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yes I think I've had that to my heart's content today.

Originally I was going to Palace BBQ with Keropi! who, alas, became so lovesick at the thought of seeing me again after THREE WHOLE WEEKS that she fell horribly, horribly ill and was thus confined to bed and could not come.

That left me and Mel, who had originally been planning to join us.

Then we found out that Palace lunch > dinner, that is, it is cheaper by SIX WHOLE DOLLARS. We immediately took advantage of the situation, like true Asians, and adjusted our plans accordingly.

Whereupon I drive to the wrong Palace (hey, it's not like I've been there before) and Mel says, "It's OK, I'm here already, I'll wait for you!"

Whereupon I drive to the right Palace and find a sign reading: CLOSED ON MONDAYS.

Mel: Lalalala let's go eat!
Me: Why didn't you tell me earlier that it was CLOSED?!
Mel: Huh? *squint* Whoa, when'd that get there?
Me: /facepalm

We ended up eating BBQ @ the Korean Tofu House (in Cupertino Village) which was also v. good. And then we walked around a little (or a lot) and chatted about things ranging from manga to college to shrimp.

Presently I receive a call from my parents informing me that they are out to lunch. Very well.

On our fifth circuit, I notice a car that looks suspiciously like my parents'.

My parents then call to tell me they are at the Village! lawlz.

My mom drags us off to Valley Fair in order to use our Gap giftcard (with $100+ worth of returned Christmas presents within). We visit Red Mango and relive an episode from two days ago, where Pumaboy has been replaced with my dad and sister #2 has been replaced with le Melody.

Which is to say, three people spent a very very long time hogging the Eero Aarnio Ball Chairs (which I have decided I absolutely must obtain within the next four years of my life) and shamelessly refused to get out.

Eventually (T______T) we were forced to return, whereupon I spent many hours at Melody's house, alternately playing with Max and eating KIMCHI JIGE. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

yay spicy foods are the win.
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forgot to mention this earlier, but I finished reading Journey to the West! (yes I know, and I should have been reading it during finals week...)

oh it also accounts for the fact that my emo post a few posts back was entirely in Chinese. when you read Chinese you start thinking in Chinese. >>;;

harvard interview was fail. I FORGOT TO DO THE PRE-INTERVIEW SHEET BECAUSE 1) the interview took impossibly long to schedule and it got lost in the multiple emails and 2) I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT BECAUSE OTHER SCHOOLS DON'T REQUIRE A PRE-INTERVIEW SHEET T_____T /headdesk headdesk headdesk

I'm not going to get into college. boooooooooo.

on a happier note, I finished arranging Forever Young.

...only took four years.


(note: it didn't actually took four years, it took more like... a couple days each out of each year of the four years)

so thanks to 3gatsu and Kevin's longterm obsession over Honey and Clover, I decided to take a look on it, got hooked, and ended up watching all of season one.

~.~ /wants more

yay break
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Some people are so bloody annoying. Like a mosquito. bzz bzz bzz. Sometimes I just want to reflexively SMACK, then wash my hands and carefully wipe the wall with a small daub of alcohol until all last traces of it has been cleansed from my life forever.

I'm noticing this thing where the more I research a particular school (online, or through alumni like kero's parents, or interview), the more I want to go there. As such, I've respectively phased through eternal and undying love for Stanford, Harvard, MIT, and (currently) Duke. The only exception to this seems to be UChicago, which, the more I research, the more I find to be a cold, cold place. Literally and metaphorically. However, I can't honestly judge how dependable online forums are, and if I do get in I think I shall take a visit there and see.

In other news, [ profile] too_late_again paid me a visit yesterday, and jointly we visited my little!sister #1 (i.e. a cow called Tiffany), who is lame and does not have a livejournal. They haven't seen each other for ~3 years because they somehow manage to keep missing each other at the gatherings. I call that sad.

Tiffany's dog (with a temperament uncannily just like her) went zooming around the place barking at the top of his lungs and nearly hyperventilated with excitement. Tiffany's toy owl (which reproduces whatever you say at it in a high-pitched voice and really should be a parrot) imitated a dog barking.

I forgot to give [ profile] too_late_again his (authentic!) English pinecones. Ah well. It's more fun this way. I shall save it for when I traverse the world and collect (smuggle) a full sack from all countries known to man~! I need to invent a system of pinecone labeling.

Have yet to return umbrella to little!sister #2. It can be my car decoration until finals end.


Nov. 28th, 2008 11:51 pm
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It's almost midnight. I'm sleepy.


Just. I have lesson tomorrow, and I pretty much haven't practised all week, and I really need to practise tonight and tomorrow before lesson if I don't want to DIE which is probably, you know, a tad more important than sleep, and it's not like I have anyone to blame except myself.


Also, this whole Stanford Arts Supplement thing is driving me crazy. So Stanford's bloody deadline is a month earlier than all of the other colleges. Who knew?

I wish my mom wouldn't be in such a crabby temper. See, this is why I didn't want her to help, because she gets like this, and. blah.

Maybe I'll just forget sleeping tonight and take care of all this shitty stuff so I never have to worry about it again. I refuse to go through this during winter break.

Oh right, cello first.


0134 edit: 75% )
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Goddamn it's break I just want to relax and do nothing.

But that just amounts to procrastination because there's still a lot of stuff to do!

-Kinokuniya was fun
-all that time spent afterwards on the computer was wasted time for sure
-House was worth the time
-2nd House was also worth the time but maybe could have been watched later


Hopefully after I practise, some of that annoying sense of duty (guilt? not exactly) will wear off and I will feel better and also feel better about tomorrow and feel like everything's balanced out and will be able to visit Deb!

I sound like I have an old grandma conscience. What the hell.


Oct. 26th, 2008 09:15 pm
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So today I woke up and my parents were nowhere to be found. After sleepily showering and scrounging up some scraps for breakfast, I found this note on the board:


... ...

Last week it was just


and I thought that was bad.

真是有一點哭笑不得... 天知道你只在我家看得到這種留言. ((trans: dunno whether to laugh or to cry. god knows you can only see a message like that at my house.)) Simultaneously nerdy, literary, stupid, and hilarious at the same time.

edit: for those who don't speak chinese, the notes are fairly ordinary in meaning. they translate to:

Niu (my nickname; means 'girl')
We are at Zhuangzi class
Back in afternoon
Call cell if you need anything


We are at Buddhism class

What's funny about it is that it's written in old style (Monkey-king style) Chinese. Much like if he'd left a note in Shakespearean English. And he translated 'cell' literally to 'cell' instead of 'cellular' and... /facepalm

Only baba.

edit: Oh, in other news, I read a great fic called The Secret of Slytherin by Kirinin and it is very good. Definitely better overall than Sacrifices, which MAY BE because the author was not pumping out a chapter a day, which I think is only really acceptable if you're doing something like NaNo. The plot overall is very well-knit; the only issue I have is that the characters, while all well-characterized and likable and all, seem to resemble one another too much. Harry and Draco and Severus and Remus... even Ron and Hermione, all of them were excellent but I can't shake off the feeling that they were all fundamentally the same. Same root. I know there was the entire inlaid theme of 'we are all Slytherins sometimes' and 'we are all Gryffindors sometimes too!' and the general 'we are all everything at some point' idea, but it still bothered me. People can be radically different while still holding to similar ideas... for example, I think Maya illustrates diff characters v. well (it always comes back to Maya). Also it was Gryffindor/Slytherin-centric and neglected the other houses somewhat, but that was probably unavoidable as it was Harry-centric.
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god I can't go to sleep like this.

so today was unproductive extraordinaire:

--SATs in the morning
--cello lesson (no practise beforehand due to SATs)
--walked dog
--read the final ch to DDG (it's over. /SOB)
--chatted w/family friends who came over
--watched Dr. House w/parents
--fixed all broken links in BWYS's translation page &updated Busou Renkin translations

NOTE: no cello practise or piano practise whatsoever.

now I'm guilttripping so hard I could die. it's not even like overwhelming smothering w/e, just this vague sense of unease that keeps me up, and up, and up, keeps me from going to bed, keeps me awake and unsettled and now that it's five minutes 'til the morrow I've finally fully come into the reluctant realization that unless I go practise cello and practise piano and practise my head off (wtf I have an audition tmr for god's sake) I will not be able to sleep.


procrastinator to the core.

this is going to kill all my earlybird habits too. what a shame.


Sep. 2nd, 2008 10:05 pm
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It's September! It's September!

Overview summary of the past few days--


cello class!
afternoon relatively uneventful
spent evening ending an old 7th grade love affair and read/reread the entire InuYasha series from beginning to end. YES. ALL OF IT. no actually I skipped about 20 books in the middle because I started getting tired after awhile, but I have officially FINISHED! and gloriously put it behind me. yayyyyyy.


bit groggy from InuYasha
[ profile] huglomper came and we danced! [ profile] backseatdream did not come because - she forgot. AND she lost her phone. lame much?
turns out [ profile] huglomper and I both need 2L bottles for our project. so we hauled our asses off to Lucky's, got three 2L iced teas, then headed off to Tiff's and drank like maniacs. finished off 3L in 30 mins, w/help of drinking games. am now completely sick of iced tea, and if anyone attempts to feed me goldfish with iced tea I will turn around and stuff the whole thing down their gullet.
guzheng class! torture. forgot my contacts &was blind.


morning fairly uneventful
at 12 - [ profile] huglomper calls to say Justin comes at 2
at 2 - [ profile] huglomper calls to say she's not sure when he's coming
at 3:30 - I drop off Rice at groomer's, [ profile] huglomper says they'll be here in 30-40 min and can I go to her house
at 4 - [ profile] huglomper calls to say they are here!
eventually I get there, meet two random ridiculous white kids (friends of Justin) named Darren and Alex, and promptly forget their names.
pmt @ TenRen (cupertino village)
dinner @ Teppan (cupertino village)
fondue @ too full to eat
@ [ profile] huglomper's - piano! card games! interpretive dancing! entertainment!
((edit: if anybody wants to watch darren frolicking with a stool 's LOVELY interpretive dancing, check out [ profile] huglomper's fb vids :3))
split to go home


supposed visit to Harker to hang out w/[ profile] huglomper and [ profile] backseatdream and [ profile] thetunaist and [ profile] ninj4_alex, who's biking over from palo alto? oO;
tried to convince my little sister to come but she has a constitution of iron. also known as her flute teacher. :( she makes me so sad.
other 2 Harker kids boring & wish not to revisit their past
[ profile] ninj4_alex WORST PLANNER EVER. tells us (when we hit Harker) to go to panera, then (when we hit panera) to go to park, then (when we hit park) to go BACK TO PANERA. /facepalm
meet cool person who skateboarded there (Joe?) and person w/laptop (Harold).
random Harker ppl come, ones I haven't seen since 8th grade grad, then leave again.
college talk! also some talk of bad driving and of burning lamps. left early to go to orch.
orchestra! fairly fun, intro stuff made me nostalgic of freshmen year and the class of '06, apparently it made other people nostalgic too because after orch the topic came up a lot while talking w/alumni/boitz. hilarious.

*note: must watch The Dark Knight with Yang.

also a message from Yang to all you CAL people: HAHA suckers you're going to be taking your midterms by the time I start school! :D

she didn't actually say that I said it for her ;p

I wish I could skip apps and go straight to college. Actually I wish I were IN college already. That'd be fun. But I don't know which one I want to be in lawl.


Aug. 8th, 2008 01:59 pm
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It took my mom 3 days to notice I pierced my ears. Not bad. I was expecting it to take much, much longer than that.

In other news, today I signed on ~lunchtime, thinking to perhaps drag someone out to lunch with me (I have had this uncanny craving for Pho since the morning), and before the screen's even resolved itself (I'm on AIM express) there's a message from [ profile] maeglin_arandur! As follows:

n: hiyo
n: sleepover tonight!
n: can you make it?


quoth [ profile] kyouten:

"If it were anybody else I'd be insulted that they forgot to invite me, but because it's them I know they didn't actually forget to invite me [because I know they plan so badly]..."


people are funny.

in other news, nobody wanted to go to Pho so I met up with some people where they were and ate crepe instead. It was very good, but I still crave Pho. So now I'm making Neoguri, but no doubt after I eat that I will still crave Pho. :(

Also, I greatly greatly miss the coffee shops in Cambridge. I've been spoiled. Our homemade lattes just don't cut it now. And don't even mention Starbucks. DDDDDDD:

I WANT MY COFFEE. T___________________T

edit: I was wrong. I have eaten my Neoguri and do not crave Pho any longer, though I am stuffed full of unhealthy spices and am heading towards rapid dehydration. go me.
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Dear Livejournal,

Life has been good! My sister and I discovered just how small the Berkeley City Council Meetings are when we went in to chip in our part on the Oak Grove issue*, but, nonetheless, we did our part. Just to testify against the news coverage that no students are involved in the protesting and it's completely caused by outside agitators, which is like, the farthest possible thing from the truth.

I would liked to have climbed a tree and join the protest. Unfortunately, considering the two layers of barbed wire fences they put up, the 25 policemen guarding about two blocks of space, AND the additional fence they used to block people off the sidewalk, it may have been difficult to get in there. Aside from the people who were already there from days before. 'sides, I was only in Berkeley for one day, can't afford to stay up a tree for that long.

I must confess - the idea of climbing barbed wire fences and 200 year old oak trees (AND getting past obstacles trying to put you in jail, doesn't this remind you of Capture the Flag with much higher stakes) interested me quite as much as the actual well-being of the trees.

I would make a good activist, I think. If not for the entirely correct reasons.

In other news, my senile counselor returned from the hospital, and seemed to have shed much of her senility! It was rather a gratifying experience.

In other other news, the Shoebox Project is entirely too addicting for its own good.


PS. If Tiffany dyes her hair pink, I will dye mine orange!

PPS. I laid claims to a happy poop today. It has a FACE. A happy one! Aren't you proud of me?

*U.C. Berkeley wanted to chop down a grove of about 30 century old oak trees for a football gymnasium, not because oak is one of the sturdiest woods around and several small pieces can make a sturdy bedframe that lasts over 20 years with three children jumping on it, but because... the area is convenient! The very sturdy wood of the very sturdy age-old trees would have become... firewood. Yippee.

>>edit on that: the court decision came out today and we won, in case anyone cares. ^________________^ 'sbeen dragging on for over a year, this thing...
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Dear Livejournal,

Today we - had a fairly successful concert, except the part where our conductor forgot his music backstage (whoops) and where the stage crew (darn those techies) gave the cello soloist a TINY platform and a GIGANTIC chair that left - you guessed it - no space for her and her cello! Oh my.

There was also this bit where some clarinet (?) made a farting noise in the middle of this very slow, very beautiful melody. Must've run out of air or something. :x

Aside from that, it went quite well. Played Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 6 in B minor, Op. 74 ("Pathetique"). You'd think it's somewhat beyond our level, given the limited amt of practices, but we actually pulled it off. Yay!

Last night I had a very boring dream about me telling my mom about something that happened earlier, exactly the way I might have told it to her in real life, and her listening to it exactly the way she may have done in real life, and - it really resembled an uninteresting tidbit of real life, if you ask me. No idea why.

The night before I had some interesting dreams. One involved Del dying (don't ask, I think he committed suicide but I don't remember o___O) and another involved... running. Not from anything, just running. Like Cross Country. There was also something about a school and a swimming pool (inconvenient objects blocking the path to our destination, which was - a lake somewhere. I think.) and some of my friends from school. I forget.

I dreamt the night before that, too, but I'm sure I have absolutely no idea what.

In other news, my sister and I have devised a plot with which to dispose of our old creaky bedframe. It involves dragging the thing out onto our driveway and advertising the sale of a free bedframe (minus the old and creaky part) on craigslist. We shall prevail!


PS. I am visiting my endearingly old, dog-loving college counselor on Wednesday. What I'm wondering is - was she quite so senile back when she helped my brother and my sister?

PPS. I'm not complaining here. I mean, passing over the senility and all, she's great! ... besides, she owns a LABRADOR RETRIEVER. ♥♥

PPPS. Did I mention that I am not going to get my yearbook back, ever, because a certain someone forgot to give it back to me at the graduation party on Friday and is taking it to Taiwan with him and, and, I haven't even read the current entries in it yet. ;_____;
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mmmmmm life has been good to me. :)

Some brief coverage on break so far, then.

Friday: Vienna Teng )

Saturday: cello lesson. siblings came home. mailed letter to Eliza. life generally good.

Sunday: Small party at that acupressure place where my sister is apprenticed. Apparently they're working through something that will get her an acupressure license through apprenticeship without actual grad school necessary. Cider and cake. :)

Afternoon, FINISHED VIDEOTAPING GUZHENG PIECE BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Dance class skipped. Read a lot of George R.R. Martin's short stories in a short story collection of his from B&N's. mmmm don't remember what else happened. Starcraft, I think. Protect the noob? hahahah funny games.

Monday, Christmas Eve: stoof )

Tuesday, Christmas Day: PRESENTS! )

yawn Wednesday/Thursday lumped together )

mmmm so. I'm done with Starcraft for the rest of break. No more, zip, nada, zero. kk? Need time to do other stuff. XD

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sleepy.

eeeeeeeeeeee can't wait to see you guys at sleepover~ love you all~ can't wait to snowboard either~ k my brain's really shutting down time to go to bed~~~
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So, today, more college counseling!

Adela's college counselor lives in Monterey, by the way, so they have to drive ~hr to get there. When they did...

COUNSELOR: Oh hello again! Your test results were ENFP, as you should know, and that means...
[College counselor launches into lengthy explanation of Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Perceiving, accompanied with many amusing little anecdotes]
ADELA: (who, incidentally, already knows what it means because she can read English and they sent the report ages ago) Haha! Ha! Hahaha! Ha. Ha.... [yawn]

Half an hour later,

COUNSELOR: Here are the results of your job quiz!
ADELA: Oh dear, is this really necessary, can we just skip to-
COUNSELOR: Now, now-
ADELA: But I'm sure it's not going to do anything, coz I really don't know what I'm going to do with my life and I'm at least mediocre-ly decent at everything, so it's not going to-
COUNSELOR: So! Let's look at this!

Half an hour later,

COUNSELOR: To sum it all up, these don't mean you HAVE to take the jobs, and since it's on a scale of 100 and the highest/lowest scores shown differ only by... [checks] nine, yes, between 42 and 51, so it really makes no difference.
ADELA: ah.

Though, funnily enough, while they were looking through...

COUNSELOR: Militia man?! How did that get on here? Don't do it, it's a terrible job.
[after flipping through several more sheets]
ADELA: Hey look, "military officer!"
COUNSELOR: So it is.
COUNSELOR: And here says military. .....

Anyway, military officer is one of the top 5 jobs the computer came up with for me. :3 Though of course, since my jobs differ by such few points, it really doesn't matter.

You ever find yourself listening to someone talk continuously? Just, on and on. Even if it's informative and full of amusing anecdotes. After a while, the sound begins to merge. It goes into this half-buzz half-drone half-talk and you take in only about half of what they're saying and the rest sinks in 5 minutes after the words are said and your head is so crammed full of informative information that you just wish it would stop?

(Also, my counselor tends to wax eloquent and ramble on a lot because she's... about 60 years old. yup, sounds about right.)

My mother kept asking questions of no real importance. Seriously? A lot of the time there was more of educate-the-mom than educate-the-kid. On the flip side, the counselor gave me a checklist from one of the Harvard admissions officers (retired) that has a list of five major issues (i.e. academics, extracurriculars, recs... etc) with bullet points and levels of qualification under them of which you need to have at least three in the 1st two levels of qualification in order to get accepted. So that was helpful. As was some info on various other colleges, which she gave to me... in the last 15 minutes. (And the first hour and 45?! _o_ sigh.)

Also, I got to play with her dog for several minutes, and she is the sweetest thing in the world. When I grow up I'm getting a Labrador retriever. And a golden. And a samoyed. andandand. dogs~!

On the way back we got to go eat at In-N-Out. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Then, me and dad had philosophical discussion on the car about the existence of consciousness. Afterwards, dad was all,

DAD: Man, you're a weird kid.
ADELA: Yeah?
DAD: When we had Amy and Adam, I thought they were both sort of strange. We figured you'd be in the middle. You know, A and B make a line, point C somewhere in the middle.
ADELA: uh huh.
DAD: I was way off. You're not even close! You're not a chip off an old block, you're a NEW block. Again.
ADELA: uh huh.
DAD: So... A B and C become a triangle instead of a line. Three separate points. :3 Romance of the Three Kingdoms!

My dad is a funny person. XD What if he had 3 kids before me? A triangle already... then I guess I would be a point on a separate plane. What if he had 4? .... go into 4th dimension?
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mini-gathering was really fun. homecoming was really fun. sleepover was really fun.

homework? NOT FUN.

Yang Hong freaked with Frank Yao. I was shocked. Nothing on her, but I never thought I'd see the day Yang would consent to dance with someone (I think last year they couldn't even get her to slow dance with Joe? =/), much less freak. I swear, I saw her and went Is that Yang? Looks like her (you won't believe how ridiculously dark it was in the gym) Nah, can't be her. Must just be me- Then other people come by and go "'sYang! Right it is." or something of the like.


Was cute though. She curled her hair, & was v. pretty.

In other news, between the abrupt switches from the terrible grief of Cello's destruction to all the excitement of last night... + deafening music pounding for hours in the eardrums + a woeful lack of sleep afterwards (because, you know, who ever actually sleeps at sleepovers?) + the onslaught of poetry homework and poem arguments with Ms. Sutton that hurthurthurt my brain--

I have a massive headache.

>< booooooooooo.


Aug. 6th, 2007 08:45 am
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asdlfjlgkjlaskjf I am sore all over ><

Haven't been to dance class in wayyyyy too long, obviously.

In other news, we took family photo yesterday! And by family I mean extended family, i.e. everyone on mom's side. My family is funny. And full of weird people. Iris thinks Jen is the closest to a normal person that we have in the family.

BBQfest at Sabrina/Cait's was excellent. Partyyyyyyyy~

ahahaha we brought a bunch of food home and didn't contribute anything. go us.

And. wtf. my little cousins grow so fast. I mean, we live two blocks away from each other, but I never see them, and then every time I do they've like. grown.

... ... ...


edit: Forgot to mention, I have my car back! It was sitting at aunt's house (more than a few blocks, but still like, one minute drive away) while I was in Europe, so my mom picked it up after BBQfest. coz, y'know, we all walked down to the BBQfest, because we need exercise and live so close!

Actually, Adam and I were lazy and biked, only my bike is in bad shape because I've been away for so long, so actually only Adam biked while I sat on his handlebars. ahahaha. People looked at us funny. :3

In Holland, biking = cycling. If you say biking, no one understands you.

I miss the random cycling sessions @ like midnight there. :( we so should've done that more.

their bike lanes aren't just... lanes. they have a separate sidewalk for bikes. and they have nice bike headlights.
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... ==;; adam is crazy.

he put in THREE packets of powder for ONE ramen.

he's dying right now. XD; serves him right.

2207 edit: comp finally completely purged. leastwise, I'm fairly certain. It doesn't seem to be coming back anymore.

cleaning out the registry manually is such tedious business. =.= and dangerous too.

on a diff note, I want to learn parkour :D not like THAT, I mean, that guy's crazypro. but easier parkour stuff? I mean I do some of the random supposedly "basic" stuff anyway. Vaulting over railings, jumping off high places, finding lazy alternatives to stairs. XD It's the latest fad in S. Korea right now, at least in terms of urban sports. /nodnod
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Amy wandered back today (she STILL hasn't started school the lucky jflavhadsdafpiap) and took back the Kushiel trilogy. I'm v. glad I stayed up last night to finish it. I used the last one for my book project today too, since I totally didn't get my hands on Robin Hobb in time (slipped my mind when we were by B&N).

babbling uncontrollably upon these wonderful wonderful books )

In other news, MY PARENTS WANT TO GET ME A LAPTOP. And they actually asked me why I haven't asked for a new computer if I wanted one. o.O *feels spoiled* They wanted to get me a desktop, actually, but I felt like I'd rather keep the Mac with me a while longer. I've used it for the past five years. .... that's... 1/3rd of my life. --;; Yeah and despite all the inconveniences and stuff, I know my way around ALL of its quirks and Mac OS 9 is the most familiar interface to me, even moreso than Windows XP, and OS X is really different. =/ It's so ancient, though; once I leave it I doubt I'll ever use an OS 9 again...

yeah anyway no more LJ now SLEEP.
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I've neglected LJ for a while, haven't I?

uh, merry Christmas everyone! xD;; belated, of course. like presents and drawings and so many other things. they shall all come in due time, though. >:D

...yeah. stuff )

Anyway, point being, lots of fields! Perfect for doggie. He goes running wildly back and forth like a white bullet. 'skind of funny to watch.

Meanwhile, have watched a LOT of movies lately. I mean lots and lots and lots. Little Miss Sunshine, Pirates 1 (it was on TV last night), Korean films (My Sassy Girl, Daisy), Pirates 2 (dad had it), United 93, World Trade Center, Curse of the Golden Flower (in theatres), Lady in the Water, uh more stuff too just don't remember it all. And a lot of Identity. And some Dr. House. I really don't like the Identity host, though. Obnoxious, snobby... >.>

movies! )

fwah I would ramble more but I must needs go w/everyone to zee park in about 2 minutes. :D

In other news, I went really crazy while sick and got pissed at my hair and chopped my bangs to a frazzle. Fixed it up later, but it looks fairly ridiculous still. XD Hair will grow back, though. Better to take out anger on your hair than, say, your wrists. oO;;

On that note, bye!

1404 edit: hunh. Apparently there's a biiiiiiig storm blowing in. fun.
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...I can't believe you guys didn't invite me. T____T *goes off to cry in a corner now*

0112 edit: In other news! .....

my sister is being sexually harrassed by her dance teacher.

apparently he kissed her twice during class and she's currently really freaked out. (he's about 50, btw)

apparently he used to try to kiss Davina in class too.



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