Jul. 27th, 2014

day k1

Jul. 27th, 2014 07:17 pm
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man i am really bad at keeping a streak. it'll be interesting to tally everything up at the end of the year though

i am grateful to be alive
i am grateful for grandma's soup
i am grateful for my family
i am grateful for the comfort in which i live
i am grateful for the open mindedness of the people who have surrounded me since i was a child
i am grateful for the weather and the trees
i am grateful for all of the luxuries i have been subjected to since youth (:
i am grateful to be alive, and to have a sharp mind i can use on the world around me to maybe make it a better place

i forgive myself my insecurities
i forgive myself for having flaws
i forgive myself for judging others
(i forgive others for judging me!)
i forgive myself for losing faith in people over time - it's natural, and it's not my responsibility to have faith in everybody all the time especially if they've given me reason not to over the years
i guess what i be trying to say is i forgive myself for not being a positive, upbeat person every moment of every day

i have been admired for having a good work ethic! (woohoo!)
i have been admired for being kind to others
i have been admired for making a serious effort to change
i have been admired for making soup that is almost as good as my grandma's (except the clams)

gotta add those clams


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