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I've neglected LJ for a while, haven't I?

uh, merry Christmas everyone! xD;; belated, of course. like presents and drawings and so many other things. they shall all come in due time, though. >:D

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Anyway, point being, lots of fields! Perfect for doggie. He goes running wildly back and forth like a white bullet. 'skind of funny to watch.

Meanwhile, have watched a LOT of movies lately. I mean lots and lots and lots. Little Miss Sunshine, Pirates 1 (it was on TV last night), Korean films (My Sassy Girl, Daisy), Pirates 2 (dad had it), United 93, World Trade Center, Curse of the Golden Flower (in theatres), Lady in the Water, uh more stuff too just don't remember it all. And a lot of Identity. And some Dr. House. I really don't like the Identity host, though. Obnoxious, snobby... >.>

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fwah I would ramble more but I must needs go w/everyone to zee park in about 2 minutes. :D

In other news, I went really crazy while sick and got pissed at my hair and chopped my bangs to a frazzle. Fixed it up later, but it looks fairly ridiculous still. XD Hair will grow back, though. Better to take out anger on your hair than, say, your wrists. oO;;

On that note, bye!

1404 edit: hunh. Apparently there's a biiiiiiig storm blowing in. fun.
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OMG OMG~~~!!!!

Due to poetry project, was wistfully browsing online and looking at the Rotring Calligraphy Set, which I CANNOT express my love for. ♥♥♥ Stainless steel, CARTRIDGE PENS not dip pens or calligraphy MARKERS, because while Elegant Writer makes lots of those and they are fairly convenient, the smallest nib size they go down to are 2mm I think, at most 1.8mm, and only in calligraphy PENS, real, high-quality pens, do they get as small as 1.1mm. Set of three. 1.1mm, 1.5mm, and 1.9mm.


but, if you also look at the price, that's wayyyyy past my budget. >>;; Even factoring out the fact that I'm saving all my money for buying people xmas gifts.




hahhh I would never have thought of this in a million years, if it weren't for the poetry project. but if someone had gone ahead and gotten it, I would have LOVED it more than anything stated in the wishlist. These presents are always the best! ^___^ only, it requires people knowing you better than YOU do, so. Rarely ever happens.

Dad used to be really good at it when we were kids, actually.

but anyway, even if I *remembered* it, IS STILL AWESOME!!!!!! AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME.

*happy happy happy happy happy* ^_________^

In other news, I'm sick. D: Sore throat, slight fever, headaches all around. Today's Chem test was fairly horrible. but everyone agrees that it was fairly horrible, so hopefully she'll curve it. mm &apparently there's a concert tomorrow, but in light of the 3 performances already past and the stupid cold, might just call in absent. Think a lot of SJ people will be ditching anyway.

Oh and I hate Calc. with a bitter passion.

but since we're getting a sub on Monday and she won't be collecting hw, effectively anything assigned isn't due until next year. :D

mmmm also library doesn't have Assassin's Apprentice. oO;; And I chose it as my IR reading book.


Well, figure it out over break. XD;

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Wishlist meme. Stolen from [ profile] meitachi who posted it up AGES ago. >>;;

... )

:D yay Christmas~

rl's been kind of taking over, haven't been online too much lately... I must admit, as much as I appreciate music, this ) is a bit ridiculous.

In other news, be happy! Tis the season to be jolly~ ^^

jinguruberu, jinguruberu, jinguru aru da weii,
o wato fun ito isu tsu raido on a wan hoosu open sureii~ hei!
jinguruberu, jinguruberu...

japanese cracks me up XD
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Woke up early today and rekindled the fire in the fireplace. Got more logs, too, and set them on the side to dry. Burned lots of it, though, so I made one more trip this morning for spare logs. Good thing, too. 'sraining hard now... logs're going to be thoroughly soaked.

Marshmallows and smores and other breakfast foods and PRESENTS whee presents.

Got 3 sets of clothing, from the 2 aunts//uncles and my parents, respectively. ... Cupertino aunt got me a nice black sweater//jacket thing that's slightly too stylish for my taste but still nice, and then.... a hideous pink//purple-ish long-sleeved shirt with GLITTER and ugly words on the front that I'm not at all sure how she expects me actually to wear. Maybe she doesn't. It seemed more like a practical joke from our cousins >>;; But Iris said they didn't take much part in the choosing this year. Last-minute shopping and all, it seemed.

Dad got me Eldest (the book), and Amy got me... a vibrating rubber duck. o___O Like the rubber ducky toys I used to have when I was little, except it... vibrates...

Visited grandparents on dad's side, then lunch with family (grandparents on mom's side + Jenn//Iris//their mom; Sabrina//Caitlyn didn't go) at a dimsum place. Good foodstuffs.

Went home and played the Dark Room for a while. I completely forgot about the existence of that game. But I still had a saved version on my comp (it saves for you online) and today I beat the last two bits of the puzzle. I had to look at hints for these (I didn't for all of the other bits) and now that I solved it I can tell I could've figured it out by myself - I just had to take several extra hours or so. Anyways, I feel accomplished. =D Now to start the Dark Complex when I have time... woolythinking has good games.

Amy drove us to Berkeley in the afternoon. Stopped by her apartment, fed her fish (live worms!), and headed off to Wangbuobuo's house. Amy started going on about how it was awkward for us to be visiting and Mama not even with us because we don't even know them that well and we hadn't seen them for ~2 years. ... we were just like... Aiyah loosen up it's only as awkward as you choose to make it. Or at least Adam said it. I thought it, but since Adam said it for me.... well... yeah.

It was lots of fun, anyways. Alvin was there, of course, and this time Kevin was, too, and they look remarkably alike at first glance and I told Alvin that but he didn't think so but of course they live together so he wouldn't think so and when you look closely they really AREN'T alike because Kevin's older and doesn't wear glasses and Alvin's cuter and has fuzzier hair but whatever~~~

And there were more people than I expected. A family friend of theirs came over, along with their kid named Johnathan who was, for once, not a college//older-than-college kid and actually MY age, but he didn't talk much. And this girl came over... apparently she moved to America from China 9 months ago and goes to an art college here kind of like Adam (but not quite) and it's pretty interesting. She's got an accent, but her English is pretty good for someone who just moved here.

Much, much, much good Chinese foodstuffs. And fruits. And dessert things. Lots of cider. Sparkling cider, too. XDDDD

When everyone was pretty much done eating, Jay arrived. He's Alvin's friend from highschool, apparently, and goes to some other college now... so then Jay ate and everyone watched him eat and we talked and the people talked about college life and told us funny stories and we listened and it was all very happy and lively and fun. And then, of course, you have Johnathan being quiet and antisocial and not talking much because, BECAUSE he's hiding his head behind a PSP and playing games the whole time. >>;; Ah well, whatever.

It was really fun; we totally outnumbered the adults and the adults made sure we knew by poking jibes about it, and everyone was really full so we all declined Wangbuobuo's offer of mooncakes whereupon he was like "You're so spoiled!!! You've gotten so used to sweets all the time that you don't value mooncakes!!" And we were like ".... so if we take the mooncakes like greedy little pigs we AREN'T spoiled?" And then he told a story about his youth and it was really funny XDDDD

Amy showed the vid of her wheelchair dance again. It was v. cool.

After that. We played. Soul Calibur II!! Hahaha~ I'm not much for SC, actually, because it's brainless fighting... so I didn't really play. Amy had lots of fun. She played the whole time and stuck to one character throughout and button mashed and was inherently amused by every new move. She played against diff people but mostly Johnathan. You can tell Johnathan plays videogames a lot. Too much, probably. Brainwashed child...

Then we played a Mario game on PS2. They went through 2-3 races, but then people objected since lots of us fail at racing, so we played a versus battle instead where you go zooming around trying to bomb the other person. Hahaha it was really fun; I played in the stage without a protective barrier around the edge, and I kept falling off. =___=;;;

Yeah... major VG cramming tonight. Haha Johnathan left after SCII... but the mario game was fun. Playing all of this took us to like... 11 something... so driving home (Adam drove) took us to ~12:30 AM ish... haha I was really tired. I went about in my room doing stuff for like 10 mins before I noticed a giant spider (not as big as the 8 cm one but at least a good 5 cm long) in the room and it was on a really obvious wall that I should've seen as soon as I entered the room except I probably wasn't paying attention andandand yeah @_@ Amy got rid of it for me. I find I don't mind 5 cm or other giant spiders as much now that I have been exposed to even gianter spiders.... okay yeah I'm really tired now; I go sleep~~~


Dec. 24th, 2005 10:39 pm
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Mm. It's Christmas Eve...

Yesterday Amy and I went Christmas shopping. For our dear cousins. We first went to Dolphin Pet Village, to get a water test (because all of her fish died) and to turn in some snails for money (they breed way too fast). Then we visited Targets for giftcards + tissue paper + giftbags (the same type I used for you guys' presents) and Trader Joes for candies. Got chocolates for the two Cupertino cousins XD and other assortments of candies for the two little ones that live like... two blocks away. Caitlyn is so impossible to shop for... she's allergic to milk and nuts. Which kills like, 90% of the candies there...

Well, we went home and hid everything in my room. Really, my room's hiding EVERYTHING. There's a pack of beer in here, too. >>;; And we each went about our own business (piano lesson!) until about 9 pm when I suddenly remembered and dragged Amy over and turned my room into a present-wrapping factory. We put together all 4 cousins' presents, and wrapped most everything for our immediate family members as well. We also wrote cards. XD It was lots of fun. The little cousins got just a greeting and signature, but for Jenn and Iris we wrote joint cards that turned out hilarious. Something like this:

Dear Jennifer (Baobao),
Sorry for the uber-Christian card.
Well, it's got pretty golden stars on it! Yeah, and cute fuzzy birds... Iris doesn't have birds on hers. Hey you know we got all these presents on the 23rd. Only your idiot cousins go shopping the day before Xmas Eve... *demented cartoon picture of Amy* <- idiot cousin #1 ... idiot cousin #2 isn't going to draw an ugly picture of herself *demented cartoon picture of me* <- idiot sister AMY's ugly drawing of Adela :D you are so dead...

... hehe yeah. Purple = Amy, blue = me. It was a really really long card, and same went for Iris. I also drew a picture for my dad, but it was really screwed up so I scrapped it, except Amy thought it was okay so I ended up coloring it with my limited supplies (gel pens and calligraphy pens and highlighters are NOT meant for coloring) and putting it with the card but it was done very crudely and I don't like it at all. >> Oh well.

Today we watched King Kong. It was v. sad. Iunno. It made me depressed afterwards. But it was also a really good movie. Long, too. ~3 hours or so. Animation done extremely well. Very realistic. Naomi is a good actress~

Ah, Chi's back! From UCLA. I didn't get to see him today, though. =( I can't believe Adam left to go play frisbee with him without me. Him and Leonard. Hah the dimsum group should get back together. Anyways, mom claimed Chi would be coming over only he didn't. And Adam went and played about two hours of Ultimate. WITHOUT ME. ... *vexed* Ah well, can't be helped. They were going to bring back pearl milk tea, too. Except they stayed out too late and TapEx closed. >> How sad.

While they were away, Wangbuobuo (good friend of parents) came over!!! And his wife. But Kuankuan wasn't with him. Ningning was, though. He's in the same year as Adam, and apparently majoring in CS. Goes to PRINCETON. Kuankuan graduated already. I have no idea where he was. Mom joked that he was out partying with his girlfriend, but she wasn't serious. Yeah. Hehe Alvin's still taller than Adam. Oh btw Alvin = Ningning and Kevin = Kuankuan heyyy Wangbuobuo gave them both names that end in -vin I never noticed that hahaha okay *shuts up now*

Well we talked a lot. Mostly Amy talking about her school life, because Alvin wouldn't say much about Princeton, and we watched vids of Amy's rehearsals (she choreographed a wheelchair dance) which were very interesting (Ooh let's try this. Okay, grab my hand. Hey how about.... OW! Okay, that doesn't work. OW you ran over my hand! No no, careful, careful, CAREFUL. ACK! Hey, that looked pretty cool. Let's try it again!). Yeah. Then Adam came home and we talked more and eventually they left. But they invite us to go eat with them tomorrow! XDDDD Yay~

Mm then we started a fire in the living room and got marshmallows and me and Adam and my mom (Amy was out delivering presents; my dad was in his room he didn't want to come out 'cause he was sick) settled down and watched 3-Iron.

... we are so watching that at the 29//30 sleepover. I got clearance after a hell lot of promises, even though I probably won't be getting there 'til like 9-10 pm ish. But! We are still TOTALLY watching it then. It won't go past 12. I promise. And it's such a good movie. And it's perfect to watch right before going to bed because it leaves you with this tranquil peaceful happy feeling andand... it's less fun to watch in the morning. Eh yeah you'll get it after you watch it. XD

Wowee. Christmas tomorrow. Presents! ^^

P.S. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Uh, Kev, where's your house? I can't exactly go to the sleepover if I don't know where it is....


Dec. 19th, 2005 08:39 pm
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I took more photos than usual this time, so instead of putting them all on one page and killing people with slow internet, I link them all! Yay. (To see a summary of what we did, go here. [profile] smushedness and [profile] kyouten also make mentions of it, here and here respectively.)

Pics cut for length... so I don't kill your flists )

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Ahahaha Kero//Mel's bday party!!!!

Fun~~ Pictures'll go up later. Summary below:

Summary laaaah~ )

Edit: *gonk* Dentist appt tomorrow morning, and then koto immediately after, and then cello as well. I love the gatherings, I do, but I hate paying the price.... x.o Sigh.


Dec. 11th, 2005 06:36 pm
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So... Carolyn, Elizabeth, Debra, Tiffany, Delmar, Alex, Kevin, and Mai.

... are any of you averse to: dark chocolate, milk chocolate, orange chocolate, raspberry chocolate, pineapple chocolate, or chocolate in general? If you are, do tell.

If we do hold a winter break gathering aside from Dec 18, Louis and Joseph, this information would be helpful as well. If not, eh I'm too lazy to find a means of getting a present to you, as I don't feel like stalking you for your address. If you do happen to want chocolate, or a giftcard, or anything else for Christmas, tell me that along with your address and I'll mail ye it. Provided it's nothing too ridiculous.

And, Melody, do not feel left out - you are merely receiving another type of candy. Along with the giant joint-present that Keropi and I made for you. XD

P.S. Debra I think I have your address stored away somewhere, but I might have trouble finding it so just in case it would be nice if you gave me your address again. Yeh. *nod*

(Oh, and if you're fine with any of the above choices, reply just so I know THAT for a fact. /shrug. Otherwise it would be hard to tell who's actually fine with everything and who just neglects to visit my livejournal...)


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