree with Katie ("Left up to me, I would start at 7.") but then really NO one will be there, 'cept the most dedicated. Kind of sad. And wtf 5:58 pm on Tuesdays? The sun doesn't set until like 8! T.T spare us.

Mmmmm didn't know Sarah and Jason were joining XC. Good for them. b^^

2105 edit: eeeeee cleaning my room is drowning me in nostalgia.

I dug up all these old notes/trinkets/letters that people gave me once upon a time. And I found the 2002 TAIWAN SUMMER YEARBOOK. Ah-h-h-h-hhhh so long ago. Yes, the summer camp tour trip with Jenn/Iris and whoa Der-yi went? I don't even remember. And Justin. I remember Justin. >< Justin and Dexter...

Ahhh we all look so young. :(

And then I found the CTY 04/05 yearbooks. Spent a lot of time flipping through them.

I'm sad now...



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