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my track breakdown

Welcome to New York - girl arrives in ny. parties and flashing lights.
Blank Space - girl meets boy. cat meets mouse.
Style - whirlwind bad boy romance. drama.
Out of the Woods - girl getting attached. bad romance.
All You Had to Do Was Stay - girl dumped. boy returns. girl refuses, angry/heartbroken.
Shake It Off - back to single life. parties, dates. regain pride/confidence. don't give a shit anymore.
I Wish You Would - at night, still misses boy.
Bad Blood - girl-friend drama. some friends are no more. (*cough* katy perry *cough*)
Wildest Dreams - rebound fling w boy #2. sad. not over past hurts.
How You Get the Girl - boy #2 comes back for her. softens. still hurt.
This Love - sweet love w boy #2. beauty. touched.
I Know Places - girl & boy #2 escape paparazzi. dark. hunted. protecting love.
Clean - relationship w boy #2 fizzled over time. girl sad. freed. lonely but standing strong.

i think i isolated what i miss about lj vs facebook.

when i look on facebook, i see lots of happy photos. instagram shots. people posting motivational messages or short one-liner messages or even paragraph messages about how much they have changed, or how they braved it through finals, and how their groups touched them and all sorts of things like that, with many likes and supporting comments.

when i turn back to lj, i see a lot of friends (the ones who are still around) posting aimless detail about their lives, and very often complaining about what troubles them most, venting. there are fewer commentators, but usually people who are closer, read more in depth, thought more carefully about what was said.

i don't see many friends posting public facing happy photos to prove that they're doing great, or show off the life they've been living. even for public facing figures (george r. r. martin, maya, etc.) the posts are longer, more thoughtful, and sometimes contain irritation or very normal human emotions and thoughts in them.

that is my problem with social media. the lack of authenticity. of course everyone's self-esteem is lower that way.

when i meet with friends in person, when i write snail mail or one-on-one emails to my friends, we talk about our problems. i think that used to be what was considered normal, and people would feel more uplifted later on, because they have a different sense of the norm and a different sense of camaraderie. they feel that others share problems similar or worse, and we're all in the same boat fighting through tough times.

when i browse social media, people don't really talk about their problems, they talk about their achievements. and mayyybe problems in a facetious way.

is it any wonder that this generation is the most dissatisfied and never feels like they live up to expectations?


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