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I feel like happy faces say a lot more than people give them credit for. How you draw your happy face could say so much about you! Whether you dot the eyes or draw lines. Whether you draw a nose. Did you know that Asian people draw happy faces centered around the eyes and white people draw happy faces centered around the mouth? That's right bitches, we smile with our eyes. Win!

I would like to make this post more substantial but I am out of ideas. じゃ!
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10. You say "Faito! Faito!" instead of "Fight! Fight!"

9. You always have a packet of tissues on you, no matter what.

8. Your idea of fast food is a gyu-don from Matsuya.

7. You take someone else's umbrella without batting an eye when leaving a convenience store, because someone has already taken yours.

6. You get confused when there isn't a ticket machine in the restaurant and don't know how to pay the bill.

5. You start using other people as backrests on the train.

4. You see a little elementary school boy run past in shorts so short it's like he's not wearing pants, and think, "Aw, how cute!"

3. You tell your friend, "Hold on, I'm hungry, I'm going to make myself some miso soup," without thinking there's anything weird about it.

2. You fall asleep on the train and wake up exactly as it pulls into your station.

1. You see your friend eating an oreo in Philadelphia and mistake it for a riceball.


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1. The more you patch it up, the newer it looks
2. It looks like trash, so if you ever forget it in a public place, no one will ever take it
3. It's thin enough to fit in the pocket of girl skinny jeans!


1. If you forget it out in the sun, it melts a little (STICKY STICKY)
2. No coin pocket
3. It looks like trash

haha :)

In other news, I am so glad to be doing Nano! I met some amazing people at the write-in today, and even if I am 8000 words behind I'm so happy just to have met all those fellow crazy people who each have their own bizarrely creative ideas and are all so smart and funny and interesting... [ profile] backseatdream and Yvonne may be interested to learn that I met another fellow Maya fan who's half Chinese and half American, born in Japan, has long black hair and is extremely pretty in that fiery black-widow kind of way. And then there are the two Uni students from England who have the most wonderful accents (XD), the weird boy who's writing a veiled heroic criticism through his antihero sociopath, the fellow Californian who's writing a mystery about a stalked blogger, and that crazy, crazy Indian girl who has 30,000 words already and is writing her entire novel on an iPhone instead of a laptop.


So much the love (or lack thereof) for J.K. Rowling, George R.R. Martin, stealing Starbucks tables, and mysterious lifts on spaceships. Also I have ascertained that Starbucks does not change anywhere around the world. Anywhere.

18k down, 32k to go!

*edit: Make that the crazy Indian girl who's written 40,000 words. I HATE YOU ASRA


May. 24th, 2009 01:06 am
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This. is. so. fun.


I need to stop spending money. TT;;

I kind of want to dress up gothic lolita for the Black and White Ball tmr. but lolita clothes are so bloody expensive...

(no more, no more)



hugs ^^

Ohhh take this. the B&W is being held in Fairmont Regency, just like prom. &how do we know prom was in the Regency Ballroom? we visited. 'coz that's right, SHS is lame enough to hold prom in downtown San Jose (at least it's not LG this time), and GUESS WHERE FANIME IS.


ahhhhhhhh I sound like a Kevin

better go to bed so I can wake up in time tmr~
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Today is the 102nd day since the start of the year 2009.

It is also the 102nd day since the start of my nong shim boycott.

I think I just might make it past the 6 month mark!


Yeah so I have a ton to write on Baltimore and colleges etc but I don't feel like writing it right now. ^^ Later?
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random nameless post on boys and my interactions with them to-day

in no particular order

boy #1 makes my mood imperceptibly happier when he talks to me~ ^^ I don't quite realize it myself sometimes but dealing with him always makes me happy not sad or awkward or emo or bitter like other boys in the past because because he's open! he's easy to talk to! I don't even know! open people are so much fun ^^

I am worried about boy #2 :( he got a bit of a talking-to today and I don't know if it was good or bad but I'm afraid he'll turn emo and make his life worse for himself. eeee idiot boy. /cross fingers hope?!

boy #3 doesn't like hugs! I forgot that and remembered it today but it's OK because I haven't seen him for such a long time. seeing people is so nice! I MISS YOU ALL YOU'VE BEEN AWAY SO LONG I'VE FORGOTTEN WHAT IT'S LIKE T____T no wonder I get random emo spouts nowadays

boy #4 is such a good boy he makes me smile (:

I thought I saw boy #5 and then I thought I didn't and then it turns out I did. some people don't change much.

boy #6 did a good job on stage today. actually when I say that I am thinking of two particular boys rather than one so make that boys #6 and 7. for that matter, all of winter percussion did a good job on stage today. <33333

by the way, these are not all boys that I like! (except boy #1) they are random boys~ boys I happened to see and (most of them) talk to today. what were you thinking? huh? huh? I'm not that good at divvying up romantic attention :p

are you one of the boys on this list? maybe. I'm not going to tell you! I think I should come back to this post in 5 years and see if I still remember who each boy was that I was referring to. I probably won't. that's so sad. :(

anyway why did I write this post? well I am in a good mood today partly thanks to boy #1 and partly thanks to seeing people and (right now at least) a large part thanks to the winter percussion concert which I just watched! it made me happy but it made me sad too. I'm going to graduate and I'll never have had the chance to play w/SHS percussion and people who know me know I always say if I join band I want to join as percussion, except I'd never join in the first place because I already have too much to do, but today I watched them play and it looked so fun and I wish I could have been a part of it and that makes me sad.

BUT! the concert itself made me happy. I really liked Mr. Masterson's composition & def. the show, which is in a sense also Mr. Masterson's arrangement. well collab w/other people, but still. I didn't know the competitive shows were self-arranged! that's pretty impressive~~ also I knew I was right about piazolla (asked Zarco). the marimba libertango mystery that's been @ the back of my mind for what - months? - has been solved!

the piece libertango segued into also sounded really familiar (def. string rip - they even had the string part playing in the background) but I couldn't place it. :x ah well.

ahhhhhhhhhhh why didn't I join percussion while I still had the chance (I thought about it last year and then didn't in the end...)

mmmm so I think seeing people today really did make me happy. even though I didn't really notice it until afterwards. I don't know, all the little things build up~~~

and in the end, all you probably got out of this post is that I am a huge dork.

which, you know.

I am!

but you're still reading aren't you ;p


Jan. 20th, 2009 09:03 am
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Plane ditches into Hudson River after take-off at La Guardia - no fatalities

A US Airways passenger plane ditched into the Hudson River minutes after take-off from the New York's La Guardia airport. The plane reportedly hit a flock of seagulls or Canadian geese, crippling both engines. Fire and smoke was seen from the left engine when the pilot decided to crash-land the Airbus with 141 people on board into the frigid waters of the river west of Manhattan at around 50th Street.

poor geese. o____________o;;;
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Two down, eleven to go.

...that only took an all-nighter and three different essays within the space of 24 hours. Maybe having two English majors for parents isn't so great after all.




edit: oh I forgot. happy december, everyone. (:
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Sometimes I could care less about my friends, I'm so detached.

Other times I love them so much it hurts.

... I feel like such a contradictory person.

In other news, I have become addicted to an Alternate Universe Harry Potter fic (or more accurate fics) jointly referred to as the Sacrifices Arc. This person is ambitious, man. An AU that has seven parts, paralleling the books, spanning 7 years, and all the parts nearly equivalently book-lengthed. So far the writing's been a bit raw, the plot isn't as tight as it could be and there are other places that could probably be better, but I'm hooked. *__* Also I'm almost certain that by the 7th faux-book (I'm on what you might call the 3rd book right now) it will have improved.

General storyline is that Harry has a twin brother named Connor, who's the Boy-Who-Lived while Harry is only the protector, and his twin gets sorted into Gryffindor while he's sorted into Slytherin. The characterization's obviously different for this Harry than book Harry - actually brought up by his parents, has a twin, no Dursley abuse etc etc, and maybe not spot-on necessarily for all the other characters as well (what fic ever is? it's always interpretation), but what I really like about this fic in particular is that it focuses so much on house rivalry, explores so much the themes of house unity and Dumbledore's bias (which Rowling never adequately addressed, presumably because Dumbledore's bias was her bias and the entire series' bias :x), and really, for once, makes the situation into a much fairer-seeming (in terms of balancing out house equality) and much, much more complicated one than the linear situations presented in the real books. There's a constant struggle to determine Dark and Light, right and wrong, and while some characterizations seem overplayed and other plot points have loose ends, it's really quite addicting. The sibling relationship between Harry and his twin is also interesting, and while his relationship with his parents/Dumbledore/Sirius seems somewhat unrealistic upon reflection, all things considered it is believable enough in context [edit: right, that stops ~3rd book] and it's definitely interesting to see things from a different perspective. :x

(Also, I haven't finished the entire series yet, so it has yet the possibility of tying all the loose ends up as it goes and getting better and better, or flopping on me. But I'm counting on the former. XD Sadly it is starting to bore me. :( I did a bit of research and attribute this to the fact that the author wrote this massive series on the time schedule of a chapter a day (o____O !!!) which leaves not enough time for, well, putting thought into it to make it good. and. better. :( quantity > quality?)
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I've discovered the perfect way to keep myself motivated doing hw! (primarily bio)

>> play classical music in the background. particularly cello concertos.

It keeps me from getting @.@ as easily (soothing music, mmmm~), and sometimes when I feel like stopping, I end up working longer because I don't want to cut the music off, so I end up working until the end of the piece. Or something like that. XD

Best thing, though, I think, is that it keeps me from getting excessively crabby. yay!
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story 66 )

boy am I feeling crabby today. extremely tired for no reason whatsoever.


edit: also, can someone enlighten me as to who the hell Megan Kao, Thomas Denq, Lisa Asai, and Katherine Moran are? some of the names sound vaguely familiar, but nothing more than that.

edit2: I am of the opinion that once someone has gotten onto your annoying list, they become annoying even when they're not particularly annoying. I have come up with a psychological theory for this, based off of classical conditioning and Pavlov's dog.

theory )

boy I AM cranky today. waffle essay coming up in a bit.


Jan. 17th, 2008 05:01 pm
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2. Rehearsal might have ended early if Mr. Boitz didn't pause every so often to tell us that we were probably going to end early. ;p

3. High school breaks need to be longer.

4. Miss Ariel Tsao has, apparently, remained frozen in the time portion of the space-time continuum ever since she left Saratoga High. Actually, make that the first day of freshman year. She hasn't changed at all. If she keeps this up for another decade or two, she may achieve eternal youth!

5. I have this arbitrary urge to play a game of Chinese chess. (.__.);;
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Never sign on to AIM right before you're about to go to bed, for no real reason, just to... I dunno, see who's on?

I've never had IM windows pop up so quickly. o__O Three simultaneously, and then as I was replying to them others come up... one petered out, another had some discussion then petered out, another could have had me staying up another hour playing games but I ended it forcibly, and then the next one lasted a good 20 minutes.

Stupid. Stupid stupid.

You know what I just made a connection with? My lack of maturity in poetry today is related to the bubbly lawlz-everything-amuses-me feeling, which comes in turn on days in which I get enough sleep. And the days I don't I'm either bitter or angry or sulky or simply tired, and can't bring the energy to find anything amusing. Sometimes I do, in that delirious way, but if you ever know that feeling when there's just a dark cloud hanging over you, those moods you can't shake off.

On that note, today WAS a very amusing day.

Had a mini-discussion in English about Christians and Harry Potter. Here is reasoning chart:

Dumbledore = gay witch + leader of the witches
thus, Dumbledore = Devil
and if so, Grindelwald must = God
and Voldemort = Christ

(never mind that Christ is a witch. Christ =/= witch because the witches don't like him and don't want him amongst their midst.)

if Voldy = Christ,
Harry must = antiChrist

So Voldy (Christ) is trying to save the world by ridding it of witches! Or converting them to live beneath his reign, in which case they don't need to be killed any more because they are SAVED. Beneath Christ. But alas, young Harry the antiChrist foils his plan.

Just as Devil once > God, antiChrist now > Christ. Blasphemy!

What a terrible book. Don't let children near it.

After that, a good part of time afterschool was spent sitting with Lisa in the middle of the music quad reading Huck Finn aloud in various accents. Mostly southern, then British, then we went through a phase of adding "bloody" to everything ("Don't you bloody see, this means I'm the bloody duke of bloody Bilgewater, and here I am, with nothing but my bloody self and some bloody pennies..." etc) and a phase of Japanese accents, and attempted French but failed.

Sutton got v. angry at us during poetry because we weren't being serious. Everyone. I am naggingly guilty, though, because I have this feeling that they might've been fine if I hadn't been there. Silliness is infectious, you know.

The thing is, silly people are so happy. I know when you're sober they're retarded. And when you're just not in the mood, or when you're bitter or depressed or tired or angry or in general just that stfu mood, they're freaking annoying. And retarded.

But when you're actually being silly you have so much fun.

Happiness is relative.


Oct. 4th, 2007 04:47 pm
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today was a good day. :) Iunno, just sort of a... warm and fuzzy kind of day.

Maybe it's coz Omid's such a funny kid. Although working with him at piano (esp when he's not in the mood) is so tedious it's painful. Still, he amuses me. V. much a kiddie style of whineeeee *big eyes I-don't-want-to-do-this-rrrrrrghhh-face* groan etc etc and delaying the playing, and then I go:

ADELA: Hey Omid, if you can finish up to this page before time's up, I'll let you go early. but you have to do it well.
OMID: ...really?
ADELA: yeah.
OMID: /stops procrastinating, immediately starts playing without further ado!

xD kids.

...I just remembered I forgot to give him stickers today. whoops.

In other news, English was a lot of Othello essay BS and other such (rough draft). My essay was literally procrastinated up until the last moment - I got up early this morning to write it. And I actually got an early morning spurt of energy. But it ran out... around 8... and suddenly I was so hopelessly dead my brain could no longer function and all the ideas petered off and couldn't continue. =/ As a result, the second half of my essay included a bunch of page-filler ramblings and me talking to myself to fill up the space.

mmm I don't think I'll get a v. good essay score. I really dislike standard thesis-TS-evidence-support-evidence-support-TS-etc etc style essays. They bore me. So my essays turn into philosophical ramblings with attempts to integrate the prompt, and fail hard.

So after my brain shorted out this morning, I went back and read through and couldn't stop laughing, I laughed so much my stomach hurt (when I'm in the sleepy-can't-function-delirious state, I laugh a lot at things that aren't even funny. I act like my dad when he smokes pot. and he does so for medicinal reasons, by the way. ;p) anyway yeah! because it was so judgmental and elitist and it referred to elitist and snobby people and OH THE HYPOCRISY it made me laugh don't ask me why. When I'm delirious-tired and not grouchy-tired, a stain on the wall can set me off for no real reason except that. it's a stain on the wall. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

yeah I'm kind of half-tired now too actually. not enough sleep ahhhhhh~

but! Today's the one day I don't have any activities after school. :) At least, nothing that takes 3+ hours. Omid really doesn't count that much, since he's funny. And I get paid.



I can make another one, but my MONEY'S in it. So's my license. and ID. and other stuff. and my provisional license won't expire just yet, so that much's okay, butbutbut.


edit: oh random failure in history today...

ANZY: So, children, what does the govt need to help children all round the states get health care?
ADELA: Hospitals!
ANZY: Of course! And Congress wouldn't give it to them-
ADELA'S SEATMATE: /cracks up silently
ADELA: ...
ANZY: /continues lecture
ANZY: So, kids, why would having the federal government capital make a state more profitable? Who would go there?
ADELA: Tourists!
MORE INTELLIGENT KIDS: Important ambassadors!
ANZY: Right you are, kids.
ANZY: How does the coming of ambassadors help the South, though?
KIDS: How?
ANZY: Think, kids! What do all these foreign ministers and ambassadors need to be supplied with?
ADELA: (I know!!!) Tobacco!
ADELA'S SEATMATE: HAHAHA /dives under desk
NEARBY CHILDREN: /sends Adela weird looks
ADELA: ......tobacco?
ANZY: ... ... ...
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random funny of the day )

1926 edit: Was feeling sore! Not in the workout sore fashion, but in the haven't-worked-out-for-too-long wtf fashion, because, yes, actually, sitting too much/long makes you sore too. Ever sat in a plane for 15+ hrs? There you go.

Out and ran 5 miles. Am feeling much better now, and missing XC slightly, but would just like to note here to everyone who's still doing XC that Adela NO LONGER HAS TO RUN IN THE HEAT! She can run in the evening when she feels like it. When it's COOL. HAH.


I miss frisbee. =/ And also, tag, even though we're all wayyyy too big now for the playground structure.
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Ohoh, on that note, December! ^^ [ profile] kyouten, [ profile] thetunaist, and [ profile] cuteremy's birthdays are all coming up~

SO. what do you guys want for your birthdays? :3

And everyone else, WHAT DO YOU GUYS WANT FOR CHRISTMAS?!?! Telllllllllll meeeeeeeeee.

Much love~ ♥
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So apparently our broken satellite dish is not only broken, it is obsolete, so Daily Show won't be back for awhile, but meanwhile international and local are functioning again, so we caught up a bit on Taiwanese news!


He's so matter-of-fact, so practical, he just whips it out and looks absolutely unintimidating andandand. Taiwan so funny. ^^V

haha it actually worked, too. Good for them. XD
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if you accidentally type in /friendsfriends instead of /friends/Friends (i.e. versus; the second "friends" serves as my comm filter), it takes you to a "friends of friends" flist page!


yeah k pointless
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I am. SO HYPHY RIGHT NOW. Today there was Toro meet!! In MONTEREY!! Which meant 3+ hours of sleep on the bus!! And then Homecoming game for free when we got back!!!! Ahhh and Senior Quad Day was REALLY good, if perverted~~

fweeeeeeeee elaborate tomorrorssssssssss.

0027 edit: It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow! It's tomorrow!

haha I'll "elaborate" after like. a 10 hour nap.

Good luck everyone who's taking the SATs. :)


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