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Title: Memories of Dreams - chapter 3
Author: Fwoom
Pairings: Kurogane/Fye
Disclaimer: CLAMP owns the characters.
Warnings: Not a happy chapter. Also heavy in Chobitsverse.
Summary: AU taking place in the world of Chobits (first chapter here), originally written for the 2008 Spring Challenge. Of course that challenge has long since ended.
Comments: [ profile] chibito may not frequent livejournal any longer, but she is still my one and only beta, and I love and respect her for it.

I felt it as soon as I woke up that day )
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Title: Memories of Dreams - chapter 2
Author: Fwoom
Pairings: Kurogane/Fye
Disclaimer: CLAMP owns the characters.
Warnings: Some emo-ness involving an eye.
Summary: Written for the Spring Challenge. AU taking place in the Chobits universe. This chapter goes into memories, memories, and more memories. (first chapter here)
Comments: Enormous thanks to [ profile] chibito, who was kind enough to beta the entire chapter for me and offer her insightful comments.

Let's be friends! )
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Title: Memories of Dreams
Author: Fwoom
Pairings: Kurogane/Fye
Disclaimer: CLAMP owns the characters.
Warnings: Depressing-ish? Not really.
Summary: Written for the Spring Challenge and prompt 11 in the [ profile] 12_stories table, located here. AU taking place in the Chobits universe in which Syaoran is sent on an errand to Tokyo and meets interesting people.
Comments: Not thoroughly edited. Comments and criticisms welcome.

He was not a city child. )
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Title: The Sand and the Sieve
Author: Fwoom
Pairings: none
Disclaimer: CLAMP owns the characters.
Warnings: Dark. Maybe slightly disturbing?
Summary: Written for the Autumn Time Challenge. Idea of time, in Fye and Yuuy's imprisoned tower where there is no time, no magic, nothing. Title inspired by Ray Bradbury.

Twins of the flesh, twins of the blood. )

oh dear

Sep. 16th, 2007 10:12 am
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... ... ...

someone drew fanart for my fanfiction!

I mean, that makes me happy, because--well, yeah, wouldn't you be? And it's v. lovely and I love the artist for it, but uh, it also gives me a sort of guilty conscience because I haven't updated in ages and probably won't for another couple of weeks at least (or wasn't planning to) until break, and uh, yeah.

/is guilted into the floor


rl. must focus on rl.
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Title: A Toast to Destiny (part 1)
Author: Fwoom
Disclaimer: Characters belong to CLAMP. Ideas belong to me and history.
Rating: PG
Summary: Alexander the Great has long been renowned as one of the most famous conquerors in history. How? Why? Talent, genius, people say; assume. But no one knows of his darkest secret, of a pair of twins so well hidden that their secret died with them, of prophecies and predictions that gradually spun themselves so tight they burst, leaving only scattered white flakes drifting, floating slowly down to earth.
Author's Notes: I'm very sorry, I wrote this part at the beginning of this summer for the Summer History Challenge, and Kurogane, in fact, is not yet introduced, though I mean to introduce him in the next part, but I'm afraid the next part may not be completed in time for the challenge because, well, things happen - to be precise, Deathly Hallows happened to me and HP fandom stole my heart, and while I do intend to finish this, I don't think it will be completed by August 31st. So I'm out of the challenge, I suppose. =/ But I decided to put this up anyway, get some feedback, and maybe some inspiration to return to CLAMP fandom again...

Follow the real cut! )
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So, at last, the Spring Challenge is over.

this didn't win anything, but it got a Judge's recommendation ahahaha. /happy enough, considering it's about the second ever attempt at fic xD;;

and now there are lots of luffly AU stories to read. :3 /hearthearts fairytales

so life is good. except the homework part. and the reading in the redwoods rehearsal part. and the not practicing piano will get yelled at part. but life is still good.

2223 edit: oh my god. making up four months worth of journal entries (WRITTEN ONES. read: by hand) in one day. is a very very bad idea.

2240 edit: gahhhhhh. so I have about 13 entries forged up. and about 7 more to go. And handcramping like crazy. siiiiiiiiiigh.
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quick little kakashi/itachi snippet? kind of. just a little AU snippet for [ profile] empyrean_rp, basically, that I felt like rping but couldn't find space for in the actual rp. :D

wdcnt: 921

first signs of the mangekyo )

just had to get that out of my system so I can actually go work. xD;;
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Title: Of Daybreak We Drink
Author: Fwoom
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle-- general (mostly manga-based)
Pairing: Kurogane/Fye
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,062
Warnings: Mild spoilers of Fye's past, though twisted with AU facts so you don't actually know what's from the manga and what's not if you haven't read it. xD
Disclaimer: Characters belong to CLAMP. Premise and certain quotes belong to Hans Christian Andersen. Whatever's left belongs to me. yay!
Summary: Short little AU inspired by "The Little Mermaid," by Hans Christian Andersen.
Comments: Somewhat vague, a number of loose ends not really explained, but well, if I explain them, it kind of kills the story. Also, I failed at writing them as merpeople, so, instead of that, they all live under the ocean in some sort of bubble world! Remember Lake World? Something like that. Also, I heart Hans Christian Andersen. Favorite fairytale author EVER. *___*

written for [ profile] dev_chieftain's Spring Challenge. original fairytale can be found here.

cut! )
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Title: Unexpected Circumstances
Author: Fwoom (a.k.a. [ profile] chu_totoro)
Fandom: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle-- general (mostly manga-based)
Pairing: Kurogane/Fye
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,274
Warnings: Mild violence
Disclaimer: Alas, not mine. Woe.
Summary: Set in the future-- the last feather? However, I haven't completely caught up on all of TRC, so keep in mind that this is based of the first 12 volumes or so. And I... originally meant it to be Kuro/Fye, but it transmorphed itself a bit, so it's not really just about them anymore.
Comments: Hm. I meant to write something short, a couple hundred of words, but it somehow grew a lot bigger. Btw, this is pretty much my first venture into fandom, ever (aside from a few utterly failed attempts in middle school), so... be gentle? ^^; Constructive critism is appreciated.

[ profile] 12_stories table here

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Since, I have nothing better to do than waste my time on the internet (NOT. ahahahaha), and I suck at writing anyways and don't dabble in fandom all that much, I figure... I might as well try one of these random challenge things! It doesn't look that hard (or DOES IT?)... and, I mean. Since I can't write fic anyway, might as well use their prompts and see if I can write up something halfway decent. :D

From [ profile] 12_stories:

01.Colour. 02.Decisions. 03.Rules. 04.Betrayal.
05.Passion. 06.Truth. 07.Loyalty. 08.Forgiveness.
09.Risk. 10.Nature. 11.Questions. 12.Watching.


Pairing: Kurogane x Fye for all of them. Er, since the series has progressed since then with all the backstories and the plot twisty clones and all that, my steady KuroFye love has been slightly shaken. thus, I have requested to change the pairings to: 3 Kurogane/Fye, 3 Sakura/Syaoran, 3 Fye/Yuuy, 3 Vamp!Twincest (a.k.a. Subaru/Kamui). yes? :D;; (05/02/08)

xD now all I have to do is actually go catch up on Tsubasa so I know what I'm writing about. ==;;


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