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Oct. 15th, 2014 08:16 pm
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starting today i'm changing admiration to what i like about myself because i realized that phrasing things as ppl admiring me for this and chat is still giving my power away to others. if i meet a person who doesn't like me, i don't want it to lower my self esteem because i'm so used to judging myself by what others think. and it's probably not healthy to feel bad praising my good qualities when i actually do have good qualities, makes no sense. so starting today i'm going to stop caring what others think!

i am grateful to be alive
i am grateful to be living in a beautiful place w a gym and pool
i am grateful for my wonderful friends
i am grateful for my bf who is so sweet and worried about me
i am grateful for the exposure i get to new technologies and the amount i get to learn at work
i am grateful for my warm family who is always ready to welcome me home
i am grateful for my housemate who is a pleasure to talk to and doesn't care if i wear underwear around the house (HAHA)
i am grateful for my parents who are hilarious and text me silly puns randomly
i am grateful for the story i wrote in 2009 and the ideas that have been coming to me to mold and expand it
i am grateful for the piano. i love it so much

i forgive myself for my anxiety
i forgive myself for my random irrational fears
i forgive myself for giving my power to others
i forgive myself for not being perfect
i forgive myself for not always living up to my best, but i will strive to do so anyway which is what matters

i like
i like myself
i like that i am willing to make an effort to improve myself
i like that languages come to me easily, and the connections between the different languages
i like that i am able to enjoy going to restaurants by myself, and taking a lot of me-time
i like how i look in the mirror
i like my hair
i like that i am a beautiful person
i like that i can stop caring what others think about me. yayy!
i like that i can fight against the shadow of trying to fit in that i've been under all my life. go me.

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