Dec. 19th, 2008 02:45 pm
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alumni are awesome.

loudmouth freshmen boys are not.

I am so so so tired T__________T

the squid was good though. and the chicken. and the tofu. asian partyyyyyyy~

I wish I could have stayed instead of dealing with loud obnoxious freshmen boys. oh well.

the presence of Yang also reminds me that I have STILL NOT WATCHED THE DARK KNIGHT.

alskjgkldjlka;sdgkjaldskfja;gdj;fda I am obsolete. and deprived.

edit: good thing of the day: break started!

edit2: the concert went well.

today was so long it feels like two different days. or maybe three. god knows.

that was cutting it REALLY close. started five minutes later and I probably would've lost. o___O;; stupid concert.

hopefully things will get better from here on out.

(also, I feel it deserves a mention here that Christine and Curtis totally swept the stage ^____^b Elgar and Saint-Saens for the win~~~)


now I can finally go sleep in peace.
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my throat hurts from laughing too much.

I now know how to say "I want your monkey" in Hindi.

... we should do this more often.


Oct. 17th, 2008 02:46 pm
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How does Boitz do it?

That was just, whut, 20-30 mins sectional and my back is already alkjdglak;sjdfkldja;fljdlgkja; PAIN

How does he stand up on that podium for 70-80 minutes straight... T____T;

Maybe it's just me. Maybe my back is just destined to die. Maybe I've prematurely attained the health level of a grandma. Maybe it's because I'm so tired today - that might be it, I tend to get more pains/aches when I'm tired.


Ahh I forgot to tell them the best way to practise the fugue when they get home. Oh well...

In other news, I feel I am steadily turning into a Korean. I speak bits and pieces of Korean, me and some Koreans are going to start a ramen club and a chocopie club, I went out to lunch with two Koreans (and engaged in Koreanglish talk, small bits of which I could actually understand), and afterschool I gave a Korean person a ride home.

...and tonight there will be orchestra with a mob of Koreans.


edit: I don't want to go to piano or cpyo. m'back will die. I just know it. ... ... /HATES ON FRIDAYS
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hahh life is generally good. dwyer is funny (and brainwashing. and obsessed with drugs.) &bio is boring though I finally got my chance to ask kucer the human consciousness question (veiled badly beneath the pretense "would you consider human consciousness a mutation" LOL) which he, ahahaha, could not answer. lang is pretty good, as usual. where more people are willing to consider the paradox of consciousness but don't come up with any answers. :x

orch was fun. name game failed as a game (c'mon, 100+ people, you just can't HEAR everyone) but did not fail, perhaps, in spirit, what with boitz's bolstering of the SHS orchestra communal will and all.

the cello freshmen are v. cute ^^ dunno much about the ones behind me (alas, cannot see), but the two next to me are... boyish. and freshmany. &cute! in the way you would say mrs. kim is cute (she is, she is, the way she acts and how she starts telling those stories during lesson ahahahahhaha *dies*), not the way you would say a cute guy is cute. &hansen shares my sense of humour. ahahahahahha.

also I feel all warm and fuzzy and vain inside when people tell me I am good at cello because it reminds me of when I was a freshman and sat DEAD LAST and couldn't read capriol suite to save my life and. yeah! ^^ /is vain

oh and walter is illusory as usual.
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Today! easy day. easy classes, general fun.

...somebody I mayhaps should have asked out to lunch but didn't :o lost opportunity? no names disclosed as too many bloody random people from my school read this blog. without telling me, to boot.

anyway I made up for it coz~ ! arashi and wendy came visiting! so me and them and a couple more fobs (Karen & Christy & Christy's friend who didn't actually come; also is that how Christy spells her name) went off to Q-cup &were fobby.

yeah so I am slowly being converted into a fob. First, there's the Chinese thing, which pwns most fobby looking ABCs who can't speak worth sh** (not counting the ones that actually moved from China/Taiwan/Hong Kong etc etc). On top of that:

1. I have a Death Note bag

2. &a really fobby haircut

3. I go out to lunch w/a group of really fobby looking people

4. @ Q-cup//Chinese takeout

5. and we order... in Chinese.

ANDAND. THE WORST ONE: I am starting to talk with a faint fobbish accent. not the retarded one that everyone laughs at, but the one that you can't really place and just sounds randomly... Asian. actually I think it may be faintly Korean.


... ...


I had something else to say.


I forgot.


will update later if I remember.

edit: awww I want my gentle seme <3 )
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damn it I lost the bet.

now I owe Sarah Tang lunch. :x oh well.

what'd Connie bet on?

(actually where IS Connie. :O haven't seen her at ALL for the past two days.)


Aug. 25th, 2008 04:12 pm
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first day of school!

I got virtually no sleep last night. I think it's because I forgot to eat dinner until 11ish, when I started getting the trembly-shakes and the dizzy spells and couldn't focus properly to do anything, and my stomach growled and went: FEED ME. FEED ME NOW.

I already brushed my teeth and everything too. D:

Woke up at 6, showered, practised instruments, went off to school with a vague panicky feeling that grew as I drove and developed into very uncharacteristic full-blown anxiety as I reached the school, as though something is bound to go wrong. I attribute it to the lack of sleep and the fact that the AC on my car is freezing, and when you get cold you tense up, and when you tense up your mood adjusts to match your physical behavior. That's my theory, anyway.


Econ - Class much too large, Dwyer moderately amusing.
Bio - Kucer has some sort of obsession with butterflies. I refuse to believe he folded them all himself. He must have hired youthful little freshmen to do the dirty work for him.
Ceramics - Too large. Chock-full of underclassmen I do not know and upperclassmen I recognize but do not hang out with, seriously considering dropping but we get fed chips and good salsa. So perhaps not.
Orchestra - Is orchestra? HAHAHAH Sara Gambord has a 5" binder I'm so glad to be free of poetry. :)
Psychology - Decent. One gangster kid keeps asking hilarious questions. i.e.,

RIDGE: So, what were your expectations of this class? What did you come here to learn about?
KID: Drugs.
RIDGE: Excuse me?
KID: DRUGS. Like, don't they affect the mind and stuff? I wanna learn how.

RIDGE: God WHAT is that buzzing noise? It's not someone's phone? Is it the AC? I can't stand buzzing noises!
KID (raises hand): Is this what you would call OCD?

RIDGE: All right, class! Name one thing that the word Psychology makes you think of.
KID1: Hypnosis!
KID2: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind!
KID3: The Joker!
GANGSTER KID: ... (looks down at paper and back up again) I have like 5.
RIDGE: It's OK, just name one.
GANGSTER KID: ... ... girls.

etc. etc.

Lang - Best class ever. 20ish people, smallest class I have, and Friend pwns the Awesome Scale. Seriously. Completely worth having a 7th period, just for this class.

In other news, I have cello class tonight at 8! Good thing, coz SHS auditions are on Wed. :O

In other other news, [livejournal.com profile] kyouten and [livejournal.com profile] huglomper if you see this, I still have classes on Sat from 4:30-5:30 apparently, so late afternoon not good for me. D: (noonish is fine though.)
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So that was lots of fun.

We filmed more Hamlet at Fish's house, right (we being me, Fish, Christina, and James), then it got too dark so we hung around for an hour or two and...

* had a massive pillowfight
* learned (or attempted to learn) how to swing dance with pillow partners
* learned (or attempted to learn) how to ballroom dance with each other
* took lots of ridiculous pictures/videos
* laughed our heads off
* yelled at each other a lot
* played lots of random piano
* collaboratively sightread Disney songs (one person on right hand, one on left) with remaining people singing along
* annoyed the heck out of Fish's brother with our noisiness


Now off to homework. >>;
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I never realized the Wizard of Oz was so history heavy.

Follow the yellow brick road. Get home with silver slippers. An ounce is one oz. All that is needed to kill the Wicked Witch of the West is water.

...and the Wicked Witch of the East held the silver slippers, and the yellow brick road leads nowhere (only to Emerald City), and on the trip there's a tin man and a scarecrow...

Whaaaaat I'm never going to see that book in the same way ever again. Way to kill childhood memories.


edit: For those of you who haven't taken AP US History yet, some clarification )
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So from what I gathered from J-room visits with Jesse/other random people last year, and random visits this year, and in general just what I've gathered from past impressions is that a lot of random people hang out in the J-room and talk and stuff, but the actual journalism students do have a bunch of work to do and stay late to do it and just. lots of work! and you know, deadline night and stuff.

So, today! Adela is chatting with people who pester her about Homecoming pictures, so she slips off with a friend who's going to the J-room, and hang out there a bit. Being so, she popped her head in on the people in the back on the computers, whom she had always assumed were diligently working.

They were diligently working. Sorta.

ADELA: hey, whatcha up to?
FRIEND: Oh, this, this, and this... /shows newspaper stuff
ADELA: mmmm I see.

ADELA: and you?
FRIEND2: Oh, header stuff for the website.
FRIEND3: I'm web editor! but I don't know any html!
ADELA: .... /applause

FRIEND4: Hey guys! /sits down next to them
ADELA: Hey there!
FRIEND4'S MOUSE: [rapidly] click! click click! clickety click!
COMPUTER SCREEN: Hello and Welcome to Mangaworld, where we have scanlations of-
FRIEND4'S MOUSE: click click!
COMPUTER SCREEN: -Prince of Tennis! Here you go.
FRIEND4: /stares rapturously at manga on screen
ADELA: ...

FRIEND3: Yeah, you know, screw this.
FRIEND3'S MOUSE: clickety click!
COMPUTER SCREEN: Now downloading zip file of Mahou Sensei Negima.
FRIEND3: C'mon now. You can download faster than that.
ADELA: ... ... ...

No wonder they're always "working" in the J-room and take so long to finish their "work." XD

Also, it's sort of interesting to observe people in their different respective "groups" and how they overlap. For example, there's the Vincent-Lilith-Gabrielle-people group, then there's the Yang-Clara-Christine-etc-etc-senior-lunch-group, which Vincent is also a part of, but then Clara's also in the Marvin-John-Michael-etc-J-room group, and Michael's also in the Stephen-Erisa-Take-Japanese-group, and he's also in the orchestra group, which I'm just going to pile together because everyone loves everyone in Saratoga Orchestra! (right? right? riiiight?) Not to mention the Stephanie-Vivian-Gabrielle lunch group, which Vincent is also a part of because he jumps lunches like I do, and Erisa's in it too, and I dunno. It's just so interesting to watch the alliances, the groups, from sort of an outsider's point of view. Because I mean I'm sure the people in, say, the Japanese group might know/be sort of friends w/some people in the J-room group, but more like friendly acquaintances, or just well, the groups wouldn't merge. Y'know what I mean? Except for where Michael is, they're separate. The Vincent/Stephanie/Vivian/people group is a little more different, that's just sort of the same group with no clear boundaries. I mean coz I'm not really in any of them. I'm friends on a personal level with a bunch of people in these groups, and so I float amongst all of them, and sometimes I go to things with them and sometimes I don't, but I'm really more like- well, you guys know our chatgroup. I'd be more like Mai! No offense to Mai, but she sort of floats in and out and isn't exactly a member, yet is.

mmmm like... I'm not solidly in any of these groups, but I'm good friends with Yang and Lilith and Teri and a lot of the people there, so I eat lunch with the senior lunch group sometimes, and sometimes with Stephanie and Vincent and Gabrielle, and sometimes with random orchestra people, and even sometimes with the Ashley-Lisa-JeffYoung-Grant group or Felicia-and-her-choir-friends group, and of course my freshmen year lunch group which has actually changed somewhat and now evolved to include Angela Hwang and Karen Hao, but I'm not really in that anymore either coz I eat lunch with them about once every two weeks, and I'm not solidly in... anything.

...except the chatgroup. ♥

yeah, I dunno. Just like, seeing Clara at lunch, then with the J-room people... or Michael with the J-room people in the J-room, then laughing with the Japanese group 10 mins later in the front parking lot... it just made me sort of think. I got that feeling where everything spiderwebs connections to each other, and the whole world seems so complicated and intricate and just the way things overlap and connect except, step back to see it from a grander view and... yeah. weird feeling.

It was the feeling I got the day that was- well, so.

Long time ago:

SISTER: /walks in with big silly grin on her face
SISTER: Oh, my friend wrote a really funny poem. Some ode to a pillow.

Years later:

MR RECTOR: Hello, I am your new English teacher!
CLASS: Hello, Mr. E. Rector. /males snigger at the "erector" joke

Few days after that:

ADELA: Yeah, his name is Eric Rector.
SISTER: Oh, Eric! I know him, he was in my poetry class!
ADELA: ...!
SISTER: He wrote a funny poem about a pillow once.

'twas like /ZIIIING the whole world is connected omfg.

yeah. that feeling. minus the thunderbolt realization. :)

(also, sorry about the name spamming, but using friend1friend2friend3 for something like that is too hard to keep track ><

...also, I forgot about the 7th-period-plus-some-band-people-afterschool-rant group, which you could say I'm a part of (fairly solidly), but that group by itself is sorta unstable/shaky in foundation to begin with.)


Oct. 17th, 2007 04:23 pm
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tidbits and the like )

edit: So there was no Japanese today, because apparently when we called our teacher she was in the Emergency Room. !!! It seems she has asthma. And then she caught a cold. one plus one equals three.

So then, here's a little bit of traffic updates for highway 85 around 6-7 o'clock...

85N? totally clear. v. few cars. zip! nada! nil!


Adela's house -> De Anza College = 85N. Thus, by reverse logic, De Anza College -> Adela's house = 85S.


So Adela was stuck waiting around on campus, as were most other fellow classmates. Which wasn't too bad, since she had people to talk to. And her classmates are really funny.

FRIEND1: Everyone thinks I'm a middle-schooler... /woe...

(FRIEND1 is college sophomore)

FRIEND2: It's ok. People think I'm 18 sometimes. /woe...

(FRIEND2 is a graduate student)

FRIEND1: But people think I'm fourteen sometimes! Fourteen! Ahhhhhhhhh~

FRIEND1: sighhhhhhhh. I used to have long hair.
FRIEND2/ADELA: uh huh?
FRIEND1: And people thought I was a girl. T___T
FRIEND2/ADELA: [both crack up hopelessly]
FRIEND1: No, I'm serious! When I'm working, people come and they ask me, "Can I have this, miss? Some of that please, miss. Yes, miss." That's why I cut it short.
FRIEND2: [aside] He wants to be manly...
ADELA: There's nothing wrong with being a pretty boy... XD
FRIEND1: [twitch] Yes, yes there is.
FRIEND1: Once I was working, and this Mexican, he came up to me and tried to ask me out on a date...
[ADELA and FRIEND2 dive beneath a bush to smother their laughter]
FRIEND1: T________T

So Adela, Friend1, and Friend2 were going to wander to Jamba Juice nearby, but then they changed their mind because

FRIEND1: It's so cold! Too cold for Jamba Juice.
ADELA: 'kay, is there a Starbucks nearby?

So they went to Starbucks. Except Friend2 didn't go, coz Starbucks wasn't on the way. But Friend1 walked Adela there, and then - after complaining that it was too cold for Jamba Juice - he gets an iced coffee. =.= odd child.

Anyway, onto homework!

Oh almost forgot, in a side note (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] lovelessbirdie for reminding me), one of my (ironically) least favorite poems managed to win second place at some contest? grand prize of... $15! yay.
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w00t for new tea icon!


Today seemed to be another alumni day.

stuff :3 )

I predict next week the alumni will really be gone. And then these stirrings of the dust will settle down--until the Christmas concert. But that's a long ways yet. :)

edit: oh, also, in forgotten news, there was a meet at home yesterday! And I actually went to cheer people on, inspired by, you know, our lovesick puma. :3 Sadly, the Spartans weren't there, and thus he wasn't there, and couldn't lend me that whatever-it-was book by the same author that wrote 100 Years of Solitude. Oh well.

I heard we did well. Apparently aside from our first two fastest runners, half the runners went the wrong way, so we dominated 1st 2nd and 3rd for girls (varsity?) which is sort of cheap and hilarious at the same time, but suffice it to say we won Girls Varsity. Cheap or not. It's not like we INTENTIONALLY made them go the wrong way...

They made these cool new bell things that we can shake vigorously and make a lot of noise with, so as to drown out other teams' cheers. Gogo self-cheerleading!

edit2: hey guys, this is a personality test result from my college counselor. So it's a slightly more official personality test. So... how accurate does this sound to you?

Adela is! )

edit3: Also, word of advice to you caffeine lovers, if you didn't eat breakfast late and are actually hungry, or if not "hungry" per se, if your stomach is empty around lunchtime...

don't drink only a frappuccino for lunch, all right? you'll get a stomachache. XD; Even if it's a Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino that's ultra delicious.


Sep. 11th, 2007 10:08 pm
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Stayed at school all day today until 9:30 PM! Fun. Well, it was, in a way, but also sort of not.


On a happier note, stuff regarding Adela and boys that no one really needs to know! )

Time for bed. Club day tomorrow~~~
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All right, so Adela was feeling slightly out of sorts yesterday. She's better today, to anyone who cares. :D

Adela's day )

Also, is it just me, or was today really, really hot?
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School seems to be rather dull. Only several things of note.

Cut for your benefit! )

edit: random poem for poetry hw )
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editing 2 stupid minutes of video.

takes SO LONG.

so like. all morning when I was home. then from 8:30 when I got back from classes + poetry + crap all the way til now. so that's like 4 hours.

we have the most retarded vid ever wtf. watch us fail.

also, anyone think this conversation ) is a bit like. self-contradictory? _o_

hahahahahaha having stupid conversations with frank totally helps crack me up when I'm ready to strangle something from working on stupid japanese projects that turn out retarded anyway and don't make any sense. why did we film snakes again?
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caffeine. at night. is not good.

caffeine keeps you awake. therefore, you can't sleep.

_o_ /so smart

Career day today. Fairly dull, only the Electrical Engineering guy (who was actually a CS guy) was somewhat interesting with his analogies and all of Alice and Bob and Carol etc (they actually use those code names for ABC variables? something like it) which bored everyone else and made me wonder if I shouldn't actually consider being an engineer.

Shortened classes all to half an hour or so, which meant we basically didn't do anything.

Coach... wants me to go to leagues. I might've gone, but he wants to sign me up for 2 mile. TT Which I really, really don't want to do. So I think I'm just done. Coach will be horribly disappointed in me, but well. =X /slacker

Army/navy/air force people came during lunch too, to recruit. Brittany and I had no intention of joining, but we ganked a bunch of free army/navy/air force random stuff like cool pens and lanyards and MIRRORS and bumper stickers etc etc. Was fun. :)
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yay new running shoes.

boo school's starting soon. That chokes my mood as surely as the smothering death of a hamster wrapped in a damp rag. That sentence made no sense.

Screw Don Quixote. I'll substitute a report on the Farseer/Liveship trilogies combined instead. Between them they've GOT to have enough pages to rival it. I hope that'll satisfy him.

In other news, I found out that my English teacher was in the same poetry class as my sister when she was in high school. Now there's a strange thought.

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So last night I got home ~8:40 from class, didn't practice anything didn't do hw didn't study for calc test, but then was all /lazy and felt like procrastinating. So I brushed up and went to sleep instead! At NINE.

So this morning I wake up at 5. TOTALLY rested. w/enough time to eat, take a quick shower, finish Japanese homework, study for calc, and practise a bit of cello. And bike to school early.

AND THE CALC TEST WAS SO EASY~~~~ maybe it wasn't the test, maybe it was just getting enough sleep but all the things suddenly just CLICKED and it all made sense logically and everything could be reasoned out with the exception of a few more complicated formulas that you're better off memorizing, but then like I totally didn't know how to find the tangent slope of this polar coordinate equation (I actually think I missed the entire lecture for CAHSEE that day), and I was drawing the polar equation and scribbling randomly to try and figure something out, and all of a sudden I had this click of BRILLIANCE and saw this random way to do it with rcosθ and rsinθ that worked in a shortcut-y fashion. And later it turns out that was exactly how it's supposed to be done. ^^V

I hope this will bring up the C and D from the past two quizzes. >>;; but even if it doesn't, any mistakes are CARELESS errors, they're not 'cause I'm totally hopelessly lost like the last two quizzes. So I feel on top of things again. :DDD

history was pretty boring. as was lunch and Japanese. although incidentally our school's salad isn't bad at all. It's actually somewhat worth the money.

In Chem we made slabs of putty. xD From Elmer's glue, water, Borax, and food coloring. that was lots of fun.

And it turns out the entire track team is too sore still from that weightroom workout two days ago (which Ashley and I totally skipped) so they didn't do hills today. So instead we did the ancient weightroom thing today! which was rather dreadful. x___X 120 pushups, 9x planks, 3x a billion other things, half of which we skipped, and a whole bunch of LUNGES AND JUMPS. T____T I don't know about you people, but I rarely do that much plyos stuff in my life. Also, don't like explosives. Ahahahahaha all the jump stuff made me really appreciate the old Badminton team, which had to do frog jumps around the entire campus at like 5 in the morning, JV and Varsity alike. Now our Badminton's realllyyy lax. okok so they got off with two laps today. that was the ENTIRE workout. -_____- because the teacher had a bet or something. if he could throw the tennis ball over the bleachers, they had to run 30 minutes. Except he missed.


but yeah. xD Aside from that, I'm not sore YET. It's just the anticipation. :o I mean if the entire team was sore enough after two days to forego hills, they must be pretty sore.

one more day to breaktime~ ^^V


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