May. 26th, 2015 11:28 pm
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I bought Taylor Swift's 1989 to hear what it was all about

I have to say, really love some of these songs

Not the biggest fan of her new experimental style of leaving one keyword at a different range than the rest (e.g. "all you had to do was... STAY", and pretty much every line of the bad blood chorus)

Really loving "I know places", although I wish she changed "foxes" to "hunted" in several of the later verses to match the rhyme. It rhymed with "boxes" but every time I hear the later verses my ears expect to hear "hunted" and "foxes" comes as a bit of a shock.

Also digging "Clean", "This Love", and the parts of "Bad Blood" other than the chorus. "Out of the Woods" also stuck with me after awhile. I have a hard time identifying with lyrics that are overly simple/childish sounding so I just can't get into some of the others. Stuff like "He's so tall and he's handsome as hell" and "I love you for ever and ever" just offend the literary side of me haha. On the flip side, some of the other songs have absolutely amazing lyrics.

Also boy is the sweetest! I was sad and lonely and he took the time out to sit with me and comfort me and talk to me, and we chatted for over an hour about time travel and what we think will happen future and all sorts of crazy stuff, and I felt so much better afterwards. I know he's not the type who's really into cuddling either, so it was really very sweet of him. <3 I really hope his sleeping anxiety gets better soon


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