Oct. 2nd, 2009 08:15 pm
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bum, buh-run-run, bum bum bum bummmm, bum buh-run-ruun, bum bummm rummm... buh, buh-run-run, buh, buh-run-run, buh, buh-run-run, bum trilllllll bum

That's like. My four favoritest measures of Lalo. I don't really care about the rest hahahaha

And yes, I took the time to write out this post just to tell you that. ^^


Jun. 29th, 2009 01:09 am
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You know, I planned on sleeping early today. I really did. LIKE I DO EVERY DAY

Instead, I stayed up late researching more than I ever wanted to know about flying with a cello and cello flight cases, and how to get from Munich to Rome in a way that is safe enough that my mom won't worry and pay extra $$ to accompany me. Oh, and watching youtube videos of violin duets and discussing them with violin friends. I FEEL LIKE SUCH A GEEK.

Did I mention that I vacuumed my room today?

If the me from five years ago saw the me from now, I don't think she would recognize me. Vacuumed! Really?

So the Italy thing isn't really set in stone yet, because Mr Kim is sloppy and didn't bother to deal with any of the logistics or follow up on anything I'm beginning to understand why he likes Wooho so much, they must be kindred souls and now he's off on a business trip! Sloppy sloppy. Doesn't that kind of remind you of our gathering-planning skills? Oh yes. (koffDebrakoff)

But in any case, during all this research, the question that inadvertently rose to the top of my mind was--

Why am I constantly sacrificing Asia for Europe?

All right, I admit, Japan is part of Asia. But it's just... it... Japan just doesn't count, you know? I suppose in some ways you could really just change that to--


T_____________T I miss Taiwan so much~~~~~

Obviously (if it goes through), the choice isn't even a choice. Italy > Taiwan, no matter how you look at it. A festival like that (esp w/Mrs Kim ♥) is a once in a lifetime experience.

But oh, the nightmarkets.

And oh, the 小吃s.

And the bookstores.

And the cheap cheap clothes.

And the noise. And the people. And the alsjdglajshblja jbjad;gjlajdf;askjfs GIVE ME TAIPEI. NOW. T___________________T

Asia Asia Asia. Asia > Europe. /sulks

addendum: After all that thorough research and deliberation, I think I have decided to purchase a case that, in all ways, looks like a coffin.



Feb. 26th, 2009 10:50 pm
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Admittedly, 50$ for an hour is not bad at all. Great, in fact.

I now have Boccherini quartets stuck in my head.

Well, everything comes at a price?

I would ditch ceramics to sleep in tomorrow, but I feel like I've been ditching too much lately. Maybe I'll just be late.

Also, a certain someone from the viola section has a fetish for buff female cagefighting. Who knew?
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if one piece takes 1+ hours and I already feel like I need a decent lengthed break, howtf am I going to get through FIVE pieces. and cello. and trio. and gig.

not to mention it's already 8 pm

(these are sort of my thoughts as I am typing this)

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YAY I FIGURED OUT HOW TO MAKE MY PHOTOSHOP WORK i.e. run it as an administrator.

It still doesn't work if I don't do that, and I have no idea why because this account is the only account on the computer and technically the administrator account, but hey. What works works. I'm not complaining. it's been dead since around the time Earthy sent me that KKL chapter (which I never finished BECAUSE photoshop died) which is, according to gmail, 11/4/07 i.e. more than a year ago.

Time passes so fast nowadays. ._____o;;

On the downside, I have school tomorrow, it's almost nine, and I still have a good two hours of cello ahead of me.


edit: I have school tomorrow, it IS nine, and I still have a good two hours of cello ahead of me.

/instantaneously self-combusts


Dec. 19th, 2008 02:45 pm
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alumni are awesome.

loudmouth freshmen boys are not.

I am so so so tired T__________T

the squid was good though. and the chicken. and the tofu. asian partyyyyyyy~

I wish I could have stayed instead of dealing with loud obnoxious freshmen boys. oh well.

the presence of Yang also reminds me that I have STILL NOT WATCHED THE DARK KNIGHT.

alskjgkldjlka;sdgkjaldskfja;gdj;fda I am obsolete. and deprived.

edit: good thing of the day: break started!

edit2: the concert went well.

today was so long it feels like two different days. or maybe three. god knows.

that was cutting it REALLY close. started five minutes later and I probably would've lost. o___O;; stupid concert.

hopefully things will get better from here on out.

(also, I feel it deserves a mention here that Christine and Curtis totally swept the stage ^____^b Elgar and Saint-Saens for the win~~~)


now I can finally go sleep in peace.

... hahaha

Nov. 23rd, 2008 10:18 pm
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I found this picture in my livejournal scrapbook. I have no idea what I was originally planning to use it for (I don't think I ever used it?), but I thought it was kind of amusing nonetheless.

yay cello!
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I've discovered the perfect way to keep myself motivated doing hw! (primarily bio)

>> play classical music in the background. particularly cello concertos.

It keeps me from getting @.@ as easily (soothing music, mmmm~), and sometimes when I feel like stopping, I end up working longer because I don't want to cut the music off, so I end up working until the end of the piece. Or something like that. XD

Best thing, though, I think, is that it keeps me from getting excessively crabby. yay!


Sep. 18th, 2008 09:39 pm
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Dear Livejournal,


ZOMG. <333333333333333333

Am currently in possession of sheets: Beyond Time, Bittersweet, Conclusion, Creeping To Death, Fade to Black, Faraway, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Hall of the Mountain King, Harmageddon, Master of Puppets, Nothing Else Matters, One, Path, Pray, Refuse Resist, Sad But True, Sanitarium (Welcome Home), Toreador, and Unforgiven.

Am also currently in the progress of acquiring their full discography.

:3 :3 :3

Forget Informal Star, let's pull together four cellos and specialise in Apocalyptica covers. ♥


PS. I took a look at Hall of the Mountain King and it is INCREDIBLY HARD. Also they have this thing about writing in the treble clef when they don't really need to - I guess it makes it look cleaner when you're playing in a higher register...
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(note: Is Eunha 7? That's what I thought but I'm not sure...)

ADELA: Hi Eunha!
EUNHA: ... *lifts arm* armpit!

ADELA: Awww your hamsters are so cute! What're their names?
EUNHA: They don't have names.
ADELA: ... you don't name your pets?
EUNHA: Nope. I can't tell them apart. :D

EUNHA: I wish my fish would die.
ADELA: ... that's not very nice.
EUNHA: Yeah... I sometimes think I don't take very good care of my pets.

ADELA: So does your fish have a name?
EUNHA: It has a dumb name.
ADELA: What is it?
EUNHA: Rufus!
ADELA: Why'd you name it that?
EUNHA: Because... it's a dumb fish! :D

EUNHA: I want a pet dolphin.
ADELA: But where would you keep it?
EUNHA: Ummmmmmmm...
ADELA: ...?
EUNHA: In the jacuzzi! ♥

LOL<3 She is SO CUTE. So. Cute. ahahahahahhaaha. I'm going to like. Go a little early to all my cello lessons just so I can play with her. ^^

(Oh and, sorry to all the Rufuses of the world. xD Guess you're just dumb.)

In other news, I got a very exciting application for the CLAMP fandom newsletter today! It went thus:

Name/Handle... )

So that concludes my account of the awesome events of the day. Three cheers and a cookie for me. ♥

edit: In extra news, the article title "Kim Jong Ill or Kim Jong Well?" makes me laugh so hard.
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No one writes like Maya. =^^=

In other news, while during auditions I acted upon my father's advice and convinced myself I had already won in order to exude an air of confidence, now that they are over I have completely changed my mindset and am prepared to accept the worst.


No really. I am actually not thinking about it because it is over and too late to change anything and I have come up with a master plan of distraction which involves reading Maya and WORKED. Until four separate people through various medums (AIM, IRL etc) came up to me at the same time to ask and/or spazz about auditions.

Uncertainty is man's worst enemy. :O

Time to read that big bloody Bio book. I think perhaps I will go hide out in the Saratoga Library so things (GAIA AHEM) will not distract me.
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I love my trio. ♥

And my mind's obviously been obsessing with it since yesterday, because despite an hour of piano and 3 hours more of unrelated orchestra music, when I got home at night the music stuck in my head was still trio music.

Motivation to practice! ^^

In other news, someone's wanted for sexual assault on the WV campus. o___O Maybe it's... Mr. Kim! ahahahhahahahahahahahahhaaha not.

Two school days left 'til Thanksgiving break!
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from end of summer til now...

2 and a half months!

finally passed C Major scale.


on to G!

edit: oh, and Cello's back. that makes me happy too. ♥

edit2: er, right. FYI, C Major scale != just a four octave scale. otherwise that's reallyyyyy embarrassing. >>;

C Major scale = scale + arpeggio + Dom7th arpeggio + dim7th arpeggio + chromatic + scale in octaves + scale in sixths + scale in thirds. (and the last 3, btw, are a lot worse on cello than on piano T___T)

that's why I'm so happy. ^^

edit3: I wish my mom were me. then she would understand me. )

edit4: I waste so much time on the computer ahahaha.

Had a philosophical discussion over dinner w/parents that started out regarding basically exactly what I said in the previous edit, and somehow morphed into concentration (ability to focus) vs. consideration, and levels of focus and clarity of the mind, and then analysis of individual members of our family aaaaaand stuff. concentration -> state of focus -> alpha beta delta within brain -> that mode of tuning everyone out when you read a good book or become absorbed in hw -> intuitive guessing on standardized testing mode vs. slowly reasoning each problem out -> SATs test your ability to take the SATs -> college discussion.

so we've generally resolved our differences. until new ones come up. xD;
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Cello died.

Split from head to toe. I was so angry at myself, at the world, at everything, I didn't want to do anything, didn't want to do homework, didn't want to go to class, didn't want to go to homecoming, just wanted to screw life and cry until the world ended and I died too and feck, I didn't even know I loved my cello that much, but it's not just any cello it's Cello, and you get used to an instrument you know, when you practice it enough it "breaks in" and well it just feels more right and more comfortable and it fits just-so and sounds just-so and you know just how to tease the sound out of it and all cellos are different, you know, even the ones from the same brand and maybe made from the same tree because I mean it's still going to be made out of different pieces of wood, it's physically impossible for two cellos to be identical because the source can't be identical, and essentially if Cello's dead Cello's dead, another cello =/= Cello it'd be a different cello with a different name, and the idea of it, of breaking in a totally new cello that will, even after I get used to it, never be the same, and playing the concert with it and auditioning for All-State with it and taking it with me on trips even though it never went to Australia and never went to Europe and never went anywhere, basically, well- the idea sickened me. just. dead.

Anyway I'm no longer in the grief-cry-hate-throw-things-at-the-wall (I nearly broke my cellphone .___.;;) mode, aaaaand Cello's not quite so dead as I made her out to be, let's just say she's split and broken and splintered and is, at the moment, a useless bunch of wood (so easily things change), but- think of her as having sustained a fatal injury! and whilst being on the brink of death- not dead.

Kamimoto Strings will patch her up, hopefully, and they've given me a loaner cello which sounds a bit harsh to the ear probably because it's too new and hasn't been played enough (sigh. sigh. siiiiiiiiiigh.) but, at least Cello's not doomed to the fate of- of- firewood.

right. enough on that. triple post in a day... ;;
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dude. cello blisters = massive fail.

at least now if my lesson sucks I can prove to my teacher that I practiced. :D;;

life and things! generally dull. japanese test = massive fail. because I, being a mad genius, studied the wrong material. whoops. EPGY = massive zzz. who wants to listen to multivariable lectures on a CD? no wonder andy hasn't gotten anywhere.

poetry seminars = delicious food mmmmm.

the scarlet letter = wtf mate, just a bit pompous? I'm sure everyone appreciates how educated and scholarly Nathaniel Hawthorne sounds...


sometimes, I feel like I know everybody! Then sometimes I feel like I don't know anybody. Curious feeling, yeah?

I hope my instrument lessons improve soon. this self-imposed exile is boring me to death.
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Cello bow is back as well. ♥ With the bowgrip good as new.

Wondering if maybe I should've rehaired it as well, but too late now.

To Holland, to Holland, to Holland we go~

1724 edit: from [ profile] kyouten

Go here and look through random quotes until you find 10 that you think reflect who you are and what you believe. Repost in your journal and tag 5 friends offer it to anyone who so desires.

quotes? )

So, out of the 6 going to Holland, because [ profile] kuroikisei has decided no longer to go, I am now the oldest. .__.;; that'll be interesting. I'm v. accustomed to hanging around lots of people who are older than me, but not lots of people who are younger than me.

We'll see how things go~

The thought of the 10 hour plane ride, for the third and fourth time in so many weeks... gives me a headache. >< sigh.

0020 edit: Ratatouille's a good movie.

So I vowed not to go to bed until I've thoroughly gone through both the Mozart piano and the Beethoven string tonight, because I really, really need to stop slacking off.

Starting to regret slightly, because. An hour. And I've gone through half of one mvt of Mozart. ;;

Though, third mvt is the one I know least well. So it should get faster from here on out.

Haven't read any of the Beethoven yet, because I haven't had my cello with me. (read: conscience screaming: "you should already have 3 weeks on this! 3 weeks! 3 weeks!!")


I'll worry about that later?

0218 edit: yay the Beethoven looks easy.
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... D:

as much as I love Near and scarred!Mello, and as obvious as it was from the very beginning of the second plot arc that Light was going to lose this round, I wish he didn't have to die. =/

I mean, I know how lame it'd be if he won twice in a row, buuuut. I sort of wish he'd won. but then if he did I'd be sad for Near. /already sad for Mello T__T

and I wish scarred!Mello had appeared more. And Matt~ no one knew what they were doing. though I guess that was kind of the point.

this series is very unfulfilling. T____T

off to Europe tomorrow morning. be back in two weeks.

in other news, the random piece cello teacher assigned today turned out not to be random but the Frescobaldi Toccata. lots of notes crammed into two pages. sounds fun to play.


Jun. 21st, 2007 09:38 pm
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!!!! Cello chamber assignment: Beethoven String Quartet Op.18 #1

They give it to me... the day I give my cello up to SJYS. So we searched online and found the sheet music, but all I can really do is stare at it. And listen to the recordings repeatedly until the music is imprinted into my brain. brain. braaaaaaaaaaain.

So, due to the Europe trip, I have a week (instead of 3) to get all of the following up to par when I get back.

Mozart piano quartet: read through most of it, having a lesson on it tmr. 55 pg score >< wish me luck
Beethoven string quartet: haven't started at all! ahahaha.
Bach Prelude/Fugue: oldie. 'sone of my repertoire pieces, kind of. not much to worry about.
Rachmaninoff: semi-decent shape. the agitato is HORRIBLE though. ><
Saint-Saens 2nd mvt: ehhhhh. haven't been practicing cello all that much ahaha. And I don't have a cello anymore, so I can't practice tmr. .___.
Bach Baroque Suite #1: um. decent. haven't really read the last mvts much. like I said, haven't done much cello practising.
Random piece: cello teacher says she'll give blank piece to me tmr to prep for Holland, so it can start out clean, w/o her feedback.
SHS aud. music!: haha I'm just bringing this for the heck of it. not a big deal. maybe I'll get good feedback and pzwn next year's auditions. :D

that is. a hecka lot of work for a week though.

so, I'm kind of screwed. hahaha. wish me luuuuuuck~ and I'll do my best. xD
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w00t. make that three times in so many days. cello lesson utterly shattered me, just as piano did yesterday, aaaaaand, I fell apart! for the second time in a row. In a less-than-24-hour-span-of-time. .___.

but that seems pretty long ago (the lesson was earlyyy in the morning).

for the moment, life seems to be back to being somewhat good and mostly in control again, so forget that.

Incidentally, if you're really in desperate need of looking perfectly normal after an extended period of... disconsolate weeping, emoness, tantrums, whatever, something that makes your eyes all red and swollen, a wet towel brings you back to normal in about 5-10 minutes. highly useful information.

My mom actually suggested I cut cucumber slices! and uh. Use them. On my eye. As in, cover my eyes with two cucumber pieces so I look like a green, giant-round-eyed weirdo. buuuuuut I told her I'd rather not. >> I'm sure it's effective, the idea just doesn't... appeal to me.

mmmm so we'll see what happens @ piano lesson tmr and negotiate about the recital. I'm hoping she'll let me drop this one and perform Rachmaninoff instead at Holland, which will give me a couple of more weeks on that and also relieve my time up to study for finals, because I mean spending all of Sunday practicing and then being @ recital till late night and then either not studying and going to bed or studying and going to bed really really late = failed final on Monday. =/ Either that, or don't practice and study which = failed recital and disappointed teacher.

And I mean, after the Japanese final I don't really have anything left. Except the Calc test, which is a joke (finances?), and history. But those aren't till Wednesday. Until then, I have finals respectively for orchestra, poetry, and English. none of which have real finals! ha.

So, a day and a half to go.

In other news, I somehow very very stupidly infected my computer with a bunch of spyware, and something called Torpig. A pig named Tor! not.

Wasted ~hour fixing that. -____- IDIOCY GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Adam'll be back by tomorrow. With Katie. They'll have driven all the way back. by tomorrow. o____o damn they're fast.


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