my car...

Jun. 23rd, 2009 09:18 pm
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my ancient, decrepit, beaten-up car...

has arisen from the ranks of the dead.


best day of my life?

nah, I've had better.

but the world is right again. :)

(When I start the engine I keep reaching back for the seatbelt. And then I realize I don't have to reach back for the seatbelt.


Tonight I saw Alex Shiozaki's concert with Nana Shi (pianist) (are they going out?). I thoroughly enjoyed it, but the girl next to me fidgeted a lot, which made me sad because I think she probably didn't enjoy it much at all. I wanted to talk to her about the concert and stuff but it's difficult to talk to people when they don't give any inclination of wanting to chat, you know? I wonder if she realizes how she might alienate people that way...

The audience clapped between every single movement. That made me sad too.

I made excuses to loiter about after the concert because I wanted to talk to Nana Shi, and I have to say, they took a long time before they came out into the lobby. And they were talking to other people a lot, so it was hard for me to cut in! But I slipped my way into the conversation (I'm so stealthy. I should be a ninja) when they were chatting about this really cute duck-shaped back massager (?) and then I got to talk with her. :D

She played piano for 22 years! I was so surprised. I didn't read the program, and just looking at her I thought she couldn't have been older than 21 or 22, but she's... apparently... 27...

I also met another Harvard boy (gosh these Harvard boys are just everywhere, aren't they. I think I'm going to marry one someday*. hey that rhymes) who is, I think, the first person I've ever met in my life who STARTED on viola. He's never played violin! That's the most absurd thing I've ever heard.

I think I should have stayed longer because I thought of a bunch more questions I wanted to ask after I left, such as how much did Nana practise every day when she was younger and how much does she practise now, and (this one I really wish I'd thought of in time to ask) what did Alex think of the Saratoga orchestra now as compared to how it was before. I also thought afterward that when Alex talked about Paris and New York I should have told him to go visit my brother, but whatever, Adam will survive.

I saw Jeff Lee, too. I was going to say hi to him but he sprinted out of the building immediately after the concert! And I mean sprinted. He was running all out with arms pumping and everything. o____O I wonder what he had to go to.

So maybe today was not the best day of my life but it was a stress-free and happy day at least. It was a hot day, too. I took my dog to see [ profile] backseatdream's dog and he just about died in the heat. Poor pompom fluffball.

It's kind of amusing to see [ profile] backseatdream's dog rolling about making an idiot of himself when he's HUGE and Rice sitting all prissy and acting like a grouchy 80-year-old grandpa when he's TINY and fluffy and ridiculously cute. It just doesn't add up. XD

Off to sleep~

* So I came up with this theory that I am innately attracted to Harvard boys, because out of the three boys that I've liked in the past four years (people like Jeff Lee and Andrew Taw don't count because I feel like most everyone who meets them falls briefly for them at some point), two of which were serious and one of which was semi-serious (I consider the ones I don't remember anymore not serious), all three went and/or are going to Harvard! And take this: I liked all of them before they ever received their college acceptances. Obviously whatever Harvard sees in these boys, I see as well. How enlightening.

(Or maybe to quote xxxHolic translations: how troublesome.)

Addendum: I know Delnut went to Pton kkk. Close enough!! Plus there's also the fact that we broke up...
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I am at one of these points when I have plenty plentyyyyy to write about, but neither the time nor the energy to record any of it in detail.

Suffice it to say that the last two days have been very eventful.

Items obtained within the past two days include a pair of Skullcrappy Skullcandy headphones, an obnoxious Berkeley ADMITTED button, a large U.C. Berkeley poster, a nice set of Sennheiser headphones apparently designed for someone with a very large head, some earrings, some clothes, a large stack of piano accompaniment music (alternately for erhu/piano and erhu/cello/piano), the beginnings of a cold, and a limp like a ninety-year old hag.

I KID YOU NOT YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW SORE I AM. Honestly! If you haven't exercised aerobically for at least a year and decide to go play frisbee, don't run for it. At least, speaking from a runner's standpoint, don't run without stretching at least a little beforehand. Yes, it's just a frisbee. Yes, you're not running very far. But it is equivalent to doing many, many, many sprint repeats out of the blue and if I were still in Track and training, this is something I would never ever do without the proper stretches/warmup (certainly not on the first day) besides which I'm not even a sprinter I do distance!

In a word: fail.

[ profile] backseatdream laughed at me all through Valley Fair and to her house. And when we were done and leaving and I thought the ridicule was finally over, my disobedient calves led my face straight into a wall and she laughed so hard she choked.

Breakfast with [ profile] smushedness & Tiffy today wasn't much better.


I console myself with memories of my very first Morning After. That is, the day after the first day of the first time I ever joined the Track team. Oh, I remember it so very well. I woke up and I felt fine! I felt just swell. So I hopped out of bed...

...and my legs crumpled like raw spaghetti. And I. could. not. get. up. I wobbled around like a drunk woman. School was torturous. I mean, at least right now I can still pretend to walk like a person not in excruciating amounts of pain by enduring additional excruciating amounts of pain. Sophomore year - ha!

Oh, right. Waking up early the next morning with not enough sleep and then proceeding to sit in a cramped little chair for four hours straight writing essays... also doesn't help. Damn APs.

On to a less depressing topic! Well, I suppose this is still fairly depressing. I got sick of cleaning ladies putting my stuff every bloody where (my bookshelves have organization, woman. organization. if you can't be bothered to follow it at least don't randomly stick books in the middle of it and DESTROY it, I'd be perfectly happy to shelve my books myself kthxbye) so I went on complete overdrive mode and hauled clean every last bit of my room. All those neat tidy stacks of clothing hiding out in the corners, all those piles of paper that just kept growing higher and higher and higher... I tore them all down and sorted everything out, recycling a mountain in the process. Basically, I ripped my room apart, put it together again (the right way), went so far as to vacuum it myself, and on Tuesday stopped the cleaning ladies in their tracks and told them they were never allowed inside again.

THEY CAME IN ANYWAY. Not that they did much harm this time around since it was squeaky-clean and hadn't had the opportunity to messy up just yet, but that just annoys me. So much. D: I have a hunch they did not understand my English properly. Next time I'm putting a giant sign on my door in Spanish, bolting it from the inside, and jumping out my window to get to my car. NEVER PRESUME TO TOUCH MY STUFF AGAIN HISPANIC BASTARDS.

Yes, I realize I sound a little paranoid. I feel a bit OCD at the moment.

My dear mother, on the other hand, is overjoyed at my 'transformation' and won't stop remarking upon it, which... would normally irritate me, but as I am too worked up about the issue at large to snap at her I just give her kinda sorta vague grunt answers and she thinks I'm the best child ever now.

Life is so ironic.

Edit: Oh, forgot to mention. Yesterday [ profile] smushedness brought Rusty the Papillon over to meet Rice the Dodohead American Eskimo, and we discovered that even other dogs apparently believe Rice is female.

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God midnight to 6 AM is not enough. I need nine hours! Nine! Nine! *shakes fist at clock*

I found a hugeass loophole in my essay on the part about how freezing time is in essence the same as freezing space because if you consider a bullet in motion, if you freeze the space it should drop to the ground after you unfreeze it, having lost its momentum, but if you freeze the time it should continue, retaining its momentum.

...I'll just hope he doesn't notice that part. =.=

Now, here's a question. If a house was burning down and you heard a baby and/or a cat inside, would your reaction be different depending on which it was?

Lameass kid's answer: Save the baby, don't save the cat, because cats are less important.
Raph's answer: Save the baby, don't save the cat, because cats are smarter than babies and can save themselves.

My answer, having been through so many cats in my lifetime: Some cats sound just like babies, and as there is no good way to tell them apart there is no good way to react differently.

It's true! There are cats that meow just like a baby crying.

Off to shower now.
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yes I think I've had that to my heart's content today.

Originally I was going to Palace BBQ with Keropi! who, alas, became so lovesick at the thought of seeing me again after THREE WHOLE WEEKS that she fell horribly, horribly ill and was thus confined to bed and could not come.

That left me and Mel, who had originally been planning to join us.

Then we found out that Palace lunch > dinner, that is, it is cheaper by SIX WHOLE DOLLARS. We immediately took advantage of the situation, like true Asians, and adjusted our plans accordingly.

Whereupon I drive to the wrong Palace (hey, it's not like I've been there before) and Mel says, "It's OK, I'm here already, I'll wait for you!"

Whereupon I drive to the right Palace and find a sign reading: CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

Mel: Lalalala let's go eat!
Me: Why didn't you tell me earlier that it was CLOSED?!
Mel: Huh? *squint* Whoa, when'd that get there?
Me: /facepalm

We ended up eating BBQ @ the Korean Tofu House (in Cupertino Village) which was also v. good. And then we walked around a little (or a lot) and chatted about things ranging from manga to college to shrimp.

Presently I receive a call from my parents informing me that they are out to lunch. Very well.

On our fifth circuit, I notice a car that looks suspiciously like my parents'.

My parents then call to tell me they are at the Village! lawlz.

My mom drags us off to Valley Fair in order to use our Gap giftcard (with $100+ worth of returned Christmas presents within). We visit Red Mango and relive an episode from two days ago, where Pumaboy has been replaced with my dad and sister #2 has been replaced with le Melody.

Which is to say, three people spent a very very long time hogging the Eero Aarnio Ball Chairs (which I have decided I absolutely must obtain within the next four years of my life) and shamelessly refused to get out.

Eventually (T______T) we were forced to return, whereupon I spent many hours at Melody's house, alternately playing with Max and eating KIMCHI JIGE. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

yay spicy foods are the win.
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poor doggie.

he got sprayed full in the face by a skunk this morning, was locked up in my brother's room for several hours, and sent to the groomer's for a thorough wash.

he can hardly open his eyes now. I'm not sure whether it's aftereffect of skunk spray or if he's just so tired from the whole ordeal. I've never seen him look so raggedy and worn out (and yes, he somehow manages to look absolutely pathetic even freshly washed and fluffy as he is).

it makes me so very sad to look at him. :(
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Today I tried repeatedly to get my brother to visit Mr Boitz because I wanted him to see how the orchestra was now, but he declined! He had other business to take care of.


Except not, you know, because I found this out inadvertently while calling to see whether he was coming. Which resulted in a lot of shouting through a telephone. And an major adjustment of plans for fear I would burn the house down.


In my bitterness, I drove recklessly home with the thought of fetching my bio book so that I could rip it to shreds. After realizing that it was school property and I would be fined, my rational angel told me to take it with me to school instead. Maybe work on my outlines.


So, of course, I brought the bio book back to school with me. And worked on my outlines.

There was, however, one other complication. As I prepared to leave, I summoned the dog (to put him in my dad's room, see, so he doesn't get into any food), started to shut the door... and found myself looking into a pair of woebegone puppydog eyes with the most pitiful white lashes you've ever seen.

I ended up taking Rice to school with me. He was duly fawned over by many girls, and mistaken to be a female by many girls and boys alike.


In other news, Mr Boitz gave me a look today. Not a bad look, not a glare or anything, just a sort of a grimace across the room (I was watching sixth period) as if to say ...ugh. You hear that?

I wanted very badly to laugh, but dared not to.
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a prologue of morbid events to come, if you will )

--to be continued with The Tragic and Mystifying Death of Rei, The Self-Styled Queen of a Small Apartment Complex in Berkeley, California
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The cats have, apparently, been climbing my car. There are little paw marks all over the windshield.

And, judging from the big smudges, they slipped a lot.

lmao. This just shows how dusty my car's gotten. >>;

In other news, we took Rice to the groomers' for a trim, and they... shaved him. o___O He looks like a miniature white labrador now. With stand-up, half-floppy American Eskimo ears. And an oversized head.

No, seriously. He shrunk so much. He takes up, like, less than half the space than he used to now.

To get an idea of how short his fur is - it used to be like Chowder's! Long and fluffy and pretty. Now it is... carpet. Literally.

yeah. xD;;
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Giving Rice a bath was the best thing we ever did.

It makes me happy just seeing him run around all fluffy and pretty and so unbearably CUTE.

^__________________________^ SO ADORABLE.

I love my doggie. ♥♥♥♥

edit: In other news, concert today went... sort-of well. Something very strange happened in the middle of the second mvt of Beethoven, but apparently my parents couldn't hear it so hopefully the rest of the audience couldn't either.

Also, we tuned 4 times. What the hell.

Buuuuuuut it's over. yay.

I really need to practice for All-State soon. Before I leave Thursday morning and get there and audition and end up last chair. TT;;


Aug. 9th, 2007 03:16 pm
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eeeeeeee so I have this sulky little dog on my bed next to me (using laptop right now), and he's sulking because I won't let him lick his paws where he's itchy, and every time he does and I growl he like. hides his paw. underneath him. And pretends it isn't there. And if I growl again he gives up and like puts his head between his paws and SULKS. it's so, so cute. ahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Yeah, I just gave Rice a bath. He was v. unhappy for the entire duration, so I talked to him about random stuff and it was v. funny because I could say anything I wanted, as long as I said it in a soothing tone, but anyway right after the bath he got super hyper and raced around the house madly in circles, and now he's calm again. And fluffy and white and damp and so, so, so cute!!!


2029 edit: LOLZ. Jumped back to 2005 and read some mid-eighth grade entries, ohgawd those were the days still in Harker, and I just. Crack myself up. With the crazyuse of ellipses and all, and the general long ramblings of boredom and uninteresting tidbits of life. I did get one thing right: It's pretty interesting reading about those uninteresting tidbits from once upon a time when I've forgotten all about them. :O My life used to be so different. Though I still update with random tidbits of life, minus the ellipses. ♥
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last night Rice stole some chocolate and poisoned himself so we had to take him to the hospital. just brought him back. 白擔心一場, 現在我一頭一臉都是狗毛啦~ 還舔我 a face full of 狗臭味. 死小狗. he won't stop licking his bandage either. 不識好歹的小鬼.

唉, 忠言逆耳ㄚ...
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I've neglected LJ for a while, haven't I?

uh, merry Christmas everyone! xD;; belated, of course. like presents and drawings and so many other things. they shall all come in due time, though. >:D

...yeah. stuff )

Anyway, point being, lots of fields! Perfect for doggie. He goes running wildly back and forth like a white bullet. 'skind of funny to watch.

Meanwhile, have watched a LOT of movies lately. I mean lots and lots and lots. Little Miss Sunshine, Pirates 1 (it was on TV last night), Korean films (My Sassy Girl, Daisy), Pirates 2 (dad had it), United 93, World Trade Center, Curse of the Golden Flower (in theatres), Lady in the Water, uh more stuff too just don't remember it all. And a lot of Identity. And some Dr. House. I really don't like the Identity host, though. Obnoxious, snobby... >.>

movies! )

fwah I would ramble more but I must needs go w/everyone to zee park in about 2 minutes. :D

In other news, I went really crazy while sick and got pissed at my hair and chopped my bangs to a frazzle. Fixed it up later, but it looks fairly ridiculous still. XD Hair will grow back, though. Better to take out anger on your hair than, say, your wrists. oO;;

On that note, bye!

1404 edit: hunh. Apparently there's a biiiiiiig storm blowing in. fun.
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Cookie killed a squirrel today.

She was still playing with it and pouncing on it like a cat toy; my parents had to chase her off. And then they were too scared to touch it so I had to dispose of it.

It was still warm.

It didn't look dead at all. Squirrels don't have any whites in their eyes or a contracting pupil; they don't get that empty, unfocused look in their eyes no matter what. It was still warm and it hadn't stiffened yet and the eyes still looked bright and alive only it had a gash in its stomach and my hand got stained with blood and I could feel it growing colder and colder and colder and it made me want to cry.
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Crystal Springs! SCVAL... Dunno place, but time is 25:45, so a bit slower than an 8.5 min mile? This makes me sad. I'm a lot slower this season. Mostly because I have no motivation. &Charity's gone, and Lisa + Ashley are slower than me and I typically run with them and... yeah. I don't try. >>;; I was half-dead right after running but it only took me 5 mins to completely recover, which kind of made me go "" *guilt*

Charity beaaat me. T__T She's hella improved this year coz everyone in MV is faster than her so she works a lot to catch up.


Ahem anyway, I saw [ profile] maeglin_arandur! Except. Only like. Once. and then he was somewhere nearby during the cheering for freshmen, and then he disappeared! and I couldn't find him. I saw him during his race, but he was, well, racing. And then the MV team settlement place was kind of intimidating, so I didn't go there. >>; Last few meets when I asked MV people if they knew where Louis was they either completely ignored me or looked at me weird and then forgot to answer me! Not v. friendly. The purple MV people are much friendlier. :D they gave us food.

I also saw [ profile] clayfan03! Green people. And Christine (the Korean one who roomed w/Harleen) from CTY! red people. except there's like a bazillion red people because red's too common. haha yeah. fun.

I don't like the Crystal Springs course though. It's dead and yellow and windy and Death Valley-like, and DUSTY. rrrrrrrr.

2157 edit: So we gave Renegade away today.

wah )
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if you're not afraid it'll kill your computer...

kitty pictures!! )


Oct. 1st, 2006 11:41 am
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at last, some pictures.

and Happy October, everyone. :)

kitty pictures!! )

There's more on a diff camera... heck, there's more on THIS camera, although dad took them all w/bad flash settings on so they aren't so great, but anyway, upload later yes. We'll be putting an advertisement on Craigslist soon.

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my LIFE. is kitten poo.

Guess what I'm up doing every morning before everyone is awake? Guess what's the last thing I do before I go to bed? Guess what's the first thing I do when I get back from school?

it's not homework, that's for sure. >>

No seriously, you haven't lived until you've had FOUR kittens - not one, not three, FOUR - take over your bathroom, yes, YOUR bathroom, which is now completely and utterly kitten domain, and you spend every day cleaning out their litterbox (a kitten eats much more frequently than an adult cat and hence uses the litterbox much much much more frequently, now multiply that by four), and taking a plunger to the toilet because there is SO MUCH kitten crap it gets stuck, and taking out their newspapers and getting scratched from kitties unhappy that the floor is sliding out from under them, and washing all the carpet that they poo on when they can't find the litterbox, and scrubbing the bathroom floor, and brushing up all the litter which they trail everywhere, although of course it claims to be nonstick litter (there is no nonstick litter, give it up) and feeding them until you get really sick at the smell of canned kitty food, and put this on REPEAT every few hours because that's how kitties' time circle works, it's what happens every few hours. AND, if you let it sit for some extra hours (i.e. SCHOOLSCHOOLHINTHINTHINT) it is exponentially worse when you get back and there is all the more to do and. whee.

Oh, and, reading The Book of Night with Moon didn't help. now I feel like a kitty servant.

but good book though. I liked it a lot. :DD fwau~

That said, they are SO CUTE~~~~~

pictures taken, camera now out of batteries so I have to recharge before I can take more/post them. mmhmm.
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am up early again for the sake of the kittens.

I caught a skunk the other day. and then yesterday night when I set up, the two piggies (Puppy and Rei) weren't around so I couldn't take them inside, and sure enough, this morning piggy #1 was squalling v. loudly within the trap-- AFTER eating all the food. Pig.

hoping piggy #2 has more sense than idiote there.

Orchestra retreat yesterday. was v. fun. I helped plan the activities (relay!) at school even though, haha totally not an upperclassman, but! fun. Sophomores totally failed, unfortunately. Dead last~

Next time we have activities, I propose no leap frog. Or only 2-3 people instead of like, 10.

Saratoga Springs, Tony and Tim brought cheap frisbees, so this group of us (all Asians! hahaha) started playing. and we owned them~ People kept joining the other team so we were outnumbered like 9 to 5 but! we won anyway. by a LOT. XD

Grabbed Terry Su to throw water balloons, except I messed up so he got very very wet, but. we braved the jumbo balloons! So we got priority in the dinner line.

Food, campfire, smores, wandered with Yang and Emily, and then with Wooho (the Korean kid; doesn't his name look like Woohoo?) and some freshmen guys, and then settled by campfire because. COLD.

Wooho has this strange addiction to burning leaves and napkins in the fire. and it was contagious. I started doing it too. And Sean Chen, after calling it retarded. XD

OKOK then we got balloons! Real ones, not water balloons. yeah we stole them so the balloon string was really short and my first one accidentally flew away so Sean got me another one and then went purposefully into the middle of a clearing to let his go with a flourish. >>; odd child. And Wooho breathed the helium and talked funny and we were v. amused.

whee more orch stuff soon. meanwhile, kitten traps!


Sep. 14th, 2006 06:41 pm
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yeah, okay, so Mel posted about it, but I totally didn't check LJ mmk.

Louis was there too! His hair has gotten longer. He is easy to distinguish. Esp with the sunglasses.

Kero: Sunglasses!
Mel: ! Louis?
Kero: I don't know, can't tell.
Sunglass person: *twitch* *turnaround*


yay I am so happy. I haven't been so hyper in a long time. This is also the first meet in which I felt more cheerful AFTER the meet than before. because because like I'm on my period, right, and SECOND DAY which really really sucks, and then I'd get random cramping while we were waiting about and then in the actual race the first bit was REALLY REALLY slow T___T oh and they have this horrible track that's worse than Lynbrook's and stirred up a duststorm but anyway, if you keep running and don't just stop after a little bit (in which case you seize up even worse! wheee) it gets better! So then AFTER the race was over I actually felt a lot better (like, I have no cramps now yay). And also. it was over. no durr. which adds to the general happiness.

The sprinklers came on while JV girls (i.e. me!) were running! So we got sprayed through. It was pretty horrible. But the first lap was dry, and personally I prefer getting sprayed than the JV boys (who were after us; i.e. Louis) who got to run through what went from wet field -> SWAMP.

mwahahaha. I am also done with all my homework in advance, for once.

eehee today is a good day. ^^

my voice has died from cheering


Today is a REALLY REALLY good day.

Excited rambly details )

2140 edit: ... ahahahahahaha.

Instead of kitten #2, I caught a possum.

Totally did not cross my mind til NOW to take pictures before letting it out, and! tis too late. oh well.

That was hilarious, though. XDDDD
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Sorry everyone who IMed me. _ _;; I was looking up stuffs for hw in wikipedia (MY SAVIOUR) and left netscape open when I went off to class and kind of forgot about the AIM bit of it.


... last night we (Amy and I) staked out in the bathroom with Cookie and it's AMAZING how much tamer she's become, although it took hours of Cookie hiding motionless behind the toilet and us sitting there unmoving before she would even come OUT. but Puppy set her a good house cat example. I swear that cat's an attention-whore. >>;; This morning he got horribly jealous and swiped at us viciously before stalking off with an air of wounded dignity to sulk in a corner, and attacked Cookie when we weren't looking, so we stuffed him outside. Rei was briefly happy w/Puppy and Cookie inside, but as soon as we threw Puppy out she snapped back into her bitchy face again.

... I feel like our cats are setting up their own 三國 domain in the house. least this makes the prospect of catching the kittens more hopeful. :)

In other news, concert last night was horribly long (7:30 to 11?) so I dragged Mai backstage with me and we did random things and kinda filled each other in on life insofar, and I hope it wasn't too much of a nuisance but she got to do cool things with my sister before she came so hopefully that makes up for it. :D

I was also going to give her Mel/Kero/her keychains, except I forgot to bring them. Oops. >>;

On a side note, Tiff took the blue swirly keychain, I took the red swirly keychain, Melody claims the turtle keychain, so there are now four keychains left for whoever wants them. :)


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