Sep. 29th, 2015

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rare moments in time when literally everything is going right with my life

went home and saw my poetry teacher and took a workshop with the poet laureate of los gatos, which was just lovely

collaborating on a really exciting ios game (for free) with a guy from craigslist, and the whole thing is just a lot of fun

returned to emeryville and saw that MY BLOG HAS ITS FIRST FOLLOWER AHHHHHHHH i can't believe it i literally still can't believe it. someone finds my reviews worthwhile and worth reading and good enough that they want to be my email list, this is just unbelievable

on that note, my blog has also doubled the amount of views since last month. this is giving me so much hope that i can make it with this blog, if i just keep at it slowly and steadily...

my boyfriend is adorable and good-looking and dorky. and we do naughty and nice things together and it's lovely ;)

am on track and on top of things with my programming work for once! yay! and coworkers are hilarious

lots of new job inquiries coming in! just in the last week i've gotten two friend referrals and 7-8 inquiries from linkedin/email, including ones from uber and linkedin itself eeeeee maybe this freelancing thing will work itself out after all

i MET MY DONATION GOAL for the night of writing dangerously!! nanowrimo here i come! i am so flattered and touched by all the support i received; i never knew that i was so loved and that there were so many people willing to support me until i asked

and finally, i have an awesome novel idea and i just have a really good feeling about this year's nano. really looking forward to it. i think this year is gonna be the year... first one since 2009

anyway the world is great and everything is lovely and i am just very, very happy ^O^


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