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it's been a while since i've posted! but let me say... everything is going great

piano: i haven't gone out to play as much as i'd like, mostly because the keyboard is heavy :/ and hauling it around is a pain in the butt. i wonder sometimes if maybe i should have bought the lighter 76 key instead, but i think no matter what i get, the keyboard + stand isn't really something i can easily sling over my shoulder and walk around with, unlike a guitar or even a cello

so far the most $$ has been at 12th st bart station, made $40 in a little over an hour! makes me wonder how the going would be in sf, but again, not sure how to lug all my stuff there.

someone introduced me to the heart asks pleasure first and i'm obsessed. i can't stop playing it, and i'm wishing so hard that i had a real grand instead of my beat up old piano >< it's so beautiful!!!!

translation: language line finally got back to me! i had an interview this morning which was pretty chill, and passed. the interviewer then sent me the next online interview for a medical interpreter interview. @__@ i think i messed up a lot, but i'm hoping i do well since medical pays 10c more than general per minute. but so far it sounds like a fun job. i look forward to hearing different people trying to do different things on the phone.

cs: my work paid me! (: i was getting worried about rent bc i literally have been mooching off my old money since february, but i asked them to pay me part of the amount (i was superrr nervous too, boy encouraged me that it was fine) and they gave me the whole thing @___@ now i feel like i should finish everything asap! haha

boy: we had a huge fight awhile back about his nagging. i was seriously ready to leave because i don't think i can stand to be nagged for the rest of my life. but he really listened to me and has barely nagged me since! we're getting along much better than before <3 i think i'm starting to get used to the freelance lifestyle also. it feels much more natural to me than a full-time job, and more relaxing/fulfilling.

i guess... i feel grounded? a lot more than i did when i was in high school or college. i feel like i have roots now, instead of like a floating paper plane blowing in every direction.

I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THIS SONG. omg it's so beautiful i want to cry
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